Planned Parenthood’s New Ad Campaign Speaks of Desperation

At a time when top pro-choice blogger Jill Filipovic tweets that “2011 was a really really REALLY bad year for abortion rights”, Casey Martinson, the Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes, writes that “the sky is falling” on Roe v. Wade, and Cecile Richards cries about the “unprecedented attacks” and claims that legislators are “escalating their anti-women rhetoric as they try to outdo each other in their attacks on Planned Parenthood and women’s health,” Planned Parenthood has decided to change their ad campaign.  In their view, this is a step-up of sorts.

May I ask why Planned Parenthood finds it “cool” to be crude?  They’ve tossed privacy out the window, in a way, by finally admitting that their business really is all about sex and fixing any consequences it may bring.  Apparently, they find it laughable that they can make you forget all about what you did the night before through the use of a simple little pill.  They happily broadcast that they’re here to help you get sex whenever you want it, with little or no forethought…just like a friend with benefits.  After all, who could be a better friend than the one standing by waiting to help you kill your child?

This speaks of desperation.

Planned Parenthood knows they’re going out of style.  They know their popularity is fading and their image is tarnished.  Americans are finally beginning to associate Planned Parenthood with the corruption and death that’s been there all along.  And so instead of modifying what they do—you know, maybe actually trying to save lives instead of kill them—Planned Parenthood embraces their disgusting image and makes it even more disgusting.

They trivialize sex.  Act like there’s no consequences, ever.  Think they’re the only ones on the planet who offer contraceptive and cancer screening services.  Want you to believe they’re the one who cares about women.  Pretend they don’t have enough money or support.  Planned Parenthood continually gets tangled in great balls of lies and almost-lies as they market death.

You can see pictures of the new ads on Jill Stanek’s blog here.  Let’s discuss five of them briefly:

Planned Parenthood: We're Your Sexual ExperienceWe’re Your SEXUAL EXPERIENCE.  Yes, why thank you.  I’m sure people really want Planned Parenthood to be the third party to their sex lives.  Planned Parenthood should naturally be the anchor in everyone’s mind when they think of sex.  What ever happened to privacy and the purity of sex in marriage, between one husband and one wife only?

We’re Your MORNING AFTER.  Right, because that’s exactly who women need to run to after a bad night.  Someone who will kill their child and pretend to fix all their problems.  Planned Parenthood provides what amounts to zero true help for what women are really seeking.

We’re Your FRIEND WITH BENEFITS.  Why don’t we just go ahead and encourage free sex for all?  (Of course, they always have.)  Naturally, sex has absolutely no strings attached.  There are no consequences when you have sex outside of marriage.  Children are never created.  There’s nothing to talk about, nothing to realize, nothing to think about as far as outcomes, feelings, and results go.  Let’s just be happy-go-lucky in this serious area of life where women (and men) need to be wise.

We’re Your QUICKIE.  Right.  Because it’s no problem at all to just step right into Planned Parenthood and quickly get your child killed.  Quickness certainly is what they’re all about.  One abortion after the other, as quick as possible, to make as much money as possible.

Planned Parenthood Private AreaWe’re Your PRIVATE AREA.  Once again, I’m pretty sure you’ve stepped on my privacy by inviting yourself somewhere I didn’t ask you to come, Planned Parenthood.  Of all the nerve, why does Planned Parenthood think they are always an invited guest to whatever women do?  We don’t need their all-seeing eye, watching over us, ready to swoop down with the answer of death.

Planned Parenthood is also using several other offensive slogans for their ads that need no comment except, “Are you kidding me?!!”  For example:  We’re Your SEXUAL FANTASY.  We’re Your SEXUAL PARTNER.  We’re YOUR AFTERNOON DELIGHT.  One question:  Is that how they’re going to start referring to abortions?  As a delight?  Or is that somehow different from the rest of what they do?

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that, while some may laugh or find this new ad campaign amusing, deep down we can all see how this speaks to an organization that’s totally given in to desperation and  corrupting society.  Planned Parenthood knows as well as we do that they’re fighting a losing battle.  Apparently, they want to go down screaming obscenities…’cause that’s pretty much the next step.

21 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s New Ad Campaign Speaks of Desperation

  1. Yes, I agree with you!They are already screaning obscenities! Remember the chichen on the cross in one of their abortion clinic?


    1. That wasn’t a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic but an independent one that did the chicken cross display. That said, PP is fighting for their life. Wish they would lift a finger for the unborn children.


  2. “What ever happened to privacy and the purity of sex in marriage, between one husband and one wife only?”

    Heck, I don’t think sex should be limited to one husband and one wife only (though I would say to two committed partners who are together for life only) and just the casual-yet-invasive tone of the whole “we’re your sexual experience” thing creeps me out. Speak for yourself, PP. You might be “my” something, but trust me, that something is nothing good.


