Baby Body Parts Found in El Paso Abortion Clinic Parking Lot: Police Investigating


Baby Body Parts Found in El Paso Abortion Clinic Parking Lot: Police Investigating

Contact: Anna Bettisworth, 323.454.3304, [email protected]

Early this morning, Live Action Investigator and sidewalk counselor Gaby Federico discovered a dead, dismembered baby in the parking lot of Hilltop Family Planning Clinic, an abortion clinic in El Paso, TX. The Hilltop clinic advertises abortions up to 15 weeks.

Federico and a fellow pro-life sidewalk counselor at the clinic were alerted to the find by a man who lives next door to the clinic. He said the night before, his dog had been sniffing around the parking lot and found the baby’s body parts lying on the ground. The man placed the body parts in a plastic bag next to the clinic and alerted Federico this morning. At approximately 9:15 AM, Federico and others found disarticulated tissue, two bloody legs with feet, and a severed hand in the bag.

Police arrived at the clinic around 11:30 AM and are investigating and interviewing clinic staff. Abortion clinic staff have claimed the body is not “theirs” and that they “dispose of bodies properly.” The Bishop of El Paso, Armando Achoa, is also at the clinic and has asked for the body to for a funeral and burial.

Upon viewing photographs of the body parts, former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson said they were remarkably well-developed. “The findings are consistent with the remains of an abortion procedure,” confirmed Johnson, who at Planned Parenthood worked for years as a “products of conception technician,” the abortion industry’s term for someone who reassembles baby body parts after an abortion. “Based on the development of the foot and the formation of the leg, and what appears to be a tear at the top of the leg, this looks like an abortion done through vacuum aspiration on a child at 12 to 14 weeks LMP.”

Federico spoke to police this morning, who began an investigation at the clinic. The clinic denies responsibility and reportedly told police they “dispose of everything properly.” The Bishop of El Paso, Armando Ochoa, has requested permission to bury the remains.

“This is horrible to know that these children are killed daily here in El Paso, not only without a burial, but to be disposed of in such an inhuman way. It’s not fair,” expressed Federico. “This shouldn’t ever happen, in El Paso or anywhere. The world needs to see what abortion clinics do to children. When dead babies start turning up in the clinic parking lot, no further proof is needed of what abortion is. These clinics need to be shut down.”

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, called the find was shocking and sobering. “On Good Friday, millions of Americans contemplate the mystery of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. It is a fitting time to remember that thousands of children every day suffer the violent death of abortion, while too many stand by out of indifference or ignorance.”

138 thoughts on “Baby Body Parts Found in El Paso Abortion Clinic Parking Lot: Police Investigating

    1. I appreciate the cry for mercy and forgiveness for those responsible for this but how can those who see these body parts every day not know what they are doing? This makes me so sad.


  1. Jesus Christ, son of the Living God, have mercy on us.

    Thank you Live Action for keeping us aware of the horrors of abortion. God Bless your work and efforts.


  2. We can only pray that those that can keep the fight against this tragedy to continue on. Their works are what keeps me sane.


  3. So many people live in ignorance of what abortion really is. They tell themselves lies so they can feel better about it. But the truth is abortion is murder. When you take the life of a living being it is murder no matter how you try to explain it away. The people who partake in this, associate with it, or are okay with it are sick individuals and are no better than the serial killers, terrorists, and child abusers that poison our world and should be punished as such.


    1. “people who partake in this, associate with it, or okay with it are sick individuals and are no better than the serial killers, terrorists, and child abusers”

      Really?! People who have or even just agree with a legal medical procedure, (that you don’t happen to agree with,) are “no better” than people who torture and kill multiple people for fun, or who rape and sodomize children and scar them for the rest of their lives, or who run planes into buildings – trapping inside thousands of people who either fling themselves out of a hundred story window or have their skin melted off while they are burned alive?!?!

      I’m sure there are a lot of victims of these atrocities that would strongly disagree with you. And I am one of them. I find that statement utterly disgusting.


      1. So if this wicked nation made it legal for me to kill my eight month old daughter by ripping her arms and legs off I suppose you’d call it a medical procedure? The same people who feed their faces by killing 12 month old babies are the same people who feed their faces by killing 9 month old babies. I see it every Friday at Martin Haskells slaughter mill. If you don’t know who he is check it out. He’s the huge promoter of “partial birth abortion” where the nine month old baby is stabbed in the back of the head and has her brains sucked out. Medical procedure hu? Medical procedure? Wow! I’ll tell whoever thinks this is a medical procedure the same thing I tell the bloodthirsty babykillers: repent or perish, the “choice” is yours!


        1. Who “feeds their faces” by killing 12 month old babies? Or nine month old babies? By nine month old baby do you mean nine month old fetus? You may want to clarify your terms.

          Regardless of your feelings on abortion, it is indisputably a medical procedure. It is also legal. Those are facts. I was not trying to debate anyone on the issue of abortion, I was trying to emphasize that it is outrageous to compare a legal procedure to a heinous crime, even if the procedure was controversial in nature.

          But it is arguments like yours (repent or perish, etc.) that tarnish the pro-life movement’s credibility. There are plenty of logical anti-abortion reasons that one could argue, so you don’t have to embrace histrionics. Calling people “bloodthirsty baby-killers” doesn’t foster any kind of constructive debate.


          1. Legal? Of course it is – just as it was legal to torture, perform medical experiments, and gas Jews. Are you familiar with the concept of unjust law? You KNOW the truth. Why not at least have the guts to admit it plainly and stand by your principles? Congratulations! Your inept use of red herrings and ad hominems have just won you the highly coveted Pontius Pilate “What Is Truth?” Award for Moral Equivocation!

