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Maternal Death Rate Lowest in Abortion Free Ireland

Where is the maternal death rate lowest? Ireland, where human abortion is a crime against humanity.

The UNICEF website reports:

Ireland: Maternal mortality ratio†, 2005, adjusted – world rank: #1


The Ireland statistics are no surprise when considering that abortion is proven to cause all sorts of issues, including:

50% increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy after a single abortion

“The investigators conclude that their findings support ‘an argument for the existence of a significant association between induced abortion and subsequent ectopic pregnancy in France.’”

SOURCE: Tharaux-Deneux C et al., Risk of ectopic pregnancy and previous induced abortion, American Journal of Public Health, 1998, 88(3):401-05.

Serious emotional issues

“Our results indicate that over 25% of women who have had pregnancy losses feel they need professional help.  Aborted women appear to require more and more sophisticated grief counseling than those who suffer other types of pregnancy loss.”

SOURCE: The Effects of Pregnancy Loss on Women’s Health Philip G. Ney MA, MD, FRCP(C), FRANZCP, Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, University of B.C.

Increased future miscarriage rate

“Induced abortion by vacuum aspiration is associated with an increased risk of first-trimester miscarriage in the subsequent pregnancy.”

SOURCE: Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research, and National Laboratory of Contraceptives and Devices Research, 2140 Xie Tu Road, Shanghai 200032, China

Increased rate of future premature births

“The investigators conclude from these data that previous elective pregnancy terminations should be considered a risk factor for premature birth in subsequent pregnancies.”

SOURCE: Is Induced Abortion a Risk Factor in Subsequent Pregnancy? Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey: June 2009 – Volume 64 – Issue 6 – pp 368-370 doi: 10.1097/01.ogx.0000350203.97619.2c Obstetrics: Obstetric Complications

17 thoughts on “Maternal Death Rate Lowest in Abortion Free Ireland

  1. I'm not sure the logic follows. In Tanzania, where abortion is illegal, the maternal death rate is high in part because of failed abortions.….. Also, it could be that Irish abortions are "a D&C for Mrs. Smith" in a clean facility with safe procedures, and therefore, not recorded and not contributing to maternal mortality. Just thinking…


  2. Tanzania is not a developed country so it isn't comparable. The high maternal death date in Tanzania isn't because they have no abortion as there is not a medical link between not having an abortion maternal death.

    Take for example the US which has modern abortion. The maternal death rate is 4x higher although part of that is due to the very high elective C-section rate here.


  3. Although as an Irishman studying Obstetrics and Gynaecology I am very proud of my country's achievements, Irish women have the same amount of abortions as in the UK where abortion is legal. We simply export our problem to England where an average of 5,000 women travel per year to terminate their pregnancies. This is the reason why our maternal death rates from abortions are low not because of our laws.


  4. Gregory,

    Yes, there are about 4,200 Irish women who get abortions in the UK which means that Irish women have one of the lowest overall abortion rates in the world which is about 1/5th the rate of England.

    It is a proven fact that abortion increases future pregnancy risks and maternal death so it is no surprise that the nation with modern medical care and the lowest abortion rate has the lowest maternal death rate in the world.

    "Irish women have the same amount of abortions as in the UK where abortion is legal."

    –Your statement is factually false. See:


  5. Different medical organizations come up with slightly different numbers in their research. Ireland is #1 according to the UN/WHO.

    In the IHME research they are 6th out of 181 which is pretty consistent that they are near the top of the world.


  6. Have you ever looked for a causative link between abortion rates and domestic violence against women and children. I have no proof but it seems to be a trend that I have recently stumbled upon that countries with the most lax abortion laws have higher incidences of domestic and child abuse/murders. Again, no proof other just observations and putting several factors together. I fully acknowledge that it may not be upheld. It just makes me wonder…


  7. @ bstrangely, those statistics are specifically titled "number of maternal deaths per 100,000 LIVE BIRTHS, not including abortion!!!


  8. Ah, Ireland. Lovely place. They can actually be relatively proud of their government. Lucky. . .


  9. This is very misleading.  Firstly, Ireland, unlike many other countries have no defined time period for what is considered to be a maternal death.  Secondly, if you look at Ireland’s rate of maternal death including deaths where the baby also died, the figures are very poor in comparison with other EU countries


  10. Whether these women are going to England for their abortions or not, you have to be proud to live in a country that protect the unborn. I love the U.S. but that is one thing I am not proud of. It is still to me the best country in the world but we need GOD back.


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