BREAKING: Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood’s Funding, Sex Trafficking Cover-Up

For the first time in history, Congress has launched their own investigation into the well known abuse scandals and sex-trafficking cover-up within the walls of the nation’s biggest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood. Just seven months ago, Live Action’s undercover videos prompted the first congressional defunding of Planned Parenthood. As well as releasing evidence documenting Planned Parenthood’s sexual abuse coverup and willingness to assist child sex traffickers, our team sent the videos to Congress. The following is Live Action president Lila Rose’s statement on the pending investigation:

Contact: Kristina Hernandez, 323.454.3304, [email protected]


We applaud Congress’s first concrete steps to investigate Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in the nation. Last February, the Live Action team released undercover videos showing seven Planned Parenthood clinics aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of children. In the wake of the videos, the House of Representatives voted to defund the abortion giant of the over $360 million they receive in federal funds. This step by Rep. Stearns to further investigate Planned Parenthood’s abusive and lawless activities is essential to protecting victims of abuse, our young girls, and our unborn brothers and sisters.

Over the past four years, the Live Action team has been conducting national undercover investigations of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Our undercover footage has documented the widespread cover-up of child sexual abuse in 10 different states, the aiding and abetting of child sex trafficking, willingness to commit race-based abortions, and the coercion and manipulation of women. Despite these and other crimes against women and children, Planned Parenthood continues to receive over $360 million in taxpayer subsidies each year. Americans stand with Rep. Stearns’s step to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their on-going abusive activity that endangers women, the victims of abuse and young girls.
Click  here to read the Sept. 15 letter of Rep. Cliff Stearns, Investigative Subcommittee Chairman, requesting vital internal documents from Planned Parenthood in order to begin a Congressional investigation into the abortion giant.

Watch how Planned Parenthood aids and abets the sex trafficking of young girls:

169 thoughts on “BREAKING: Congress to Investigate Planned Parenthood’s Funding, Sex Trafficking Cover-Up

  1. WOWWWW.  This is absolutely HORRIBLE.  This woman needs to say her prayers because she just not only was agreeing to give abortions to 14 year old sex slaves, she gave their PIMP ideas of to “run his business” and gave him the “discount” for these young children to get the treatment.  UG.   I hope that Congress can stop Planned Parenthood for good.

    HOW is abortion legal???


    1. Just like Lila Rose’s Sophmoric pranks are sadly considered legal and she will hide under the christian persecution banner to justify her bullying of Planned Parenthood. Abortion is legal because the Supreme Court listen to arguments and in a rational manner legalized women reproductive freedom. Lila Rose hates this freedom for women because she wants to see women barefoot in the kitchen and being slapped around by men that’s what Lila Rose wants to see women live as.


      1. Oh please! You are resorting to personal attacks because you don’t have anything constructive to say! I’ll tell you what, if you really think being pro-life is about holding women back, look up the group Feminists for Life.


        1. CONSTRUCTIVE if you think Lila Rose did was constructive you have don’t know definition of the word constructive is. I did not engage in a personal attack just like the way Lila Rose wants people to think what she did was “investigation” rather than attack on women. I just called a spade a spade I am apologize for my lack of political correctness. BTW feminists for life is again a group funded by the white male domination people who think that people are dumb enough to think that this a group that is run by women for women. I can’t wait to see the pro-life movement start black people for KKK.  


          1. Bijoybalan, you DO know that the FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood was invited to speak and gladly accepted to speak for the very KKK that you purport the Pro-Life movement supports, don’t you?  She spoke to KKK’s women’s branch decades ago.  She was a racist, a eugenicist, and her legacy very much lives on in Planned Parenthood, which targets minorities.  She stated that crime was in the blood of minorities, so to stop crime, you must stop reproduction in the “lesser of the species”.  Her entire agenda was about the superiority of the white race, so if you want to talk about a group that’s going for domination, read Margaret Sanger’s books.  Tax money paid for a Smithsonian Museum exhibit a couple of years ago to honor Sanger.  Hilary Clinton recently said she was in “awe” of Sanger’s ideologies and work.  You’re putting the blame on the wrong group.  Lila Rose isn’t anti-women, after all, she is one and more than 1/2 of the aborted ARE female, with a mandate on killing females in Asian countries like China.
            A sophomoric prank?  Congress doesn’t think so.  The former federal agent who oversaw sex crimes doesn’t think so.  Planned Parenthood’s people don’t think so (hence their huge media front, including buying a custom-painted tour bus and following Lila’s entire spring speaking tour and posting her image in their clinics as a wanted poster).  This isn’t ACORN (also still a corrupt organization despite investigation tactics) and Live Action did not do that investigation, so do your homework rather than spouting misinformation and speak of Live Action’s work, not someone else’s.