          2. If you have to bring up Nazis, Hitler, or concentration camps in a civil discussion, you have already lost the argument. Just because you believe in some sort of sky-fairy, who (even though it isn’t even addressed in your holy book) told someone through osmosis or divine epiphany, or whatever, that abortion is wrong…that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see fetuses as clumps of cells and abortion as a way to keep the population numbers in check. These are unwanted potential children, I don’t care WHAT YOU SAY…abortion keeps crime #’s low, people off welfare, and is an important part of the freedoms we enjoy. Extra bonus points for comparing America to Nazi Germany, you people are disgustingly deluded.

          3. you sir are the one who is disgustingly deluded.. keeps crime #’s low??? murder is murder no matter what sort of ribbon you want to put on it.. this is wrong.. and I pray that within your heart of hearts someday you will know just how stupid your remarks are…

          4. Abortion isn’t murder, it is a medical procedure. Care to back up your “gut instinct” with research, facts, or a convincing argument? Probably not, but here is some evidence for you to ponder…in between reading fairy tales out of your bible:

            In the report, Dr. John J. Donohue 3d of Stanford Law School and Dr. Steven D. Levitt of the University of Chicago contend that a large share of the drop in crime in the 1990’s — perhaps as much as half — can be attributed to the sharp increase in abortions after the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

            Fewer crimes are being committed now, the researchers say, because many of the children who might have grown up to commit those crimes were never born. Within a few years of the Roe v. Wade decision, which established a constitutional right to abortion, up to a quarter of pregnancies ended in abortion, statistics show.

            Dr. Donohue and Dr. Levitt base their thesis on economic analyses of crime rates from 1985 to 1997, examined as a function of abortion rates two decades before.

            The timing of the decline in crime, they found, coincided with the period when children born shortly after the Roe v. Wade decision would be reaching the late teen-age years — the peak ages for criminal activity.

            States that were the first to legalize abortion, Dr. Donohue and Dr. Levitt found, including New York, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, were also the first to experience a decrease in crime.

            For example, in states that legalized abortion in 1969 or 1970, the researchers found, the cumulative decrease in crime from 1982 to 1997 was greater than for the rest of the nation. The decrease in murder was 16.2 percent greater, the decrease in violent crime over all was 34.4 percent greater, and the decrease in property crime was 35.3 percent greater.

            Also, states with the highest abortion rates, the researchers found, had larger reductions in crime than states with low abortion rates.

          5. And Russia with its sky high abortion rate has high crime. Ireland with no abortion had lower violent crime than the US. If there is a direct correlation then why is there so many situations in which the theory doesn’t work?

            Have you considered that through the 90s brought about the age of security cameras?

            Would you support being able to kill newborns if it was projected to lower crime? And why?

          6. comparing America and Russia/Ireland is a red herring…there are so many differences in economy, class structure, political realities, and organized criminal activity since the fall of communism, as to render the comparison unworkable. Besides that, your information is wrong….according to, just California and Texas ALONE account for 1 million abortions a year….Russia and all it’s provinces put together account for about a million and a half. If we added all the states together, I promise that the US BLOWS Russia away on the number of abortions performed. Abortions are performed in Ireland, and have been since 1968.

          7. You are absolutely right. Americans have a way higher number of abortions.

            But wasn’t David talking about number of abortions, he was talking about rates. According to your source, Russia has a average abortion percentage of 44.7%, which as far as I can tell, blows the U.S. percentage out of the water. If I am wrong however, please let me know.


            In addition, your source does not mention Ireland. It mentions Northern Ireland. They are very different. Read up on your Irish history for the past few decades and you’ll realize just how different.

            I don’t know if Ireland has zero abortions, but your source does not explain this point. This does not prove David wrong as far as I can tell. Please let me know what you find out, especially if I’m wrong. I love knowledge, in any way, shape, or form.

            But, if Ireland does have no abortions, that does not prove it is due to abortions. They just went through civil war, and being one side in that war may have caused a sense of unity. In order to accept that logic though, we must accept it may not be due to abortions that the U.S. crime rate fell.

          8. Sorry, Kevin, I just realized I was wrong about the Ireland thing. I didn’t see the link earlier. But now I do think David was right again. All the abortions obtained since 1968 were obtained abroad, which means Ireland doesn’t do abortions (Yay for Ireland). Once again, correct me if I’m wrong.


            P.S.-thanks for this site, it is really useful!

          9. Abortions are NOT performed in any part of Ireland and never have been. Irish have to leave the country to have them and if you turn up in ANY Irish hospital or clinic wanting one, no matter the reason, you will be told no in no uncertain terms.

          10. You have a dislocated brain. It is the KILLING of a preborn” BABY”

          11. Believe me, I don’t need *your* prayers or any divine epiphanies to sleep at night.  My comments are well-considered and come from genuine soul-searching and reflection.  Your thoughts, however, were fed to you by a man who expects you to give him 10% of your salary every week to come hear him tell you what is right and wrong.  Abortion isn’t murder, as clumps of cells are not people.

          12. You do need prayers, everyone does – whether you think so or not.  I’ll be praying for you too 🙂

          13. I’m sorry, I’m kind of new to the whole abortion debate topic. I’m usually more into Evolution debates. From those debates alone, I just have something to say from my studies in that field.

            Whether or not you believe in God, I think a good rule of thumb is not to commit murder. It doesn’t mention abortion in the Bible, but it does mention murder. So, if abortion is murder, then isn’t it somewhat logical to assume that it might be wrong? Your double negatives are somewhat confusing, but I take it you see unborn children as potential children. I would just like to add an unborn child has the same 46 chromosomes it will have for the rest of its life. Scientifically speaking, what it is doing in the womb is no different than a child growing up. What magical transformation does a child go through coming out of the womb? What makes it worthy of not killing? Of course, you could agree with some other “pro-choice” people, and advocate for being able to commit murder for an extra 23 days, then you don’t even have to believe in magic. Maybe we could eventually bring that date up so you could kill it right up until when it moves out of the house. “Better talk right to me son, or I’m gonna abort you!!!”

