Reproductive “Health” Site Asks: Why Not Give Yourself An Abortion?

Kate Winslet as April in "Revolutionary Road"

A site called RH Reality Check, which purports to cover issues of “Reproductive & Sexual Health and Justice,” published a blog Tuesday in which they asked a question I’m sure has been weighing on all our minds: “Why is self-abortion care a crime?”

If it sounds dangerous to you — a woman to attempting a procedure on herself that can be risky even when done by an experienced doctor — don’t worry, that’s a normal reaction. Here’s what the National Abortion Federation, a pro-abortion organization, has to say on the subject:

Trying to end a pregnancy by self-aborting can be very dangerous to your life, health and ability to have children in the future. You may injure yourself or die if you attempt to self-abort. 

The authors of the RH Reality Check blog seem to disagree with this assessment. Or maybe they just want to see what happens when people try to give themselves abortions. But far be it from me to question their motives. In any case they say this:

We have to ask then – is the  outcry when women choose to self-induce truly driven by the need to protect the health and safety of the woman?  Or is this another example of over-regulation because of the politics of abortion? 

Oh, wait, look, they’re questioning my motives for opposing self-abortion! So I guess it’s fair now for me to question theirs for advocating it.

So here’s a question: how concerned are you really with the health of women if you’re publicly encouraging them to not worry about that pesky “licensed medical professional” business? Appendectomies are legal to perform, too, but only if you’re what we over here in Saneville call a “doctor.”

This article goes on and on about how hard it is for some women to find a place to get an abortion. Here’s a crazy idea for an alternative that’s safer than a do-it-yourself abortion: adoption! I know, I know, it sounds nuts, this idea of being pregnant until you go into labor and then having the baby. But desperate times call for desperate measures, am I right?

I’m having trouble finding statistics that address how much safer it is to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth than to attempt to give yourself an unsupervised abortion in your apartment at 24 weeks gestation and dump the baby in a trash can. Childbirth is certainly safer for the baby! But I’m going to do something I rarely do and agree with the National Abortion Federation: self-abortion is unsafe.

The 2008 film Revolutionary Road (SPOILER ALERT!) ends with Kate Winslet’s character performing an instillation abortion on herself so that she can be free to move to Paris with her husband and live a more carefree, exciting life than the suburban one currently boring and depressing her. She hemorrhages and dies. I don’t think the film was trying to make a pro-life argument – quite the opposite — but it nevertheless illustrates a universal truth: what we think might liberate us can also destroy us.

In other words, pro-abortion advocates might love the idea of women having the utter, unfettered freedom of D.I.Y. abortions, but to quote the country music songs, freedom isn’t free. It comes at a price, and that price might be a woman’s life.

Comparing even a medically-induced abortion to a miscarriage is inaccurate and dishonest; the body terminating a pregnancy naturally is different from the body reacting to drugs. The Wikipedia entry on “Self-induced abortion” references an earlier article on misoprostol, a drug commonly used to induce abortion, by Susan Yanow, one of the authors of the RH Reality Check blog:

Although proponents of this method deem it to be safer than those using insertion of objects or chemicals into the uterus, they also note that failure to effect an abortion by this method can lead to the child being born with serious birth defects. Furthermore, the drug causes a drastic drop in blood pressure, and women may haemmorhage as a result of misusing the drug for the purpose of abortion.

These are the people who have screamed themselves hoarse for decades about wanting abortion to be safe, legal, and rare. It’s a lie. They only care that it’s legal. They routinely defend abortion doctors with pitiful records of harming women, and now they’re telling women they don’t need a doctor at all. Rarity is also not one of their chief concerns. If it were, they might be open to encouraging abstinence — the only method of birth control that works 100% of the time — instead of sexual libertinism.

What they really want is for abortion to be profitable, publicly funded, and unrestricted, even at the expense of women’s health.

The authors spend several paragraphs lamenting the plight of women who might feel no other option than to give themselves an abortion, but this is what they have to say about a 24-week old fetus:

The  woman disposed of the fetus in what was probably the only way she could  think of: wrapped in plastic bags and placed in the trash receptacle of  her apartment building.

Note the tone of sympathy for the poor woman who threw her baby in the garbage. Note there is none reserved for the baby.

Bringing us to another point specific to abortion in the second trimester and beyond: an abortion kills a fetus, often painfully. How much more painful might that death be if it’s caused by an inexperienced woman with crude equipment operating on herself? It is unpleasant to think about, but it’s a valid question, one which I doubt has crossed the minds of the authors.

By the way, this particular late-term self-abortion took place in New York City, which the authors go on to admit is crawling with abortionists. The article is very careful not to guess at the woman’s reasons for making her “choice” to abort at home. That would be speculative and judgmental! But they have no problem speculating that us wacko pro-lifers oppose self-abortion not because it’s unsafe, but because it gives us another political victory.

