The SCIENTIFIC Basis for Defending All Human Life

If you are around young children very often, you’re probably familiar with the Olivia the Pig series.  My niece loves those books.  But you’re probably not as familiar with Oliver the Egg.  Let me tell you about him.  Christopher Franceschelli has written a cute book about Oliver, who is really a chick growing inside of an egg.

Since I’d really not enjoy being sued for copyright violations, I won’t quote this entire six sentence book.  Suffice it to say that Mr. Franceschelli describes the very few things that Oliver could do as an egg.  He says, “But he was simply an egg and that was that.”

This little book (while very cute) completely misses the boat on science.  It’s final pages say, “until one day” (with a picture of an egg) “everything changed” (with a picture of a chick).  While rather entertaining for a small child, this book lacks any scientific or accurate value.  It’s patently untrue to say that, before hatching, a chick is “simply an egg.”  Uh, no.  It’s an unhatched chick inside an egg.

Oliver serves to illustrate the general lack of scientific and medical knowledge that many people and some pro-lifers have about the beginning of human life.  When exactly does human life begin?  Is there such a thing as a “fertilized egg”?  What’s the accurate term to call a new human being at the earliest stages?  Can we really prove from science that we should defend all human life?  What do medical experts say about this issue?  Pro-lifers  need to be more knowledgeable about what we are for and why we believe what we believe. Read more The SCIENTIFIC Basis for Defending All Human Life

Activist Judge Junks Nevada Personhood Measure for Vague Wording

Even for those of us sympathetic to the “personhood” approach to fighting abortion, it’s easy to see that Personhood Nevada didn’t do itself any favors with the wording of their state’s proposed personhood initiative, which a judge threw out on December 21 for being too vague:

To me it is not clear,” Carson City District Judge James Wilson told petitioners late Wednesday, according to news reports. “It is not capable of being rehabilitated through rewriting.”

The petition, from Personhood Nevada, states: “The term ‘person’ includes every human being.”  Read more Activist Judge Junks Nevada Personhood Measure for Vague Wording