            In reply to you talking about the crime rate, I would like to clarify something. The crime rate exploded by something like a 1000% (I don’t have my charts, so it may have been lower) after 1963 when macro-evolution started being taught as fact. If you really hate the crime number, become a Young Earth Creationist.

            The welfare and unwanted argument was funny. We don’t want to pay for you, so were gonna kill you. Maybe we could try to create jobs with all the money we spend on Planned Parenthood, and then we wouldn’t need to much welfare.

            The freedoms thing was slightly more in depth, but not well thought out. What right am I losing but the right to kill. Darn! I really wanted to go out and do that next weekend. How about we just make everything legal. Then we would have great freedoms to enjoy. Imagine the signs of the future, “Buy Your Drugs Here”, “Pop till you Drop”.

            The Nazi thing was also interesting. The Nazi thing was brought up to say that governments can screw up on moral issues, a piece of evidence to combat you guys saying the government says its good so it must be good. You kind of blew it out of proportion when you said we were saying that the U.S. is like Nazi Germany. Since you said it though, I might as well mention this. When you take into account that Hitler said he was inspired by the American Eugenics movement, and people like Margaret Sanger were saying that Germany was one of the few countries getting everything right, it does sort of look like there is a connection between American abortions and the Holocaust.

            However, if the concentration camps being called legal and thus saying governments don’t always get it right makes you mad because you don’t like any kind of comparison of the U.S. to Nazi Germany, here’s another comparison much closer to home. It was once widely accepted that the practice of slavery was fine right here on this soil. There you go, I’ll compare the U.S. to the U.S. and still say governments can get it wrong.

          14. Ah, at least you put together a cogent argument, rather than a string of anecdotal garbage. Here is where we stand apart: I don’t consider the abortion of a non-viable fetus to be murder. I just don’t. Until it can live outside of the body, to me, it is a parasite. I understand if you believe differently…and here lies the problem for me: As medical technology increase, viability outside the (natural) womb is possible at earlier and earlier dates. I was thinking about this earlier and decided that when (and if) medical tech progresses to the precipice of almost immediate (say 1 month of development) viability, how would that affect my view. My conclusion? Rather than abortion, we can then move to model of removal, implantation to a synthetic womb, and then adoption. Until then, I have no issue with what I consider a medical procedure…until viability, say about 4-5 months.

          15. I think that would be a great thing to research. But how much money is going into that field, in comparison to others. I think that would be great in depth stuff, but who’s gonna fund you?

            I agree, that should be the other option to abortion. The thing for me is that until that day, something like 105,000 unborn children are killed every day (something like 3,000 in the U.S. daily, but correct me if I’m wrong).

            I think at the end, you said that abortions should be okay for 4-5 months. Correct me if I’m wrong, because that has happened before. If I am right by that being your meaning, I would like to understand something. What makes that date the date you should be able to do and abortion? (if I’m wrong about your last comment, tell me when you think the age limit on abortions should be, and then tell me the answer to the question, please)

            In regards to the parasite comment, I just have a few questions. Why does the unborn child stop being a parasite when it is able to live outside a mothers body? Why not for the rest of the time it is dependent on the parents during its life? And why shouldn’t you be allowed abortions till that time?

            Please answer soon, I’m rather busy with homework.

          16. The online news source reported that in 2004 1.6 million women had abortions in Russia while 1.5 million gave birth.


            “In 2008, 1,212,350 women obtained abortions in the United States”


            So that’s 1.6 mil abortions for Russia and US nationwide has 1.2 mi abortions and US has 2.2x the population.

            Russian abortion rate is more than 2x US abortion rate. That’s clear fact.

          17. Kevin W Clark: “just California and Texas ALONE account for 1 million abortions a year”

            Your statistics are way off.

            “In 2008, 1.2 million American women obtained abortions”

            “In 2008, 214,190 women obtained abortions in California”


            “Abortions are performed in Ireland, and have been since 1968.”

            Really? How many were performed last year?

          18. interesting that we consider a person dead with the stopping of their heart beat….but the human heart is beating at 6 weeks gestation-all proven medically and its not declared viable human???

          19. death is actually dependent on brain function, it’s just that without the heart to pump blood, the brain dies…and checking for a heartbeat is easier than checking brain wave function.  You can be alive without a heartbeat, albeit, not for very long.  If you have no brain activity, you are dead.  Nice try though. 

          20. Hi Kevin,

            One comment on your post above. A parasite is, by definition, of a different species than its host. Since human reproduction does not create non-human organisms, a baby in utero can not, by definition, be a parasite.

            Does this change your thought process at all?


          21. When I became pregnant each time I said to my husband, Honey we are going to have a baby I had my monthly every 28 days. So knowing that after nine full months I had a new born baby. NOT a parasite. They are all well & on top of that I have 16 great grandchildren, & I heard one month ago that I am to become a great grandma for the 6th  time. They all become real live babies after the full nine months. Let those who don’t know any better get with the program  After with sex it will come out a BABY.

          22. Mmmm…the parasite comment was really meant as allegory and not fact.  Nobody should force anyone else to devote biological resources to a 3rd party against their will.  Is that better?  =)

          23. It wasn’t against their will; they agree to create said “3rd party” and devote biological resources to the “3rd party” by sending a sperm to their egg. Said 3rd party is forced to exist for the sole purpose of being killed.

          24. In the case of murder of a mother, in most states the law would not agree with you. Killing a mother and also killing her non-viable fetus is considered a double homicide. Why is the stilling of a beating human heart different if a mother decides to pay someone to do it for her?

