Komen Reverses Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood

Komen racers gather at event. Photo by by Chris Shaffer.

I was listening to a talk radio show based here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this morning. Mark Davis, a North Texas radio staple since the early 90s, was discussing Susan G. Komen’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood. I was trying to call in because no one was mentioning the abortion-breast cancer link, when I got a text telling me Komen had reversed their decision.

Here is some of Komen’s official statement:

We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives.

The events of this week have been deeply unsettling for our supporters, partners and friends and all of us at Susan G. Komen.  We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood.  They were not.

Our original desire was to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our donors by not funding grant applications made by organizations under investigation.  We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair.

“Or is it what is gutless?” asked Mark Davis on the air this morning.

I had planned on saying two things if I managed to get on the air. The first thing: yes, it’s great that Komen defunded Planned Parenthood, but not great that it took a Congressional investigation to make them do it. It makes it seem like they are fleeing from controversy, when what they should be doing is taking a strong stand for women’s health. Planned Parenthood encourages women to make irresponsible, physically damaging decisions, and makes money off those decisions by offering to suck the decisions out of them and dispose them as medical waste. In the process, they mislead women about the fact that their decision is now a living human being.

The second thing I was going to say: there is medical research showing a link between abortion, birth control pills, and breast cancer, which I’ll get to in a moment. I would call that a conflict of interest, wouldn’t you?

Komen grants funds to Planned Parenthood based on the idea that they provide general “healthcare services” to women. Although it is certainly possible a breast exam at Planned Parenthood might reveal a lump and a mammogram (which PP doesn’ t offer) might be recommended, “Any check written to Planned Parenthood facilitates the abortion services they provide,” as Mark Davis said this morning.

Davis made no bones about his deep admiration for Komen and the work they do to cure breast cancer. What he did not mention, and what he may not be considering, is that you can’t spend money to cure women from this stack, and spend money to hurt them from this other stack. Abortion hurts women. It hurts them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There is also a link — which some in the medical community deny and others proclaim is absolutely true — between having an abortion and contracting breast cancer later in life. I urge you to look at the research and make up your own mind whether denial of the link is politically motivated or based on science.

“We do not want our mission marred or affected by politics – anyone’s politics,” said Komen’s official statement, released this morning. In response to this, Mark Davis said, “The Komen people made this political the day they decided to contribute to Planned Parenthood.”

If raising money to cure breast cancer were their primary concern, they would not have reversed this decision. Their donations went up 100% in the short time since they announced the halting of grants to PP as pro-lifers who have refused to donate to Komen opened their wallets to thank them for their decision, happy to finally be able to contribute to their good work of fighting breast cancer with a clear conscience. I wonder if Komen has given any thought to the fact that those people gave money in good faith believing it wouldn’t be used to fund abortions. Will they refund that money? I guess we’ll see.

Komen has literally chosen Planned Parenthood over finding a cure for breast cancer, which is startling proof both of PP’s political and societal clout, and Komen’s lack of integrity and commitment to their own professed cause. They claim not to be politically motivated, but they give money to the most polarizing “healthcare” organization in the country. They claim all they want to do is cure breast cancer, but Planned Parenthood has no more connection to breast health than any hospital, clinic, or OB/Gyn who performs breast exams as part of a routine physical.

It is a terrible shame that Komen has caved in to political pressure from pro-abortion fanatics who demand obeisance to Planned Parenthood. It is a terrible shame they’re allowing PP and its followers to compromise their mission to cure breast cancer.

If you would like to donate to a remarkable healthcare organization that fights breast cancer every day, consider M.D. Anderson in Houston.


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39 thoughts on “Komen Reverses Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood

  1. I wonder how much “emergency donations” Planned Parenthood got before this came out.


    1. If you would read a legitimate news source as well as this made up nonsense, you would know, as the adults around you do, that PP received this week two high profile donations totaling $900K with the match, and many thousands of smaller donations from the reality based community around the country, many of them the same mainstream Republicans who are embarrassed by the clown show passing as the presidential primaries.

      I suppose I should verify for you my “made up nonsense” remark. Some of you may be interested in personal integrity and fact more than you are in treating women like children who require supervision, as if they are not entitled to personal liberty and autonomy.

