Planned Parenthood in NH Stops Giving Birth Control–But Not Abortions

I hope everyone notices the irony in the news today. Because Planned Parenthood has been defunded $1.8 million in New Hampshire, they are halting their provision of birth control and potentially pelvic exams:

Planned Parenthood has stopped providing birth control pills and other contraception in New Hampshire after the state’s executive council rejected up to $1.8 million in funding for the group, which also provides privately-funded abortions.

The move is expected to affect an average of 120 low-income women each day. Other services provided by Planned Parenthood, including pelvic exams, were also in peril.

“Patients who used to be able to come to us for their pills now have to walk away,” said Jennifer Frizzell, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

But apparently, those patients who want to have abortions are still able to be served at 3 of Planned Parenthood’s 6 centers in New Hampshire. Why does Planned Parenthood cut contraception and cancer screenings first? Answer: because it’s been all about abortion all along.

22 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood in NH Stops Giving Birth Control–But Not Abortions

  1. “It’s been all about abortion all along”… well YEAH, and about making MONEY. The truth is that Planned Parenthood is only interested abortion and the money they make off of abortions. They aren’t interested in the well-being of their patients or following the law. They don’t value human life and they don’t find themselves concerned with social issues such as human sex trafficing, kidnapping, or rape. HOW MUCH LONGER? I want to know: How much longer will this injustice be legal and HEAVILY FUNDED by my country? Because when I was growing up they told me this was a moral country. When I was growing up, they told me that America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. But the problem is that I’m an adult now and I’ve chosen not to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the injustices going on in my country, AND WHAT I FIND IS DISTURBING. Why is it that illegal activity that goes on is permitted due to a corrupt judicial system? I was told in school that we have a system of checks and balances so that we won’t be corrupt. THEN WHY IS CORRUPTION ALL THAT I SEE? My heart is longing for justice, that’s all I have to say. I AM BUT ONE VOICE, BUT I SPEEK FOR THOSE WHO ARE MURDERED IN MY COUNTRY WITHOUT A VOICE.


  2. Some abortions may be prevented by the loss of birth control pills. BC pills are not without fail, as some people get pregnant on them (when all 3 functions fail–of which the 3rd function is abortive).


  3. Of course Planned Parenthood will continue to kill American citizens; they were given the license to kill back in 1973, killed about 50 million so far, and will continue as long as it’s legal. Money’s important, of course, but they’ll keep killing, funded by the Rockefellers and the New World Order cabal, and they will have willing volunteers all the way along the line; some will kill for room and board, if they have to, because, in the end, killing and the New World Order is a religion. A religion based on Darwinian survival of the most fit races. Margaret Sanger went to jail to further the ends of her millionaire friends. Flim-flammed, bamboozled and hoodwinked, and as long as the kids are dead, and it’s not your kids,most of you who are reading this don’t care. Just that simple. If you do care, and have done something about it, it hasn’t been enough. America can’t go on killing its future forever. Children are being evicted from their first homes, their mother’s womb, at the rate of about a thousand a day in the United States. Look around…see any empty homes near you ? Wake up and smell the corpses, America. 


    1. “and as long as the kids are dead, and its not your kids, most of you who are reading this don’t care.”

      Um. Nobody is forced to get an abortion.


      1. You are apparently unable to care enough about abortion to check your “facts”

        “Um. Nobody is forced to get an abortion.”


        Forced abortion happens by the millions in Communist China today, and most of the abortions are baby girls. The state posts signs that read like this: ” If you are harboring an illegal child, we will find out about it and burn your house down.”
        So let me add this to the list of things you, personally, don’t care about: not only do you not care about abortion because it’s not your kid,but also because the abortions don’t take place in the US, you don’t care about that either.

        Let me ask you this: if an aborted fetus ( which means “small one” ) were dumped on your lawn, would it then be your problem? What would you do ?

        Another question: If the state declared that your skin color meant you were an ” illegal person”, meaning you can be shot on sight, would you believe you are an illegal person? If you don’t believe you are an ” illegal person ‘, how would you prove to the state that you’re not an ” illegal person “?  Would you try to hide somewhere? 

        Last question: Where can an unborn person go to hide? 

        Think hard. Think real hard.

        Have a nice day.


  4. The accusations against PPFA are preposterous and that some here insist it has been about abortions is just as assanine.  PPFA has been providing critical care services for 95 years and the decision to cut out contraception simply means patients will still be able to get contraception (or at for now until the GOP decides to deny millions of women contraception as well) from other health care providers but may not be able to be able to get an abortion from other sources.  Get out and vote Progressive in 2012 before women are relegated to the barefoot and pregnant status and really dumbed up.


    1. What this means is that PP’s claim that they are a health care provider – an as a result need federal funding – is on even shakier ground. They, by their own actions, are showing exactly what they used to deny, that they are purely an abortion mill. And you are correct, those health services can be found other places that do not provide abortions, and therefor can still receive federal funding. So…you agree that PP should not receive federal funding. Well done! You’re almost a fully functioning human.


