Ford Foundation Donations to Catholics for Choice

“Catholics for Choice” Nets $300,000 Grant From Foundation Planned Parenthood CEO Helps Lead

Catholics for Choice is an organization that advocates for the right to abort one’s child — against established Catholic church teaching. While the organization has twice been condemned as a fraud by U.S. Catholics bishops but they boast a significant budget funded mostly by a select group of foundations. This year, the Ford Foundation gave Catholics for Choice a $300,000 grant as seen below:

Ford Foundation Donations to Catholics for Choice
Ford Foundation Donation to Catholics for Choice

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is a trustee of the Ford Foundation and chairs the board’s Finance Committee. Ford Foundation documents show that the Finance Committee holds major sway over where fund go:

The Finance Committee shall assist the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to: reviewing and monitoring spending policy for the Foundation consistent with the Foundation’s long term goals; reviewing and monitoring the Foundation’s budget, including program and management appropriations and capital spending; and such other matters as the Board of Trustees may from time to time determine.

Ford Foundation Cecile Richards

  • Since it is established that Catholics for Choice (and the Ford Foundation via their funding) are working to change Catholic teaching, does Cecile Richards as a non-Catholic support this move to change Catholic teaching on abortion?
  • Does Cecile Richards feel it is appropriate as a non-Catholic to try to advocate changing Catholic church beliefs? Does Richards feel it is appropriate to try to change the beliefs or Muslims or other faiths she is not a member of?

9 thoughts on ““Catholics for Choice” Nets $300,000 Grant From Foundation Planned Parenthood CEO Helps Lead

  1. This is absolutely horrific!  How can they call themselves Catholic???!!!

    God help them!


  2. she is a very sick individual! if she was not raised catholic then she has no business in trying to change it or if she left the church for good!


  3. This is the kind of research and communication we need. We need to follow the trail of (a) money (b) personal alliances. 


  4. Nothing new with Planned Parenthood, they remain the bottom of the barrel, or even better, the bottom of the out door toilet. Why would we expect any less?


  5. The first link about the USCCB twice declaring CFC to be a fraud does not link to anything about that… will you please fix it? I need a link to that and I can’t find one.


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