Planned Parenthood Lies About Pregnancy Resource Centers

Planned Parenthood recently posted a status on Facebook claiming that 87% of pregnancy resource centers gave “false or misleading information” to their callers who may have been seeking pregnancy help, posing as a 17-year-old pregnant girl, during a phone investigation of the centers.  The vast majority of these centers informed the callers that induced abortion can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer, mental health problems, and infertility issues in the future, which Planned Parenthood avidly denounces.

The investigation concludes that pregnancy resource centers “frequently fail to provide medically accurate information…misrepresented the medical consequences of abortion… [Frighten] pregnant teenagers and women and [discourage] abortion…and is not an accepted public health practice,” because they inform women of the possible risks associated with induced abortion.

Although Planned Parenthood vehemently denies it, there is a positive correlation between induced abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.  Abortion actually can cause future fertility problems and puts subsequent children at risk of premature birth and/or low birth weight.  There really is a link between abortion and mental health issues in women.  The facts are there, and women deserve to know when looking for pregnancy help.  Before a doctor can prescribe medicine to or a surgeon can perform a procedure on a patient, he or she must be fully informed of all possible risks and complications that could develop subsequent to taking the medicine or going through with the procedure.  Abortion is one of the most common surgeries performed in America—why shouldn’t these standards apply to this procedure as well?

Interestingly, if we take a look at what Planned Parenthood’s idea of providing scientifically sound facts to pregnant women looks like, we’d get claims that at 6-8 weeks, an unborn baby has “no arms, no legs, no heart no head, no brain,” (which is a grossly inaccurate assessment of the well-developed unborn baby’s appearance at that age) and a baby’s heart starts beating at “about seventeen or eighteen weeks,” (when in reality it’s at three weeks).  Who is really misleading and misinforming women here?

I’d like to note that pregnancy resource centers provide pregnant women looking for pregnancy help with entirely free services like pregnancy tests, options counseling, material and financial support, ultrasounds, and more. Most of their money comes from generous donors who support the life-affirming mission of these centers.  On the other hand, 97% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy related services are abortions (over 330,000 annually) while less than 3% of pregnancy related services are for pre-natal care or adoption referrals.  Abortion makes up about 38% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue and 15% of their overall billion-dollar income.  Compared to the over $300,000,000 Planned Parenthood receives in federal funds each and every year, the amount that pregnancy resource centers receive—$30,000,000 over a four-year period, according to Planned Parenthood’s source for their claims—is miniscule.

I do question why Planned Parenthood is so eager to go after these pregnancy resource centers when they have a plethora of major self-induced problems brewing in their own organization—along with lying to women about fetal development, their employees chronically covering up and abetting statutory rape and assisting pimps in running their prostitution business with underage sex slaves.  Why aren’t they working to end the corruption in their corporations instead of trying to prevent pregnancy centers from truly informing women about the dire consequences of abortion?

22 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Lies About Pregnancy Resource Centers

  1. Planned Parenthood sees their line of work as political and profitable. So yeah, they are more interested in stamping out the “competition” than bringing women the best healthcare possible. I’m done paying for this. Unbelievable.


  2. Planned Parenthood has one defense in their toolbox.  Admit no guilt and attack anyone who could prevent them from getting every possible penny for killing the unborn children.  Going after the criminal activity in their organization could only accomplish two things admit guilt and take away profits, WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO DO THAT?  If we gave all the money we give to Planned Parenthood to Pregnancy Resource centers we wouldn’t need Planned Parenthood at all.


  3. These people kill children and maim women for a living. Is anyone really surprised that they’re a pack of liars?


  4. “Why aren’t they working to end the corruption in their corporations instead of trying to prevent pregnancy centers from truly informing women about the dire consequences of abortion?” Because if they weren’t corrupt, they wouldn’t be making money off of abortions. PRC’s are a threat to PP because we have truth on our side. You can’t threaten proof with anything besides the superfluous claims PP is making. 


    1. 54 years ago studies showed that smoking was good for you. A few centuries ago it was leeches.

      The latest independant studies have refuted any link between abortion and breast cancer.


      1. @e4b341cca0118acc9cebbf0e3c06cf9d:disqus : Here’s a 2009 study for you from Turkey, from Istanbul University and the World Journal of Surgical Oncology
        As well as a literature review from the same year as well:

        I’m sure there are more recent studies out there as well. The science behind this is sound as well. During the first few months of pregnancy, the cells in the breast tissue are considered pre-cancerous because they are rapidly dividing to prepare the breasts for the newborn baby. They do not mature into non-cancerous cells until much later on in the pregnancy. An abortion at this stage or later interrupts the development of these cells, and then you have all of these pre-cancerous cells. Add to that the breast cancer effect of oral contraceptives (class 1 carcinogen classified by the World Health Organization, the same as tobacco smoking), and yes, I think there is a good chance that an abortion could be a precursor to breast cancer. Scientifically, it’s sound. 