  3. Talk about being distasteful and stupid while embracing that you’re all about sexual promiscuity.


  4. They are desperate because of the undercover investigations that show them lying and covering up: sexual abuse of minors, invasive surgery done on minors without parental KNOWLEDGE let alone consent (a minor needs parental consent for ear piercing or to take Tylenol at school), and aiding and abetting sex traffickers.
    I think when they say “We’re your quickie” they mean a quick act of intercourse when you are in a hurry (yay FUN, for us girls right!)?
    Something in these abortionists’ minds eventually snaps, and causes them to want to keep dead babies in jars and containers around their offices! 
    It’s hard, but we need to pray for workers in the abortion-industrial-complex, that their hearts and minds will change and they will see the evil in what they are doing. 


  5. I had a conversation with someone recently over contraception. She has a medical condition which would make a a pregnancy deadly for her, so she thought the Government should force insurance plans to pay for contraception, morning after pill etc,  for her and women with similar circumstances so they could have normal healthy relationships with their husbands. How does this relate to the article above? Well marriage is not about sex, its about love. Sex is meant to be an expression of love, however, if a person is willing to risk the life of their partner for sex, this expression looses its meaning. There is a distortion of priorities, when the relation of men and women is seen for most as a sexual bond, which is idea that planned parenthood 
    is projecting. 


    1. @facebook-820882866:disqus 

      Stephen, im a senior at a Catholic high school at Cardinal Ritter. We have talked extensively about the morals behind marriage and sex. Your totally right about marriage. Marriage is about love, and it isnt about sex. As Catholics, we believe that contraception is wrong. First, sex should only take place between a wife and a husband. Secondly, the purposes of sex are unitve and procreative. By using contraceptives we stop the gift that God has given us which is creating another human life. We abuse this gift God has given us, and we use contraceptives so we can have sex whenever we want like animals. That’s morally wrong. Now to your point, what if she has a condition that would be deadly if she had a baby. Well, in the Catholic Church if you cant conceive children you shouldnt be married. Now, is that practiced by the majority of priests as it should be? No, but it is being practiced more and more. As we have learned though, even if this woman with this condition was to become pregnant, it would be a mortal sin to kill the baby. She should be willing to lay down her own life for her child as Jesus did for us. There are no exceptions where the woman comes before the baby. Jesus says that the greatest love you can show for someone is laying down your life for another. and by risking the life of your partner by making love, that expression of love isnt lost. Its ever so more real because your that willing to bring another life into this world.


    2. This argument/reason sounds like a straw man concocted by the left. In such a case wouldn’t it be better for her health to have a sterilization procedure for which her insurance would pay seeing as how it was necessary to protect her life.  Contraceptives are NOT 100% effective and that would leave the manufacturer open to a lawsuit if it failed to prevent a pregnancy.  They love to come up with stupid arguments that are meant to incite pity and confuse the issue.


      1. Or she could just not have sex. You adults make everything so complicated. She can still her husband fully and wholly while abstaining from sex. Think of the couples that physically can’t have children for whatever reason. Yes, they can still have sex but honestly? Is that all people live for these days? So you can’t have sex. That sucks I guess but you can still adopt and foster if you want kids. Still hug and kiss and be intimate with you husband. We all have crosses to carry. Abortion and contraceptives are not solutions.


    1. Yes, it appears so…but WHY?  Most people don’t question why this occurred.  It was a virus transplanted by the socialist/Communists/Marxists because they knew that they could not win against us unless they destroyed the history of our founding, respect for the Founding Fathers & the Constitution, the FAITH of our Founders and our governments basis in the principles of the Bible & Natural Law.  See my post above for who is responsible for this Marxist Culture War.


  6. It is not easy to pray for our foes, nor is it easy to pray for baby killers.  Nonetheless this is just what Jesus has told us to do.  Remember that PP is made up of people and people can change.  Some of the most effictive in the  Pro-Life movement were on the other side till much prayer moved them.

    Start by praying, do what you are moved to do and then pray more.


  7. What kind of help do you get from planned parenthood if get aids the morning after?


  8. I believe the mask of respectability and women’s rights has finally come off because this was a huge part of the Marxist Culture War instituted by the 5th column back in the 30s.  The Frankfort School, Socialists from Germany came to escape Hitler and export perversity and wantonness while destroying Faith, the Family and Decency.  After seeing the reaction since the radical left has been exposed by Obama & Co, they have given up all pretense and are aiming at the youth as was done in the 60s. It was communist money from China and Russia that exploded the drug & free love scene of the 60s in an effort to destroy the country. They’ve realized too many of us still believe and revere the GOD of Israel and the Bible.


  9. i actually have gone to pp and i do not find any of the help they give to be invasive. if they found your mothers ovarian cancer, would you be against it? Do you concider birth control to be killing a child? Because i think it is a great thing. and birth control, condoms, cancer testing, and std testing are som of the other things planned parent hood does for women. not just planned parent hood do abortions. Maybe these heartless people should think about how much help planned parent hood does, this is taking so much away from women.


  10. Beautifully written article, thank you for all you do to expose the abomination that is planned parenthood.


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