Probe Alleges White House Broke the Law Lobbying For Kenyan Pro-Abortion Constitution

I wrote earlier this week about how U.S. taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill to fund pro-abortion groups overseas to the tune of $700 million.

Now an investigation by the Government Accountability Office alleges that the Obama Administration illegally used $18 million to help force Kenya to adopt a pro-abortion Constitution:

The investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, shows at least one Obama grantee openly pushed to expand abortion in Kenya despite a long-standing, annually renewed law that prohibits U.S. tax dollars from being used to lobby for or against abortion in other countries (known as the Siljander Amendment).

The GAO report also reveals that a key Obama official stonewalled investigators and refused to cooperate with the GAO in its investigation of the activities initiated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department during the 2010 constitutional referendum in Kenya. [LifeNews]

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) deserves special credit for his untiring effort to bring this abuse to light. I know he’s been working on exposing this story for a long time. He said about the investigation:

“The Obama Administration basically hired surrogates to do its dirty work of abortion promotion in Kenya,” said Congressman Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who is the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights.

“U.S. policy on international constitutional reform is, by law, supposed to be abortion-neutral” Smith said.  “This new report shows that at a minimum the Obama Administration ignored the prohibition with the end result being a new Kenyan constitution that vastly expands access to abortion in Kenya, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.”

The GAO probe also brought to light that the Obama administration spent an incredible $61.2 million on lobbying for the vote on the Kenyan constitution, of which $12.6 million went to directly lobbying the pro-abortion aspect of it. It just strikes me as so surprising that the administration would spend so much money on trying to influence how the Constitution of Kenya treats the unborn.

So far only Christian and pro-life news agencies are covering this important story, though I’m happy to see the ACLJ and FoxNews are beginning to talk about the story as well — but this glaring abuse of power by the White House (and this assault on the sovereignty of the people of Kenya) deserves far more attention and scrutiny.

I applaud the work of Congressman Smith and his allies in Congress and urge them to continue exposing the truth!

5 thoughts on “Probe Alleges White House Broke the Law Lobbying For Kenyan Pro-Abortion Constitution

  1. This is Clintonism.  You’d think the Secretary of State would have better things to do than impose infanticide-for-hire on a struggling Third World nation.


  2. I cannot stress enough the importance of furnishing sources and documentation for the sake of integrity.


  3. Is there a way to get around filling out a W-2 so your money does not go to the communists/socislists to fund their killing?  I do not want any of my money going to this putrid organization we call our government.  It is nothing like our forefathers fought and died for and our U.S. Constitution has been shredded.  I am happy there are some good senators and congressmen, like Chris Smith (R-NJ), but the good ones are in the minority.  These people are supposed to be working for the U.S. citizen.  I think the majority should be tried for treason, but it is very difficult when the traitors are in the majority.  How can they be permitted to be members of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and/or the Trilateral Commission, and/or the Bilderburg Group when their interests are directly opposed to the United States and the U.S. American citizen?


  4. That is not alll the taxpayer paid for….we payed millions for a pleibciite to make Sharin the law of Kenya


  5. Not sure what report is being referenced here.  The report I found at the GAO indicates it found “no indication that U.S. officials opined on the issue of abortion publicly or attempted to influence the abortion-related provisions of the draft constitution–a finding corroborated by a key Kenyan parliamentarian who served on the committee assisting in the constitutional reform process.”  The report also states the “GAO found no indication that they [subrecipients] cited the abortion provisions as a rationale to vote for or against the constitution”.  Here’s a link for anyone who cares to read the report themselves


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