          25. because that is her CHOICE under the law.  Her choice is taken away when someone attacks her.  Easy to see the difference here.

          26. The  mother’s “choice” does not change whether you are taking a human life or not, you are strictly talking semantics at this point.  If the mother allows that child to be murdered, or if a total stranger does it, it is taking a human life none the less.  Just like the age of viability – you even agree that technology is advancing to a point where the child is viable earlier and earlier.  Why is technology involved in a discussion as to whether that is a human life? 

          27. And where is the choice of the other two parties involved, the father and the child? They have no say? The father gave up part of himself to someone who agreed to take it but he has no say in what is created? The woman knows when she has sex she is agreeing, each and every time, to offer her womb to accept the sperm being placed in there. She is also offering an egg to the sperm. When they join together, they create an entirely new person. The male and the female should each have 50% rights in the matter as they have donated 50% of themselves. Therefore if a man wants to have the child, he should have the right. She knew she was donating her womb to the sperm. The child, however, should have 100% rights. After all, it is her entire body she is asked to give up. She should also have the right to be pro choice, even if it isn’t convenient for womb carrier and sperm shooter.

          28. you do realize that even a full term baby cannot survive outside the womb without some one elses care?

          29. Noah-
            I’m not sure if you’ll get this message, but I wanted to thank you for being so respectful. I have been trained to speak about abortion, specifically to encourage meaningful dialog rather than heated debate. You’re doing a good job of that in these comments!

            I would suggest that you check out JFA and see if they are going to do any trainings near you (they’re very inexpensive!):

            In fact, anyone interested in the facts of abortion, and ways to discuss it in a meaningful way should check out JFA.

          30. Yeah, maybe you didn’t get the memo…but *normal* people stop listening to you the minute you liken anything to the most horrific crime in recorded history. They (rightly) assume you are a histrionic idiot with nothing intelligent to add to the discussion. Have a nice day.

          31. You didn’t address the substance of Fr. Frank’s argument. That being that because something is legal doesn’t make it right. You didn’t respond intellectuality and I found it very weak.

          32. Why should I have to respond to the argument? It is prima facie argumentum ad hitlerum. I usually don’t respond to fallacious arguments. The substance of Fr. Frank’s argument is to somehow correlate the systematic murder of people of personhood, ie. the *born* and experienced, with a medical procedure that terminates a parasitic relationship. I’m sorry, that doesn’t wash with my beliefs regarding fetal viability. Here you have people who are afraid, know what is happening, and realize the potential loss of life, and all the baggage that kind of torment entails, VS. removing clump of unknowing cells that are not even self-aware, do not feel pain (up to certain development stage), and have no inkling of concepts such as life and death. Such a hyperbolic comparison, rife with hystrionics loaded with the disturbing imagery Nazis evoke, and expressed in the notion that these two are comparable, is contemptible and deserves much less attention than I have just given it.

          33. You don’t get it. The point was that just because something is legal doesn’t make it right and they provided a very clear example that almost nobody would disagree with. That is the point. Do you disagree with the point that just because something is legal does not make it right? That is the substance. Do you plan on addressing the substance? You are answering a different question. You are chasing down arguments that you thought others were making but weren’t. Read comprehension.

          34. “Read comprehension”

            Might want to take a second look at that.  Here is the “substance”:

            I don’t believe in your God, or any other God for that matter, so your dogmatic dictum that “somehow, even though it isn’t in the bible, my priest/rabbi/mullah/etc said it is wrong and, therefore, you must consider it a great evil” does not wash. 

            I agree that just because something is legal doesn’t make it right….but we are talking about something that a majority of voting A Americans have made their feelings clear on.  I don’t think Hitler conducted any votes on the genocide of the jewish people.

          35. Get a real brain so you can understand the real truth about ABORTION 

          36. Kevin, I feel sorry for you and your secular embrace of right and wrong. You are assumming that abortion keeps the crime rate low. That is just as illogical as me stating that if there were no aboration then there might have been someone born who would have cureed AIDS or cancer.As far as keeping people off of welfare I would much rather have more people on welfare then kill babies. If this is your ideal of one of the freedoms we enjoy then it is indeed a very sick society

          37. Kevin is so far off the real kife beaten path. God help him to understand. 

          38. Ah, GOD.  That’s where the rubber meets the road for you, isn’t it?  Consider this:  ALL religion is false religion. You Christians slay me…you have the
            audacity to think that, out of the hundreds of religions out there, only
            YOU and YOUR CHURCH have it right. Look around your church, do those
            people strike you as the only chosen ones out of 6-7 billion people? The
            gall, the audacity, the hubris, and the hidden insecurities you feel
            about your “goodness”, humanity (writ large), and doubts in your ability
            to face your eventual demise without wetting yourselves in fear… all
            of these betray the true aim of religion; to provide a panacea for the
            masses. You have a sickness, just like an alcoholic who cannot face the
            day without drink. You cannot deal with reality on it’s own terms, so
            you tell yourselves these fables so that they might lull you to sleep on
            those nights you might lie awake wondering, feeling guilty, or lost. I
            equate you to the sorry lot of freaks who think that they are vampires,
            for your beliefs are every bit as ridiculous to me. Grow a pair,
            cast out the opiate that enslaves you, and attempt to cope without your
            crutch…if only for a day, it might change your outlook. The human
            race can only hope that, one day, reason and science will render all
            religions as the useless anachronistic mental illnesses they are.  But I digress….

          39. Actually, there is more than an assumption there…there is quite a bit of collaborative evidence.  I will concede that nobody has proven it, but where there is smoke….

            As an aside, how many adopted children do *you* have?  By the way, abortion isn’t killing a baby.  =)

          40. just to let you know – you used to be that unborn child.Aren’t you grateful for your pro-life mum?.To clarify-its not a “potential child” but a ” child with potential”.

