Michelle Obama Fails Women Victimized by Planned Parenthood

Traditionally, the wives of Presidents use their role as First Lady of the United States to champion feel-good, relatively nonpartisan causes. Rosalynn Carter promoted the arts. Laura Bush spoke about reading. Current First Lady Michelle Obama’s cause has been encouraging healthy habits among children. But as Steven Ertelt reports, some of Mrs. Obama’s guests at a recent Women of Courage Award ceremony send a much darker message:

The award recipients were also invited to the White House event that commemorated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and recognizing March as Women’s History Month in the United States. However, the president of the national Planned Parenthood abortion business was there. Read more Michelle Obama Fails Women Victimized by Planned Parenthood

They Have No Argument

Attacking Dog

Why is Planned Parenthood losing public support and funding? Well, instead of making a logical case for their receipt of taxpayer money, they are choosing to engage in a despicable attack on right-to-life advocates. Just four days ago Planned Parenthood affiliate chairman Richard Solomon wrote a piece filled with false stereotypes and accusations:

“The fight, then, isn’t really about abortion. It’s about controlling the sexuality of poor and middle-class women by punishing them if they dare to be sexually active and find themselves with an unintended pregnancy.”

How bizarre is that?

The reason why we speak up for the unborn children and want to defund Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the U.S. is because we want to control the sexuality of poor people? Are you kidding me? If this is the great argument that they choose to wield against us then they are in a lot of trouble.

Planned Parenthood refuses to debate the justification of the actual act of abortion because they know they would lose. Instead they try to win with underhanded attacks on the motives and character of their opponents. It is despicable and dishonest tactic.

NOTE: Richard Solomon is chairman of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties, Inc.

Planned Parenthood Director: We are “most visible proponent” of “pro-choice community”

Planned Parenthood Sign

Some (usually abortion advocates) question why pro-life advocates spend so much of their focus on Planned Parenthood which they describe as just another health care provider. The fact is that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in the United States as confirmed by their own annual report showing over 325,000 termination procedures. In addition to that, just this week Casey Martinson who is the Director of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes wrote (emphasis added):

First, the idea that the pro-choice community – whose most visible proponent is Planned Parenthood

So there you have. Planned Parenthood admitting that they are the most visable proponent against the right to life and for the choice to terminate one’s child. Who made Planned Parenthood associated so strongly with abortion and against the right to life? They did and defenders should see that even they admit it.

No Limits: Obama’s Record On Abortion

“Pass out at three, wake up at ten, go out to eat, then do it again. Man I love college.” Like American rapper Asher Roth, I too loved college. I don’t think our experiences were entirely comparable, though. Mine seems to have been more scholastically oriented, and I rarely felt obliged to “dance my ass off.” I did, however, have a friend who would occasionally dance her clothes off.

Her name was Tania*, and during her college years she performed sporadically as an exotic dancer. It was clear that Tania had no desire to make a career out of stripping. In fact, the longer she did it, the less appeal it seemed to have. Some things, like scotch and classic cars, tend to become more desirable with the passage of time. But for Tania, working the pole wasn’t one of them.

College stripping isn’t the only activity whose attractiveness wanes with age–abortion has a similar dynamic. As a fetus gets older, fewer people will support ending her or his life. This is probably due in part to appearances. After all, it’s harder to justify killing someone whose heart beat and propensity for thumb sucking can be observed via ultrasound. Some may also suspect that the mechanics of a late term abortion must be agonizing for the abortee: dilation and evacuation abortion involves pulling the fetus apart, one limb at a time. This suspicion appears to be well founded, for there is evidence that at twenty weeks of development, an unborn baby can indeed feel pain.

Read more No Limits: Obama’s Record On Abortion

AUL’s Charmaine Yoest Debates NARAL over Texas Ultrasound Law

Charmaine Yoest of AUL

Yesterday afternoon, Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life took on NARAL’s president Nancy Keenan in a debate regarding the recently upheld Ultrasound Law in Texas on Fox News.

Ultimately, Keenan’s only argument against such a law is it “forces a woman to have an ultrasound against her will” and that a woman should only be given an ultrasound if she requests one, or her doctor recommends one.  “This is a decision that belongs with a woman, her doctor, her family and her God.  Not, not politicians in Texas,” she lamented.

The funny thing is, if Keenan’s beef is with “forcing” women to obtain ultrasounds, perhaps she should be going after rules already established by the abortion industry!  According to Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood abortion-performing facility in Bryan, Texas, “Ultrasounds are REQUIRED to be performed before an abortion. By who? The abortion industry!! Ultrasound laws don’t require anything that isn’t already being done… except these laws help women obtain TRUE informed consent.” (Emphasis Abby’s).

Read more AUL’s Charmaine Yoest Debates NARAL over Texas Ultrasound Law

More Than 1 in 10 Planned Parenthood Clients Received Abortion in 2010 Says Latest Annual Report

Last month Planned Parenthood released their the 2009-2010 annual report which reported that they performed 329,445 abortions and saw a total of 3 million clients. This means that Planned Parenthood aborted the unborn child of 11% (329,445 out of 3,000,000) of their clients during the reporting year. 11% is also the same figure of Planned Parenthood clients that had abortions during the previous year according to their 2008-2009 annual report.

What’s In a Name? Why “Pro-Life” Is More Honest Than “Pro-Choice”

For pundits and activists on both sides of the abortion debate, step one in crafting an argument is choosing the terminology. By deeming one’s self “pro-life/choice” and the opposition “pro-abortion/anti-choice” at the outset, he conveys an immediate sense of who’s fighting for a lofty ideal and who’s standing with something unsightly. Both sets of labels are emotionally-charged, but which is more accurate?

