Fr. Sammie Maletta Presents How the Obama Administation is “Waging War on the Catholic Church”

A couple weeks ago, St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indiana received a provocative sermon from their priest, Fr. Sammie Maletta. This ten-minute homily elucidates exactly what Obama has done to our country; it tells of the promises he made and broke concerning the safeguard of conscience-protection laws in ObamaCare. Fr. Maletta explains what the Church has done for medical care in America and how that will be halted by the mandate. Perhaps most importantly, he shows how the HHS mandate fills the pockets of government officials and places the reins of medicare into the hands of the State, instead of the people, where it belongs.

Fr. Maletta is also a civil lawyer and familiar with the ins and outs of the elusive words of the HHS mandate. He translates, into common terms, what the mandate means and what it will do to us, the people.

Please listen to this video. It’s ten minutes well-spent.

44 thoughts on “Fr. Sammie Maletta Presents How the Obama Administation is “Waging War on the Catholic Church”

  1. “… places the reins of medicare into the hands of the State”.

    You know Medicare is a government program, right?


  2. We should have waged war on the Catholic church when it was shipping it’s child molesting priests from parish to parish and covering up for them……the church’s history of inquisition, staying silent during the holocaust, etc. is long and through the centuries.  Corrupt. Venal. Disgusting.  You should be more worried about the children you have resigned to a life of coping with their shame at being raped rather than the silly issue of birth control.
    the vatican will never control our government.


    1. I think your response is unfair. I do not advocate or defend the crimes committed but I can defend the church as a whole. Yes, there have been SOME priests that committed those crimes. Last I checked it was approx just under or around 1%. Not a large number but I’ll agree it’s 1% too many. Yes, there have been SOME bishops, not all, that transferred priests around. More of these types of crimes go on in our schools and other organizations. It’s unfair to blame the church as a whole because that is not what it teaches nor condones. As with anything, you will always find some that do not have the best interests of an organization at heart and that sometimes includes clergy. Even when Jesus walked the earth, one quarter of his disciples had issues. One denied him, one doubted him, the others abandoned him and one turned him into the authorities and the sad part is that they knew who he was. John was the only one that stood at the cross. Would it then be conceivable that over a 2000 year period that SOME, not all, within the church that Jesus established would do the same? Of course it would be.  Does it matter to you that a percentage of these abuse claims are false and are motivated by money? It’s true and I never heard the news media talk about that. How angry are you at our government and the massive corruption that takes place? Do you still pay your taxes or not in protest of those crimes?? How about corporate corruption? Do you still buy products from these places? The Catholic Church has done so much good around the world with education, social and medical care. Mother Theresa is one of the best examples I can give. The Catholic Church is the largest health care provider and runs more missions for the poor then any one person or organization in the world. I would ask you to research this more rather than make a blank statement which if I had to guess, most of your knowledge on this matter came from the news media. Not a great place to go and obtain unbiased information in order to form an objective opinion.


      1.  Padreis,  I am praying for you that you may one day realize that you hate what you think the Catholic Church is, rather that what it truly is.  You have believed the lies of the deluded, ignorant, and wicked.  Visit to learn the truth.


      2. HOW  MANY LIVING “SPIRITUALLY MURDERED” IS OK?all over the rcc world.


        i WAS 60 YRS A rcc.


        1. Where do you get the idea that molesting children is OK with bikefast9, let alone the Catholics at large?  What a ridiculous statement. 


          1. Simple, you hold anti-choice vigils at reproductive health clinics all the time, and you protest gay rights all the time, but how often do you protest sexual abuse of children by priest?

            I’ve never heard of one occasion when Catholics as a whole take a stand on it, so it’s easy to assume, the sexual abuse of minors is ok, but abortion is not. 

          2. Catholics as a whole are OUTRAGED by it Wade Felty, but your ilk celebrate the murder of innocent human life. 

          3. They are outraged, what are they doing about it? 

            I defy you to find one of our “innocent child murdering parties” where we celebrate said act. 

          4. At your abortion mills while you’re counting the money.

            The fruit of the womb for the sin of the soul………

          5. Well sad to say, I don’t run one or even make money from one! But fortunately for women who want to control their own bodies, they do exist. 