          2. I did my homework and the group behind these sophmoric pranks was Lila Rose I talked to her cult by phone I take it you never listened to Lila Rose talking about her “investigations” to FOX news and various other conservative propaganda machines or what about her website. The congress led by Tea Party loonies is going trying to reclaim the white male domination that Lila Rose is fighting for that’s why they tried to strip funding and are now heckling Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger’s racism is no different Storm Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Pat Buchanan and christian missionaries people who are admired by the Pro-life movemen. She gave one speech and you read her reaction after that speech and disgust for KKK. Lila is just like the Blacks that helped other blacks get enslaved and participant in the slave trade. W.E.B Dubois and various other African American applauded her work. Mr. Dubois was consa bad black man to conservatives  Martin Luther King accepted the Margaret Sanger Award boy no wonder the pro-life movement hates MLK. Planned Parenthood is just like christian missionary no different in any shape or form. Yet we have to admire christian missionaries for their racism.  

          3. White male “domination” is helped, not hurt by abortion “rights”.  It gives men the ability to sleep around and sexually abuse women without fearing dealing with the consequence of a child.  

            Modern day slavery is prostitution and if one can’t see the link between abortion, prostitution and modern slavery then they are living in their ideological bubble and not dealing with the real suffering of today’s most vulnerable.

          4. When I put up post like yours or talk to pro-life using the same logic as yours first and foremost i am asked for source of information and evidence. When I come up with a counter-point they can’t reply the pro-life people then tell me “go back to your country affirmative action loving terrorist” because of my ungodly looking dark skin of course. My point if you didn’t get it is I like how you take loose ends and put them together and come up illogical statements like putting prostitution with abortion you have destroyed your credibility just like LiveAction 

          5. And yet you still never cite anything in your logical, well researched posts.

            I wouldn’t tell you to go back that far.  I would tell you to go back to 4chan, which is a few mouse clicks away.

            We have the videos.  We win.

          6. Altered and doctered videos means you guys are pathetic and cheaters. You guys lose when you have to cheat. Those videos are altered because it’s Lila Rose has produced her version of the full video not the actual and second of all your industry never cites a source just like all the other pro-life people have never cited a credible source. The altered video is not a credible source

          7. You haven’t seen the tapes, have you?


            Please cite actual specific examples of altered footage.  I have yet to see Planned Parenthood, Media Matters, or any other critics of Live Action identify an actual instance of doctoring in the seven videos released this year.  But if you think you can do better than people who are paid to scrutinize them, feel free to let me know.

          8. I have seen all seven “pranks” where one one employee acted in a erratic manner. If you are going to cite LiveAction as your source. I guess I will ask Bill Clinton if he ever lied and if says no I guess we will believe he never lied. Since LiveAction has the whole tapes we don’t what they are hiding and what they are altering . It’s LiveAction their goal is to destroy Planned Parenthood because they provide healthcare for women and don’t thank the white man. So it’s in their best interest to show the tape in a way that is damaging. You know like liberal media destorts to fit their agenda same goes to Live Action.

          9. Live Action sent their tapes to federal and state authorities, none of whom have ever accused them of doctoring their footage (unlike the ACORN tapes, for example).  The mainstream media, on the other hand, typically only broadcast or publish excerpts.  They rarely release full footage or transcripts publicly.

            If you’re going to try to argue with full footage, I’m afraid you carry the burden of proof.  It’s now your responsibility to come up with an actual example of distortion.  This is because your claim is much more extraordinary than mine, and it goes against all available evidence.  If I claimed that I was Ronald Reagan for example, I would carry the burden of proof.  If you can’t come up with anything, I’m afraid conversing with you will no longer be worthwhile for either of us.

