Charles Blow’s Schizophrenic Take on Children, Religion and Sex

Charles Blow, New York Times

Charles Blow offers a decidedly schizophrenic view at the New York Times about children, religion and sex that merits a thorough fact check.

Blow propagates a false statistic in regard to the rate of unintended pregnancy.

According to a report issued this week by the Guttmacher Institute, the unintended pregnancy rate has jumped 50 percent since 1994 […]

Guttmacher actually reported, “the overall U.S. unintended pregnancy rate has remained essentially flat—about 5% of U.S. women have an unintended pregnancy every year.”

The unintended pregnancy rate among the poor had gone up, but among everyone else the rate went down. The overall rate is flat. Blow seems to think the rate for the poor is the overall rate.

Blow slams people of faith for saying that if you get pregnant you should not abort and classifies children as “punishment”.

Blow: “Even if you follow a primitive religious concept of punishment for sex […]”

Blow makes clear a second time a contention that a child is “punishment” for sex and that people of faith desire this “punishment”.

Blow: “This is what we’re saying: actions have consequences. If you didn’t want a child, you shouldn’t have had sex. You must be punished by becoming a parent even if you know that you are not willing or able to be one.”

Blow refuses to say the word “abortion” while advocating for the acceptance of child killing.

Blow: “We also have to preserve women’s birth options should they become pregnant, including the option not to give birth.”

Blow claims unintended pregnancies are happening because of stigma or judgment about sex.

Blow: “We have to remove the stigma and judgment around sex.”

Who is against sex? No one. It is when sex becomes solely an act of selfish pleasure as opposed to a giving of one’s self completely to one person as an act of love that it becomes unhealthy morally, socially, emotionally and even physically. Sex that is solely for selfish pleasure is the type of sex that leads to parents not caring about a child that may be conceived. These unhealthy relationships are the ones in which children are rejected as if they are a “punishment.”

Winston Churchill once said, “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  One can only imagine what it is that prompts so many to adopt such a disregard for truth as we find in Charles Blow’s claims at the New York Times, but in the end, truth will be there. Falsehood cannot withstand the light of truth.

5 thoughts on “Charles Blow’s Schizophrenic Take on Children, Religion and Sex

  1. This is not surprising given the liberal propaganda that the NYT spouts.  This is par-for-the-course1!  Aww I might as well say it, this dude is an IDIOT!!


  2. That’s just a typical, emotional pro-choice argument.  If they want to say that a woman is being punished with a baby for having sex then, by that logic, they would have to think abortion is the baby’s punishment for being conceived. 
    I mean its not the unborn’s fault they were unplanned, it’s not the unborn’s fault the mother doesnt want him/her.  Someone should ask mr. Blow why shoud the unborn baby be punished for the mother’s mistake?


  3. Does no one see the double standard here. These people believe being sexually responsible is going to a class and buying birth control. But when a person buys a car, they do not believe that being a responsible driver is simply going to a class and buying a car, there is also insurance, gas, paying attention while driving, making sure tires are properly inflated, changing the oil when needed, tune-ups; basically an ongoing and never-ending act of taking care.  And what mixed messages we send people…Ladies, you have a choice- have sex or not, take BC or not, and when pregnant- have the child or not. Gentlemen, you have to follow whatever the ladies decide, the only thing you are allowed to say is: “I support whatever decision YOU make”.


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