Undercover Video Shows Kentucky Abortion Center Failing to Report Child Sex Abuse

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LOUISVILLE, April  21–Student-led pro-life group Live Action has released footage today of Kentucky’s only abortion provider, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, ignoring the sexual abuse of a child and giving misleading abortion counseling. The footage was taken by Live Action President Lila Rose and actor Jackie Stollar who posed undercover as minors with Rose telling the staff that she was 14-years-old and impregnated by her 31-year-old “boyfriend.”

In the video, the EMW counselor named “Wendy” determines that Rose is “14 to 15-weeks pregnant,” and Rose expresses that she wants to keep the situation secret from her parents. Though Rose gave no indication that she would face abusive parents, the clinic directs Rose to call Louisville attorney Mickey Adams so that she can obtain a judicial bypass around Kentucky’s parental consent law and avoid parental knowledge of the abortion or sexually abusive relationship.

In the state of Kentucky, sex between a 14-year-old and a 31-year-old is rape in the third degree and would reasonably be considered sexual abuse of a child which must be reported to law enforcement immediately. The clinic failed to ask the questions necessary to file a child sexual abuse report and did not communicate to Rose about the illegal or dangerous nature of her sexual relationship.

Rose, a UCLA student, says this sort of disregard for the law is typical at abortion centers. “In abortion clinics across the country, our undercover videos document the widespread cover-up of sexual abuse. Abortion clinics like EMW in Louisville attempt to fast-track underage abortions on vulnerable girls, shut out parents, and blatantly ignore their legal obligation to report the sex predator to police.” says Rose.

Live Action has previously released videos of statutory rape cover-up at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Bloomington, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Los Angeles, CA, Tucson, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Milwaukee, WI. Prompted by a Live Action video, the Alabama Health Department placed the Birmingham clinic on probation after conducting its own investigation which found 9 legal violations. Rose urges officials in Kentucky to follow suit: “State authorities need to investigate this Louisville abortion clinic and hold them accountable to the law,” Rose insists. “Until they do, young girls will be put at risk of continued sexual abuse.”

Watch highlights of the undercover video, as well as the unedited tape
at: http://liveaction.org/index.php/projects/monalisa/142
Learn about Live Action: http://liveaction.org

Kentucky Abortion Center Fails to Report Child Sex Abuse

Abortion Center Gives Medically Misleading Counseling to Girl

18 thoughts on “Undercover Video Shows Kentucky Abortion Center Failing to Report Child Sex Abuse

  1. Lila Rose & Live Action, You are my hero's, keep up the great work you are doing at exposing the lies!


  2. "Judicial Bypass" indeed. That about sums it up. You're awesome, Lila!


  3. THe truth about this video is that these two girls came into our clinic asking questions. "Brianna" was not a patient, she did not have an appointment with us, she just wanted some answers to her questions – and she got them. Wendy was not a counselor, just a receptionist, who certainly can give answers to girls walking in off hte street, but she did not "counsel" them. In order for us to report this kind of sexual abuse we need facts. "Brianna" would have had to have had an appointment with us, received 24 hour consent information, she would have had a biological parent with her, or a guardian with court papers present, or she would have had a judicial bypass with her – before she could even get into the clinic as a potential patient. She would have watched the informed consent video and then had counseling with me, a counselor, (who would obtain more information about her situation so when I made a report I would have had something more to give CPS than "Al") who has an obligation to reprt, and had this been a legitimate situation – that report would have been made, no doubt about it! Lila, stop weaving these crazy lies with your pretend situations. There has to be a better way for you on your road to fame!


  4. "Wendy was not a counselor, just a receptionist"

    –Why are you having a receptionist sit down and counsel girls about abortion and how to obtain a judicial bypass? Isn't that negligent to use a receptionist for these important conversations?

    –Also, Wendy was not working the front desk, clinic staff directed Lila and Jackie into a room and this was the person your clinic choose to talk to them. Lila and Jackie did not choose your staffer.

    "In order for us to report this kind of sexual abuse we need facts. "

    — That is correct. And your clinic did not even ASK the questions necessary to get the facts. That is negligent and dangerous and people need to know about that.

    "Lila, stop weaving these crazy lies with your pretend situations."

    –We have told no lies. We acted out a common situation and your clinic failed in their duties and it is important the that country know about that.

    "There has to be a better way for you on your road to fame!"

    — Assuming motives about others is an offensive thing to do. If your clinic had followed the law, there would be nothing to talk about.

    –The fact remains, the clinic clearly had sufficient reason to suspect child sexual abuse and they did not act. They did not ask the questions necessary and therefore acted in a negligent manner.