          10. LiveAction again only sent that the ones they feel would cover themselves. Just because LiveAction said it makes it true is absurd. Again their goal is to trap Planned Parenthood not investigate. I got a pro-life doctor into forging my immunization records just like LiveAction’s pranks I guess I can show that pro-life people are into lies. I don’t have to the carry the burden of proof because I have talked to LiveAction by phone and let me tell you when they say their goal is to get planned parenthood it shows being objective is not their goal, but rather playing sophmoric pranks because it’s fun and easy.

          11.  Their goal is to end the slaughter of innocent human beings. Sorry that it’s so hard for you to understand. 

          12. If their goal is to end the slaughter of innocent human beings then they wouldn’t try to shut down a clinic that saves live. What I don’t understand is the need to use fancy words like Pro-life when in fact thier goal is to destroy lives to maintain power. Lila calling her pranks “investigations” when in fact they were doing what frat boys and soririty girls do all time to show they are on top of the social heirarchy in college.

          13. With all due respect, you’re not exactly Julian Assange (or even James O’Keefe for that matter).  Live Action is very clear about their mission regarding abortion, investigations, and Planned Parenthood.  Everything they allegedly told you by phone can be easily found on this website.  What you won’t find is misleading statistics, such as claims that investigations are only 3% of what Live Action does (even though one probably could manufacture such a statistic).

            The attorney generals have received the footage and commented on it.  I don’t know how they could do so if Live Action didn’t send it to them.

            You also seem to misuse the term “prank”.  Pranks are done for fun or humour.  Examples would include putting an annoying coworker’s office supplies in Jello, or publicizing some dorky kid’s private video showing him acting out a scene from his favourite Star Wars movie.  Live Action’s investigations are not pranks.  Similar undercover work can and has been used for serious investigative purposes by mainstream media in the past.  If you don’t like the way Live Action conducts its work, convince the mainstream media to do these investigations.  If they did, Live Action wouldn’t have to.  But I doubt you’d ever see full footage or full transcripts (as Live Action has made available).

            The fact that Live Action has an agenda is irrelevant in light of the evidence.  Again, we have the videos and you have been unable to disprove even one.  By your logic, I should ignore all of your statements because you too have an agenda (though you never actually cite anything to support your claims).

          14. Again the tapes are with Live Action that’s their version of the “unedited tapes”. Live Action has an agenda is relevant on the fact their job is to bring down Planned Parenthood not investigate so they have no credibility because they are about showing the footage in a way that puts planned parenthood in a negative manner. If I had shown a videotape of a christian missionary telling his nephew that he would never hire blacks and how Africa was better when whites ruled over blacks along with other racist rants from christian missionaries from what I have expreinced. If I would have shown that videotape to pro-life people who know I am very critical about christian missionaries odds are they would regard it as prank not investigation. I have proof that pro-life people would regard it as a joke because LiveAction started to laugh when I discussed my investigation about christian missionaries when I talked to them on the phone.
            “publicizing some dorky kid’s private video showing him acting out a scene from his favourite Star Wars movie” how is that different from what Lila Rose was trying to acheive. We should ignore those tapes because it was only one employee who was promptly fired and again if we are to believe LiveAction then might as well believe the KKK after ask them they are obejective and rational people too.

          15. I would have to actually watch the videotape before I could make a judgement on it.  I can see why Live Action failed to refrain from laughing when you supposedly called them.  Reading through your posts without doing the same is extremely difficult.

            The Star Wars kid video was done for humour and entertainment.  Live Action’s investigations are done to expose an allegedly abusive organization’s activities to the public.  Unless you think there’s something funny about the sex trafficking of children, Live Action’s investigations are not pranks.

            The fact that only one employee was promptly fired says a lot more about Planned Parenthood than it does about the legitimacy of the videos.