          41. My parents carefully planned their pregnancy with me over the course of their 20 year marriage.  As both of them were career CIA and required the ability to travel on a moment’s notice, they were very cautious about using protection…something not in a typical 16-23 year old’s repertoire.  For the sake of clarity, both of them are vehemently pro-choice.

          42. Your parents were CIA? okkkaaaay.

            In the unlikely event that BOTH (or either) of your parents were spies, that would mean that you would have grown up feeling abandoned and probably institutionalized most of your life. That would be sad. And would explain your complete lack of understanding of the value of human life.

            But since C.I.A. would never allow married agents to have a child AND stay in “active” status as an operative, you’ve completely lost any credibility. So silly. Go put your retainer in and lights out no later than 10pm! You have that big ethics exam tomorrow and if you fail it again, no internet for a month!

          43. What the Nazi’s did, isn’t that civil?Is there some other valid comparison you prefer? After all they were just cleansing the defective and unwanted. Legal under their law.
            Fast forward to Pol Pot. He needed to cleanse Cambodia. He said it was legal. Oh, that’s not fair.Tell Hak Choi.
            Maybe Saddam Hussein. He said it was legal.Oh, that’s not fair either.
            None of it is genocide, it’s just legal cleansing of those viewed as defective in those civil societies, isn’t it?
            It is not about America or Germany or……….
            it’s about philosophy on life and the value placed on life.

          44. Was the German law (there wasn’t one, trust me….I lived in Germany and visited Auschwitz) voted on by the German people?  Was everyone represented?  Did they know what was happening?  I think the answers are far more elusive than you believe.  There are crimes against humanity that transcend national law and are covered under international law….and they all deal with sentient and conscious human beings, not clumps of cells.  Life is valuable, but life doesn’t begin at conception. 

          45. We are disgustinly deluded? Abortions are murder… I dont care what YOU say. Abortions do not keep people off of welfare or reduce crimes. I dont see how that even applies to the situation. People not taking responsability for their actions is the reason so many people are on Welfare and crime is so bad. And about keeping population #s in check thats what birth-control is for. Oh and by the way… 21 days after conception that clump of cells has a heart beat (before you even know your pregnant). SO are you just a clump of cells?

          46. I *am* just a clump of cells, what differentiates me from a fetus is “consciousness”.  We are all animals.  Who cares when the heart beats?  What I care about is “I think, therefore I *AM*”.

          47.  your a clump of unwanted cells also

          48. Your ignorance to science and embryology makes you look very hypocritical. Also, The holocaust and abortion are very closely rooted. Robert Webber, one of Margaret Sanger’s closest friends, was actually a strong supporter of Hitler and the eugenics movement in Germany. He was actually so well supported, he was given an award by a german college, praising him for his ideas on eugenics. Sanger strongly supported the pure Aryan race idea. If you don’t believe me, you should watch this.


          49. Let me go ahead and state that I am very pro-life.

            There are other ways to avoid “unwanted potential children” but those ways require responsibility and self-control. As far as keeping people off welfare, that is a whole other issue. And as far as the freedoms we enjoy, should we not also then enjoy the freedom from “unwanted potential adults?” Of course no one would agree that killing your already born child just because you didn’t want it should be legal, but why not? It’s not like a developing fetus can be anything but human. We all started out that way. And what about unproductive members of society? i.e. old people. Should we not just get rid of them too to save a dollar? (btw, this is already in the works under the guise of “healthcare reform.”) My point is, when do people suddenly have value and who decides??? If there is no ultimate truth on the matter, then there’s no situation in which murder is wrong.

          50. So you’re a racist bigot too. Niiiice.

            In case that was over your head, ,most abortions are controlling the population of those yucky dark skinned people you obviously despise. Bonus being that they take the most welfare and cause the most crimes too, good for you, you’ve changed the world!!

          51. You’re as ignorant as the POTUS when he said there can be a middle ground on the appropriateness of abortion. Maybe he thought half a life could be destroyed while the other half left is left untouched? Who knows what motivates those who deliberately close their eyes to the obvious truth of killing of those who cannot defend themselves. How sad that the most dangerous place for a human being has become the womb of it’s mother.

          52. What makes a certain animal different from all others is its DNA – basic biology.  The fetus in a human mother has human DNA and is therefore a human being.

          53. “I was trying to emphasize that it is outrageous to compare a legal procedure to a heinous crime”

            The Nazi concentration camps were legal in Germany.

          54. uh, no…no they were not.  They were secret and their purpose was never legislated.  Try a good history book.

          55. Besides the fact that abortion is completely WRONG and kills inocent children you can’t just say it is a medical procedure! That “mediacl procedure” stops a beating heart. A women can go and get her child’s brain sucked out the day before or as she goes into labor, but if she has the baby at home and throws it in the trash can she is charged with murder! So yes peaple who perform abortions can be considers blood thirsty baby killers. Unfortionatly they (abortion preformers and peaople who get them) have the law by thier side. Now I am not ignorant and think that there should never be an abortion but it should be medically NESSASARY! Like a tubal pregnancy and such.

          56. “A women can go and get her child’s brain sucked out the day before or as she goes into labor”

            Really?  What state allows that?  More useless hyperbole and histrionics.

            As an aside, why can’t 90% of you write and spell at a 3rd grade level?

          57. Josef Mengele, indisputably, under their law, performed legal medical procedures. He attempted to make a siamese twin from identical twins. Documented so it is part of the Historys Channels series on the Nazi’s. Legal in Josef’s country. See any problem with? Legal is legal, or, is it?

          58. you’re an idiot.  What law are you talking about?  I WANT THE STATUTE USED TO JUSTIFY MENGELE’S EXPERIMENTS AS CODIFIED IN GERMAN LAW.  Good luck finding it.