    2. “Get out and vote Progressive in 2012 before women are … really dumbed up.”

      Too late for you, obviously.


    3. Progressive in 2012 is a joke!  We are not being progressive, instead our nation is becoming increasingly more Digressive!  From the beginning PP had an agenda and that was to create a perfect race.  How have educated people bought into such a lie such as PP?  Women do not need contraception.  They need to be instilled with moral integrity and men need to respect women with integrity as well.  Contraception is just a trap that causes more problems.


    4. To say that PP has been providing anything above dis service for the last 95 years is the preposterous comment, no offense. Do you know how planned parenthood was started? It was in part started by a woman named Margaret Sanger, (who they unfortunately still give out awards in the name of) who was a complete racist, she placed PP’s in low income mostly African american neighborhoods to whittle out the race, look it up. PP is not about helping. That’s not to say that there aren’t individuals working there that may have good motives, but as a whole, they are not a positive organization… look up some stats on the affects PHYSICALLY of having abortions, as well as mentally, it doesn’t profit anyone but the wallets of those in charge of PP. If it were about preventative and healthful options, the services they chose to cut first would’ve and should’ve been the last, among other things.


  5. My Daddy used to say, ” Liars aren’t liars because they lie, they lie because they’re liars.” Truth is, Planned Parenthood are liars; been caught in lots of lies lately, and will continue to lie. Because they’re liars. The ” Big Lie” Planned Parenthood is based on is that the unborn aren’t persons, aren’t “real”. That’s a fantasy, a lie. Flim-flammed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked. It’s nine  liars lying and millions of liars swearing to the lie. It’s still a lie.

     Our Founders risked ” their lives , their fortunes, and their sacred honor ‘ on the gamble that they would pass on ” the Blessings of Liberty ” to their Posterity. Look at what’s happening with abortion; were breaking faith with Our Founder’s Hope that we could keep the Blessings of Liberty and pass it on to Our Posterity.

     Abortion and contraception isn’t for women, it’s for men. Men who want to have an outlet for their sexual urge any time they want to gratify it. Porn industry is billions of dollars down the drain every year; its a game people play with themselves,at home at work, in the streets…everywhere. Contraception and abortion is just a part of the fantasy game that Americans are playing with themselves. Get real, Flame-strife. Get a life. 


  6. Do you think that the birth control was cut because that’s what the money was going to? Since no government money goes to abortions, I mean.


    1. That’s the argument PP will use.  But, if they are really so much about preventative health care services for women, why don’t they redirect their “privately-funded” abortion money to these services instead of cutting them?  The answer seems to be, as many former PP workers will tell you, is that they are, and always have been, first and foremost about abortion.


  7. Hey Flamestrifecta……angry much???? Barefoot and pregnant…really??? Do you think we are a bunch of stupid female animals. Give these women a chance to maybe…I don’t know, learn how to say NO, and restore their self love AND esteem. If birth control and abortion were not so readily available, these girls may have a chance of becoming healthier and happier, mentally and physically. If they still choose to practice unsafe sex, then maybe the millions of infertile couples out there would be able to become parents. God has a “plan” for everyone, but PPFA strips it away every single day because of the “preposterous” means made available. Give these women counseling and skills to be true to themselves. NOT a free ticket to screw up. Progressive in 2012 is a way to keep the women out there blind to the the real thing going on here. Healing and compassion is needed here……not keeping them “dumbed up ” !!!


  8. You all need to open your minds a little bit and step into someone else’s shoes. Do you know what it’s like to be raped and find out your pregnant and every second of every day you are reminded of the traumatic violating experience you had? Should a woman have to just suffer through and keep a baby that was violently inserted into her body?  Or was it the girls fault for getting raped so she better just deal with it? You proclaim compassion and love and “counseling” yet I’m not seeing any of that from anyone. Quit being so closed minded and welcome yourself to 2011. Abortions have been happening forever and would still happen whether there were clinics or not; clinics make it safer.  You all need to start doing some unbiased research and look further than just your Christian news and websites.


    1. Even though I am a male, unfortunately, I DO know what it’s like to be raped; I was drugged and raped by a gay man in SF way back in the ” Sexual Revolution” days. Unable to overcome basic biology, however, I didn’t become pregnant. But I learned a few things about how not to get raped. And I’m as ANTI-GAY Agenda as they get. I don’t want to see naked men parading down Main Street, and I don’t want to see NAMBLA become the ” new  normal. ” Best way to avoid a rape? If I was a woman, at either end of the whore/virgin spectrum of womanhood, I’d make sure I was capable of “disarming” my assailant with a well-aimed, below the bellybutton discharge of my  weapon of choice.