          16. I am glad we have something in common. We both have a hard time taking the other seriously. I too laughed when LiveAction called themselves “Activist”. Pranksters are not activist. LiveAction does it for entertainment because it is fun and easy as long as you have an audience that enjoys this kind of stuff. Again if Lila Rose is worried about sex-trafficking then she should try church’s and missionaries. She spends more time in a church so can easily investigate sex-abuse of church’s, but she doesn’t because it is not as fun. LiveAction doesn’t do investigation when their main goal is vendatta. Planned Parenthood employees also laugh really hard when I tell them pro-life people care about human life. I am glad we have alot of laughter in our life.

          17. Live Action sent their tapes to federal and state authorities, none of whom have ever accused them of doctoring their footage.

            And you might notice that those authorities have not accused PP of wrongdoing.  Whether or not PP did anything wrong depends on something that Live Action could not film: what they did after the “actors” left.  PP says they reported the visits promptly to the appropriate authorities, and apparently they documented that to the satisfaction of law enforcement agencies.

          18. Actually, at least one did accuse PP of wrongdoing:


            None actually investigated or prosecuted, but this is likely for technical reasons (there were no real sex traffickers to report for instance, so there is no actual crime).  On the other hand, sending the FBI doctored tapes would be a real crime.  Nailing Live Action with this would be much easier.

            There’s also the high political risk of prosecuting such a powerful organization.  Phill Kline’s decision to do so pretty much destroyed his career as attorney general.  I’m sure you already have your own opinion on the merits of his investigation and the ethics of his conduct, and my goal isn’t to change that.  It is undeniable, however, that going after Planned Parenthood isn’t necessarily a good idea if you’re an attorney general trying to stay in office.  The fact that nobody decided to investigate doesn’t imply that Planned Parenthood really didn’t do anything wrong.

            There’s only one credible case of Planned Parenthood immediately reporting the incident.  There are two cases where they claimed to do so, but almost certainly did not.  The remaining four are unaccounted for.  Although there’s no way to tell what really happened, the behaviour in the videos and the fact that the pimp was able to visit twelve clinics without being arrested seems to contradict the notion that Planned Parenthood immediately alerted authorities.


            But I’m wasting my time.  Research has shown that when people with
            strong but misinformed partisan positions are shown factual evidence
            that contradicts their opinions, they are most likely to just become
            more convinced of the truth of their demonstrably false opinions.  Really.


          19. When they keep lying to people that they care about human what the pro-life industry is hoping is that the lie that pro-life cares about human life becomes the truth. Planned Parenthood is not as rich and powerful as the Pro-life industry. Pro-life can call up these billionaire conservative friends before you know it they are flush with cash to play pranks like Lila’s.

          20. Pat Robertson, Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Meg White, Donald Trump, Oral Roberts family, The Walton family, Forbes Family, B.Wayne Hughes, Harold Simmons, The mellon family. All these people are conservative billionaires who paid handsomely to conservative propagandas

          21. Which have donated money to Live Action, when, how much, and under what circumstances?  Please cite.

            Again, look at the overall financial picture I linked to.  Planned Parenthood’s is more powerful financially than its opponents.

          22. LiveAction is part of the pro-life industry. Lila has been seen around with lots of heavy hitters of conservative agenda so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she knows how to get moeny from these people. Plus unlike Planned Parenthood which does disclose it’s donors LiveAction doesn’t have show off their sugar daddy’s sounds like double standard, but what else do you expect from Pro-life

          23. Regardless of the size she has a connections to super-rich and superpowerful. So she isn’t some humble person when she is rumbing elbows with the elitist.

          24. You’ve still cited no sources to back that up.  She started Live Action when she was fifteen years old, and did her first investigation as a broke college student.

          25. Her name was Margaret Sanger. She was a white racist woman who started the planned parenthood abortion clinic to give as many abortions to black women, so that the result will be less black babies, and more white babies. Planned Parenthood started out as a way to eliminate the black race from this country. She had the same motives as Hitler did. I did my research. I hope you do your research before assuming the wrong idea, that is If you are assuming it, and you don’t already have it hidden in your beliefs. I mean, come one! It’s a no brainer! I’m no idiot. You seem to support the prejudice side don’t you?? I hope you stop supporting this discriminatory and racist cause, because it is only making you a prejudice like Hitler and Margaret Sanger. I hope that you one day begin to support the stopping of killing black babies. And babies of any race, and mixed races. RACISM IS WRONG, AND DISCRIMINATION OF THE INNOCENT IS WRONG!!! I HOPE YOU ONE DAY FIND IT IN YOUR HEART TO STOP THAT NONSENSE OF RACISM, AND BAABY KILLING!!

