NPR Reports Bogus Headline About Live Action (forced to correct)

Media bias and incompetence are not hard to find and NPR showed theirs today. NPR today reported the following headline about our video release today without ever talking to us or attempting to talk to us. Their story:

The problem is that we had nothing to do with the ACORN undercover videos. After we called them on it, they changed it to this:

This title is still false as we have never identified ourselves as a “conservative” group. We are not conservative or liberal. Just because polls show that more conservatives are pro-life than liberals does not make our pro-life organization conservative. That is illogical. We are simply pro-life. So NPR, please stop arrogantly imposing your labels upon us.

26 thoughts on “NPR Reports Bogus Headline About Live Action (forced to correct)

  1. I love what you are doing! Keep it up! Tell the truth regardless of what the liberal media wants people to believe. NPR apparently cant get their facts straight and need a lesson in journalism…


  2. Rachel B., Already with the name calling? Have you already run out of legitimate comments?


  3. Isn't Lila Rose one of James O'Keefe's associates? And did she not work on the ACORN videos with him? Just curious.

    Also – are you making the unedited video available for the public to review so we can make up our own minds?


  4. Ms. Lila Rose and liveaction, keep up the great work!!

    @Steve, the video is available, do you not know how to do a search? and NO Lila Rose had nothing to do with James O'Keefe! Amazing how all it takes is the wrong title for a story from a radical Left wing organization, like NPR, for individuals to believe lies.


  5. Excellent work guys. When Planned Parenthood has to change its name and design a new logo, many of us will credit you guys with a lion’s share of the work. Not only do I pray that your videos become more viral everyday, I will also work make them well known in the local community that I live.

    Keep it up.

    I.J. Philoponus



  6. Excellent work! I am so proud of you. I wish we could get O'Reilly to make this point about NPR. You should send it to their people. This conservative / liberal labelling is bad for everyone. Labels stifle conversation and debate.


  7. Way better to overestimate the possibilities of youth than underestimate them.

    Overestimating, and we end up with "good" most of the time.

    Underestimating, and we end up with "bad" all of the time.

    Just "good" is not an option, but is a result of choosing excellence.

    Live Action strives for excellence. Good job, guys !!

    (Your detractors underestimate you….too bad !!)


  8. I don't think the label "conservative" is a reference toward political leanings. It's always entertaining to hear the comments about a group like NPR as being "biased liberal media", but then getting the response that you as a group are not conservative. If you don't take this label as being correct don't in turn dish out the label you have given to NPR. It's my opinion that you do have a conservative point of view, one that doesn't represent open minded thought. I am always curious when people with an opinion that differs from others feel it is there moral obligation to take away the rights of those that don't agree. Especially when they have no reasonable alternative. What is your alternative to abortion? Is it crusading to repair a broken system of foster care and adoption? Where are your investigations of that? Sure, you want to expose Planned Parenthood. What about exposing the abuse that falls on so many unwanted children in that system. I am not pro-abortion, but am definitely pro-choice. It's none of my business what my neighbor or anyone else chooses to do with their body, especially within the limits of the law. Why do you think it's yours?


  9. @Robert

    [QUOTE] – It’s none of my business what my neighbor or anyone else chooses to do with their body, especially within the limits of the law. Why do you think it’s yours? – [QUOTE]

    I understand that you may not think it is anyone else's business what happens to other people's newborns, babies, children, but you really need to understand that no matter what happens to the children of our world, it's EVRERYBODY's business.

    Matthew 19 13-15:

    Jesus Blesses Little Children

    13Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. 14But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 15After laying His hands on them, He departed from there.

    So you see, it is EVERYONE's responsibility to make sure that children are kept safe. According to Jesus it IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    The responsible thing to do is to make sure you care for your children even if you get pregnant when you did not intend to.

    The children are the future and they have all the rights and privileges that are guaranteed to you and me.

    If you do not think I know what I am talking about then you should know, that I had to suffer the loss of twins when a girlfriend of mine lied to me so she could have an abortion; telling me that her doctor said she would die if she did not abort them. I spoke to him later and found out she lied.


  10. Newsflash: citing the Bible makes you conservative in your viewpoint, and definitely smashed any dreams you may have had of being considered neither conservative nor liberal. I'm just filling you in on the political climate and working definition of those terms.

    Sgt, I think you know about pain and anger. I do not think you understand Roe v. Wade.

    I agree with Robert. Well said.

    And pipe down on Rachel. You guys did the ultimate name calling when you named yourselves the "pro-life" movement, let me tell you. Quite the clever propoganda. You guys can sustain a few snarky blows at your fearless leader.


  11. And they wonder why some of us want their funding pulled…

    Meanwhile, Lila Rose for PRESIDENT!

    Y'all are so skilled at letting people dig themselves into their own pits. And, I hereby predict, "Only from the waist up" is going to become this year's "where's the beef?" and will be used when talking about ways people have been harmed or cheated or otherwise [bleep]ed over. Wow, that burgler really ripped you guys off!" "Only from the waist up…"


  12. @Robert – I challenge you to watch the abortion video provided on this site and still say that it is nobody's business. Abortion as a means of reducing child abuse? How many more abortions must occur before we see an end to child abuse? More than 1.3 million a year, apparently. I can't believe how many people commenting on this site actually suggest that the murder of innocents is part of the solution to society's problems. As if it's all a numbers game – if only there were fewer children, there wouldn't be so many to abuse… Is that how the reasoning goes? What ever happened to the adage that "violence begets violence"? I guess that only applies to "liberal" causes. Pro-lifers are the true progressives, not "conservatives" or "liberals". Only when the law recognizes the inalienable rights of all people – even if it's inconvenient – will our society become truly free.


  13. If you attempt to deny women the ability to control what they do to their bodies, you are aligning yourself, ideologically, with conservatives in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Uganda, and other countries which deny women the right to control what is done to their bodies. Those are conservative points of view, whether you like them or not.


  14. Re: Live Action wrote: "We are simply pro-life." Dear Friends, not only are you, "Pro-Life," you, are for the sweet, and tender hearted and you are for women and children and other living things. You are also for beauty and for truth! And, rather than "conservative" as a label, personally I see you as quite liberal! Yeah for Mother Liberty!


  15. How come it is so easy to expose Planned Parenthood anywhere in the nation as their "health" workers protect rapists, child molesters, pimps, and more. I must ask Planned Parenthood, and all abortion clinics,

    "Is one of the products you provide the hiding of criminal activity along with destruction of DNA evidence? "


  16. I am sorry to see this all again. I just wish children and young women weren't using abortion for birth control. It makes me sick to think of all the babies wanted by infertile couples and we are just throwing them away. It is a very sad statement on our nations leadership that we think that we have to fund these type of acts in the name of progressiveness. There is nothing progressive about abortion, or sexual deviants. So many couples loose babies and suffer that loss. These people may suffer but no one supports them before or afterward isn't that a crime. And it is all on the governments dime. I pray daily for this violence to stop.


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