Planned Parenthood Tells Newspaper: We Perform Almost 90% of Arizona Abortions

Yesterday the Yuma Sun paper reported the following information from Planned Parenthood Arizona President Brian Howard:

Howard said 653 of the 729 abortions in September were performed by Planned Parenthood.

This means that almost 90% of preborn child termination procedures in Arizona were performed at Planned Parenthood facilities.

Recently Arizona passed a pro-life measure that requires that abortions be performed by doctor and that mothers receive a face-to-face conversation with a doctor at least 24 hours before the termination. The data seems to indicate that this is resulting in a drop in abortions as the Arizona abortion rate fell about 30% in September versus the previous September.

The Center for Arizona Policy has credited the new pro-life measure as the cause for the sudden drop in abortion rate. Planned Parenthood says that the abortion decline is due to a “shortage of providers.” It looks like it is becoming difficult for Planned Parenthood to find willing doctors in Arizona who want to be involved in the terminations.

Instead of cheering the sharp drop of about 400 less abortions a month, Planned Parenthood bemoaned the development telling the Yuma Sun that:

“That means something like 400 have had their life substantially disrupted”

He went further speculating that the families of the 400 children who were not killed by abortion may find life difficult:

“It means that 400 real children at the end of those pregnancies are going to be born into families that may have, at very realistic levels, said that, ‘We can’t afford another mouth to feed,’ or ‘I can’t afford child care”

It is interesting to note that Planned Parenthood used the term “real children” to speak of the preborn children that barely escaped their abortion centers.

6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Tells Newspaper: We Perform Almost 90% of Arizona Abortions

  1. Oh how awful…  400 men and women have to be responsible now for the consequences of their actions.


  2. Many of those 400 women may not have really wanted abortions anyway.  If a woman really wants an abortion, she won’t be easily detered.  If she doesn’t really want it, any excuse at all will serve as a deterant.  That’s the real reason that PP gets so upset by these “barriers” to access.  They lose money as uncommitted aborters are harder to entrap and do abortions on when conditions aren’t exactly right to entrap them. 

    I read something in a newspaper years ago, about how Eskimo women in Canada have to be brought south to have abortions.  Canada’s arch abortionist, a guy named Morgantaler, said many of these women get so homesick in unfamilar surroundings that they leave to get back home again before they can have their abortions.  Morgantaler said that way, at least they can suffer in familar surroundings, rather than in unfamilar surroundings.  He said this to show how desparately they need an abortion clinic in the artic. 

    BS!!  Those women knew that they were only scheduled to be in southern Canada for a few days.  If they really wanted the abortion, it would be worth a few days in an unfamilar environment, no matter how homesick they were, especially knowing that they’d be home again in a few days.  They were so desparate to be home so that they wouldn’t have to kill their babies.  Morgantaler just wants to be near the women so that they can’t get away unaborted so easy.  He can follow them home, use community and family presure to push the girls into unwanted abortions, and line his pocket with gov money if the Eskimos can’t afford to pay themselves. 
    It’s all about money, the green stuff.  But Morgantaler is a good spin doctor, and knows how to spin things so that it looks like he’s a great humanitarian.  The Eskimos would be so much better off without him. 


  3. once again we are reminded that Planned Parenthood is not all about women’s health and choices as they claim, but they are in fact an Abortion Machine, who’s goal is to kill and to make money doing it. I’m praying to close them down!!!


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