          26. I always do my research before I write this stuff. The racist and discriminatory behavior is what I experience from the pro-life movement. Look up affirmative action bake sale, xenophobia, islamophobia and you will find the pro-life people actively engage in it to prove that minorites are bad for america and white people are good for America and mankind. Margaret Sanger was just like the christian missionaries who also worked towards eliminating races for the white man in various countries. Look up KKK view on abortion and you will find that you and KKK have something in common. If you think racism is wrong then you would not be pro-life a simple fact you should know. The reason why pro-life groups allow minorities is to maintain their tax-exempt status and they always choose the dumbest person to represent that community

          27. To Bijoybalan. I think racism is wrong, Therefore I am pro life. Checkout 
            Life is beautiful.

          28. Whenever the pro-life people ask me imagine if my mother would have gotten abortion. The obivous reply is I wouldn’t be born that’s all. From the pro-life point of view thats a good thing one less hell-bound, unsaved trash that is destroying america’s anglo christian way of life. Feminist for Life that is a bigger oxymoron than my existence because how can you be a feminist when you are taking away their rights. I can’t wait till Pro-life people start Black People for KKK, Jews for Nazi and Chickens for colonel Sanders

          29. We do not hate you! it would have been a horrible thing if you had not been born! every life matters! im sorry that you feel that way but open your mind to the pro life side please!

          30. As I keep repeating myself. Ask your pro-life friends about illegals, gays and muslims the favorite whipping boy of the pro-life people ask if their life matters. I have never heard them say anything good about them rather their attitude is that they are better off dead than alive

          31. Not shouting 12angrymen. I just emphasized the context. Don’t know how you can hear me if I’m just blogging. 

          32. And obviously you don’t understand sarcasm. I hope your caps lock button gets fixed soon. 

          33. But how can I grow up when I live in Neverland?

      2. dude you don’t have to go to one extreme or the other. The only thing Lila Rose wants is respect for life and the baby’s that get murdered in abortion are life. she does not want woman to be in the kitchen getting slapped around by men if she did I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be the president of any corporation she would just be in her own kitchen not bothering. stop being a jerk and go post your comments on sights were people agree with you


        1. I wasn’t being a jerk, but rather informative. If you agree with a radial extremist like Lila Rose then I am sorry. Lila Rose doesn’t respect life or a baby because if she did that then she would be try to save lives rather than destroy it. Lila Rose runs an company to keep women second class citizens. This is exactly the right place where I need to post comments because just like Lila Rose thinks she is doing a JOB I need to post comments to open your minds


          1. I believe you have your common sense wrong Bijoybalan. Abortion means to terminate a pregnancy, and terminate means to end a pregnancy, and pregnancy means baby. To terminate a pregnancy means to end a baby. Their is only one way to make a baby. That is reproduction. Duh…! Babies don’t just fall from the sky. They’re conceived through sex! If you don’t know that, then now you do. That’s how your mommy and daddy made you. Hope that this helps you understand that abortion means killing babies, because you know that abortion really does mean killing babies. That’s logic. Got it? Ok!

          2. Well Esmeralda I have feeling science was never your favorite subjects because something you will know is that fetus is not a human it may be developing into but still not a human. That’s logic I am glad I can teach you something that the pro-life hid from you

          3. Bij,
            At the point of conception, the egg and sperm merge to create a new, unique human organism.  The new organism has unique DNA from mother and father and immediately begins to behave in a manner different than either the egg or the sperm.  Under normal situations without outside intervention, this organism will grow, be born, live a hopefully long life and die.  Throughout the entire time, the DNA is human; it is never a different species.  There is no point in time from conception until death that this organism is anything but human.  And that is just plain science.  Feel free to check any book or online source on human embryology.  By the way, I like science!