        Would you be able to post a link to these studies refuting the link? I’d very much like to take a look at them… that is what science is about. You have a claim: then you challenge it and challenge it until you don’t have any more reasons why not to believe it’s true. 


        1. The first ‘link’ isn’t. Wanna try again?

          The second link takes us to a biased article which cites studies from the early 1990’s. Outdated.

          The article above made the claims – it has yet to provide any science.



            See if that one works (Turkish study)

            Here’s another that cites the ABC link

            Other articles about different risks involved with induced abortions:






            54 years ago studies showed there was no link between smoking and cancer. Could the same be said about induced abortion and breast cancer in the future? Maybe the science community isn’t 100% certain one way or the other, but there’s enough evidence to at least say there’s that possibility. And women deserve to know that.

  5. Weren’t those studies that told us smoking was good for your bought and produced by the tabacoo industry? I am sure though that the abortion industry would NEVER be so deceptive right? I mean they aren’t making profits off of abortion or anything. 


  6. Every day in hundreds of PP centers across America counselors are telling women and children that birth control prevents pregnancy and condoms prevent disease. 54% of their customers seeking abortion were using birth control at the time of conception… nuf said.


    1. Glad you said what you said Lori!  One thing they will not mention.  Purity in sex works every time for both babies and STD’s.  But there is no market in that so no sale for PP.


  7. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” —Ghandi


  8. not an accepted public health practice,” because they inform women of the possible risks associated with induced abortion.

    I know its not funny, but this made me laugh.


  9. not an accepted public health practice,” because they inform women of the possible risks associated with induced abortion.

    I know its not funny, but this made me laugh


  10. Planned Parenthood is in business to kill.  They lie and deceive to carry out their gruesome deeds.  And the communists/socialists  controlling our government see to it that they get their multi millions in federal $ to carry out their killing.  Most of our government officials belong to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderberg Group, so they are not even working for Americans or to defend the U.S. Constitution.  We Americans have been sold down the river.  There are too many to nail for treson, as the corruption is too wide spread.  Thus, the killing goes on virtually unabated and it is courageous Americans speaking out against the atrocities donating their own time and money to warn others and to save lives.  


  11. David rose, connect the dots for me to exactly how many dollars youre “paying” for this?  Planned parenthood is like any other clinic. It offers specific medical services and resources, directed at the clientele the name specifies. They charge almost nothing for their services.  I went there for non abortion related health issues because, having had no insurance at the time, they were the only agency that offers rates i could afford.  Your warped, insane, biased alarmist opinion and understanding of Planned Parenthood is something i find asinine, disgusting and offensive in the most extreme sense imaginable.  You see it as an abortion factory because you’ve been trained to.  Grow up and inform yourself.  You’re just another ignorant tool working for the machine, while believing youre fighting it.  With people like you in the world, the Chinese re-eduaction program really is starting to make sense.  The time came when enough people understood that there was a percent of the population so entranced with religious bull SHIT mythology and mumbo jumbo, and who were so beholden to money and nonsense, they were beyond help… nevertheless they still existed and were an obstacle to actually finally getting society to progress.  I hope to be the one holding the bat when i find your house when that day arrives here.  I’m tired of you and your ilk, your insane brainwashed mind is a cancer to progress and humanity.  The radical invasive procedure to eradicate ass hats like you can’t come soon enough.
    You all, almost every one of you on this page, spout nonsense, so I’m just following suit.  And taking the gloves off.  Playing friendly nice guy with nut jobs who believe theyre getting instructions from a 2k year old book and some bearded homophobe in the sky has gotten old.  I can’t wait until the war starts and we can see which side really wins.  If i were to die and find your god sitting there, I’d spit in his face and tell him I’d gladly burn in hell for all eternity than obey a backward sadist like him.  Does thtat give you any indication as to how worried I am that that will ever happen? lmao
    Unlike the “liberals” you all like to throw in a box together, some of us do like the right to bear arms, free speech, and pursuit of happiness.  I can’t wait to see the look of surprise on you religious pussy’s faces when a “liberal” bashes your skull in.


    1. Samuel, it seems you’ve formulated your views on God, not by the Book you are so vehemently against, but by those in the world who hate Him, who really know nothing of Him.

      Read the Bible with an open heart, and you will see God for who He really is. (which is not just some bearded guy in the sky)  =)


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