            Maybe one day someone you know will need one and I’m sure they’ll get plenty of kindness and understanding from me and your ilk 

            And by that I mean, hatred and a condescending judgmental attitude. 

          6. Hatred and a dcondescending, judgmental attitude is what I’m getting from your words.

          7. Oh you wouldn’t know anything about that would you! 

      3. Please, tell us all the good the Roman Catholic Church has done for anyone, I’d love to hear that. Tell us about the social and medical care and the education. That’d be worth a hoot. 


        1. Why don’t you tell us about the UN, where child molesting and rape by UN soldiers is much more widespread than in the Catholic church.  How many of them have been prosecuted by the ICC?  Catholic and other Christian organizations do much for the poor worldwide for LESS money than the corrupt UN.


          1. And why don’t you tell the voting public all of the strings attached (the ifs, ands, ors and buts). How about the nifty Catholic priest this week who refused to give Communion to a woman at her own mother’s funeral? Is that an example of Catholic Charity? Or please, tell us about the Archbishops who made victims of pervert priests (I like the sound of that) sign statements pledging them to keep their ORDEAL secret to avoid scandal for the church?

            Or how about the millions of native Latin Americans killed by your Church that does so much for the poor? 

          2. I don’t know any Catholics who stand by the molestation of children and its facilitation.  Those who did nothing to stop this have done great harm to the church.

            Should priests give communion to people who call themselves Catholics but facilitate abortion and other actions disallowed by the church?  I think not.  If you don’t believe in Catholic doctrine, don’t call yourself a Catholic.  It’s very simple.

            What millions of Latin Americans killed by my Church? 

            The Catholic Church does a lot for the poor, more than your abortion mills.  Your hero Margaret Sanger wanted to sterilize blacks and southern Europeans because they weren’t fit to reproduce.  Yes, your hero Margaret Sanger and her genocidal eugenics movement, aka Planned Parenthood, have slaughtered more of humanity than any Catholic. Your genocidal eugenicist sponsored a talk by one of Hitler’s ‘racial hygiene’ ministers in the United States. 

          3. Yikes, I guess you have me on the run Boetica, your superior logic has defeated me! woe is me!

            The millions of Native Latin Americans killed by your Holy Mother Church when they arrived in Latin America and insisted that the Aztecs and Incas among others, accept their way or die. 

            Yes your Church. 

          4. Wade, do you only focus on the “evils” of The Catholic Church?  Set your sites on Islam too.  Get some perspective Wade.

          5. And how many did the Aztecs and Incas kill before the Spanish arrived?  How could the Spanish have defeated the Incas and Aztecs without help?  Do you approve of the murder and mayhem of the Incas and Aztecs?

          6. Where is this cornucopia of information about Peacekeepers who’ve sexually assaulted anyone? 

          7. I guess you’re so obsessed with demonizing the Catholic Church that you missed it, Wade. 

    2. Don’t hold these incidents against the whole Church.  Remember your beliefs and remember the one Church of the world and we are fighting for all religions and for our future generations.  Freedom is not cheap and lots of men and women gave their lives for this.
      As for the priests that were molesting children how about others that have done this how come the media doesn’t fill the papers and tvs with these same incidents. It was wrong 100% but how about being fair and report all the others as well.  Remember it also happens behind closed doors in some very important peoples homes.
      God bless your soul and I hope and pray people in Wash.DC see what the rights of people are being infringed upon.


      1. Right, like the school in California that was just in the news: Teachers were WORKING TOGETHER to molest children!!  It was horrible and one of the ghouls took photos of the kids which were found.  They saw in the photos a blue plastic spoon feeding the kids.  They found it in the teacher’s desk and it tested positive for his semen.

        So, before you blame the Catholic church, you might want to blame all the other child molesters out there.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to toss a little blame to Planned Rapinghood, who helps guys like that hide their crimes.


        1. Why blame others before the Catholic Church? Don’t they tell everyone else how to live their life, even in their own homes? If you are going to sit in judgement of others, you better be ready to demonstrate that you are perfect and free of guilt, or you will pay a price. God is no fan of hypocrites. But then again, it’s not God you are working for, it’s Pat Robertson, Joseph Ratzinger and Jerry Falwell.


