Nicola Moore and the Snobbery of the Pro-Choice Movement

It’s becoming painfully obvious just how stupid the pro-abortion movement has become. And by stupid I don’t simply mean wrong and hilariously illogical; that’s always been the case. No, here I refer to that delectable style of stupidity that takes the form of snobbishness. And by their snobbishness I mean the devolution of their cause into such an awkward and embarrassingly desperate series of memes, inside-jokes, slogans and arguments, that the average human being is entirely isolated from their ranks. They’ve developed the Aristocracy of Vulgarity; they’ve perfected in the mirror their elitist sneers.

And nowhere is this more apparent than the ‘women’s’ website Jezebel.

Jezebel is, quite frankly, hilarious. They received news that Clara Taylor, an abortionist who wears a mask to perform late-term abortions around the country, was identified as Nicola Louise Moore by Operation Rescue. They became indignant, as they are wont to.

This is the woman Jezebel was defending:

Now Jezebel was shocked, absolutely shocked, that people would try to expose her for who she is. After all, this is entirely normal! You don’t want pro-lifers – that notorious bunch – interested in assassinating you, so you go to your local halloween store, pick out the scariest crap you can find, and then go out and kill babies. Of course! (That my, my friends, is how we avoid attention and stay classy in the 21st century.)

The reason I was laughing: The site’s desperate attempts to make the fact that Operation Rescue compared the wearing of a mask – in Moore’s case – to the guilty wearing the mask of a bank robber seem like the most ridiculous bit of rhetoric they had ever come across. Note the title:

Operation Rescue Reveals Identity of Anonymous Abortion Doctor, Because Abortion Is Like Bank Robbery

Subtle. The article helpfully neglected to include a picture of Moore, for if it had, the rather obvious point against Operation Rescue would not have been their comparison of her with a bank robber, but their lack of comparison of her with an Orc. But here’s where the snobbishness rears its pompous head. So out of touch is the pro-abortion movement with basic human awarenesses – good and evil, beauty and ugliness, common sense etc. – that this woman and her actions seem entirely normal.

A quick thought experiment. You are at home. There is a knock on your door. You open it. Moore is standing there, in her super-professional mask. She needs directions to the abortion clinic. Is your first instinct to a) run like hell, b) remain in shocked silence, c) curse loudly, d) reflexively tackle her, e) back away slowly, attempting to figure out what on earth is wrong with this woman, and for that matter, what on earth is wrong with the 21st century, or f) think to yourself, This woman must be protecting herself from pro-lifers, that’s why she’s dressed as a troll. Luckily I – being an individual aware of my reproductive options – know where the abortion clinic is, and will direct her there.

Jezebel assumes that the greatest idiocy would be for some one to compare her to a bank-robber, never mind comparing her to the monster that eats them in their reoccurring nightmares. Jezebel assumes – in their elitist fashion – that the majority of Americans are as high-minded as themselves, and would choose ‘f’. In completely unrelated news, the majority of Americans have recently and inexplicably decided to be pro-life.

The comments are similar. Have a few, so you can see how open-armed these individuals are.

“Do you think she wears the mask while performing abortions? lol”

“But then I see this, these sick fucks who stalk and threaten doctors in the name of “god” and their pro-“life” beliefs, and its like, what the fuck are we doing?”

“Mmmm I like my blackened fetus with rice and beans. Ok that’s enough.”

Enough, yes, it has been enough for quite some time. A question for the pro-choice movement: Do you think it’s entirely by accident that America is its most pro-life at a time when you are your most freaky weird? Or are you just getting freaky weird in a desperate panic over the fact that America is pro-life, Planned Parenthood is falling, and ultrasounds work?

As far as I can tell, this is the delight of the pro-choice crowd: To have a bitter, awkward aristocracy in which to spin the same jokes and rants round and round in little spirals. But the problem with spirals is that they tend to spin inwards, getting smaller and smaller until they’re a minuscule dot no one listens to. So Jezebel please, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t open your minds, just keep making the eating babies jokes. We are reaping what you sow.

18 thoughts on “Nicola Moore and the Snobbery of the Pro-Choice Movement

  1. Way too much time worrying about being assassinated – not enough time worrying that she IS an assassin already. There is a solution: find a job you don’t have to hide from.


        1. Huh? The president has to worry about assassination all of the time. 


  2. Please bleep the foul language… we don’t need to know exactly what she said!


  3. Reading “pro-choice” (and I use the term loosely) websites is like a trip to la-la land.  These people live in another reality.  Words are defined a little differently than other people define them.  “Insults to women” are defined as anything that might encourage a woman to see that she has options other than abortion, and anything that regulates abortion to make it as safe as other surgeries is “an attack on women,” or “a war on women.”  Love in an act of killing.  Pro-choice is pro-life, and of course, choice only refers to the choice to get an abortion, no other choice is recognized as “choice.”  They mostly don’t know God, or if they acknowledge Him at all, it’s to disparage Him.  The list goes on and on and on.  These people either don’t know which end is up, or they’re deliberately trying to deceive. 


  4. “Do you think it’s entirely by accident that America is its most pro-life
    at a time when you are your most freaky weird? Or are you just getting
    freaky weird in a desperate panic over the fact that America is
    pro-life, Planned Parenthood is falling, and ultrasounds work?” – that’s not a question, that’s a subjective assertion of no merit dressed up as a question.
    Would you also publish Salman Rushdie’s address so those who declared a fatwah on him can find him?


    1. I’m pretty sure it was a rhetorical question. Yeah, it’s subjective–but it’s still based on fact. I shudder at the lack of intelligent response from people. sigh


    2. “that’s not a question, that’s a subjective assertion of no merit dressed up as a question.”
      Well done! YOU spotted a BARN!


  5. A bank robber seems like a rather delicate, generous comparison. Stealing money is not nearly so vile as snuffing out the life of a defenseless infant. The absurdity of such supposed high-mindedness cannot be disguised forever; even with literal disguises.


  6. What’s wrong with abortion? Freeing yourself of any other parasite is quite acceptable, why shouldn’t a woman be able to remove one of the worst parasites that can be afflicted on a human being? Idiots who think that a brain dead fetus – that is before the brain becomes active – is a BABY are the fools. A fetus at that stage is no more a baby than the contents of a condom. If you fall back on imaginary Sky Pixies for validation, you are even more of a fool. There are a few Goddesses out there, but no Gods. Why, you MORON, should a woman who has no desire to be a mother, be inflicted with a child? It does neither her nor the child any good.


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