      Here’s another thing I “don’t know about”: I don’t know what it feels like to be aborted. I have a lot of compassion for women, but somewhere along the line, ( silly me !! ) it dawned on me that every year 10 million women aren’t “victims” of rape, or ” too unprepared” to carry a baby to term and give the baby up for adoption. I became aware that the thing that’s driving Banned Parenthood is $$$$ money, money, money. And they are being “punked ” by those who have Utopian nightmares in mind for humanity. The MONEY never seems to stop, and the killing never seems to end.

      Time to wake up. Time to have a conference with your conscience that is closing itself off to the True Facts about what’s going on. Hope you can Change. Have a nice day.


    2. I think it must be horrible. But is it fair to the baby to be killed for what happened to the mom? Put yourself in the baby’s “shoes.” Do you know what it is like to be ripped from your mother’s womb and be forced to pay for your father’s sin with your own death? I think that must be pretty horrible too, and when that happens it’s not like the rape disappears and the mother is whole. She’s still broken and now her offspring is dead. If that is compassion please explain it to me.


      1. Put yourself in the baby’s shoes?? The “baby” you speak of isn’t even a baby at the point of an abortion, no matter how much you try to push that idea. First put yourself in the shoes of the mother- you don’t know what she is going through. She already has goals and a life that she deserves to be living comfortably. An abortion is not death to a child- it ISN’T a child yet. 


    3. I agree wholeheartedly. Whether they are legal or not, abortions will never stop happening. Health care is being turned into pure politics, decisions made by men who have no knowledge of what it is like to be female. I do not view abortions as “killing babies” because, if you knew anything about the science of a pregnancy, the egg does not form into a baby until many months after it is conceived-hence why abortions are only legal before they are formed. Abortions are performed before there is ANY formation of a brain or brain activity in a fertilized egg.
      I must ask you, what if it was you? What if you, as a woman, had a life-threatening illness where giving birth to a child would risk your life, as well as that of the child? As posted above, what if you were raped and were constantly reminded of a terrible experience through a child you were forced to have? Or what if you were a teen girl, who would get abused or kicked out of her home if her guardian discovered her unwanted pregnancy?
      Personally, i would not be able to get an abortion myself. It depends on the situation, and it is completely unfair for you to judge people’s needs. You are not them. So i say, if you don’t like abortions, don’t get one, but don’t eliminate the option for any woman. It is NOT your job to make decisions regarding other women’s bodies.


      1. If “science” can be appealed to exclusively as the only way to decide the question of abortion, then science would say that your statement about the preborn as not being a person would be completely and utterly false. The science of embryology affirms that what gestates inside of a female human being is always another human being. Look, when a man and a woman get together and the woman gets pregnant, they’re not thinking the woman is carrying a calf or a piglet, but a human child.

        If a fetus were dumped on your lawn, the police would have to investigate a homicide of a human person. If a fetus of a calf or piglet were dumped on your lawn, there would be no homicide investigation to do. You may not know the difference between a person and a pig, but the police do.

        In your scenario where a mother has a reason to abort because the baby is threatening to kill her, then it’s up to the mother to decide that the doctors are correct in their diagnosis, and make her decision based on that faith. In the event that the mother chooses to abort in that scenario, it is not a murder, it’s self-defense. There have been some cases where the doctor’s diagnosis was wrong,and the mother carried to term. But in no case should “self-defense” be extended to include any other right to kill for any other lesser reason, like ” I want to have a college degree, or ” I want to fit into my prom dress.” If someone had to be slaughtered on your graduation day, just so you could graduate, would you think that would be a good idea? Sounds crazy…is crazy.

        In your scenario of the ” teen mom “: because abortion is no longer a crime, now we have a situation where people abort to avoid homelessness, and parents force the teen mom to abort. If it were illegal to abort, perhaps the parents wouldn’t be forcing their teen daughters to get abortions. Many famous people were children who were born in difficult ” teen mom ” situations like that. Adoption was often chosen before abortion was decriminalized. Now, millions of infertile couples , who want to adopt can’t, because so many abortions cancel out so many potential adopted children.

        Look, life isn’t a ” zero sum game ” where for someone to win, another has to lose. Won-loss stats are for sports, not for life. Nothing’s like that in the real world….except death; when you take away a child’s life from them before they’re born, you take away everything they have and everything they’re going to have and going to be.

        If you’ve had an abortion, and want to talk with someone less ” judgmental” than me about your situation, there’s help. Call ” Project Rachel”. There’s never no hope, and even though I might not sound like I care, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be here typing this at 1 a.m. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Peace.


    4. You fail to address the act of abortion itself. Is it moral to kill an innocent human under any circumstances?  Is one act of violence rectified by another? 
      You’re using a sympathetic argument by using a rape case- less than 1% of abortions are done because of rape and incest. I encourage you to watch this clip as it is a good overview of most pro-lifer’s stance on abortion in the case of rape.”You all need to start doing some unbiased research and look further than just your Christian news and websites.”That’s an extremely biased sentiment coming from you. There are agnostic, atheist, feminist, homosexual, etc, pro life groups that are not affiliated with religion, much less Christianity. Perhaps you should stop stereotyping.


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