      So, cast your browser back to the silly and ignorant articles published here that claimed PP accepts donations for mammograms and does not provide them. Then consider that the leading fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and services (SGK, if you’re not following) repudiates that lie by continuing to fund mammograms and other preventive and educational services through PP. Obviously, they know for a fact what these liars deny.

      So why do you waste your time on these Satan worshippers at LiarAction? Come back to America! You’ll be welcome.


      1. Nothing epitomizes a mature adult like a pseudo-intellectual that calls people “Satan worshippers [sic]”.


  2. Hold steady, friends. The statement from Komen has not changed anything. Read this blog by Jill Stanek: http://www.jillstanek.com/2012/02/decoding-komens-supposed-cave/


  3. I went to the link you posted as “research” that reaches for a corollary between abortions and breast cancer. It would be an insult to junk science to call it junk science. Your readers would be better served going to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecoogists for the straight dope. http://www.acog.org/Resources%20And%20Publications/Committee%20Opinions/Committee%20on%20Gynecologic%20Practice/Induced%20Abortion%20and%20Breast%20Cancer%20Risk.aspx


    1. Not to mention it’s an insanely illogical leap to assume that anyone who receives an abortion from PP also has all their breast health concerns looked after at PP.  Thanks for posting truth to counter such blatant lies.  


  4. “Planned Parenthood has no more connection to breast health than any
    hospital, clinic, or OB/Gyn who performs breast exams as part of a
    routine physical.”

    You’re missing the point of every discussion of Planned Parenthood’s vital importance: in some economically depressed areas, many women living paycheck-to-paycheck can’t just stroll into an ob/gyn. In some economically depressed areas, there may not even be an ob/gyn.

    And as an aside, another article where you just can’t help making it about you. I’m really happy you almost maybe got on the radio for a minute. Good luck next time.


    1. It’s called an op-ed. Look it up.
      Also: there are lots of other places poor women with no insurance can go. I know because I was one and I went to them. They don’t get to advertise as much as PP, tho, because PP gets all the money.
      Clytaemnestra Fungusstar


      1. PP gets the money because they are effective advocates for women and efficient deliverers of services poor women need.

        And yet some women remain unserved, because the ignorant and selfish among us would rather make up lies about strangers than pitch in and help their community.


        1. I’m reticent to bring up presidential politics, but there’s a striking similarity in the use of rhetoric.

          It’s as if the GOP field aren’t running against President Obama, they’re running against a made-up, fictionalized Obama that noone but the Republican primary electorate can recognize.

          Same tactic here. LiveAction writers aren’t working against the real Planned Parenthood, they’re working against a made-up, fictionalized Planned Parenthood that noone but the most zealous pro-life advocates can recognize.

          Easier to beat up on a straw man than deal in the real world.


      2. Oh, I read (and enjoy) plenty of op-eds that don’t go into the minutiae of the writer’s everyday life.

        Also: PP has the brand name. For better or worse, that gives it visibility. Komen used to have a valuable brand-name. Not so sure about that anymore.

        And: I see what you did there. You didn’t make it about you; you made it about me! Rad!