          1. Please give us the percentage of Catholic priests molesting children vs. the percentage of priests who took their sacred vows to God seriously.


         YOU DON’T USE MY SAVIORS name and molest the  vunerable of this world,  how dare they!  


    3. The Vatican doesn’t want control of our government, they want fair treatment of Catholics, freedom of religious exercise, and the end to inhumane practices like abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and unjust war, which are barbaric practices that infringe on rights of human beings.

      As for your other problems with the Church:

      There was no single Inquisition, there were a few different inquisitions. These inquisitions were fairer than the secular trials at the time, in which some people would actually commit blasphemy in order to get a fairer trial with the Church. The legal practices instituted in the inquisitions were some of what the US bases our current judicial system on: investigations done by the court, legal representation, witness protection, due process, detailed records kept on evidence and testimony, no conviction without full proof, etc. These inquisitions were not ongoing, they were sporadic at best. The Church only handled the trial. Those who were found guilty were handed over to local governments for punishment. Other than the links below, you can read the findings of secular historians in Edward Peters, Inquisition; Paul F. Grendler, The Roman
      Inquisition and the Venetian Press; John Tedeschi, The Prosecution of Heresy;
      and Henry Kamen, The Spanish Inquisition.

      The Church was silent about the Holocaust because they were in the middle of Italy, being run by Mussolini, a dictator who was a friend and partner of Hitler. The Church took in many of the Jewish people, including being housed in the Vatican, itself. The Church also forged documents and for the Jewish people to escape. Also, allied leaders from Britain and the US actually told Pope Pius XII to keep quiet, fearing serious political repercussions. There were also many Catholics who ended up in the concentration camps, because they spoke out against Hitler and the Holocaust. One was a priest, name Maximilian Kolbe, who gave his life for another prisoner, and was declared a saint for his heroic act. In addition, when Pope Pius XII heard that the trains were coming to Rome to take the Jewish people to concentration camps, he had a letter written to the German Governor of Rome, General Rainier Stahel, and requested that the arrests stop, on threat of public protest. Stahel called Himmler, and had the arrests stopped. There were 12,428 Jewish people in Rome at the time, and the train only took off with 1,007 of them. Over 11,000 were saved that day.

      From time to time on this site, I admit that I am an assault survivor, however, I have never told of the circumstances in which it happened, until now.

      I was assaulted by students in my class at a Catholic school. I won’t go into details, because it was disturbing enough to live it once. One of those students assaulted multiple girls, and they all complained, but no one did anything. The principal knew about it, as did the pastor. Both did nothing. In fact, the pastor laughed when told of my situation, and remarked that it was what kids do. The pastor was also a respected police officer (don’t ask, long story). When he was told, he should have done something, but he didn’t. My teachers’ hands were tied. All they could do was give the students detention, and ask to suspend the students.

      I’m still a Catholic. I left the Church for about a year, but then came back when I realized it wasn’t the Church as a whole that was at fault, but it was the fault those who abused me and the principal and priest who ignored it and covered it up. Luckily, there were other circumstances going on, and the priest was eventually removed. I don’t blame the Church, and I don’t blame the Pope. Yes, I lived in one of the areas hit hardest by the abuse scandal, but that doesn’t mean that the Bishop was to blame, either. I went to a new parish, and found people who were good to me, who cared, who supported me. My faith is more important to me than you can imagine.

      What you seem to not understand is that, until the mid 1990s or so, it was common practice, not just in the Catholic Church, but outside of it as well, to try to rehabilitate abusers. Now we know that they can’t be rehabilitated, but back then it was thought that it was possible to do so. When the psychiatrists and psychologists thought that the abusers were rehabilitated, they released them, and had them moved to a new area. It was thought that removing them from the situation and putting them in a new environment would remove the temptation to fall back into old habits.

      The priest abuse scandal is a horrendous mark on the Church that should never have happened. The Church should have had something in place to make sure that situations of this nature never happened. The fact that all of this was swept under the rug for so long is a tragedy. Is what we’re doing now enough? No, and neither is what is being done in secular situations enough, either. If you fault the entirety of the Church for what happened, you have to fault the entirety of the American school system, because the same was done with teachers. Indeed, the Vatican never even had the authority to put a system in place to deal with these situations until 2001, when Pope John Paul II released his motu proprio titled Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela (English translation).  It has since been updated by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI released the Normae de Gravioribus Delictis, to further define the offenses in which the Church must take action, and how. See also:


      1. I’m sad for you, that you are still trapped in spiritual slavery to Rome. I got out of that wrotten business over 10 years ago. Please don’t tell me that the church cares about unjust wars and the death penalty, when 90% of their public comments are about gays and abortion. They want to control our sexual desires, that is all. 

