How Some Kids With A Van Are Changing The Pro-Life Movement

David Pomerantz

On March 13, in Dallas, TX, an organization you’ve probably never heard of is going to revolutionize the pro-life movement.

It starts with a kid from Philly, a bus in New York, and an idea that brought him quite by accident to the city where Roe v. Wade started — the city where he hopes abortion will finally meet its match.

David Pomerantz, 23, does not look like a pro-lifer or a practicing Christian. He looks like a vegan hipster with emo hair. As a matter of fact, he sort of is a vegan hipster with emo hair. If you visit his loft apartment in an industrial section of downtown Dallas, he will offer you fermented tea with organic honey. You can lounge in a beanbag chair and talk about art while he surfs his Macbook and plays indie music and talks about Jesus.

A polite, friendly young man with a laconic kid-from-nowhere accent and a direct blue gaze, David Pomerantz — “Dave” to his friends — does not jibe with the stereotypical image of the angry activist holding signs outside a clinic. And he doesn’t mind, because that’s not the kind of pro-life activist Dave is.

He hails from Philadelphia, but he was attending Word of Life, a two-year Bible institute in New York, when he met Chris Slattery and Julie Beyel of EMC (Expectant Mother Care), a Manhattan pregnancy resource center. He was astonished to find that EMC had formulated a “new model” for approaching women outside abortion clinics.

EMC had a bus equipped with a sonogram machine. By approaching women outside the clinic with the offer of free help, with no mention of a pro-life ideology, they were able to see a staggering success rate. In fact, by their estimate, about 70% of women who got on the bus for a sonogram decided not to abort. In one day, they saw nine women decide on life for their children.

They did some simple math, and realized that if this success continued, 15 to 25 women a week, or about 800 a year, would choose life.

Excited by the possibilities inherent in this new approach, Dave contacted his friend and mentor Joe Baker, who flew in from Philly to see the results firsthand. Equally impressed, the two began to ferment the idea that would become Save the Storks.

Dave was already planning on attending Southwestern Theological Seminary in Dallas, so he headed down south. With Joe Baker developing the art and marketing, and the generous help of Dallas-based organization Get Involved for Life and other private donors to bring to life a sleeker, smaller, more mobile ultrasound vehicle, they were off and running.

Save the Storks was born. Or, if you prefer, flown in through the window.

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What Burning Korans, Birth Control, And Blind Lawyers Have In Common

Here are three things that are totally happening. Don’t worry about what they have to do with each other. I’ll get to that. Just bask in the crappiness of these three things:

1. This past Tuesday, Feb. 21, on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, four Korans were accidentally included in a heap of trash that was dumped into a burn pit.

The materials had been taken from a library at Parwan Detention Facility, which adjoins the base, because they contained extremist messages or inscriptions. Writing inside a Koran is forbidden in the Islamic faith, although it was unclear whether the handwritten messages were found in the holy book or other reading materials.

Some Afghans saw the Korans burning, and some of them even burned their fingers trying to remove them. Cue pandemonium! Since then Obama has apologized to President Hamid Karzai and the nation of Afghanistan — twice. He has apologized super hard. Protesting Afghans apparently don’t care.

“We don’t care about Obama’s apology,” said Kamaluddin, a 25-year-old Kabul protester who uses only one name. “We have to protest to be responsible to our god. They are burning our Koran. An apology is not enough.” (source: Time)

This of course begs the question: what is enough?

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Today’s The Day! “Doonby” Opens In Texas

I won’t take much of your time, Live Actioners. I just want to remind you that the movie I had the pleasure of seeing recently, Doonby, opened yesterday in Chattanooga and today in Dallas. If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, grab some friends and go see it. How it does in Dallas will determine how it will do across the country, and this is a story that needs to be told to an entire nation. It is by turns warm and thrilling, and its jaw-dropping ending alone is worth the ticket price.

Most of all, I firmly believe that this film, without preaching or shoving anything down anyone’s throat, can save lives.

Even if you’re nowhere near Dallas, please share this on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr and MySpace (if you keep it old-skool).

