Maggie Gyllenhaal: Just Another Planned Parenthood Parrot

Renowned actress Maggie Gyllenhaal recently expressed to Glamour magazine that she desires to see Planned Parenthood continue to receive federal funds.

She also spewed some of the most trite pro-Planned Parenthood arguments in the book.

“[Politicians are] working to restrict women’s access to reproductive health services—things like cancer screenings, birth control and abortion care,” the actress laments.  Here we go again with the “you just want women to die” garbage.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

No one in their right mind is going to try and prevent women from receiving true health care services—cancer screenings, pap smears, STD tests—but abortion is not about health care.  It is about convenience; 93% of abortions are performed for purely social reasons, ie, because the baby would prove inconvenient.

Over 8,000 Federally Qualified Health Centers in the country provide the same services that Planned Parenthood provides, but abortion is not a vital aspect of their agenda as it is for Planned Parenthood.

“Many of these attacks are designed to shut down one provider: Planned Parenthood…more than 90 percent of [Planned Parenthood] centers’ services are in preventive care; 3 percent are in abortion care.”  Here we go again—the perpetual, misleading “3%” claim.  According to their most recent annual report, “Planned Parenthood health centers cared for three million people,” while they committed 329,445 abortions.  This means nearly 11% of Planned Parenthood patients obtained abortions.  Why not boast about that number?  And, naturally, they’ll never brag how just “3%” of their services earn them over a third of their clinic income and nearly 15% of their overall billion-dollar income.  Why aren’t those fun facts in the annual report?

“[Planned Parenthood] is the place you call if you are 16 and don’t know whom to ask about birth control…It’s the health care resource that offers compassion and respect to women at times when they are incredibly vulnerable and afraid.”  Oh, that’s hilarious.  Saying a 16 year old can trust Planned Parenthood is like saying you can trust a pedophile to babysit your kid.  Planned Parenthood is notorious for covering up the sexual abuse of teenage girls, but hey, you can trust them anyway, right?  They respect you, right?  Will they explain to you that birth control has the potential to kill your newly conceived baby, or that IUDs intend to cause abortions?  Will they inform women that abortion stops their baby’s beating heart, or will they lie to them and mislead them about their developing baby?  Is lying to vulnerable women really more than giving them truthful and factual information?

As she concludes, Gyllenhaal explains she is pregnant with her second child.  (Not “just a fetus?”)  I wonder if she could look at a sonogram of her unborn child and truly think “it would be perfectly acceptable to have your life ended if I so pleased.”  That is exactly the mentality she is advocating when she voices her support for an organization that has thus far violently ended the lives of over five million unborn children like the one growing safely in her womb right now.

15 thoughts on “Maggie Gyllenhaal: Just Another Planned Parenthood Parrot

  1. and then what happens when a girl is injured and she NEEDS her parents insurance information for emergency surgery at the hospital?   What happens then?

    What does Maggie mean by “abortion care”?  She certainly doesn’t mean post abortive care for repair any damaged tissue that the abortion caused, does she?


  2. Jennie, I’m afraid your privilege is showing. Planned Parenthood does do abortions, no one will fight you on that here. But there ARE women who can ONLY access health care through PP because they don’t have insurance or are underinsured. 

    Is anyone on your team (Live Action) not insured or underinsured? Do any of you face the battles the women of PP face or are you just assuming who goes to PP and why? 


    1. I am currently uninsured and received my yearly exam and my choice of birth control (with all options available to me) at no cost at my local health department.  The health department also provides STD screening and treatment as well as pregnancy testing, all free of cost.  Planned Parenthood is not as necessary as they would like us all to the believe.


    2. I am uninsured and would never go to Planned Parenthood for health care.  It would be very easy for me to do so, since they are located 2 blocks from my house.  Everytime I pass PP I pray for the innocent babies that are killed there and meditate on the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel


    3. In my county of roughly 1,000,000 people there are 11 Federally Funded Health Centers.  They are for under insured/uninsured people, they are a pay as you can facility.  In LA county there are 183 clinics, in the Chicago area there are 290 and in the Austin area there are 24, just to list a few places.  How are women, once PP is gone, going to loose anything they can’t get anywhere else? 


    4. Linley, I’m afraid your ignorance is showing! Have you ever been uninsured and super poor? I haven’t had insurance ever, in my whole life, until this year. I was also poor. These services are available elsewhere. I lived in three different states and always got these services from places other than PP. 

      The only time I ever did go to PP I was treated horribly, got a super judgmental lecture on behavior I wasn’t engaging in, and was charged despite paperwork proving I couldn’t pay. PP sucks.


    5. Linley you are right there are uninsured people who can only get healthcare through Planned Parenthood and that is because that is where the federal funds are going to provide for them. NOT because there aren’t plenty of other facilities out there that could/would provide them those services if they were receiving the funds.

      I was one of those mothers who was uninsured and everyone in my family unemployed due to an accident on a job just as our child came into our lives. As we looked for a place to receive assistance the ONLY PLACE we could receive federal assistance was through Planned Parenthood.

      Even though they were supposed to provide counseling etc. the only counseling they offered was to ask me alone several times if I was being coerced into HAVING MY LOVED AND WANTED BABY, even after I told them I always wanted my baby.

      It wasn’t that there weren’t other medical clinics in the area, it was that the only clinic receiving Medicaid funds WAS PLANNED PARENTHOOD!


  3. Looks like Ms. Gyllenhaal NEEDS to do research. Because just saying what PP wants you to say because it sounds pretty for the media, IS GARBAGE!


  4. there are many uninsured and under insured people in America, why not allocate funds to general healthcare for all men, women and children? If abortion is truly a choice then taxpayers should have a choice about where our tax dollars are being spent. I would much rather have my tax dollars spent on necessary healthcare not something that is a choice…


  5. Oh, Maggie…it saddens me when people who are so cute and talented are so ignorant about Planned Parenthood. Especially when they’re also moms.


  6. Maggie

    Keep up the good work.

    There is no benifit to forced mothhood.

    Can’t feed, don’t breed.


    1. Abortion is the answer to the problem?  There are two glaring flaws in the logic there.  First, the woman chose to have sex in the first place, thus causing a pregnancy; the “don’t breed” portion of the advice should be followed before conception, not after.  Second, if you can’t feed your child there are plenty of willing people ready to accept that baby into their family; and before you make the argument about the issues with the foster care system you have to realize that over half the children in it are not adoptable (the case goal being to send them to another relative, back to their mother/father, or emancipate them), and that adoptable babies are able to have families to go home to before they’re ever born.  I agree that you shouldn’t have a child if you are not ready and able to love and care for him/her, but abortion should not be an acceptable solution.


    2. Gene if they don’t want to be mothers they should not have sex.


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