  5. Guess I won’t donate to Komen’s organization.
    Planned parenthood kills babies.


  6. “It is a terrible shame that Komen has caved in to political pressure
    from pro-abortion fanatics who demand obeisance to Planned Parenthood.”
    LOL. This statement is a masterpiece of obfuscation and dishonesty.
    First, let’s look at pressure. “Pro-lifers” have been turning the heat up on Komen for a long time, not least of all with the Pink Bibles controversy. They have been spreading lies and misinformation that Komen money goes to abortion for a long time. They have been whipping up hysteria and baseless fears that giving money to cure breast cancer is actually giving money to have babies torn to pieces. The truth has always been clear, and plainly stated — that Komen’s donation to PP went to cover breast exams. When mammograms were needed, if the PP clinic didn’t do them there, they referred them out and PAID for them. PP has the infrastructure and presence in poorer communities to reach a lot of women; giving funds earmarked only for breast cancer use is about as “pro-life” a thing as you can do, because you are ensuring that women who might otherwise not be able to afford potentially life saving health care get it. This has absolutely nothing, nada, zilch to do with abortion. And yet pro-lifers have cooked up a massive conspiracy that saving women’s lives is actually all part of a plot to torture, kill and maybe even eat (judging by that idiotic bill recently introduced in Oklahoma) babies. (Gasp, the horror of these atrocities…that aren’t really happening!)
    So, after intense pressure from “pro-lifers” who prefer women dying of cancer rather than being saved by PP, Komen hires someone who has previously pledged to defund PP if elected to office…and presto! They defund PP. Their reasons for doing that keep changing as people are rightly outraged that they would allow pressure from groups whose idea of “pro-life” does not, obviously, extend to poor, birthed women to endanger women’s lives.
    But it was only “pro-abortion” “fanatics” who objected to that? Guess again. There are many, many people, some pro-life, some pro-choice, conservative and liberal, who were displeased with that move. Why? Because we can see past your narrow frame of reference, and realize that not everything is about abortion — no matter how much some people want it to be so. Money spent detecting cancer, and thus saving lives, is just that. You can say all you want that that money actually goes to abortions, but the facts are against you: it simply does not, nor has it ever. Ever.
    You might hate PP for performing abortions, but they do alot more than that. And, if you were truly “pro-life”, and not just obsessed with “life” during the period from zygote to birth, you would see that saving lives, even if it’s your opponent doing it, is a good thing; it is “pro-life”.
    I hope, though I am by no means confident, that you can understand just how you hurt your cause, and humanity as a whole, when you advocate moves that would directly translate into human deaths so that you can strike a blow at a foe. It’s really quite sad.


    1. “advocate moves that would directly translate into human deaths”

      What a thoroughly braindead statement.  No, I’d rather money go toward organizations that actually provide cancer treatment and mammograms rather than to a corrupt organization such as Planned Parenthood, which doesn’t provide mammograms (they refer out) nor treat for cancer.  I’d also rather not have money go toward an organization shown to have covered up sex trafficking (Thanks, Live Action!) and statutory rape.  The congressional investigation is not meritless.

      Komen, as an NPO, was under no obligation to fund Planned Parenthood. Instead of thanking Komen for granting them millions of dollars of the last few years, Planned Parenthood sought to destroy Komen using mafia tactics to bully Komen into submission.  This is how Planned Parenthood does business.  Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a good way to show other charities that they do business with Planned Parenthood at their peril.

      I was happy to see that Komen put women’s health before abortion politics, and I’m sad to see that they have apparently backed down.


      1. “Braindead”? Sweet, a zombie argument. 🙂

        Since you apparently were so focused on righteously laying the undead argument to rest, I’ll repeat what I said earlier: Planned Parenthood pays for those mammograms. They also have the presence in poor neighborhoods, and the resources to handle bill payment and fund allocation.  This is something an organization like Komen cannot do on their own — they cannot accurately anticipate which clinics will need how much money in which area throughout the entire country without increasing their overhead astronomically (and thereby lessening their effectiveness). Since PP is in those communities, recognized and utilized by women (and men) there, they are an ideal recipient of funds. Oh, and you do know that many physicians also “refer you out” for mammograms too, right, if they don’t have the equipment on site?

        No, Komen wasn’t obligated to pay them anything — and donors aren’t obligated to give them another cent, either. Thing is, if they are willing to put the “pro-life” vision that justifies letting women die of breast cancer above saving lives, I don’t want to support them. And it’s not just me — there are thousands of us out there. And fyi PP had nothing to do with my decision. I read about Komen’s decision in the news, and, having donated to them as well as defended them from the irrational “yay-breast-cancer-death-pro-life” arguments out there, was not happy, at all. Guess what? Same thing happened for a lot of us. Because, as I said earlier, we are not so obsessed with the pre-born that we’re happy with the living dying…


    2. It’s not just about the abortions. Planned Parenthood is given money for mammograms that they don’t do themselves, and they keep some for their “referral services”. The money is being funneled through a third party, and should go directly to the places who are doing the actual work. Women can find those places by going to the Komen website and looking under Research and Grants, it’s not as difficult as you all make it out to be. The breast exams are the kind any woman can do herself.