Special Doonby Trivia: This movie was screened — and praised — by the Vatican, and yet it is not a religious movie. Curious? Go see it!

Check out Dallas show times! And watch this trailer:

Hi, My Name Is Kristen, And I’m Abstinent

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is going to be an intensely personal blog post.

I’ll just kick it off with the juicy stuff so you don’t have to wait around: I haven’t had sexual intercourse in almost four years. Now, this is not to say I haven’t done anything I wouldn’t do if Jesus were in the room. I am not perfect. But for the past three and a half years, in the ball park of my love life, there have been no home runs.

I admit I am not a virgin. I am also not sexually repressed. I am not, like the virgin adult character on “Glee,” a frigid obsessive-compulsive with serious psychological problems. I am also not, as far as I know, completely repulsive, although if there’s one thing I’ve learned from observing the world around me, it’s that if you are female, it doesn’t matter what you look like; somebody thinks you are juuuust fine, and that somebody probably has an ad on Craigslist right now.

I simply made a choice, for ethical, moral, and religious reasons, not to engage in baby-making activities, and I have stuck to that decision for well over three years.

You are probably asking yourself, “Self, why on earth is she telling me this?”

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A Simple And Scary Fact

This picture's gonna make sense in a minute. Hang in there.

I listen to talk radio sometimes, mostly just while driving to and from work. (For you Occupiers out there, here is a link where you can learn more about this “work” thing. See in particular section 1.2, “Getting a Job.”)

For the past two days, a work assignment has required me to listen to talk radio all day long. I don’t really mind except that it gets me riled up.

Right now everybody’s talking about the HHS mandate requiring all employers — including Catholic hospitals and schools and other religious institutions and individuals — to provide insurance plans that include free contraception, sterilization, and abortion drugs for employees.

I already wrote about why this flies in the face of everything America is supposed to stand for — namely, liberty. (Occupiers, look that up too. It’s that thing that gets sacrificed when other people have to provide you with what you feel you deserve.)

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“The View” Takes On The Sonogram Law: As Told By An Unborn Baby

Hi, I'm Dave, I'm an unborn baby, and I approved this message.

Good nap! I had a dream I was on a jet ski. It pretty much ruled.

Ok, TV time. What is she gonna watch today? Please Mom put it on “Top Shot,” please Mom put it on “Top Shot,” please Mom put it on —

Aww, man, “The View?!” Seriously?! That is completely uncool. I am totally gonna make you crave something gross later… Peanut butter and gravy. Yeah. That sounds terrible.

Turn it, Mom, please! If you don’t I’m gonna start asking for a tattoo when I’m, like, twelve.

Ok, she’s not gonna change it. At least it’s not “Jersey Shore.” Let’s see what the View ladies are talking about today. Oooh, the Sonogram Law. This should be interesting!

Oh hey, the pretty blonde lady’s taking my side. That’s cool!

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Council For Life Celebrates Sanctity Of Life Month

Council for Life
Left to right: Tova Sido, Allison Doherty, Reverend Philip Jones, Claudia Jones, Council for Life President Janna Lewis. Photo by Jerry McClure.

Recently I told you all about a fantastic organization here in Dallas called Council for Life. They raise money for crisis pregnancy centers and other organizations that provide essential services to women in need. Abortion advocates are always accusing us of not caring about women, or abandoning children once they’re born. Council for Life is one of many organizations that proves this false.

I was honored to attend their Celebrating Life Luncheon back in November. In case you’ve forgotten, this is the event where I became, to my surprise and quite against my will, a major Kathy Ireland fan. This event raised — get ready! — $569,000 for CFL’s 14 beneficiaries. That money will provide ultrasound machines, hire sonographers, pay administrative staff, and in various ways provide resources for the people who work every day to save the lives of the unborn and help mothers choose life for their children.

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Your Daily Outrage: Obamacare Requires All Employers To Provide Free Abortion Drugs

In a move House minority leader and “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi has called “courageous,” the Obama administration has narrowed religious exemptions for sterilization and various forms of birth control, including abortion drugs. Said blogger Richard Dunham, “The administration would require Catholic institutions to abandon their doctrines on reproductive issues or face catastrophic fines forcing them them to close hospitals that care for about a sixth of U.S. patients.”