          59. Right to truth: you have the right to know the truth and so does everyone else. But with any right comes responsibility. And the truth is: I have never regretted, shed a tear or needed counseling to get over having my appendix removed, a wart cut off or oral surgery….all of which are true medical procedures. And pro-tip: except for the appendix, they were all elective medical procedures. The difference is, no one was killed in the process.

            I wonder why the don’t allow pregnant doctors or nurses to perform abortions? They’re always put on leave………strange

      2. It’s only a “medical procedure” to those who don’t want to recognize and admit what it really is which is murder. The confusing thing is, a woman will get herself pregnant, happily go to the clinic to have the child ripped out of her and then stop by an animal rights rally on her way home because she thinks it’s “mean” and ” cruel” to “abuse” a cow by humanely slaughtering it for food.

        And yes, I equate an woman who aborts her child with a murderer and a terrorist. The end result is the same and so it’s the mindset. Abortion kills more human beings on this planet in a single year than any war, terrorist act, guns, etc. You’re no different than the guy flying a plane into a building. Maybe even worse because you are committing genocide. All because of convenience. There IS a way not to get pregnant, you know. It starts with self control.


    2. I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but if abortion is wrong, then it is indeed as bad as murder, terrorism, and child abuse. But the thing about Christianity is that lying, gossip, and disobedience to parents, all of which I done repeatedly, are all just as bad. Under God’s law all wrong actions are equally wrong and equally punished. But the good news for all those who have gossiped, abused, or had an abortion: God offers forgiveness for all of them equally, free for the asking. I cannot wish punishment on abortionists, because I have done equally wrong things. I can only wish they will seek pardon, as I have, and find the joy of freedom.


  4. How could anyone honestly try to say that THAT is not a person? It saddened me to know that we live in a world that allows this to happen every single day for the sake of ‘individual rights’… what about these children’s rights? It’s amazing how pro-choice movements never mention that the child being murdered brutally has no choice.


  5. My wife and I were just there a few days ago praying for this clinic to close. As far as I know, It is the only clinic in El Paso that does abortions. Please pray that this clinic shuts down and puts an end to these atrocities.


  6. Before we start in on the name calling and berating from either side, let's just stop and think about this poor baby who was discovered by a dog in a parking lot. No matter which side you're on, you cannot ignore the fact that this is an incredibly undignified and painful way to treat a human being. This type of behavior should not be allowed or condoned. Whatever you feel is your choice or right – you can't overlook the results and consequences of allowing this to happen under ANY circumstances. Rather than fight back and forth to prove who is right and who is wrong, perhaps we could make better use of that energy praying for everyone involved. This issue will never be resolved by fighting, arguing or violence. It only perpetuates it.


  7. I was there; I saw this dismembered human being. My heart aches at the horrors we are capable of doing to each other. Abortion is real people and it results in the death of an innocent human being. Those precious little feet and hands will remain engraved in my heart forever.


  8. This just brings me to tears, I can not fathtom the frame of mind one would have to have to do this to a human being, I person without conscience or morals of any kind. I am so shocked, this is devastating. What has this world come to when the smallest and most helpless can not rely on its nation to protect them.


  9. My heart aches for the millions of little murdered human beings that were never given the gift of life. Oh God, please help us and please change the hearts of those in control to stop the murder and slaughter. The horrendous evil of abortion is sickening and cannot be viewed as anything but pure evil.
    Even more sickening is the fact that technology now allows us to view baby development in the womb. Most have seen the images of the developing baby- hiccuping, kicking, sucking his thumb- yet the pure evil of the murder of these innocents still continues. The twisted fact is- our society has seen this and yet still allows this slaughter to continue.
    Oh God have mercy on us.


  10. May God forgive those who agree or partake in this “legal” crime. 

    Second, my response is to “right2truth” ‘s argument. This IS legal, and this is a medical procedure, but just because the government of the United States has not used the term murder for what this truly is, doesn’t mean others can’t or shouldn’t call it by what it obviously shows in these pictures. I’m sorry for being blunt but just imagine this clinic’s garbage at the end of the day, of course, when they properly dispose of their “bodies”, or fetus’ (terminology has no power is changing, justifying, or candy-coating the truth).  Now rationally argue that it’s NOT the same as a serial killer, a child abuser, etc.   

    Religion or no religion, it doesn’t take anything but a heart to realize that this is NOT OK, legal or illegal, 5 weeks or 5 months, fetus or baby…life is life. 


  11. Mother Teresa said: “Pity the nation who kills its own people” – Is this what we call “Choice” – Dear Lord, Please have mercy on us. A good friend of mine said: Some day we will be praying FOR a chastisement it will be so evil…We are here.


    1. Being that the clinic performs abortions…Its highly likely they already know they are “killing” fetuses.


      1. They are killing babies, don’t put that in quotation marks, its true.


        1. If a mother is killed and the fetus inside her is also killed in the process, it is a double homicide. And nobody puts that in quotation marks, because it is a human fetus.


  12. If you let these Poor Babies live to full term, you will have to support them the rest of their lives…is it not better to put them out of their misery sooner rather than later…rotting in jails, subjected to a life of abject poverty..maybe the Lord is having mercy on them??? You think???