      Furthermore, according to the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization, the birth control pill, Planned Parenthood’s pride and joy, is a level 1 carcinogen. It’s up there with tobacco and asbestos.

      It’s not just that the money goes to Planned Parenthood, but it is also the fact that the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation supports them. They do this despite the fact that PP knowingly gives cancer pills to their patients, and there is evidence that an abortion could leave a woman vulnerable to breast cancer. An anti-cancer organization throwing support behind another organization that hands out carcinogenic pills like candy and provides services that may lead to breast cancer vulnerability: how’s that for shooting one’s self in the foot? That’s why we’re against it. They hurt  women. We don’t like it when women hurt.

      Your assertion that we’re not about the poor, vulnerable women is laughable. Why do you think we run pregnancy care centers? These centers provide support for women, children and families, in the forms of food, clothing, shelter, baby items, help with bills, medical services (yes, many do, in fact, have doctors on staff), counseling, job training, job references, baby sitting, help with education, etc. If we didn’t care about poor women, we wouldn’t provide these services.

      We know that there are other places in the community for women to go for free cancer treatments, and for free health care. I don’t know why you all think that Planned Parenthood is the be-all, end-all of women’s health care, when that is far from the truth. I should know, I’m a poor woman without insurance, as well. Community clinics work well for me. I do not need Planned Parenthood, and I find it insulting that you would insinuate such a thing.

      When I was 15, my aunt died from alcoholism due to post abortion stress syndrome. She had been threatened into an abortion she didn’t want, and no one helped her, because PCCs and post-abortion groups weren’t around back then, or at least weren’t talked about. I found out that coercion into abortion is far  from an uncommon occurrence. Just look at Silent No More Awareness, Ramah International, Rachel’s Network, Project Rachel, Victims of Choice, Heartbeat International, Abortion Recovery International, etc. I will never  support any organization that thinks that this kind of abuse is okay to do to women.

      Women will not  die from defunding Planned Parenthood. It is exceedingly insulting for anyone to purport such a thing. We do not need Planned Parenthood, and that is a fact.


      1. First of all, I am terribly sorry for what happened to your aunt.

        But, second, when you tell all these silly lies, it dishonors your aunt’s memory, as it makes it very difficult to believe you aren’t making her up, too.

        So now I have to feel sorry for your aunt for the burden you put on her memory.

        On the bright side, you may never have had an aunt.


        1. What did I say that’s a lie?

          Thank you for your condolences, but not the snarky attitude. My aunt was extremely depressed over her abortion, she did drink heavily, and she did die. I visited her in the hospital. I chose her name, also the name of one of my favorite saints, for my Confirmation name. I am not dishonoring her memory, I am fighting the fight she didn’t get to. I didn’t know any of what happened until after she died, and it didn’t click for me until years later. Now I understand, which is why I have to fight.

          Resources about the other things I referred to:

          American Cancer Society on carcinogens: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerCauses/OtherCarcinogens/GeneralInformationaboutCarcinogens/known-and-probable-human-carcinogens

          World Health Organization on carcinogens:

          Cecil Richards saying Planned Parenthood doesn’t do mammograms:

          Abortion Breast Cancer Link:


    1. Another horrible argument.  So genocide is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does, look at all the good they do! Umm. No.


  7. Kristen,
    Please crawl back under whatever evangelical, Christian, scumbag rock that you crawled out from under!
    To say you know less then nothing, would be an insult to your fellow Christians who demonstrate daily that they  know less then nothing!

    You people really make me sick, You are brain washed from birth into thinking  that Abortions are immoral and must become illegal at all costs. The question is why?
    Why do you care if somebody with an I.Q. that, unlike yours isn’t single digit, decides they for whatever reason, they don’t want to have a baby.
    It doesn’t affect your life at all. We only wish that it did and the Abortions were contagious in the Christian , Bottom of the gene pool circles that you swim in, but that’s a whole other argument.

    You hypocrite Christians are so quick to go to war and kill millions of innocents, yet at the same time you put up this phoney anti-abortion front.
    All Christians care is that the baby is born, after that they couldn’t give a shit.
    How can you be anti National health care, Welfare, Social Security and every other program that benefits these unwanted children you are trying to force people to have. And at the same time always want to go to war!