Under Obamacare’s new regulations, all employers — exempting only churches and missions, but including religious hospitals and universities — will be forced to provide drugs and procedures that directly contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church and other religious belief systems.

For free.

Most people have to pay some portion of even life-saving surgery, and fight to get insurance to pay for some transplants. But in Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ brave new world, you can jaunt on over to the Walgreen’s and have them rustle up an abortion pill for free, on an insurance plan subsidized by your Catholic employer.

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Winning The Abortion Argument Without Losing Your Mind

Readers, I am on a mini-vacation. I have driven up to my dad and stepmother’s place in Oklahoma for the weekend. The area is semi-rural, and as one who works every day in the heart of Dallas, I can certainly use semi-rural every once in a while.

Tomorrow we will go shoot guns in a pasture, because — you might not know this if you’re not from the South — it is really fun. Nothing relieves stress like turning money into noise.

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Komen Reverses Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood

Komen racers gather at event. Photo by by Chris Shaffer.

I was listening to a talk radio show based here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this morning. Mark Davis, a North Texas radio staple since the early 90s, was discussing Susan G. Komen’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood. I was trying to call in because no one was mentioning the abortion-breast cancer link, when I got a text telling me Komen had reversed their decision.

Here is some of Komen’s official statement:

We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives.

The events of this week have been deeply unsettling for our supporters, partners and friends and all of us at Susan G. Komen.  We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood.  They were not.

Our original desire was to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our donors by not funding grant applications made by organizations under investigation.  We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair.

“Or is it what is gutless?” asked Mark Davis on the air this morning.

I had planned on saying two things if I managed to get on the air. The first thing: yes, it’s great that Komen defunded Planned Parenthood, but not great that it took a Congressional investigation to make them do it. It makes it seem like they are fleeing from controversy, when what they should be doing is taking a strong stand for women’s health. Planned Parenthood encourages women to make irresponsible, physically damaging decisions, and makes money off those decisions by offering to suck the decisions out of them and dispose them as medical waste. In the process, they mislead women about the fact that their decision is now a living human being.

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How I Became Pro-Choice, Before I Became Pro-Life

It is my third week on the job. I am 24 years old. I think this place is pretty cool because it’s in downtown Dallas and they don’t care that I have my nose pierced. The offices are upstairs in a historic building with hardwood floors. I have my own giant office and a huge, ornate antique desk.

My boss is in her early 30s and just finished grad school at Columbia. She is the rich daughter of the rich owner of the business. I get the feeling she hired me because she thinks I am young and rad and she herself wishes to remain young and rad.

She asks me to go with her to run an important weekly errand. I feel important. I feel that her car is important. It is a BMW. It is very clean inside, with no sign of her two-year-old daughter but a sippy cup in the console. The upholstery is spotless. It smells like achievement.

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This Celebrity Loves Abortion So Much She Gets Her Own Column

Who's the lucky subject of my latest blog? I'll give you a hint: she's so busy waging war on fetuses she didn't have time to iron her dress.

There are things you don’t know about me, readers. Mysterious, interesting things. Like, for example, the fact that I am not only a very important and highly sought-after writer — like Norman Mailer, only slightly prettier — but I have also been an actor and comedian for many years. And I have worked in live music for three years. (In case you’re wondering if I am surrounded by pro-abortion heathens, the answer is: yes!)

Sometimes, in the course of doing these things, I have found out stuff about famous people that remains unknown to most. Normally I keep my mouth shut about it, because I am a professional and I don’t care to get fired or lose friends. But today I have something to share.

Several years ago, some friends of mine wrote, produced, and directed a movie. One of the stars of that movie was Kate Walsh. I’m pretty sure this was right around the time “Grey’s Anatomy” kicked off. These friends of mine, who must remain anonymous, told me a little secret about Kate Walsh. Here it is. Read more This Celebrity Loves Abortion So Much She Gets Her Own Column