    1. NO!!!…There are many childless couples unable to have babies of their own who could adopt these children IF they were only allowed to be born. -Terry


    2. John, I hope to God, or what ever you might believe in, that you are joking, If you are serious then I do feel sorry for you


    3. Dear John,
      I don’t know if you will even read this message but it is worth a try. Let me first introduce myself, I am Valentina, a 15 year old girl and I too believe in God, but I do no agree with your statement, you see, life is the most wonderful and precious gifts that God has ever given us, He created us for the purpose mainly of spreading his word, experience love and give love but if you believe that the devil is real then you know his plans and what he is trying to do, I really would not like to hear you say that abortion is a good thing or that it is mercy of God because even to those who don’t believe should know the next fact. Reproduction, in other words life, starts at fertalisation and if you try to get rid of this, then it is the taking of this new life created by God, this new gift for the world that could have turned out to be the best politician, doctor, or someone that could bring peace to this world filled with violence. They could have made the difference. Besides the fact that it was God who was giving them the gift of life in the first place, so why would he want to take it away?
      I hope you reflect on these and change your perspective on abortion.


  13. The telling quote from this is, “…dispose of properly….” as though we were running water down our drains. How does one dispose of human baby body parts properly…Pray Tell???


  14. A rose by another name is still a rose…Personhood begins as conception…killing a person is matter how old that person is…1 minute, 1 month, 1 year, 100 yreas, he has an immortal soul, and he deserves to be baptized to wash away Original Sin so that soul can enjoy eternal life with his Creator. No one has the right to take the life of a person…”Thou shalt not Kill…” is still one of the 10 Commandments…abortionists and murderers break that commandment and deserve punishment…either now or in the next life…repent, repent, repent.


    1. Exactly what heinous sin hath the unborn babe committed that he too must be absolved? I say not that abortion is right or even condone-able, but please, children are brought into this word free of sin, and therefore are as clean as the world they just left to join us here. Unless you are suggesting being born in and of itself is a sin, in which case abortion is a good way to keep that would-be-child from sinning, as s/he’ll never be born, and thus never have sinned. Be pro-life all you want, but keep the bible out of this, as the bible is pro-death penalty too, or did you skip the law of Moses?


  15. When are people going to wake up and realize this is a BIG money making industry (Abortion). It’s not just about getting money from women but there are BIG industries paying for this slaughter and making a profit. Cosmetic companies, medical companies, it’s in our immunizations, food industries for testing additives, there are even countries actually buying the bodies for consumption thinking they will remain young or for other SICK reasons. It’s not about choice, it’s NEVER been about choice. It’s about elimination and profit. Babies have NO choice. We now have ultrasounds that prove that it is not just a “blood clot”, by these pictures we see the truth as well. In the end you have to decide, are you on the side of the sheep or the goats. Eternity is forever. That is YOUR choice. You can not ride the fence on this issue. Choose a side.


    1. good for you!!!! to the women who have abortions, the people who do them and all those who support them….COWARDS!!!!!!! How dare you, so you messed around, and now because your life will be interrupted by a baby….hey lets get rid of them…… there are other way’s and other choies you have…. Pople are repulsed by paul bernard and what he did to leslie and christine….. or the 2 year old who’s “father” dismembered her body…….you are all quick to yell “life sentence” yet you are doing the same thing…….how would you like to have your body torn apart piece by piece and you helpless, or to have something shoved into the back of your head while they literally suck your brains out, or to have acid poured all over your body and be left to suffer through it unitl you finally slip away ……it is not just a “quick fix” or 10 minute procedure……it is the brutal, heartlless, disgusting murder off a child…….abortion clinincs and doctors, they shouldn’t even be allowed to be called that, tell you it will be quick almost painless, you will be as good as new……what they don’t tell you is that if you were hooked up to a heart monitor or an ultra sound machine….or a internal microphone….you would see your baby wriggling and squirming in pain, you can actually even hear them crying…..look it up do the medical research…. there are other ways.. adoption…..the Bible(kjv) tell sus that God knows you were before you were even formed…. that life begins at conception……and if you want to argue that point think about how retarded our justice system is…abortion is the right of the woman, they can’t be called mothers, and so they have made it legal…..accoring to them a “fteus” i snot a child…..yet in the case of lacey, i dont remember her last name.. she wa s8 months pregnat her husband killed her and their unborn baby and tehy charged him with 2 murders…why if that “fetus” is just that a “fetus”… dare you, any of you to try and play God with the lives of these precious little ones….if you don’t want to be “inconvenienced” keep your clothes on!!!!!……you are suppose to be their mother, you are the one they know from the moment they are born, the voice they listen to in the womb, you are suppose to be their protector, their defender….look up the word mom…… i ray one day that this so called right is abolished!!! and as for you who will argue what about the mothers right…..(and i realize that sometimes things happen that we have no control over, like rapes, but you still have other options)……..they gave up their right the moment they made the decision to sleep with someone and that little one was concieved…stop being selfish,,, give them a chance, give them a voice……




    1. kind of like the idiots that still type in all capital letters 15 years after the rest of us figured out it is rude and ignorant.


  17. I can’t believe people would do something so inhuman. It makes me cry when I hear something like this, but I want to be involved in the pro-life movement, I get over it. Suction abortion sounds really painful and distugsting, just like all abortion.


  18. This is a horrible crime against humanity and God. Our world is sick and is no longer in reality. Abortion is a true evil and is against nature itself. People need to wake up and start thinking of others. This is truely a selfish act!


  19. Any woman who’s had an abortion would be horrified if she saw what became of her baby. What is the meaning of “disposed of properly?”


  20. Why is this allowed to keep going on! We hav e to flood the media, and make them see what is going on in these horrible places called Planned Parenthood. Be brave send these to your congressman and newspapers. We hear more about dog fights (which are horrible) than these innocents being slaughtered! Please not on our watch. Stand up and fight for these babies!


  21. That baby would have grown to be a precious smiling, laughing child. Instead they were ruthlessly murdered because most likely they came at an inconvenient time. Many childless people would have been honored to adopt that beautiful baby… very sad.


  22. I just spoke to Officer Mike Baranyay and asked that he honor Bishop Ochoa’s request for the remains of this little boy for a proper interment. He told me that the remains have already been disposed of and that rather than calling them, that we ought to be calling our legislators. It is very sad that nothing more pertinent can be done; however, it is a fact that we must vote only for pro-life candidates if we want this holocaust to stop.