Advocacy of self-abortion is irresponsible and proves that pro-aborts lie when they claim they are driven solely by concern for women and their health.

By the way, the woman who dumped her 24-week-old fetus in the trash was charged with a misdemeanor. In some states, she wouldn’t have been charged with a crime at all. A thinking, feeling human being hears that and thinks “tragedy.” But to the good folks at RH Reality Check, the only tragedy is the misdemeanor charge.

She may not have understood it before she did it (although I imagine she understood quite well once she saw her fully-formed baby), but what that woman did, besides put her own life at risk, was commit murder. Fortunately for her, she lived through it, and got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Her child was not so lucky.

20 thoughts on “Reproductive “Health” Site Asks: Why Not Give Yourself An Abortion?

  1. Just food for thought, with regards to adoption being the alternative to abortion…and this is really something that must be considered if you want to get women interested in placing unexpected or unwanted kids into adoption: When a woman puts a baby up for adoption, she is saying “no thank you” to raising a child. When a woman opts for abortion, she is saying “no thank you” to pregnancy. Address the issues for women surrounding pregnancy, such that she wouldn’t be in any type of dire situation because of her pregnancy (homeless, penniless, ill, unemployed because of pregnancy, without insurance and unable to afford medical care), and we may find more women willing to take the adoption route. That’s all just food for thought though…I don’t really expect any of my pipe dream to ever actually take place. Sexism in society is alive and well in 21st century America. 


    1. Just as in all other forms of slavery, the oppressors stand by as the slaves kill each other and say, ” Oh, so sad….they are killing each other !! My,my what a shame !!”

      I have had many opportunities to talk to notorious Madison abortionist Dennis Christensen, and one time I said to Dennis, ” Do you realize, Mr Christensen, you’re enabling sexual addiction?”
       With a harrumph and then a blank stare, he replied, ” I understand no such thing. Shouldn’t you be out golfing or something? You know you’re not doing any good here.You’re just wasting your time. By the way, I’ve always wanted to ask you; what are you always praying for out here?” 

      I responded, ” Dennis, it’s a simple prayer; I just pray that you’ll live long enough to regret what you’re doing, and become Pro Life. I also pray for your soul.”Dennis always had the same answer when we Pro Lifers told him we were praying for him: ” It couldn’t hurt.”The oppressor doesn’t see himself as the oppressor, and stands by and watches others pray for his salvation, as he blithely continues the genocide of the most helpless, and enables sexual addiction and co-dependence. And then he and his colleagues in the Death Trade stand by and lament the fact that those they have enslaved kill one another.

      It is very easy to get the Free to become slaves; just call slavery ” Freedom.”


      1. When i write this kind of crap you just wrote I get called irrational and making no-sense by pro-life i don’t see any pro-life writing that is because it’s Ok to be irrational and illogical in pro-life as long as you accuse others


        1. I know, he never makes sense. Just babbles nonsensically and people swoon. I just ignore anything he types now when I see his name. He did, however, make sense on something he said previously. Because he blames the woman he was with, and the fact that it was HER choice to use birth control, (obviously she wasn’t ready for a child) and she had a miscarriage. 


    2. Whether you like it or not and whether the mother-to-be wants to admit it… when she decides to “terminate” the life of the unborn baby she is carrying… it is still MURDER.


      1. Just pro-life decided a woman doesn’t have a right to decide what to do with her body doesn’t mean she is committing murder. I am sad that pro-life sees woman as second citizens


        1. What is murder? I always thought of it as killing an innocent person.  With that definition abortion is murder.
          What if you have a small child that stays up all night crying and keeping you awake.  This kid is ruining your whole life, you decide you just can’t do it anymore and it would be best for both of you if the kid was dead. so you kill him.  Problem solved, right?  Of course not!  This would most definitely be treated as a murder.  Why?  It doesn’t make sense that a woman can legally kill her unborn child but as soon as it is born it would be considered murder.  When does a person become a person?  A person is a person when they have every single gene that they will need for the rest of their lives.  Think about it.  Through your whole life your cells are reproducing and your body is changing, this process most definitely starts at conception.
          You might say that since the baby can’t yet live without its mother it’s not human.  Astronauts in space totally depend on their equipment to live: are they human?
          Finally, Pro-Lifers don’t see women as “second citizens” we see ALL humans beings created equal.  That includes women, it also includes their unborn children.


        2. …wow. You must think that all pro-life women have really low self-esteem.

          If anybody is a second-citizen, it’s the man who won’t help the pregnant woman. He’s a jerk.


