VIDEO: Live Action’s Lila Rose on FNC’s Huckabee (6/25/11)

Live Action president Lila Rose discusses the on-going battle in Indiana to defund Planned Parenthood and how the Obama Administration is going to the mat to restore funding, even at the expense of poor and elderly. She also shares why abortion is the greatest human rights abuse our nation faces.

Lila also teases a new Indiana-based initiative and undercover video to be released soon. Watch this great video and then use the link below the player to sign up to be among the first to see this new, exclusive investigative film.

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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Live Action’s Lila Rose on FNC’s Huckabee (6/25/11)

  1. I don’t get Fox News and been dying to see this interview.  Many thanks to the Media Team for uploading it.


  2. Come on Lila Rose! Keep it up and do not stop. Gods got your back because you are saving lives. My prayers, my students and my money are with you.

    Pastor Kam


  3. Lila articulates the truth so well!  So thankful for her gifts in defending the killing of innocent lives.


  4. Keep up the great work Live Action. Spread the word about this website to locate a Health Center near you and or your state. Pro-abortion advocate and Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius does not want you to know that there are 8,000 health centers spread across the U.S. that do not  provide abortions,but provide more comprehensive medical care than any Planned Parenthood facility. Health Centers provide comprehensive health care for women/men/children/low-income/non-health insured/sliding fee scale.

    Planned Parenthood is promoting the lie that if they are cut out of the the Title X stream women’s health care will crash and burn, when in fact the Health Centers would have a bigger share  of the Title X dollars!

    Go to :  and compare a Health Center’s services compared to your local Planned Parenthood. Let’s see how long this site stays up!


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