  23. Does anyone else find it really fishy that Abby Johnson worked for “years” as a “products of conception technician,” but only had her conversion after witnessing an ultrasound-guided abortion? So reassembling the body parts didn’t traumatize her or cause her to have her sudden epiphany? This woman is a huckster. Planned Parenthood’s explanation–that she was about to be fired, so she decided to capitalize on a “conversion story”–seems far more likely.


  24. This is so sad, i cant believe that with so much technology we still think that unborn babies are not human. What does that say about us and how we treat each other as a society. Have we really advanced from the times of slavery, Nazi Germany, Martin Luther king’s days?


  25. What I dont understand is why they are giving this baby a funeral and burial service when they wont give the other millions of babies funerals either! Abortion makes me sick. I wanna know what pro-choice activists think when they see a baby torn to pieces. is there no compassion?? There are too many abortion survivors who are speaking out against abortion who prove that life starts at conception.


  26. The idea that this is still an issue in this day and age is an embarrassment. Stop trying to force the world back into your archaic world view. The idea that a Bishop is is lecturing people on morality is hilarious. All religion is responsible for far greater atrocities. To bring up religious dogma is not a valid intellectual argument. The world moves forward, not backwards.


      1. Who will be next. We the elderly???? I am one of the elderly. 


          1. Kevin, I have been following the discussion for a while, and I have noticed that you are quite active in it, so I would like to ask some questions, if you didn’t mind.

            If the fetus is growing, and metabolizing, isn’t it biologically alive?
            If this fetus has human parents, isn’t it human?
            And finally, isn’t human life valuable, like you and I?

            Thanks for taking the time to contribute to this discussion!

  27. This is horrifying, who can look at those little hands and feet and deny this is a baby, but this is perfectly fine with Planned Parenthood, they should all be ashamed, the Clinic thinks that disposing ob bodies, I guess it is a human life, makes this gruesome procedure all right?? We should be as concerned about human life as we are about animals, no one would do this to a dog, and not be outraged!!


  28. These aren’t ‘babies’, ‘bodies’, or ‘children’. The author is obviously wording this article to pull @ the hearts strings of the reader. This is a FETUS…the the correct medical terminology – there’s nothing cute, cuddly or relateable to the word FETUS. There’s my 0.02.


    1. out of curiosity, when, in your opinion, does a fetus become a “baby” or “child” with a “body”?


    2. OK, whether or not a fetus is a “baby”, it is still a unique human being.


  29. My God how long will us Christians let this continue, how much blood will be on our hands simply because we do nothing…


  30. How sick and disgusting. I can tell which is hand and foot. This makes me want to cry. That baby’s heart was beating….I guarantee you. This is sickening.


  31. This is sad and inhumane and I can’t believe this is happening in a country such as ours. When we do things like this, what makes us any better than any of the other 3rd world countries that participate in genocide? Look at those little feet and hands and tell me that doesn’t break your heart.


  32. This is horrible, I believe this as a MURDER, It really makes me anger that women spread their legs, and have sex, for their pleasure. And then a life is concieved, and because they don’t want a baby the choose to KILL it. Well only GOD can judge. But it makes me SICK. May these little tiny souls rest in peace.


  33. This whole series of arguments is just silly. It IS a body. NOPE, only a fetus. Same as murder. Nope, not the same. I mean, really, we could go on having these back and forth discussions forever and never get anywhere.

    We don’t really know what it feels like, and never will, since we were all born. We had to be, given the fact that we are all typing.

    I have an idea. Why don’t we just ask the babies their thoughts.

    Oh, wait.


  34. I understand and respect everyone’s different points of view and opinions.  However I have but one question:  if those children were given their God given right to live, how many of you out there whp are opposed to abortion would be willing to take on the financial responsibility of legally adopting one, two, three, maybe four of these babaies, once they are born?


    1. most of these babies probably wouldnt have been conceived in the first place if women didnt think they had abortion to fall back on as a fail safe birth control. the fact of the matter is, people would be more diligent about their birth control usage or just wouldnt be having “random hook ups” if abortion didnt exist, out of fear of having a child.

      but yes, im certainly more than willing to adopt children, and even plan to adopt when our son is a bit older and can understand the process more. in canada if you adopt out of children’s aid its low or no cost (you may have to pay for the home visitor)


    2. most of these babies probably wouldnt have been conceived in the first place if women didnt think they had abortion to fall back on as a fail safe birth control. the fact of the matter is, people would be more diligent about their birth control usage or just wouldnt be having “random hook ups” if abortion didnt exist, out of fear of having a child.

      but yes, im certainly more than willing to adopt children, and even plan to adopt when our son is a bit older and can understand the process more. in canada if you adopt out of children’s aid its low or no cost (you may have to pay for the home visitor)


  35. yes it is wrong for some one to get an abortion…. but there is some reasons like my self that i have cancer and my husband and i have been taking care of are self, to not get pregnant but for some reason we still did the dr told me that if i go with the pregnancy bouth the baby and i will die and i have 3 other children and the time that i have on this earth to spend with my children i wouldnt want to cut it n to 9 months just cause something like this i been taking bith contron and bee using rubbers but we still got pregnant…. i would not want to kill my baby but if it gives me 3 more years with my other chiildren i must do something plus this baby in side me is only 1 week old so it dont have baby body parts


  36. The hypocrisy of the pro-choice movement is utterly obnoxious. So it’s not human when it’s in the womb, and it’s not human a few minutes after birth? I’m very glad I became pro-life.


  37. I’m sure they know they are killing babies ,,i think they should ask them selfs why do you like to kill. sick sick.


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