Check out Lila’s Commentary from on Why Planned Parenthood is Irrelevant to Women’s Health

From Fox News:

Indiana has become Ground Zero in the national battle to defund the largest abortion chain in America, Planned Parenthood.

As it well should be.

When I walked into the Bloomington, Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic posing as a 13-year-old girl impregnated by a 31-year-old man, I knew what would happen — because the same thing had happened in all the other Planned Parenthood clinics I had already visited.

The counselor or nurse may acknowledge that she is required by law to report the abuse to Child Protective Services, but then assures me in the strictest confidence that she won’t. Then she will coach me on how to circumvent parental notification laws by going out of state for the abortion, and tells me to lie about her boyfriend’s age. Ultimately, I am promised an abortion and sent out the clinic door–back to the “boyfriend.”

5 thoughts on “Check out Lila’s Commentary from on Why Planned Parenthood is Irrelevant to Women’s Health

  1. I saw undercover footage of something similar, right in my own state! I am so angry at Planned Parenthood; They make me so mad!


  2. i cant believe that its true… ive been there & ive had a friend who is pregnant & they never told her any of that.. i dont understand why anyone would want to get rid of their baby especially a place like planned parenthood


  3. I know when they ask their set of questions before “services” one of them is to check if the girl is being abused in any way. But, instead of asking if the girl feels safe and giving her time to answer honestly, they say it like, “you feel safe at home right?-okay question”


  4. I really loathe Planned Parenthood. It’s nothing but an abortion mill. It slaughters the innocent unborn and maims the mother, especially those who are in an abusive situation.  The people who perform the abortions are not concerned with the safety of the mother.  They want to perform an abortion. That’s it.  Why?  Ka-ching!!!


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