  5. Planned Parenthood, you have been caught over and over again in your deceit of these poor young women. You cover up and don't report obvious sexual molestation of a minor. You speak untruths. These are just a few of the situations caught on camera by Live Action. I'm sure there are thousands of occurrences such as this daily by Planned Parenthood throughout the country. And these are not lies. Again, you've been caught and making excuses. I pray every day that one day your doors will close permanently.


  6. While most of our investigative videos are of Planned Parenthood, this one is actually an independent clinic although they are associated with the National Abortion Federation.


  7. great work…there are so many lies out there that need to be shown for what they are. These people care NOTHING for the girls except how they can get money from them. And "Anne" or whoever you are – the proof is in the pudding here – anyone watching this video can see the truth and your spin doesn't cut it. In the beginning of the video she clearly says that they "can go in here" and shuts the door behind them. She clearly does an end run around the issue of sexual abuse as well as parental notification (This attorney "Micky" who falsifies court documents should be brought up on charges as well)!

    As for Lila trying to gain fame, no one who stands for the rights of the unborn as she does believes they will be famous for it. She does the RIGHT thing, unlike people at these clinics who see only dollar signs.


  8. Well, then, David, more prayer goes out that all these independent clinics close their doors.


  9. Anne,

    You can talk about the lack of appointment and all the other rules all you like, but that only applies to the abortion itself. Show me the law that says one needs an appointment in order for you to report the sexual abuse.

    And "Wendy" certainly offered a lot of counseling for someone who isn't a counselor.

    The informed consent video also only applies to the abortion procedure. A girl doesn't need a parent or guardian with court papers or a judicial bypass to be able to give details about a sexual assault.

    The bottom line Anne, is you would have been better off just not responding at all, but I am glad you did. You represented yourself as being from the clinic, and in doing so you just poked another hole in your already sinking ship.


  10. This is so sad. Being a mother, I can't imagine someone going to such extreme measures to aid my child in even possibly considering an abortion without my knowledge or consent. And the lack of questions and concern over the very real criminal act of a 31 year old man having sex with a 14 year old girl just makes me sick. Abortion is a business…a money maker.


  11. Excellent responses to "Anne," who needs God's grace and love in her life. I feel sorry for anyone trapped by "the one who seeks to kill and destroy." God is all about second chances, life, love and peace!!


  12. You know if abortion clinics lie to their patients then it is reasonable to believe they will lie defending themselves. Pray their scales will be removed from their eyes and hearts.


  13. Maybe I'm missing something, but … this girl was not actually pregnant by her "31 yo boyfriend," but was instructed by an adult to lie to that effect? Perhaps she is lucky this was not reported, since I'm sure it would be illegal to make a false accusation like that.


  14. "I’m sure it would be illegal to make a false accusation like that."

    –There was no actual person accused and absolutely no legal wrongdoing.

    What happened was the EMW Women’s Surgical Center had a duty to report sexual abuse of a child. They were given a situation in which they should have made a child abuse report yet they failed to do so.

    The actions of EMW Women’s Surgical Center are endangering young girls and putting them at risk of sexual abuse.


  15. Chris, yes you are missing something. Lila and Jackie /are/ adults. They were posing as young teen girls.

    The fact that was illuminated in the video is this: The abortion mill staffer was only interested in selling the abortion. There was no pause in the sales pitch when the age disparity was mentioned. The fact that it's illegal is beside the point. The real issue here is the welfare of young girls. It was totally disregarded. There's no denying it.

    The law (should) exist to protect the innocent, policy based on a moral good. The moral good was missing in the abortion mill's actions. The legal implications are secondary.


  16. I have a dumb question. I'm on your side and a huge fan of these video investigations. However, I've noticed that the past few are being promoted and "hyped" as a "new" undercover video, and when they come out, the dates indicate they are a year old.

    I guess what I'm wondering is why L.A. is holding onto these for so long. Can you shed some insight into the thinking here? Obviously, I'm coming from the position that we'd like to see these hit the light of day ASAP. Are their legal reasons they are being held back? A friend of mine in video production suggested that the editing process may be adding time to it, but I can't see that taking more than a few months at best.

    I'm assuming I'm not the only one to wonder about this. The other thought I had was that each "ploy" is used in a similar way and that by releasing them as they are finished, you would damage your ability to re-use the same script because word would get out among the pro-aborts. I think this is why they often film an entire season of a hidden camera show before airing the first episode. Again, this would "make sense", but they still seem really delayed. For instance, this one is almost two years old. And again, we would really like to see pressure brought to bear against PP and its minions, even if it meant a little risk to ourselves and future success of these ploys.

    (And besides, personally, I think that even with warning from NAF and others, the clinic workers and owners are so profit-driven (blinded by greed) that they *still* would be unlikely to heed any warnings from other clinics.


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