“Big” Pro-Choice Rally in Kansas Draws Only 30 People

After being advertised in two local newspapers and with over 1300 invitations sent on Facebook, a “pro-choice” rally at the Kansas Statehouse attracted only 30 abortion proponents. The rally was sponsored by Speak for Choice which bills itself as a “reproductive justice” organization. The group allies with other progressive so-called “social justice” groups in order to increase participation:

Join Speak for Choice at the Topeka Capitol on September 7th in speaking out against recent anti-abortion legislation in Kansas.

We will also be registering voters!

Other wonderful organizations that are rallying and allied with us are Trust Women, Planned Parenthood, Kansas NOW, The ACLU, the MainStream Coalition, and The Kansas Young Democrats. And more to come. (If your group is interested in allying with Speak for Choice, please contact us. We are more than happy to reach out to more groups!)

Despite this attempt to organize major opposition to pro-life legislation in Kansas, the event appears to have been an abysmal failure when it comes to attendance numbers as the local Lawrence Journal-World paper reported only “about 30” showed up. Event organizer Leslie Goodwin said in a video interview here that “this was our big rally.”

Rally sponsor Speak for Choice characterizes pro-life legislation designed to protect both women and their unborn children as an “attack” on the “bodies” of women and claims that such legislation will “force a woman to give birth to a child.”

“We’re defending against a legislative and cultural attack on our lives, futures and even our bodies,” said Kaspian Zero, a single mother from Kansas City.

Diane Wahto of Wichita said women must have the choice to decide their fate. “It is immoral and unjust to force a woman to give birth to a child she can’t take care of,” she said.

Abortion is a procedure wherein the body of an unborn child is always attacked and murdered. Abortion always results in the death of a child and poses major risks to women, as well.

The State of Kansas has enacted multiple pro-life bills since Governor Sam Brownback took office, including a fetal pain bill, an ultrasound bill, and a bill to strip funding from Planned Parenthood. Considering that the number of people who showed up to protest the legislation was far fewer than the number of members of the Kansas State Senate, it appears that the Kansas legislature has the solid support of the people of Kansas as they take positive steps in bringing about a culture of life in the Sunflower State.

16 thoughts on ““Big” Pro-Choice Rally in Kansas Draws Only 30 People

  1. “It is immoral and unjust to force a woman to give birth to a child she can’t take care of,” she said.
    Um, no, what’s immoral is getting pregnant with a child you can’t take care of in the first place. You want choice? CHOOSE not to get pregnant. That way, you don’t have to choose to murder your unborn child!




  3. Well why show up? Why would you need a rally when you already have the right? No politician would even think of supporting legislation to hinder or take away the right to abortion. Its too touchy and controversial of an issue. That’s why nothing has changed on abortion and likely nothing ever will. Since public opinion has fluctuated around 50-50 for the past 40 years on abortion nothing changes because public opinion hasn’t really changed either. To try and pass legislation against abortion would be to alienate major demographic groups. That is why nothing will change now or in the foreseeable future. So why would they show up to rally something that wouldn’t be touched?


  4. Looks like support for killing babies is much like to Purder River, a mile wide and an 1 inch deep.


  5. Lisa,

    I would be concerned with too much emphasis on these sorts of numbers. People are not as interested in fighting to keep the status quo as people are interested in fighting to overthrow it. Besides which, abortion laws do not seem to be in much risk of being changed, in most people’s impression.

    Once the pro-life movement actually begins to succeed, really starts to make progress toward breaking down abortion legislation, then I think the pro-choice people will form a real community and come out of the woodwork to oppose you.

    The establishment of civil rights for blacks was a real fight, with real opposition. The establishment of civil rights for the unborn will likely be a similar sort of fight. It will not be easy, and it will not even happen if people are lukewarm in their commitment to the rights of the unborn.


  6. Wonderful news.  It is becoming clearer and clearer to many that the wickedness of abortion is something that needs to be reversed.  God Bless all your efforts from a UK supporter.  


  7. “We’re defending against a legislative and cultural attack on our lives,
    futures and even our bodies,” said Kaspian Zero, a single mother from
    Kansas City.”

    The innocent human being in the womb agrees with this argument. Their lives, futures, and bodies are literally under attack!


  8. Diane Wahto of Wichita said women must have the choice to decide their fate. “It is immoral and unjust to force a woman to give birth to a child she can’t take care of,” she said.
    If a woman is unable to take care of a child, what harm is there in having the child, as opposed to aborting him or her, and then giving the child up for adoption so that a couple who is unable to have children (and there are countless cases of this). I would also add that while the act that created the child may have been a mistake on the part of the woman, no human being is ever unwanted nor is any human being a mistake. 

    I would also like to point out the irony in the fact that, the US democratic party, which has a history of supporting civil rights and human rights, refuses to recognize the most basic of human rights…the right to live. To be honest it makes me sick to my stomach.


    1. Actually the real irony is is that people equate the Democrat party with civil and human rights when it is just the opposite. The Democrat party was AGAINST racial integration, the KKK leaders were all Democrats. The Democrats only give lip service to rights while buying votes passing legislation that actually enslaves people to the government. They accuse conservatives of wanting to have a say in everyone’s bedrooms, yet they demand compliance to their agenda in every other room in your house and garage in the name of equality, “saving the planet” etc. I know, I used to be one of them.

      They talk about how everyone needs sex education and yet they will not educate themselves on what really takes place during “the procedure”. They cannot bring themselves to watch the horror that is abortion. For me, a politician’s stance on life is THE ISSUE. I side with the party that does not have killing unborn children as one of their sacrosanct party platforms.

      I pray for their hearts to cease being hardened to what they see as a choice and see it for what it really is, cold-blooded murder. I pray for mercy for their souls.

      “One cannot be both Catholic and pro-choice”
      Archbishop Charles Chaput


  9. Have you ever considered the possibility that you are a stinking bigot?  To allege that there is “no positive argument” in favor of marriage equality . . well . . you obviously don’t give two shits about gay couples who love each other and want to spend their lives together, do you?  Then, to say that the “only foundation” for arguing in favor of marriage equality is “hatred of Catholicism”    I’m cautioning you not to say that to too many people, as it makes you appear to be paranoid delusional.  There’s the group “Catholics for Equality” who, obviously, do not “hate Catholicism.”  Two gay Jewish people marrying each other, I can assure you, are not at all thinking of Catholicism on their wedding day.  Neither are their heterosexual family members, friends and colleagues, there to celebrate their wedding with them.  You are a fucking crackpot bigot.


    1. This message above sums up the entire bulk of the Left’s argumants against the Church; lies and name-calling.  No substance at all.


  10. So I think this is a good testament to how our culture is changing. Just to put this into perspective, today we at Franciscan University of Steubenville had students praying outside of an abortion clinic, and we had more than three times this many(108 students at the clinic). In fact, we had soo many people that we didn’t have enough space in the cars and some(about 12) had to hang back and pray in the chapel. So if you know someone who has big vans and would like to donate them, tell them to email [email protected]. God Bless!!


  11. Iif Pro-Lifers would show up more in public at prayer vigil, and also send pro-life responses to the pro-abortion letter writers they will hopefully rethink their positions on life and the unborn.


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