    You people are phoney hypocrites – nothing more – The only reason you want the people to have the kids is the hope that they will increase your ever dwindling Christian numbers and prop up your dying, constantly closing churches which pollute the land and continue to defraud the treasury with their Tax exempt status.

    Make religion illegal or at least Tax them – That will solve the problem overnight!


    1. That’s an interesting point you make there, Mr. Hate Christians. You’ve clearly thought this position out very thoroughly. I’d like to buy the rights to turn your comment into a movie, or maybe a TV show. How does a million dollars sound, no, a billion dollars!


    2. It’s a shame you feel that way. I mainly say this because if history serves your memory correctly, it was many Christians that helped to form this country. I say many because some Christians will have you believe that the vast majority of the founding fathers were Christians. The most interesting thing is, that only about fifty percent claimed that they held to the central tenants of the Christian faith. But one thing they all (Christian and non-Christian) found to be foundational to creating a free and civil government was the Bible. it’s a shame that in these days we can’t even pass a bill and yet our founders were able to build and establish, not a perfect government, but the best one that the world has ever seen.

      I have a few questions for you.
      1. Do you believe in absolutes?
      2. Where do you get you morals from and how do you know that they are right?
      3. Do you believe that what you believe is absolutely correct and how do you prove it?

      I find more times than not that people, such as yourself, will not answer these kinds of questions. Mainly because they get embarrassed when someone else challenges them and shows how inconsistent they are with what they believe. I noticed in the statement you posted above, that you attack using insults and intimidation tactics and do not seem to be concerned with any factual information. This is the very same method that a bully will use. they’ll pick on some one smaller, call them names, threaten them and try to scare them into submission. They do is to make themselves feel better. They do this to make themselves feel superior. that is, until some one their size challenges them. And in the end, they don’t feel better and they don’t feel superior. It’s just a shame that there are people who just argue with opinionated emotion and very little facts.


      1. I will answer any question you small minded hypocrites ask.
        Your phoney intellect doesn’t intimidate or scare me.

        !. Do I believe in absolutes? What kind of  Brain washed from birth question is that? It doesn’t even deserve an answer, but I will give you a follow up
         – Do you believe in  Fairy Tales? No need to reply, If you believe in religion , the answer is obvious.
        2. Where do I get my morals? Unlike you, mine don’t come from the worlds oldest Comic Book! Why is it that Christians always  answer everything with, The Bibles says….
        The Bible was a book of Fairy Tales written by men who wanted to control  the retards that make up the vast majority of the general population in  most society’s.
         – Ask yourself this  jesus junkie, why don’t you believe in Zeus or buddah or mohamed, Mickey Mouse or even Superman etc… they are just as beleivalbe as the Fudge packer known as jesus. Who by the way was Jewish! All you mental midgets worship a Jew…. PRICELESS!

        You Christians are just like these Right wing nut, lunatics today who constantly say the Founders Believed this or wanted that, the Constitution says this etc…
        NOTHING  from almost 250 years ago is applicable today!  This is why it is Ammended and why it is interpreted, all it is, is a general outline of the rules of the game, Written before Electricity, Indoor plumbing, Clean water and when Slavery was legal. You can wipe your Ass with it. It means nothing today

        Basically, you my friend  and anyone else who believes in an invisible man or a document written in what were for all intents and purposes, the dark ages  are  Insane  and shouldn’t be  aloud  near a computer, a school or Children.

        But hey your Idols with their bibles and robes prove that every day don’t they.
        Now go prey and wait for the wondering Jew to return and tell all your nut jobs just how wrong you are


  8. Komens Goal:
    Breast cancer awareness, Treatment, Prevention and one day a cure

    Planned parenthoods use of  Komens Grants:
    Free Breat exams and treatment where needed promoting awareness and prevention.

    Where is there a problem?

    Hopefully a full criminal investigation will come out of this fiasco, Karen Hande will be fired immediately, Nancy G. Brinker will step down  and disappear permanently and a complete audit of all Komens finances will take place and be made public. We need to know where every penny has gone and is going!

