LA Times Says Taxpayers Should Fund Abortion

In an editorial yesterday, the LA Times proclaimed:

“we believe abortion should be treated like any other medical procedure for funding purposes”

Currently Medicaid is barred from paying for abortions of unborn children except in a few instances but if the LA Times got their way, the floodgates would open to use your money to end hundreds of thousands of human lives.

The LA Times view is also outside of mainstream America. An example of this is seen when a Quinnipiac University poll found that:

Voters also oppose 72 – 23 percent using any public money in the health care overhaul to pay for abortions.

And a CNN poll with slightly different wording found that 61% supported a ban of taxpayer funded abortions with 37% supporting.

Also of note, the LA Times stated that previous to the newly reinstated ban of DC taxpayer funded abortion, “Government-funded abortions are rare in the district”. District referring to the District of Columbia. That assessment is contradicted by the DC abortion fund (which raises fund to pay for others to abort their children) which said here that 28 women in just one day would need support paying for their elective abortions now that DC can no longer using taxpayer money to pay for the killing.

2 thoughts on “LA Times Says Taxpayers Should Fund Abortion

  1. "The floodgates would open to use your money to end hundreds of thousands of human lives."

    I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, but tax monies have already been used to end hundreds of thousands of lives in the Middle East and elsewhere. No one's saying that anti-abortion activists should also be anti-war activists–everyone's entitled to advocate for the cause that moves them most–but the "the government has a moral imperative to keep the taxpayers' hands clean" argument only has intellectual integrity if you demand the end of taxpayer funding for the deaths of the post-born as well as the pre-born.


  2. One can argue the prudence of US military involvement in the middle east but do you really believe that US forces have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives?

    Killing the unborn children is killing innocent parties. Killing someone is self defense is not and is not morally equivalent. While I personally think that the US has made and is making some major mistakes in middle east involvement, I haven't see any documentation to suggest that US military is killing hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent people. Yes, there has been killing but the vast majority of that is killing of people who want to bring violence against US forces and civilians. If you think anything that I said is misinformed, I looked forward to what documentation you may have.


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