Planned Parenthood VP’s wild claim: “tape from Bronx is doctored” (yet admits he hasn’t seen full tape)

The conversation is pretty unbelievable. Just take a look at the 30 second video below. I also posted the transcript below:

O’Reilly Producer: Do you condone the behavior on the tape of one of your employees in the Bronx excusing and covering up underage sex trafficking? Your ok with that?

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: We firmly believe that the edited, that the tape from the Bronx is doctored.

O’Reilly Producer: You haven’t seen the tape have you?

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: I can take, I will, I would like to –

O’Reilly Producer: Have you seen the tape?

Planned Parenthood VP Stuart Schear: I actually have not seen the whole tape yet.

And the full tape isn’t hard to find. There is a link at the top left of the abridged version to the full, unedited tape. This link is there for the entire video. If you play the video below, you can see the link to the full footage at the top left.

Abridged version:

And the full, unedited tape:

Compare the two. Planned Parenthood, what is doctored? You are making serious allegations. What specifically was doctored?

The truth is, the video is accurate just like all our of past investigative videos. You have no real defense so instead of coming clean, you lie to the public. This is child sexual abuse we are talking about. Did you get that? The public sees through your games and they won’t stand for it.

7 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood VP’s wild claim: “tape from Bronx is doctored” (yet admits he hasn’t seen full tape)

  1. Good for LiveAction for posting the full video – James O'Keefe never made his full videos public. Then he finally did only in negotiating an immunity deal with CA state officials.

    I think Live Action is well-intentioned but misdirected. Rather than targeting legal abortion providers using play actors and hypothetical, imaginary crimes and entrapment, Lila Rose should donate her time and money in orphanages around the globe.

    Abortion is murder, but so is capital punishment, unprovoked war and "collateral damage". How does Lila Rose feel about those issues?

    Women who have abortions know what they are doing, they feel they are terminating life because they are unwanted, they feel like it is their best option. God help them in that decision, God help their souls. But I am not God and neither is Lila Rose or the US government. So if you have proof of lawbreaking, show it, but video entrapment is a waste of time. Do not argue Roe v. Wade in the halls of a clinic with workers doing legal work.

    Spend your time helping orphans! Don't be a hypocrite, millions of children need help – this should not be about politics.


    1. Yes, I agree, it's very important for Live Action to post their full videos. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a few questions, because I'm not sure I understand your reasoning.

      So you believe that abortion kills a human being, right? I agree with you there. But I'm confused. Are you saying that because abortion is legal, it's morally neutral or even right?

      I commend you for the warm concern you obviously have for orphans. I strongly believe that we are called to care for children. Lila Rose, her team, and the pro-life movement believe that ALL children deserve our help and a chance of life, including unborn children.

      Where would you have us argue Roe vs. Wade? Should we argue about it at all, in your opinion? Your statement about women having abortions knowing what they are doing seems to indicate that we should just leave well enough alone.

      Yet, if you acknowledge that murder is in fact being committed, isn't that EVERYBODY'S business? If a woman decided to kill her two year old, nobody would just stand by and say, "She knows what she's doing; she feels like it's her best option."

      I don't understand your last statement. How is Live Action hypocritical? Or political, for that matter?

      I would really like to hear back from you. 🙂


    2. > Abortion is murder, but so is capital punishment, unprovoked war and "collateral damage". How does Lila Rose feel about those issues?

      Let's think about it mathematically. Since 1973 well over 50 million children have been aborted. If you add all those killed by capital punishment, unprovoked war, and "collateral damage" ( though I am not sure what you mean by that? ) since let's say 1900, you don't come remotely close to 50 million.

      Now let's look at populations of US Cities. Let's start with the most populated cities and work down. If you take the list of the 50 top most populated cities and add them together — you guessed it, you STILL have less than 50 million people.

      What would you do to stop the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001? What would you do to stop the killing of 50+ million people?


      1. Yes, I am opposed to capital punishment, and I believe most wars are avoidable. I use my voice and my vote to stop those evils. I also use my voice and my vote to stop abortion. There is a GREAT chance we will see an end to legalized abortion. Hearts are changing. LiveAction is getting out the truth that so many do not know, and some refuse to believe despite the hard evidence.

        God Bless you, if you are visiting this site then you are at least considering the truth.


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