BREAKING: Planned Parenthood director caught on tape selling aborted ‘baby parts’

An undercover video recorded by the non-profit organization,Center for Medical Progress, shows Planned Parenthood Federation Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, discussing their fetal parts business.

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Emmanuel Kelly – Living LIFE in Peace

From X-Factor Australia, Iraqi-born Emmanuel Kelly tells the beautiful pro-life story of his rescue and adoption. When he and his brother were found as infants, they had no birth certificates and had been severely injured. Both were eventually adopted by their Australian mother, whom Kelly speaks of during his audition:

“I was born in the middle of a war zone. My brother and I were found by nuns in a box in a park, in a shoebox … It was like looking at an angel when my mum walked through the orphanage door. She brought us both to Australia for surgery originally, and then, sort of, mum fell in love with both of us. My hero would have to be my mother.”

Watch the full audition below:

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NC Maternity Home Provides Haven for Young Expectant Mothers

An evangelical organization in Charlotte, NC has established a home for pregnant women and girls — offering free room and board, as well as free counseling and life preparation. The group is one of hundreds across the country that quietly aims to fight abortion by providing love and hands-on support to women in need, by encouraging adoption or raising the pre-born babies themselves. 

As part of their mission statement, Lois’ Lodge “seeks to exhibit practical love through holistic ministries that assist in the development of life skills, career skills, and wise decision making … to provide care for both the mother and her unborn child through sound medical care, a healthy environment, pre-natal coaching, and wise counsel about parenting options.”

Read more about Lois’ Lodge here:

The average age of clients is 22, said executive director Debbie Durrell. The home takes referrals from “pregnancy crisis centers” that counsel women against abortions, from the foster care system, and others.

Of the 80 clients helped since 2003, 25 have given up their babies for adoption, and the rest have kept their babies.

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Strangled Newborn: Murder or Late, Late-term Abortion?

19-year old Canadian woman Katrina Effert has been charged with strangling her newborn son in her parents’ home, then throwing the corpse into the yard of one of a neighbor. Unbelievably, she will walk free due to the country’s abortion laws.

Following the logic that it is perfectly okay to murder a life just before birth, why not just after as well? 

According to the LifeSiteNews article, the judge in the case had this to say:

Canada’s lack of an abortion law indicates that “while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support.”

“Where will it end: a one month old child whose parent has decided is not worthy of life, a six month old child, a two year old child, a special needs child or how about a teenager?” asked Jim Hughes [national president of Campaign Life Coalition].

When ending a human life becomes the subjective choice of another, where can we draw the line?

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“Life” by Jaeson Ma

An amazing pro-life song and video from artist Jaeson Ma, called “Life.” Jaeson wrote this song based on his own experience of nearly being aborted 30 years ago:

I thank God for letting me live, because Satan tried to kill me before I was born.  My mother, who was only five minutes away from making the decision to abort me, was lying on a hospital bed when a Christian doctor from her church suddenly walked by her room and recognized her…

That day my mother left the hospital and repented to God for trying to take away the life He had created. Soon after I was born, my mother dedicated my life to the Lord. I wouldn’t be here doing what I do, being who I am, without having given a chance to live.

My prayer is that every person who listens to this song and watches this music video would cherish and value life … Every one of us has a destiny to live and a life to give.

Even with all of its ups and downs, LIFE is a beautiful struggle and is definitely worth living.

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Lil Wayne’s Pro-Life, Pro-Love Message?

Sometimes pro-life inspiration comes from unlikely sources. While Lil Wayne is certainly not known for clean music content in general, the music video created for his recent hit “How to Love” does a great job of addressing the issue of choice in our society. Choosing love over abortion saves a life, and continuing to choose love influences that life forever.

Warning: The images in this video may be offensive to some viewers.

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Federal Grants: Abortion Orgs Favored over Faith-Based Agencies

When it comes to federal tax dollars, we already know that Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions per year. Now, the Obama administration has found a way to exclude many faith-based agencies from competing for federal grant money. 

According to this op-ed from the Washington Times, “strong preference is given to [federal grant] applicants that are willing to offer all of the services and referrals delineated” within the project objectives.

This is government-speak that means this: If you do not provide or refer for abortion or contraception, you will receive no money. The policy not only gives priority to applicants that provide surgical abortions but also to those that provide abortion-causing intrauterine devices (IUDs), abortion-causing morning-after pills, abortion-causing birth control pills and devices, and ella, the abortion-causing drug. This language in federal grants essentially excludes those physicians and religious organizations who historically have been on the front lines in helping the victims of sex trafficking but whose beliefs prohibit the performance of, or referral for, abortion and contraception.