    3. Adoption is 100% better than killing a child and living with the regret of doing so. The act of abortion is horrible violence and I encourage you to observe one should you think it is such a “righteous” thing to do for the child. The goal of dealing with a crisis pregnancy, is to eliminate the crisis (homeless, penniless etc) not the pregnancy. Eliminating the pregnancy ends a life and the crisis for the mother who spends the rst of her life regretting killing her child.

      Many poor people have been raised to become magnificent leaders in our culture despite their initial economic or social status. (Abraham Lincoln was  from a poor family whose mother died when he was young, but his experience of hard times taught him compassion for others)..the economic status of our birth has little to do with how well we are loved. Babies born in loving families, no matter how poor ,know how to deal adversity..many are very creative people.and then their have been rich kids who have had a good life, who have no appreciation for what they have, and turn out to be losers!

      The real crisis is that many initially believe the lie that being pregnant is a burden..sure it’s tough, but it’s only 9 months of your life (and bringing it to term prevents breast cancer among other things). If you really don’t think you can raise it, adoption is NOT rejection of the child…adoption is giving that child the life you feel you cannot give him/her. there are so many couples who CAN”T have children that if we stopped abortion now, all of them would have a child to raise! Adoption is not painless  and it’s not easy and comes with a price but no one gets killed and in the end, the act is one of loving sacrifice recognizing that the child’s life has value over our own.  My child is not just my child. That child is created by God within me for a life planned before the dawn of time with a history  of it’s own and many potential future offspring.

      Adoption is a good thing. Even if it’s hard, it beats the regret of knowing you paid someone to tear your child into pieces so you could live as you wish. Abortion is selfish for “I don’t want you, so you don’t deserve to live”. There is nothing “noble” about getting an abortion. You can dress it up all you want in fancy words like “choice”,  “unwanted child” “fetus” (which, by the way, means baby) calling this living being a “blob of tissue” or a “pregnancy” (as if it isn’t a real living being) but all those words don’t change the scientific fact that a human being is growing inside of you and deserves the same chance at life that you got.

      As for giving yourself an’s just as dangerous as the ones doctors do..many in our time have had their uterus’s torn to shreds by highly paid doctors.. just ask Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner who spent years covering up what abortionists were legally doing in her 5 well paid clinics…and it still goes on today! No thanks. I’d rather help a mother keep her child alive.


      1. What’s with the lecture? I wasn’t advocating abortions. I was just pointing out the difference between the thoughts of women who choose adoption and women who choose abortion, and how the issues that factor into the women who choose to abort need to be addressed if we want to be successful in increasing the numbers for the adoption option.

        If I were you, I wouldn’t discredit exactly how awful pregnancy really can be. Or exactly how horrendous delivery really is. And pregnancy is not “just nine months” of a woman’s life- be honest, it is a lifetime, as the scars of her pregnancy will remain with her forever, whether she keeps the baby or puts him/her up for adoption. Don’t blow off pregnancy or delivery! Take it seriously and let unexpected expectant moms know you do care about them as human beings, not just their babies. Pregnancy is no easy thing and we do women a disservice by downplaying what they go through, while only focusing on the “have the baby!” message. Many women take that as a slap in the face, as it becomes implied “have the baby! We don’t give a darn about you though, mom”. You must value the mom’s life, if you want her to value the baby’s life. When you only focus on the baby, you inadvertently show the mother her life is meaningless.

        I honestly don’t think that women who go for abortions are only thinking of themselves. I think there’s a fair amount of fear in every woman who chooses it. They are frightened into thinking they have no other choice, that their lives are OVER should they deliver the baby, that they are completely incompetent and clueless and stupid should they carry and deliver. That is where society has failed pregnant women- by limiting their opportunities because of pregnancy or young kids (see how women are treated in corporate America once babies come into play, especially if she’s a single mom), or by the stereotypes society imposes on moms.

        I certainly never said anything in support of do-it-yourself abortions, nor have I denied a baby on the way is a baby on the way, regardless of what terms we want to use. Although, on a personal note, I can honestly say for myself that (had I been able to choose) I’d have rather not had that chance at life that I received. But unfortunately, I got it, so here I am. On the bright side, at least it’s only a lifetime and soon it will be done.

        Best wishes to you, until we meet again out here. 


        1. This is an incredibly good point that I hadn’t really thought about before (and most certainly should have having been through two pregnancies and deliveries).  Thank you for the contribution to the conversation and providing another view that others can benefit from.

          On another note, I hope and pray that your situation will improve in such a way that you will no longer feel as if your life is not worthwhile and should not have happened. 


          1. Yes, it seems it’s the point almost everybody doesn’t consider. It’s the number one selling point of abortion proponents- “the pro-life people don’t care about you, mama…they only care about the baby. We (pro-choice) see your life as more than just to be an incubator”. The pro-choice people leave out the fact that women are only given the same opportunities if they can be the same as men (ie: without pregnancy or kids). They also leave out their objectification of women, reducing them to the sum of their parts, only considered valuable or beautiful as long as they are without pregnancy or kids.

