Planned Parenthood Advises Man Who Might Have STDs to Donate Blood

Yes you read the headline correctly. Planned Parenthood staff in Roanoke, Virginia told our undercover reporter who said he thinks he might have an STD to go and try to donate blood because they will test him for free. The conversation starts with our reporter asking about “testing”

Undercover Reporter as Pimp: Hi, um, let me see, is there someone I could talk to about testing?

Not long later he shares about his symptoms saying:

Undercover Reporter as Pimp: Ok, so I’m kind of experiencing some slight burning sensation….. is that, I don’t think that’s normal, right?

Planned Parenthood: No. It’s not normal.

Later in the conversation the Planned Parenthood staff offers some eyebrow raising advise:

Planned Parenthood: Well, uh *laughs*, see I tell a lot of people, I say if you know, if you’re not quite sure, you’re not having any symptoms, but for peace of mind, go donate blood – cause if you go donate blood, they have to test for everything anyway. And you know, a lot of plasma places, they’ll test you for free.

Undercover Reporter as Pimp: That’s good information.

Planned Parenthood: And they pay you for your plasma. You know what I mean? So, there’s several different ways around it without having to spend a whole lot of money.

The embedded video below is the entire clinic visit although if you hit play, it jump directly to the above exchange about donating blood:

Today I called a couple blood donation centers and asked them if was good advice for people who think they might have STDs to donate blood. They said that it was very bad advice and that if people think they have an STD or other condition that they should address that condition before attempting to donate blood. I was also told that if one attempts to donate blood and is found to be ineligible through testing, they will only tell you that you are ineligible. They will not tell you the details of your positive result so that blood donation centers don’t get abused as disease testing centers. It appears that they have had to put in policy to prevent the very thing that Planned Parenthood is encouraging. This direction from Planned Parenthood staff is making it harder for blood donation centers to collect good blood and save lives.

So Planned Parenthood, is directing people who might have STDs to blood donation centers an organizational policy? You have watched the video and your public statement about it was that your staff acted “professionally”. I can only assume that means that the advice given in this video is within policy and institutionally acceptable. I think it is becoming clear that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have isolated problems but rather institutional ones and this is the latest shocking example.


After filing a complaint about Planned Parenthood in Roanoke with the Roanoke City Health Department, the latter told me on March 8th that “[Planned Parenthood] certainly appreciated being notified of that…and they said they had already been made aware of that and have instructed the staff member, and a corrective plan is in place with training.” Planned Parenthood has not returned Live Action phone calls to share this plan. Read more…

17 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Advises Man Who Might Have STDs to Donate Blood

  1. I personally know several people who were out front of this particular Planned Parenthood today between noon and 1. We'll be there for the 40 Days for Life, too. And they are TICKED. Called the police on their regular Saturday (abortion day) protesters last weekend.


  2. Hey, how are you going to help me out with my reproductive health once you defund Planned Parenthood? I expect Lila Rose to personally help me raise any and all children that arise from me not being able to afford contraceptives. Also, I’m going to need pelvic exams once a year. And I’m prone to yeast infections, so that too.

    BTW, if you delete this, you’re cowards.


    1. Let me see if I got this right Courtney. Hey, me,me, me? Me, Lila,me,me. Also me, and me, so that too.
      BTW, You have no intestinal fortitude if you ignore ME!
      Is that about right?


    2. I can help. Call you state's department of health for information on where you can go for pelvic exam testing and yeast infection treatment. They will refer you to a free clinic in your area. In NJ we have 59 non-Planned Parenthood clinics which would either cover your needs or refer you to a low cost provider. Also, based on your post, you may need HIV/AIDS testing. Your state's free clinics should cover that for you as well. But the best medicine you can get is this advice and it is free; a little self respect and personal responsibility can go a long way to helping you secure a happy and healthy life.


    3. No matter who is inconvenienced, protecting the lives of unborn children is still the right thing to do.
      Do you have an expensive cell phone? With unlimited texting? Maybe a cable subscription or other expensive entertainment? Yes? Then you can probably afford contraceptives from the pharmacy. Or, there's a thing called abstinence.


      1. I am practicing abstinence! But 1 in 3 women get raped. I'm terrified of getting raped!!!!!!!! What should I do farmchick? I need to make sure I never get pregnant with my rapist's baby. Please help me!!!!!


  3. I think Live Action is terrific. Exposing Planned Parenthood is wonderful. Keep up the good work. This is for Courtney, if you can't afford to have children then why are you having sex. Maybe you should consider Natural Family Planning which is very effective and free or just say no. The choice women can make regarding abortion is before they have sex, not after they conceive. At that point, there are no more choices. If you have had a lot of yeast infections then you are aware of what they feel like and can buy medication over the counter. You also might want to check your partner because yeast infections can be passed when one has several sexual partners. Depending upon your income level, you can also obtain medical care for your yearly exams from your community health clinic, which does not include abortions. If you are concerned with your reproductive health, you should also check into the future health risks of abortion. Abortionists aren't required to state future health risks. Again, a woman's choice begins before sex, not after. Ask the aborted baby about choices.


    1. " if you can't afford to have children then why are you having sex."

      One in 3 women get raped. One third of women in America are forced to have sex and many get pregnant not by choice. What about them?

      " Maybe you should consider Natural Family Planning which is very effective"

      This doesn't work for rape. This also doesn't work for abusive marriages where the husband forces or pressures the wife into sex. I wish all people were nice and didn't rape each other but it's not the way the world works. NFP also doesn't work if the woman has irregular menstrual cycles and can't keep track of when she's fertile and when she's not, because it's impossible to track if your period happens after 10 days in one month, and after 45 days in the next (that's how mine works and my doctor told me not to try NFP because I would almost DEFINITELY get pregnant!)

      " a woman's choice begins before sex, not after"

      I have a question for you! I mentioned that I can't do NFP because my doctor said I would very likely get pregnant due to my irregular cycle. But I DO NOT want kids, EVER! I can't be pregnant or I'd lose my job. What is your suggestion? I need to make 100% sure that I never get pregnant. Should I ask my husband if he's okay with not ever having sex with me for 20 years until I'm no longer fertile? We're just engaged now, and I haven't had sex with him yet.


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