Pro-Aborts Exploit Arson to Fan the Flames of Slander

From left-wing ThinkProgress:

Police in Alabama arrested a man accused of setting fire to and destroying an abortion clinic in Florida on New Year’s Day. Bobby Joe Rogers was charged with violating federal explosives laws and could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The clinic, in Florida’s Panhandle, has been a frequent target of anti-abortion violence: It was bombed on Christmas Day in 1984 and was the location of a shooting in 1994 that left a doctor and a volunteer dead.

At least one pro-abort has rushed to trash the pro-life movement with this crime, and more are sure to follow: Maureen at Feminists for Choice claims “clinic violence is unfortunately an increasingly used tactic by anti-choice extremists.” As evidence, she cites a NARAL overview of anti-abortion violence over the past few decades, which falls well short of demonstrating any sort of conspiracy or epidemic. She has precisely zero statements from anyone in the pro-life movement, influential or not, endorsing or promoting violence, and presents no evidence that Rogers was in any way encouraged, aided by, or even connected to, other pro-lifers.

ABC News has more details on Rogers, a homeless man with a lengthy criminal record:

Rogers has an extensive record of arrests in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Florida, authorities reported. The affidavit shows that Rogers has felony convictions in Alabama, Tennessee and Missouri for burglary and in Mississippi for grand larceny. Details were not immediately available.

Records from Alachua County also show he was arrested on Dec. 12, 2009, on charges of vehicle theft. Art Forgey, spokesman for the Alachua County Sheriff’s office said Rogers spent three months in the Alachua County Jail. Court records from the Alachua County case were not immediately available.

So pro-life activists didn’t egg Rogers on; he was already prone to lawbreaking.

Further, as Matt Yonke points out at Life News, this was no ordinary (so to speak) abortion clinic:

[T]he owner of the abortion mill, abortionist Steven Brigham, is currently facing murder charges in Maryland in conjunction with abortions committed there […] he’s a money grubbing hack doctor who has botched abortions, hurt women, had his medical license suspended or revoked in several states, accepted personal goods like jewelry in exchange for abortions and, most recently, run a scheme where he begins a late-term abortion in New Jersey and then makes the woman drive to Maryland to complete it so as to skirt Maryland’s late-term abortion laws.

The simple fact is that all abortion is monstrous, Brigham’s brand doubly so, and there will always be some people who react monstrously to the monstrous. That’s just human nature. Pro-lifers shouldn’t tolerate or condone it (and we don’t), but nor should we hesitate to set the record straight when pro-aborts deploy false explanations meant to smear us and defend the bloodshed at the heart of their movement.

Lastly, It’s worth remembering that pro-choicers can get violent too, yet you never see pro-lifers spinning such incidents for personal gain; indeed, when Harlan James Drake murdered pro-life activist James Pouillon in 2009, American Life League did just the opposite, declaring in the wake of the shooting that, “since a motive has not yet been determined, speculation is useless, if not harmful.” You tell me which side has the moral high ground.

4 thoughts on “Pro-Aborts Exploit Arson to Fan the Flames of Slander

  1. Calvin –

    Maybe you could tell us why some one would try to make political points from the violent acts of a deranged individual. Is that your idea of moral high ground?


  2. Sparky — I can’t speak for Calvin, but my piece on the situation that he linked to isn’t an attempt to score any points, it’s an attempt to set the record straight on anti-abortion violence, a tragedy  that pro-abortion organizations never hesitate to tweak into a fundraising opportunity.

    This was being reported as “pro-life violence” before there was even a suspect. As usual, the perpetrator has no connection to the actual pro-life movement and appears to be mentally disturbed.
    Pro-choice organizations work hard to keep the fantasy in the public eye that pro-lifers are just a hair’s breadth away from resorting to violence at any moment. It’s just not so and we in the pro-life movement have to work hard to bring reality to the discussion, which is what Calvin’s piece does.


