They Have No Argument

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Why is Planned Parenthood losing public support and funding? Well, instead of making a logical case for their receipt of taxpayer money, they are choosing to engage in a despicable attack on right-to-life advocates. Just four days ago Planned Parenthood affiliate chairman Richard Solomon wrote a piece filled with false stereotypes and accusations:

“The fight, then, isn’t really about abortion. It’s about controlling the sexuality of poor and middle-class women by punishing them if they dare to be sexually active and find themselves with an unintended pregnancy.”

How bizarre is that?

The reason why we speak up for the unborn children and want to defund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the U.S. is because we want to control the sexuality of poor people? Are you kidding me? If this is the great argument that they choose to wield against us then they are in a lot of trouble.

Planned Parenthood refuses to debate the justification of the actual act of abortion because they know they would lose. Instead they try to win with underhanded attacks on the motives and character of their opponents. It is despicable and dishonest tactic.

NOTE: Richard Solomon is chairman of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties, Inc.

9 thoughts on “They Have No Argument

  1. Can we really expect to hear the truth from someone who kills babies for a living?


  2. Mr. Solomon is attacking pro-lifers with made-up things. Is this Planned Parenthood admitting that they don’t have any real arguments left?


  3. Plan parent hood is actually a good idea. We have so many young parents and poor parents having kids that they cant support and pph is trying to help prevent that…


    1. Sure, some may have good motives, but I could’ve also prevented us from having Obama or FDR by murdering him, but that goes to far wouldn’t you say? And it is just plain wrong.


    2. If they want to help those families, then, instead of killing the children, they should be helping by giving these families food, baby supplies, clothing, shelter, job training, job resources, education help, medical, help with bills,  etc. , like the pregnancy resource/crisis pregnancy centers do. They certainly have the resources. Instead of jumping whenever a pregnancy resource center opens, and petitioning to close them, they should be supporting them!


  4. @41d9d51f8e9d869250704706f83d916a:disqus 
    i understand how you can think that, and i’ve thought that myself time and time again, but besides offering help to women who are in trouble..they go to far.  They give them an abortion, which is not the answer.  Why cant they help them find good adoptive parents instead?!


  5. I think you meant to say “wield” not “yield.” Good piece, good point. Stay sharp to avoid snarky criticism on grammar!


  6. The epitome of an honest debate…quote the conclusion, but leave out any of the reasoning that led up to it.
    The funny thing is, he does make some good points. For a lot (granted, not all — but a lot, as is evidenced as much by the pro-life/anti-sex education/anti-contraceptives legislators as many of the commenters and posters on this site) in the “pro-life” movement, this is just one facet of the social-conservative world view — that educating people about sex/reproductive health, allowing access to birth control/contraceptives outside of marriage (or even inside of it), and providing a safety net for single moms are all great evils that must be purged from our world. I’ve even heard people express the view that breast cancer research is a waste of money/bad, because, in their opinion, god punishes women who have had abortions with breast cancer.

    See, the unfortunate thing is, while there are some pro-lifers who are pro-life from a genuine conviction that abortion is evil, to many this is just part of their religiously inspired world view, where sex is bad (unless practiced exactly as sanctioned by them), and anyone who breaks their rules deserves the consequences. This theme follows through not only to social ills facing women who have to birth kids they cannot afford, but to the idea that breast cancer is god’s judgement on women who abort, that handicapped kids are “nature’s way” of punishing for abortion, and that, as some bloggers on this site have indicated, women who have abortions and die as a result pretty much get what they deserve (regardless of the circumstance/necessity of the case). That reeks of vengeful control — you didn’t do what we said, therefore you will suffer.

    It’s curious that you utterly ignore his reasons, though, and dive right for what is, without those reasons, an unsupported conclusion. Yeah, “they have no argument”. At least, they do, but we’re ignoring it.


    1. Where in the world are you getting this? Yes, people need to be educated about sex/reproductive health, but that’s something that should be taught by parents, as there are moral issues with the subject which should be left to parents to decide on. Contraceptives have a high failure rate, as even the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s research arm, mentions that over 50% of abortions are done on women who were using contraception. Therefore, instructing about use of contraceptives is just creating more of a need for abortion, bringing them more business. If you really don’t want to get pregnant, either abstain until you’re ready or learn your cycles through Natural Family Planning, which has a much higher success rate than contraception. A safety net for the poor are the crisis pregnancy/pregnancy resource centers, which offer food, clothing, shelter, help with money troubles, education, job training, job references, baby sitting, baby items, counseling, medical, etc. You “pro-choicers” are all about shutting them down when we’re trying to help those women!

      As for breast cancer research, we’re all for that, but the Susan G. Komen foundation is corrupt. They give a large amount of funds to Planned Parenthood, who don’t even do mammograms or any breast cancer research.  I once read that one of Susan G. Komen’s siblings (I don’t remember if it was her sister or brother) said to a pro-lifer that the foundation only cares about the cure and not prevention. Furthermore, they stuff their pockets, and the people in the higher offices get really lavish wages, when they’re supposed to be giving that money to research. The math has been done: less than 10% of what comes in actually goes to finding a cure.

      Religion never teaches that sex is bad! Religion teaches that sex is sacred, and the exploitation of sex cheapens it. Sex is a Gift. To squander it on someone who doesn’t even care about you is what’s wrong and disgusting. To have multiple partners throughout one’s life is what has lead to the spread of STDs – not that anyone deserves getting one, and not that sex is the only way to get one (trust me, I know all about it).

      NO woman deserves to die from abortion! That’s just our point. Abortion is hurting women, and no one deserves what they go through. Also, I’ve never read anything on this site that says either that or that handicapped children come from abortion. There are plenty of pro-lifers that are handicapped or have handicapped children themselves!

      Yes, many times a pro-life view stems from religious conviction, but if we didn’t have secular reasons, we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. I used to be “personally opposed pro-choice”, but then I had a revelation, and I needed secular scientific and historical reasons why it was wrong. When I found those reasons, I became pro-life.

      As for what Solomon said, BABIES ARE NOT PUNISHMENTS!!! Babies are gifts! They bring joy and love into this world. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard a new mother say, “I never knew I could ever love someone this much.” If a woman doesn’t want her child, then there are millions of people on a waiting list to adopt a baby, even one who is handicapped. If the mother doesn’t have the resources, she should go to a pregnancy resource center, where they will assist her with anything she needs.


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