Mother’s photos of miscarried child show preborn’s humanity

On April 10, 2016, a pro-life Facebook page named The Anti-Choice Project shared photos of a miscarried preborn child. The Anti-Choice Project’s name is meant to be ironic, as pro-abortion groups often call pro-lifers “anti-choice.”

The pictures were shared by an anonymous poster who recently suffered a miscarriage in the ninth week of her pregnancy.  She chose to share the pictures of her child, whom she named Vincent Marie, in order to raise awareness of the humanity of babies killed in the womb by abortion. The pictures are meant to remind people that the 3000 babies aborted every day are actual human beings.

The post from The Anti-Choice Project says:

A friend of the Anti-Choice Project sent these pictures of her miscarriage this morning in the hopes that they would be seen by many…. Photos like these reveal the humanity of preborn children.

Conception occurs roughly two weeks after a woman’s period, but doctors measure pregnancy from the first day of the last period. Therefore, a woman who is nine weeks pregnant is carrying an approximately seven-week-old preborn baby. The picture is compatible with a baby who is seven weeks old from the time of conception.

Here are pictures of Vincent Marie.

Vincent Marie'



Just over 34% of all abortions take place at nine weeks or later. This amounts to over 1000 a day. More than 1000 babies at this age or later die every day from abortion in the United States alone.

You can see Vincent’s arms and legs, complete with tiny fingers and toes.  You can see his eyes. A preborn baby’s eyes begin to distinguish light from darkness at 16 weeks.

It was Vincent’s mother’s hope that the painful loss of her child could be used to educate others about the development of  babies in the womb.  With these pictures, the humanity of the child can be easily seen.


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