    1. Matt – can you blame people for being jumpy:

      Violence Statistics for 2009
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS5/2009 Kansas MURDER  Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in his church in Wichita, Kansas. Anti-abortion extremist Scott Roeder confessed to the murder and was found guilty of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 50 years. 
      Violence Statistics for 2007
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS12/2007 New Mexico ARSON  Chad Altman and Sergio Baca pled guilty to conspiracy to commit arson and are awaiting sentencing. 5/2007 Virginia ARSON  Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 2005
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS7/2005 Florida ARSON  Remains open 1/2005 Washington ARSON $500,000 Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 2004
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS7/2004 Florida ARSON  Remain open 1/2004 Florida ARSON  Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 2003
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS9/2003 Indiana ARSON $2,000 Remains open 5/2003 Florida ARSON  Remains open 1/2003 Illinois ARSON  Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 2002
      Violence Statistics for 2001
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS6/2001 Washington ARSON  Remains open 6/2001 Washington BOMB $6,000 Remains open 4/2001 Kentucky ARSON  Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 2000
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS7/2000 Vancouver STABBING   5/2000 New Hampshire ARSON $20,000 Remains open 4/2000 Kentucky ARSON  Remains open 4/2000 Florida ARSON $2-3,000 Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 1999
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS8/1999 New Hampshire ARSON Approx. $20,000 Remains open 7/1999 California ARSON Minimal damage to the clinic. Approx $100,000 damage to the building housing the clinic. Benjamin Matthew Williams and James Tyler Williams pled guilty and were sentenced to 21-30 years in jail for this fire and three synagogue arsons. 5/1999 New Mexico ARSON $5,000 Ricky Lee McDonald pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in jail. 4/1999 Wisconsin ARSON $500 Remains open 3/1999 Wisconsin ARSON $1,000 Peter Quinn, 17 admitted to this arson. He is being charged in state court as an adult. 3/1999 Wisconsin ARSON Minimal Peter Quinn, 17 admitted to this arson. He is being charged in state court as an adult. 3/1999 South Dakota ARSON Minimal Martin Uphoff was convicted of using explosives during a felony, and vandalism to a facility providing health care services (a FACE charge). Uphoff was sentenced to 60 months for the felony and 6 months for the FACE charge, to be served concurrently. 3/1999 New Mexico ARSON $3,000 Ricky Lee McDonald pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in jail. 3/1999 North Carolina BOMB Minimal Remains open 
      Violence Statistics for 1998
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS10/1998 New York SHOOTING  Dr. Barnett Slepian was shot and killed in his home in Amherst, New York. James Kopp was convicted of second-degree murder in state court and received the maximum sentence of twenty-five years to life in prison. He was also convicted and sentenced to life on federal charges of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. 9/1998 North Carolina ARSON $200 Remains open 9/1998 North Carolina ARSON $17,000 Remains open 9/1998 North Carolina ARSON $7,000 Remains open 7/1998 Texas ACID Unknown  7/1998 Louisiana ACID Unknown  7/1998 Louisiana ACID $13,000  7/1998 Louisiana ACID Unknown  7/1998 Louisiana ACID Unknown  7/1998 Texas ACID Unknown  7/1998 Texas ACID Unknown  7/1998 Texas ACID Unknown  7/1998 Louisiana ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID $3,000  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  5/1998 Florida ACID Unknown  3/1998 California ARSON $5,000 Remains open 1/1998 Alabama BOMB $85,000 Officer Robert Sanderson was killed during a clinic bombing in Birmingham, AL. Emily Lyons, a nurse at the clinic was severely injured in the blast. Eric Robert Rudolph pled guilty and is serving a life sentence for the bombings at Olympic Park, a gay bar, and two abortion clinics including the Birmingham clinic. 
      Violence Statistics for 1997
      DATESTATE/PROVINCE/TERR.TYPEESTDAMAGECASE STATUS12/1997 New York ARSON Minimal Remains open 11/1997 Manitoba SHOOTING  Dr. Jack Fainman was shot and injured in his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. James Kopp is a suspect in the shooting. 10/1997 New York SHOOTING  An unnamed physician was shot at in his home in Rochester, New York. James Kopp is a suspect in the shooting. 10/1997 Oregon ARSON $5,000 Remains open 8/1997 Alabama ARSON $250,000 Remains open 5/1997 Washington ARSON $1,500 Remains open 5/1997 Oregon ARSON $400,000 Remains open 3/1997 California BOMB $1,000 Container of flammable liquid thrown through the window.  3/1997 Iowa BOMB Unknown Remains open 3/1997 Montana BOMB $2,000 JohnYankowski apprehended at clinic; convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison. 3/1997 North Carolina BOMB $50,000 Remains open 3/1997 California ARSON Unknown Peter Howard, a local activist, put 13 gas cans and 3 propane tanks in his truck and drove it thru the clinic door. He was caught on the scene, pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 yrs in prison and fined $16, 320.87 for damages and restitution. 2/1997 Virginia ARSON $25,000 James Anthony Mitchell of VA pleaded guilty and was sentenced to ten years in jail in September 1997. 1/1997 Oklahoma ARSON $7,000 A juvenile was convicted in this and other arsons and bombings. Name sealed due to age. 1/1997 Oklahoma BOMB $2,500 A juvenile was convicted in this and other arsons and bombings. Name sealed due to age. 1/1997 Georgia BOMB $90,000+ 2 explosions. Eric Robert Rudolph is serving a life sentence for the bombings at Olympic Park, a gay bar, and two abortion clinics including the Georgia clinic. 


  3. Oh, I completely agree. Why on earth would we say that the burning of an abortion clinic that’s been the site of multiple previous arsons and bombings and murders has anything to do with the violence of the anti-choice movement? Gracious me, I just don’t know why someone would jump to such a conclusion! Although it IS tremendously inconvenient that the actual guy who burned down the clinic (this time, I mean) talked to some news cameras about the crime. I’m sure the guy’s hero-worship for Eric Robert Rudolph is just a coincidence, too:

    (sarcasm off: seriously, you people aren’t fooling anyone.)


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