Pompeo: Sebelius May Have “Serious Questions to Answer” On Destruction of Documents Related to Planned Parenthood Prosecution

Mike Pompeo

As reported on October 25, the first ever criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood ended with frustration for pro-lifers as it was learned that state officials had destroyed key evidence in the case.  Now comes news that Steve Six, who was Attorney General in the administration of then-governor Kathleen Sebelius, also destroyed copies of the same documents that were critical to the case. Considering that a potential cover-up to prevent criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood may well have reached into the highest levels of state government in Kansas, Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) has weighed in to call for the investigation to include questioning of Kathleen Sebelius:

“I am shocked to learn of today’s legal developments in Johnson County.  If in fact documents crucially important to an ongoing criminal investigation were destroyed by the Kansas Attorney General’s office, then it’s clear the rule of law has been deeply violated and I applaud Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s decision to seek a full investigation into the actions of his predecessor.  Since these illegal activities allegedly transpired under Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ administration—possibly even at the behest of her hand-picked Attorney General, Steve Six—Secretary Sebelius has some serious questions to answer.  I look forward to learning the results of the investigation into the destruction of these records and to hearing what Secretary Sebelius and former Attorney General Steve Six have to say for themselves.  The idea that this may go all the way to the top is astonishing,” stated Pompeo.

Because of this destruction of evidence, prosecutors in Kansas were forced to drop felony charges against Planned Parenthood in regard to falsification of records. With the evidence destroyed, prosecution on the 23 felony counts dealing with falsification of records cannot possibly go forward, however Planned Parenthood still faces 58 misdemeanor charges dealing with illegal late-term abortions.  Congressman Pompeo’s office called the decision by Attorney General Steve Six to destroy his copies, “blatant violation of that office’s record retention policies.”

In regard to the records destruction, current Attorney General Derek Schmidt has called for an investigation that will be led by Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office in order to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Steve Six must be held accountable for this destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice,” said Operation rescue President Troy Newman, who was present at the hearing. “What we have is a conspiracy to destroy evidence in order to protect Planned Parenthood. The more we learn, the more apparent it becomes that former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is at the heart of this political corruption. She appointed Six and controlled him and the KDHE under her administration. We must have an aggressive investigation of this scandal.”

Kathleen Sebelius is currently serving as the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama Administration. As such, she was one of the prime government operatives in the design and promotion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as “Obamacare” and now plays a key role in its implementation. Considering that she may have played a role, directly or indirectly, in covering up criminal offenses of Planned Parenthood during her tenure as Governor of Kansas, it seems reasonable that such a culture of corruption might potentially exist in regard to policies affecting Planned Parenthood in the implementation of Obamacare.

So it is that we come face to face again with the brutal truth. Those who are willing even to destroy children in the womb cannot be trusted to be honest in completing accurate documents, even when mandated to do so by law. If Planned Parenthood cannot stand the light of day in the work Live Action has done to expose their clinical practices, is it any wonder that they cannot stand the light of day on their paperwork? If one is willing to shred a child, how much easier must it be to shred a document? Further, if government officials entrusted with healthcare policy cannot be trusted at the state level, how can they be trusted to implement sound healthcare policy at the federal level?

The truth is the truth, no matter how many documents Planned Parenthood shreds, and we are confident that it will see the light of day in the end.

8 thoughts on “Pompeo: Sebelius May Have “Serious Questions to Answer” On Destruction of Documents Related to Planned Parenthood Prosecution

  1. Is it surprising that many government officials have joined sides with the communists/socialists running our country?  Excellent article, Lisa.  You raise some excellent questions.


  2. On the bright side, the criminal evidence being shredded is only paper, not human beings.


    1. on the dark side, guest, the criminal evidence it the covering up of the shredding of human beings. They records covered up child abuse, killing babies due to rape/incest where those young girls may still be being assaulted b/c now we have no evidence to prove otherwise. those papers were critical to the case. Now BOTH sets of them are gone..and our good friend Phill Kline faces losing his law license for going after Tiller and Planned Parenthood for the coverup!  Those pieces of paper were supposed to expose what was wrong with PP! You can rationalize it all you want.

      Luke 12 1-3 says that things said and done in darkness will be brought to light..If our laws don’t expose PP, God will..and I am here to say, that when the truth comes out, all of those who think that abortion is a “choice” will find out otherwise! I pray, that the girls and  women who were abused by Tiller and PP will come forward and speak out now that the “evidence” is gone (except for Phill Kline’s copies!) They know the truth..they don’t want it exposed..but I pray the victims have the courage to speak up! It’s time to expose PP for who they really are..a money making “baby killing machine.” There is no “choice” in abortion..it is coercive death to an innocent human being.

      And guest, just so you know, people are still being shredded at PP. lack of evidence only gives them permission to keep going at it. God sees..and the truth WILL come out..just like Penn State..it will ALL come out!


      1. Fair point.  I wasn’t trying to rationalize the administration’s actions.


  3. More and more horror! The destruction of so important documents, reminds me of “justice” in our ex country Yugoslavia. There was everything allowed for communists. People were put in jails because of worlview, priests because of faith, nuns were sexually abused, in latest war in Bosnia Bosnian girls impregnanted before their mothers’ eyes by soldiers… devile really knows for no border. We thouhgt in USA kind of this would never happen… but with abortions it is even worse. In the other way, I praise the Lord for “40 Days For Life”, Priests for Life, Live Action…


  4. There was a recent “hagiographical” article on the Women’s Medical Fund of Madison, WI; honoring its aging founder.  It helps finance abortions for women/girls.

    The organization seems to be proud of having helped what appears to be hundreds, if not thousands, of underage girls.

    The article says nothing about the reporting of the abuse indicated by having an underage pregnancy. 

    Here’s the link to the article, which follows a similar article of about a year ago:



  5. I livein  kansas and anyone with eyes knew that sebelius and six were in cahoots with PP all the time she was in office, protecting them constantly. Even after she was no longer Gov. Six still conteniued to protect them, These people make me sick, it was so obvious. Please keep looking I can’t believe they were smart enough to get everything there must be something they missed. Keep up the good work, if there were a way I could be up there in Topeka to help I would in a hot second ! Thank you Derrick and everyone for your hard work on this it’s so Important !


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