Pro-choicers (at least, those more PR-savvy than Merle Hoffman) swear they don’t particularly like abortions; they just believe it’s not their place, or government’s, to prevent someone from making the choice. President Barack Obama puts it this way:

I am pro-choice, I believe in Roe vs. Wade, and I come to that conclusion not because I’m pro-abortion, but because ultimately I don’t think women make these decisions casually. They wrestle with these things in profound ways, in consultation with their pastors or spouses, or their doctors or their family members.

The problem is that “pro-choice” is so vague as to be meaningless. Everybody’s “pro-choice” on some things and “anti-choice” on others. In a sane world, you’d think that “pro-choice” meant favoring greater personal freedom on a whole range of issues. But whatever else may be said of the Obama Administration’s policies on healthcare, incandescent light bulbs, gun rights, and environmental regulations, they leave people with fewer choices, not more. Obama, like his fellow liberals, is only “pro” one particular choice: abortion.

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TX Sonogram Law Supporter: “I Would Not Have Had An Abortion If I Had Seen A Sonogram”

This past Wednesday, January 4, in New Orleans, the battle over the Texas “Sonogram Law” waged on.

Texas Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell faced off with Jennifer Rikelman, an attorney from New York’s Center for Reproductive Rights, before a panel of three judges from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. The issue at hand? A temporary partial injunction ordered by Justice Sam Sparks in Austin this summer claiming the law violated the free speech rights of abortionists.

The bill, which was signed into law by Texas governor and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry last year, would require doctors to show abortion patients an ultrasound of their unborn babies, describe certain attributes of the fetus, such as its size, and allow the mother to hear the fetal heartbeat. While most of the law was temporarily struck down by Sparks, certain portions, such as a 24-hour waiting period, were not enjoined.

As a proud native Texan and Dallas resident, I have written about this case several times, most recently in September when I attended, incognito, a speech by Center for Reproductive Rights president Nancy Northup, hosted by Planned Parenthood North Texas, in which the case – and others like it around the country — was discussed at length.

Read more TX Sonogram Law Supporter: “I Would Not Have Had An Abortion If I Had Seen A Sonogram”

Pro-Abortion Radicals Whine That Obama Hasn’t Done Enough For Them

Often, a fanatic can be identified not only by what he wants and how he plans to get it, but also by his inability to recognize what he already has. Rarely is this more strikingly demonstrated than in a recent Washington Times report on pro-abortion activists upset over how little Barack Obama has done for them in his first term.

The article acknowledges many of the president’s pro-death decisions, including lifting the ban on foreign aid money going to abortion-related groups, stripping conscience protections from healthcare workers, supporting federal funding for abortion, and expanding embryo-destructive stem cell research.

But because of what Obama hasn’t done—lifting Plan B’s prescription requirement for minors, enacting a federal Freedom of Choice Act, defunding abstinence education, or granting over-the-counter status to “emergency contraception”—the hardest of the hardcore question his devotion to the cause: Read more Pro-Abortion Radicals Whine That Obama Hasn’t Done Enough For Them

Your Daily Outrage: Jezebel

Jezebel appears to be an online magazine named after a Biblical tart. Appropriately, it is brimming with amoral nonsense. In browsing through some of its articles, I came across a couple that were so jaw-droppingly insane and morally outrageous I thought I would share them with you.

I recently wrote about two abortion doctors charged with murder in Maryland after a botched abortion led police to find 35 frozen fetuses in a “secret clinic” in Elkton. Many of the fetuses were of a viable gestation age — one even appeared to be about 36 weeks — and abortion past viability, if it occurs during an illegal act, is a crime in Maryland. The tale was a horrifying one, replete with a young lady screaming in pain for two hours — according to her mother who was waiting outside — as an abortionist perforated her uterus, pushed part of her mangled 22-week baby into her abdominal cavity, and pulled part of her bowel out through her vagina. The eighteen-year-old woman had to be transported by helicopter to Johns Hopkins, where she had major surgery to repair the damage.

Read more Your Daily Outrage: Jezebel

Dishonest Pro-Aborts Try to Pit Pro-Lifers Against Breast Cancer Prevention

With the possibility of recall looming over his head due to his fiscal reforms, anger over other hot-button issues is the last thing Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker needs. But that hasn’t stopped him from excluding Planned Parenthood from state funds to organizations that help needy women get cancer screenings.

Like we’ve seen so often before, abortion allies are responding with venom. For instance, behold Forbes’ Rick Ungar, who predicts Walker’s decision will kill people:

If you are a woman fortunate enough to live in a county where the screening is available by any entity that is not Planned Parenthood, these tests will continue to be available to you. Read more Dishonest Pro-Aborts Try to Pit Pro-Lifers Against Breast Cancer Prevention

Apple and Abortion, Round 2

First came the news that Siri, the iPhone 4S’s snazzy voice-recognition assistant, directs users to crisis pregnancy centers but not abortion clinics. Then came Apple spokesmen’s predictable assurance that the company doesn’t have an agenda and Siri doesn’t intentionally omit any information or misdirect users; it simply has some kinks to work out.

That’s not good enough for the abortion lobby. On December 5, Chenda Ngak at CBS’s Tech Talk blog reported:

A petition at SignOn.org to fix the software is still active and they’ve even upped their goal to 40,000, after surpassing the original 30,000 signatures. A spokesperson for SignOn told me that the petition’s authors, which include former MoveOn staff member Nita Chaudhary, will present their petition to Apple once they’ve hit their goal and will not back down until a fix is released. Read more Apple and Abortion, Round 2