        And so what if they were “handed over” to the local government and the Church “only” handled the trial. They were tortured during their trial and then condemned to death. Do not insult the US by saying our legal system was based on anything Papist. We moved away from all of that and towards rule of law and the beyond a reasonable doubt standard.

        Please accept that not everyone is Catholic or wants to be Catholic. 

        And your examples from the Holocaust are laughable, at best. The Church as an organization did nothing, while yes individual prelates did help sometimes. But what do you say about the Vatican giving fake passports to Croatian and German war criminals so they could go to Argentina? Or the fact that Pope Pius made a Concordat with the Third Reich? 

        I hope you are one day able to free yourself from Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome to the Church of Rome and think for yourself. 


        1. I’m not in spiritual Stockholm syndrome, thank you very much. I’ve seen and experienced things that you could only imagine, and so I choose to be Catholic.

          I know that not everyone is Catholic or wants to be Catholic. I believe in the free religious exercise that our Constitution ensures.

          The Catholic Church only talks about homosexuality when others conspire to force us to change our Sacraments into something that they’re not. Marriage is for the good of the couple, under God, for the procreation and education of offspring. If you want, we could abolish secular marriage, and make them all into civil unions, if that will stop you from infringing on our free exercise.

          We argue against abortion because it hurts women and it kills children! Therefore, it goes without saying.

          It doesn’t matter what you say, our legal system was built upon the Magna Carta and the common law system in Britain, which were based upon the ideas that were started by the inquisitions. You can stick your fingers in your ears screaming, “LA LA LA,” until the cows come home, it doesn’t change history.

          The individuals make up the Church. You can’t have an organization without people. There could be no official organizational fight against the Nazis, as that would make the Church even more of a target. As I explained, there were already many Catholics who ended up in concentration camps for speaking out. We had an underground organization. If you had read any of the links I posted, you would see for yourself. There were quotes from secular historians in those articles, verifying what happened.

          Even though a few priests may have helped Nazis escape, it does not mean that the Vatican, as an
          institution, was aware of or condoned the actions of these individuals. Pope Pius XII, the wartime pope, was a fierce adversary of
          Nazism and was dedicated to rescuing the Jewish people. Bishop Alois Hudal was supposed to minister to the Nazi prisoners, not help them escape. If the Vatican had helped them escape, they, themselves, would have been tried. If you fault the Vatican for a few priests helping Nazis escape, know this: The OSS, the predecessor of the CIA, also helped “useful” Nazis escape.

          Wernher von Braun, a Nazi scientist and pilot, and his brother, were brought to the US, and helped found NASA.
          The Red Cross helped 8,000 members of the SS escape.

          The Nazis tried to kidnap Pope Pius XII. The leading Rabbi of Rome actually converted to Catholicism following the war. Had they actually helped the Nazis, he never would have.

          Einstein is quoted as saying, “Only the Catholic Church stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign for suppressing the truth. I never had any special interest in the Church before, but now I feel a great affection and admiration because the Church alone has had the courage and persistence to stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom. I am forced thus to confess that what I once despised, I now praise unreservedly.”

          See The Pius War: Responses to the Critics of Pius XII and The Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David Dalin, The Righteous by Sir Martin Gilbert (official biographer of Winston Churchill), Righteous Gentiles by Ronald J. Rychlak, Crusade of Charity: Pius XII and POW’s by Sister Margherita Marchione, and Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Revisionists: Essays by Patrick J. Gallo. Also, see any article on the topic by Michael Tagliacozzo, the foremost expert on the Holocaust, and Holocaust survivor.
          There’s also the Pave the Way Foundation, which Mr. Tagliacozzo helped found:


        2. Wade, You are a misguided soul. As a Catholic we believe in God given free-will and as you said “… accept that not everyone is Catholic or wants to be Catholic.” We do accept that. What I don’t understand is why a Catholic-Hater like yourself feels compelled to make so many comments about something he clearly doesn’t understand. I’m not going to argue point by point. But as one who has educated myself about Catholicism, I can say with certainty that you are wrong on several levels and points. Do you also go on Muslim web site and bash them or just focus on a “soft target”.


