San Diego Senator Pushes for Greater Abortion Access at the Expense of Women’s Health

On Friday, Sen. Christine Kehoe proposed a bill in the California Senate that would greatly expand who can be an abortion provider in California.  Apparently, there is current confusion in California over exactly who can perform abortions.  Kehoe’s bill would

…clarify that the estimated 16,000 trained nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants in the state could provide first-trimester abortions in outpatient clinics and doctor’s offices.

Likely referring to the oft-cited claim that 86% of U.S. counties do not have an abortion provider, Kehoe claims that her bill will give greater access to abortion to rural women who would otherwise incur what Kehoe considers multiple hardships and great expense.  Ironically, the U-T San Diego News article reports that one of those hardships would be missing time away from “other children.”  “Other children” of course admits that the sought abortion is designed to kill a child, but I digress.

According to California Senate Bill 1501 the new category of “providers” would be allowed to perform “an abortion by medication or aspiration techniques.”  Basically, these providers would be allowed to give women the necessary medication for a Mifeprex/Misoprostol “do-it-yourself” abortion (read about these; they are horrifying), and they would also be allowed to use a vacuum machine to suck out the baby in the first trimester.


Kehoe’s bill does face opposition, notably from Assemblyman Brian Jones who makes several excellent points.

“That’s pretty aggressive,” he said. “My immediate question is where and how are they going to do these procedures. It sounds like they want to turn the clock back to the back ally practices they were against.” 

Jones added that he cannot understand why Democrats want to expand abortion rights when they pass laws making it illegal for minors to use sun tan booths or get tattoos.

Several commenters on the U-T San Diego News website—including Live Action’s David Schmidt— have made accurate observations about this bill:

We have seen problems in other states like Pennsylvania and Maryland recently where there have been abortion regulation scandals and now non-Doctors are going to be authorized to perform a surgical procedure. It sounds like this is about expanding abortion at the expense of safety.

This is certainly not the time to decrease regulations on the abortion industry.  Abortion clinics and providers are under investigation for abortion-related crimes and other crimes—not to mention the Congressional investigation and multiple state investigations into Planned Parenthood for fraud.  Unlawful abortion providers seem to be an epidemic.  If anything, state and federal governments should be tightening the reins, not expanding their reach.

Kehoe’s bill is a ploy by pro-choice advocates.  It is wrapped in the paper of “access” for rural or poor women and tied with the bow of “equal opportunity”.  However, the true purpose of this bill is to increase abortions.  Clearly, many women without easy access would choose to keep their baby instead of going through with an abortion.  Often, the easier abortions become, the more they are performed, and this is exactly what Kehoe and her allies want.

The National Abortion Federation has put out their 2012 Clinical Policy Guidelines.  Concerning who should be allowed to perform abortions, they recommend that

Abortion will be provided by licensed practitioners. This category is intended to include physicians from various specialties as well as nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, and other health professionals.

Other health professionals?  Where exactly would the abortion industry draw the line on who can perform abortions?  I firmly believe that they would love to see abortionists—people trained only to perform abortions—become their own sect of “health professionals.”  And that should be a scary thought to everyone out there, whether pro-life or pro-choice.

In the end, it’s clear to many in the pro-choice industry that they are losing the battle on multiple fronts, including convincing doctors to perform abortions.  The number of abortion doctors has continued to drop since Roe v. Wade was handed down.  Allowing nurses, midwives, and others to perform abortions is apparently the abortion industry’s answer.  The safety of women isn’t what matters to them.  Access to abortion is all that counts, regardless of who performs it.

Clearly, the abortion industry isn’t into accountability, regulations, or other guidelines that provide safety for women.  This is a natural outcome of making a career out of killing babies.  After all, if you don’t care about the most innocent, helpless humans, are you really going to care adequately about their mothers?  I don’t think so.

6 thoughts on “San Diego Senator Pushes for Greater Abortion Access at the Expense of Women’s Health

  1. Are they nuts? Forget abortion in particular – any type of surgery should not be performed by a non-doctor, period, especially surgery that’s so internally invasive. Heck, if non-doctors can do abortions, why not let allow them to do hysterectomies? What about removing ovarian cancer?

    My late grandfather had extensive medical issues towards the end of his life resulting from a combination of WWII shrapnel and diabetes. My mom had to drive him to the other end of the state (not a small state, either) more than once for appointments and surgeries. We didn’t advocate that non-doctors should be able to perform his amputations so that we wouldn’t have to get in the car and drive; we accepted that there were only so many doctors in the area who had experience with amputating toes and leg sections from diabetic octogenarians still carrying metal from the Pacific, and just took a deep breath and got in the car again. Because, hello, he was a family member and we wanted him to have the best care possible.

    What exactly are nurse practitioners? Is that RN or LPN?


    1. @twitter-279989690:disqus , Nurse Practitioners are essentially doctors – they can do checkups, write prescriptions, etc. The only thing that separates them from doctors is a couple years of schooling. Many times you will see a NP if your regular Doctor is unavailable.

      I do agree…this is ridiculous. Abortion aside, invasive surgical procedures should be performed by surgeons, not regular doctors or nurses. How is this “health care?”


    2. NP’s are RN’s who continue schooling to the Master’s degree level and then go through separate training to complete an  NP program.  Abortion aside, they are medical professionals who specialize in family medicine, gynecology, urology, pulmonology, just to name a few.  I work with a good half dozen at my hospital, and they see patients, write scripts, have DEA numbers, counsel, etc.  I trust much of my own health care to NP’s.  I don’t like the thought of them being able to perform abortions because I am firmly against the practice. But that doesn’t take away from their professionalism or expertise.


    3.  Disagree with others saying Nurse Practitioners are essentially doctors minus a few years of schooling. Not taking anything away from nurses (I love them to death; most times way more personable than doctors), but they do not recieve the same training as a doctor in basic sciences and pathology. NPs are able to handle simple illnesses, but when things get complicated or dire, they are not sufficient by any stretch imho. Seeing patients who are relatively healthy though, its the same as a doctor I guess. But back to the post, the idea that a surgical procedure is being performed by anyone not a doctor is ridiculous. Ob/Gyns need to be performing D&C’s (hopefully not elective ones!) and no one else. The uterine or ovarian arteries can be punctured by someone who does not know the anatomy well. What if someone has an abnormally shaped uterus? Or a variation in vascular anatomy? The uterus itself can by lacerated or punctured. This isn’t just bad law; its bad medicine.


  2. How in the world did a senator from San Diego end up being so liberal? We’re a conservative area! Our senator in the White House is Brian Bilbray, who is Republican! (Actually, I just moved away from there, but I still consider myself a San Diegan, and hope to move back someday).

    San Diego, you have to do a better job at advertising against such hostile forces! Get her out of there, please!

    As for having someone other than a doctor performing the situation, isn’t that what a lot of pro-abortion-choicers fight against, since they say that, before legalization, abortion was done by those who weren’t physicians? Isn’t that what they refer to as a “back alley butcher”? I mean, I know that the back alley actually refers to women entering a doctor’s office from the alleyway entrance, and, according to Planned Parenthood’s own archives, doctors were actually the ones performing abortions in 90% of situations. However, doesn’t this go against the fact that they wanted a safer way of doing things, a professional performing such a procedure?

    This goes against any level of safety! Women are going to end up in even more pain now! This seriously bites! Women deserve better than abortion!


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