    I can’t wait for the ensuing investigations and discourse.  Shortly we will have a front row seat watching the public humiliation of Komen, the fake Christian tears and appeals for forgiveness, the pleas of “we are doing God’s work” etc.. As the  money trail  begins to come into focus…. The  all but guaranteed discoveries of Bloated Salaries, Campaign Contributions, Lavish expense accounts, Spa visits, Vacation Homes, luxury travel and accommodations and all the other savory morsels bound to turn up –  All paid for through the fund . I cant wait! It’s only a matter of time and we all know its coming 🙂 Stay tuned

    Hopefully people will stop donating anything to komen and instead send it directly to the end user and place where it can do the most good. 

    Planned Parenthood comes to mind as a perfect place to begin!


    1. Funny how nobody had any problem with Komen before they removed the leech of PP.


      1. Yep. Noone thought twice about them. It was just one happy, corporate pink-washing conglomerate. Have a sex-offender on your football team? Just sign your league up for a pink October. It’s the “safe” charity. Un-biased, un-offensive. Everyone can get on board.

        That was the thinking. That was their brand. Now they’ve damaged what was their greatest asset: their brand.

        Now, if pro-life factions have been lobbying for Komen to disassociate from PP for years, which I now gather is the truth, then good on you for being more politically attuned to what Komen does.

        But here’s your teachable moment: it took you years. It took reproductive rights advocates 72 hours.


        1. “Reproductive rights”. You people just can’t bring yourself to call it what it is. ABORTION or more correctly terminating a life. If you guys are so sure that there is nothing wrong with it then why keep hiding behind made up phrases that mean nothing coherent. At least we don’t lie. LIFE. It is what we respect. No catchy slogans, no made up phrases. No verbal acrobatics. Simple and plain. Life. What a beautiful “choice”.


          1. You’re upset that I’m not using the words you’d prescribe for me? Welcome to politics.

            Meanwhile, I see you have nothing substantive to add to my previous points.

          2. Your previous statement was so nonsensical and pointless that it is not possible to add anything substantive to it. Perhaps if you had anything relative to say I could do more than comment on your misleading and ridiculous choice of words.

  9. If smoking while on the bc pill or not on the bc pill causes problems, then what in the name of health is a female to do when she is feeling the pressure to not smoke due to protecting her repro. rights and not allowing herself to be pregnant.  I see. WE aren’t the problem, it’s the rights of the female that are all played out to pieces already.  FIX all those males which have no intention of raising any children, and poof no more bc needed for women.  We aren’t going to just disappear. BUT SERIOUSLY. . . if I were to have known that I”d be called an animal for not wanting to have a sexual life, I wouldn’t be standing up now ‘way later’ saying. . . young ladies, the guys aren’t all that !!  Believe me.  YOU DON”T NEED THEM
    No guys you don’t need fixing, that’s just fine, you’ll be at war fixing another set of people’s problems.  Just when we thought our country was so full of problems…pffththttt!   Go figure


    1.  There are other birth control options other than the pill. And just because my partner would be willing to help raise a baby with me (which he is) doesn’t mean that I want to go off the birth control and become a baby making factory tomorrow.


  10. If a boy knows early on that sex WILL INDEED make a child, and that THAT CHILD isn’t going to go away, and that abortion is murder, . . . hmmmm seems that if the scenario is played in their minds early ,
    blah, blah, blah,  this is getting too old, wow it’s 2012 and we’ve come only this far.
    Is anything ever going to stick with human rights?


    1. Is a child UN-human? Why doesn’t the UN-born have human rights? Why is it that we no longer have to be responsible for the decisions that we make?

      If I make a bad investment should I get my money back? If I wreck my car should I get a new one without having to pay? If I evade paying taxes should I have to pay penalties when the IRS catches me? If I kill my neighbor because he was a fat, lazy, dirty and disgusting slob who was rude and inconsiderate, should the jury free me?

      If we were to take some time to research this subject, than we may re-consider our views on things, There are many famous and influential people who escaped death due to abortion. Alberta Williams King was nearly talked into aborting her second child by doctors who said that the child will be born retarded. She declined because of her Christian beliefs and gave birth to Martin Luther King JR.

      Something to think about!


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