    4. Weren’t 98% of these attacks same-sex attacks?  I thought so.


      1. What’s your point Queen Boetica? Men who attack other men sexually overwhelmingly identify as heterosexual, it is about control and power not about sex. I happen to work in that very field. So don’t try your homophobia here, go back to Rome. 


        1. Men who want to attack other men sexually self-identify as heterosexual?  Interesting.  It sounds to me like they have psychological issues surrounding their same-sex attraction.  Spare me the “homophobia” card.


    5. shame on you for generalizing to the Catholic Church when there bad apples everywhere. God forgive you.


  3. When Fr. says(vehemantly) that he and the  catholics should shut down every aspect of their colleges, charity organizations, whether hospitals ,schools, etc. If the Pres. doesn’t do what the  rcc wants..he’s full of it.  .. It’s not a true statement.  They won’t shut down any “cash cow”,  unless they get SUED  into it…  

     The rcc gets money from the government  in the form of grants, etc. etc., They do it cleverly so no one knows.  They get money from all over the place with NO ACCOUNTABILITY  TO ANYONE..THEY ARE A NON PROFIT!

     They are being SUED in cities  all over the   USA  and the World  for SEXUALLY ABUSING our vunerable  children. Also THEY ARE BEING SUED  in the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT( ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


    They( priests, nuns and brothers) rape our vunerable children, handicapped and marginalized people   and  move them all over the country and the world so they don’t get “found out”! Save  the rcc but not the vunerable.They’ve done this  for millenniums and get a way with it.  Now they say” if everything falls apart”  it’s because of aboration, birth controll etc. What a crock!   What evil lives in those walls? NON PROFIT!

    Maybe, if the poor in the world, like the Africans,Hatians  Mexicans,Irish, etc. etc.   had some birth control, rather than all  the rcc CONTROL they could “LIVE” better lives. People could plan their families ..Normal. advances in science we use everday.    Oh, no……Abortion is not good for mom or child. 

    This fr sammie maletta jr. sounds like he’d love to be a dictator  in this war for  the unborn.  .  “In my humble opinion”, as he  put it.   he sounds like he cares nothing for the LIVING “SPIRITUALLY MURDERED CHILDREN” who are still dealing with this  BY PEOPLE OF RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY. WHO DO EVERTHING IN THEIR POWER TO  HOLD ON TO THEIR POWER AND COULD CARE LESS FOR THE UNFORTUNATE. REMEMBER  THEY ARE A NON PROFIT. 


    1. You’ve made some extraordinary claims there, and extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

      Here’s something to think about: If the administration doesn’t change anything, all the Catholic hospitals in the U.S. will close in two years, from paying fines for not violating their consciences.

      Also, the Vatican runs on an extremely small budget. The “riches” you are imagining are the buildings, cathedrals, art, etc, that have been acquired from being around for 2000 years. Here’s a summary of the budget of the Vatican from 2010:

      As many have said, the amount of abuse that occurs is small compared to
      other organizations. Granted, even that much abuse is too much for me,
      however you seem to be implying that abuse is widespread. Please point me to the source where I can find more information about the “priests, nuns and brothers” who “rape our vulnerable children.”


      1. Look at the Ryan Report, or look up the Magdeline Sisters. The Irish government has made 4 reports on the abuse in that country alone. 

        I won’t miss Catholic hospitals, good riddance to them then. This is the US, if you can’t recognize our laws, go back to Rome. 


  4. I’m sure the Obama administration will love to get ahold of this information, now they can be investigated for taking political positions while not paying taxes! Their non-profit status can be revoked at last!

    Hypocritical child-abusing pervert priests telling women that they need to have more children. 


  5. If you are in business you know about the increase in intrusion by this administration. It is either a dark side or extreme naivite’ that O’Bama rules. What we know is his word is not good and his ethics are more than suspect. The rulings of HHS are a corupt use of government powers!


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