Sadly, the current administration appears to be more committed to finding new ways to direct federal funding to its pro-abortion political allies at Planned Parenthood than to doing what is best for the victims of sex trafficking.

By excluding faith-based organization and pouring more money into groups that provide this “full-range” of services, the medical treatment for victims of human trafficking will be reduced to abortion and contraception only. Another link between sex trafficking and abortion-providers like Planned Parenthood? Hmmm.

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Post-Abortive Women More Likely to Suffer Mental Health Problems

We recently posted a story on the UK looking to enact a law that would provide independent counseling for women seeking abortion. Based on this article featured in the Daily Mail today on the mental health risks associated with abortion, we’d say that the idea of pre-abortion counseling is extremely valuable, and necessary. 

The new connection between mental health issues and abortion comes from a study led by American professor Priscilla Coleman and endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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Proposed UK Law Could Cut Abortions by 60,000 Per Year

The British Parliament is condering new legislation that would require all women pursuing an abortion to receive independent counseling beforehand, in which other options are provided. 

As far as the abortion business is concerned, their motives are clear: more abortions, more funding. This law would allow women to speak with an un-biased counselor with no vested interest in pushing abortion so that they can be given the necessary information to make an more informed choice.

From LifeNews:

“Abortion has become a factory-efficient process that denies women the right to independent, professional counseling,” [said Tory MP Nadine Dorries, who will file the pre-abortion counseling amendment later this week]. “Many women who are given the opportunity to talk through their situation in a calm environment cease to panic and begin to consider other options. It is every woman’s right to be given the choice of access to professional help at the time of a crisis pregnancy.”

There is still much debate about the organization that would be in charge of providing this independent counseling.

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Inside an Abortion Clinic …After Dark

Pro-life culture-warrior – and Live Action Research Strategist – Abby Johnson writes this piece describing what nights are like actually within the walls of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. As former clinic director, Abby spent many nights alone in the clinic that she worked; a building that saw the brutal slaughtering of thousands of innocent children. On her first graveyard shift:

I walked in and heard the heavy door slam behind me.  It echoed as it closed.  The clinic had high ceilings and every noise echoed like you were in a cave.  It was silent…no creaks, no water dripping, nothing…totally silent.  So silent in fact, I could almost hear something…and I’m telling you, it almost sounded like babies crying.  I know that sounds crazy and I totally disregarded it at the time.  I ran up to the front of the clinic, away from the freezer where the babies were kept until the medical waste came to pick them up.  I didn’t want to be next to that freezer.  Did I really hear that?  Surely it was just my imagination.

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Euthanasia and the Dignity of Human Life

A disturbing new book, entitled “A Bittersweet Season,” documents one woman’s determination to follow through with a suicide pact to starve and dehydrate her 88-year old mother, Estelle.

The author, former New York Times reporter Julie Gross, says that while her mother was not terminally ill, she simply wanted to die due to deteriorating health. The entire euthanasia process, which included the deliberate withholding of all food and water, took nearly two weeks to complete and ended on the 13th day with Estelle’s death (according to Gross, “getting her wish”).

LifeSiteNews reports on the story, and this shocking quote speaks volumes:

“As the days passed, I watched the hands of the clock from my perch in a corner of my mother’s room,” she writes. “They seemed to have stopped moving. She soon became a curiosity, as staff stood in her doorway to watch the old lady who would not die. I accused staff of sneaking her ice cubes when my back was turned. I was twitching with impatience. I wanted my mother to hurry up and die, and was ashamed to admit it.”

When we begin to devalue the dignity of any life – at any age, at any time – the consequences are astoundingly dangerous. It is the protection of those most helpless or vulnerable in our society that matters most.

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Ramona Trevino: Planned Parenthood Manager to Pro-Life Advocate

Yesterday we reported on the recent shut-down of a Sherman, TX Planned Parenthood facility – following state budget cuts and the resignation of the center’s former manager, Ramona Trevino. Trevino is quoted as saying that, for months, she struggled “with [her] conscience … on contraception, abortion and [her] role in it all.”

Ramona joins others like Abby Johnson who have left the abortion industry. Abby regularly speaks at pro-life events and has written a book about her experiences called, Unplanned. Both credit members of the 40 Days for Life campaign, who prayed outside their respective clinics, for playing a pivotal role in their conversions.

LifeSiteNews reports:

After the 40 Days campaign came to Sherman, [Trevino] says she went from believing she was providing a service to women in need, to realizing that Planned Parenthood “treated women like cattle and how they only cared about making money” – a realization she says was “long overdue.”

Trevino has already started giving her powerful testimony to pro-life groups across Texas. And good for her! As we now know, Planned Parenthood is most fearful of their own employees speaking out against them, to tell the story of what really goes on inside of their clinics.

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