            I am still uncertain of what I believe regarding abortion, and this is the single-most cited rationale pushed at women. It’s also the issue that most concerns me- do women’s lives count? Is the mother’s life considered valuable to pro-lifers?. I want to believe in the pro-lifers, but I have my doubts and distrust.

            Don’t waste your prayers on me, I’m not dishonest with myself. I am nothing more than a means to an end, an item for use, an object. That is what I was born into, and what I have always been. What I think or “feel” of my circumstances is neither here nor there. It matters not, what I wanted out of life or for my life to be, as I wasn’t born for the sake of simply living. And what I’ve been used for makes me long for death. Perhaps it will be soon…or maybe it won’t…but either way, it’s only a lifetime.

  2. I with you 100%!  No one should be allowed to perform dangerous medical procedures on themselves without the supervision of a trained professional health-care provider.  I’m also against beating puppies.  It’s a courageous stand, I know, but I feel I have to take it – for the puppies.
    I’ll only take exception with one thing you assert – I only have so much time and there are just too many to deal with all of them.  Abstinence is an effective form of birth control – but there are others that are almost as effective –but only when they’re properly and consistently used, and that’s really the catch, isn’t it.  There are plenty of well done, reliable studies that measure the effectiveness of abstinence only education – which by association is a measure of the effectiveness of abstinence and the verdict is in – it isn’t very effective.  In fact one study shows that the “Just say no” approach is actually harmful to some extent because when the kid finally says yes he or she is less likely to use a form of contraception that would work.
    I think it would be great if kids (and most adults) had the self control and discipline to not have sex until they’re emotionally and financially ready, but a million years of evolution are working against them, and, in any event, lacking self-control and discipline is to some degree what it means to be a kid.


    1. “…the effectiveness of abstinence only education – which by association is a measure of the effectiveness of abstinence…” Well then, abstinence only education must be 100% effective, or darn near it, because ABSTINENCE is freaking ONE HUNDRED PERCENT EFFECTIVE, Sir Sparky the Rocket Scientist. I will concede that rape can result in pregnancy despite a person’s personal practice of abstinence, and I will further concede to one birth in the history of mankind that was not the result of a sexual encounter. Other than that, abstainers can be distinguished from the rest of the general populace by an UTTER LACK OF PREGNANCY.

      Example: I abstained from sex prior to marriage. (And I grew up in the 90’s, not the Middle Ages! Imagine THAT!) Unsurprisingly, I experienced exactly ZERO pregnancies or pregnancy “scares.” Seven months after my wedding, I found myself to be “with child.” And I can assure you that this did not occur due to abstinence.

      Maybe you’d find a biology class helpful…

      By the way, I had good intentions when it came to contraception. “RELIABLE” contraception, even. There was no lack of “birth control education” or even access. Instead there were unpleasant reactions to progesterone, a husband who experienced condoms as a profound impediment to “the deed” if you will, and at least one very determined sperm that managed to defy the hazards of Nonoxynol-9 to contribute its resources to the formation of my son. My fertility (and luck) is such that I’ve basically accepted that eventually my DH’s plumbing will heal and I will find myself 40 (or 50- heaven forbid!) and pregnant. (Did you know vasectomy has pretty much THE highest success rate as a contraceptive method and it STILL fails so frequently that most of us know somebody it’s happened to? HELLO?) Who do you know who’s gotten pregnant by NOT having sex?


  3. Oh and one other reason you should not perform abortion on yourself.. even an elementary school student can tell you this..”you have no idea what you are doing!!!!”
     But then again, neither do the doctors who perform legal ones. Most of them are low level physicians who can’t get a job doing anything else… and most  do it for the huge $$$$$ they make killing your child! Praying for the day when  abortion is so unthinkable that doctors will be charged with crimes for doing them.  (Just like we charge them now for botching abortions and forced sterilizations and doing coerced abortions against a mother’s will.)

    Oh and one other thing. since I can’t log on to RH reality checks website, if you want to control your body, control the life of your child (who is NOT a part of your body but a separate living human being) by   letting  the child  come out alive and have HIS own body after 9 months.  that child has his/her own DNA and is not YOU nor is it an “organ”  or “tissue” it is a scientifically separate human being! All you are is love and nourishment.  and, if you can are able to choose, choose not to participate in intercourse until you are ready to deal with it’s result. Now that’s real choice.


    1. > huge $$$$$ they make killing your child!
      > forced sterilizations
      > coerced abortions


  4. Its really quite simple a D.I,.Y. abortion brings in no money to the killing industy, so don”t do it.  To the killers the fact that you will may kill yourself is not the point; the point is that you did not pay.


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