          4. So since we have similar DNA to a chimpanzee we are all chimpanzee’s too. Using the pro-life logic on abortion I have shown to pro-life people how illegal immigrants are Americans, muslims are christians, gays and lesbians are just like straight people and porn is another word for the bible.

          5. Bij,
            No humans have human DNA and chimps have Chimp DNA.  Humans can never procreate a chimp.  All humans have human DNA, whether immigrants or Americans, Muslims or Christians, etc.  Even you have had human DNA from the moment of your conception.  No humans have chimp DNA.  This is not a question of semantics as you seem to be trying to imply.  This is a matter of science.

            Bottom line is that at the moment of conception, there is a unique new human with unique DNA.  This is undisputed scientific fact.

            Your logic is wrong too.  “Similar” is not the same as “same”.  Sure human DNA is “similar” to chimp DNA.  But this does not mean a chimp is a human.  Humans are defined by uniquely human DNA.  All human fetuses, embryos, babies, children, adults, and elderly have human DNA and only human DNA.  No other species have human DNA.

          6.  A fetus is a fetus they are completely different from a human that’s why they are not human. If want to talk DNA then we are all different as from one another in every shape or form so therefore we should stop calling each other by our names.

          7. “Although life is a continuous process, fertilization (which,
            incidentally, is not a ‘moment’) is a critical landmark because, under
            ordinary circumstances, a new genetically distinct HUMAN organism is
            formed when the chromosomes of the male and female pronuclei blend in
            the oocyte.”

            Ronan O’Rahilly and Fabiola Müller, Human Embryology and Teratology, 3rd edition. New York: Wiley-Liss, 2001. p. 8. (emphasis added)

            Unless you’re meaning to say that the authors of the most influential embryology textbook are also just pawns for the “anti-abortion industry”.

          8. I am glad you miss the point that newborn outside the utero and the fetus are completely different. The process you described is when cells are being divided not when they humans like you and I

          9. All growth and development is caused by “cells being divided”, regardless of location.  The embryologists agree that it’s a human.  I think I’ll go with the embryologists on this one.

          10. Just because embryologist said something you agree with doesn’t make it a fact. So what do you say about the sperm they have a life according to biologist. Scientist have also proven the earth and the beginning  of the earth is nothing like the bible describes how beginning of life started. So I can say you agree with scientist that god did not create the earth

          11. It’s more than one embryologist.  I simply cited the most influential textbook on the subject.  Here are some more:

            “Human embryos begin development following the fusion of
            definitive male and female gametes during fertilization… This moment
            of zygote formation may be taken as the beginning or zero time point of
            embryonic development.”William J. Larsen, Essentials of Human Embryology, New York: Churchill Livingstone, 1998. pp. 1, 14.”[The zygote], formed by the union of an oocyte and a sperm, is the beginning of a new human being.”Keith L. Moore, Before We Are Born: Essentials of Embryology, 7th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2008. p. 2.”A zygote is the beginning of a new human being (i.e., an embryo).” Keith L. Moore, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 7th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2003. pp. 2.”Human development begins at fertilization, the process during
            which a male gamete or sperm unites with a female gamete or oocyte
            (ovum) to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized,
            totipotent cell marked the beginning of each of us as a unique
            individual.”Keith L. Moore, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 7th edition, Philadelphia, PA: Saunders, 2003. pp. 16.Even pro-abortion philosophers like Peter Singer (who also condones infanticide) are willing to admit that a fetus is in fact a human being.  If anyone would try to challenge the idea that a fetus is human, it would be these guys:”It
            is possible to give ‘human being’ a precise meaning. We can use it as
            equivalent to ‘member of the species Homo sapiens’. Whether a being is a
            member of a given species is something that can be determined
            scientifically, by an examination of the nature of the chromosomes in
            the cells of living organisms. In this sense there is no doubt that from
            the first moments of its existence an embryo conceived from human sperm
            and eggs is a human being.”Peter Singer, Practical Ethics, 2nd ed. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993), 85-86.

            the most straightforward relation between you or me on the one hand and
            every human fetus from conception onward on the other is this: All are
            living members of the same species, homo sapiens. A human fetus, after
            all, is simply a human being at a very early stage in his or her
            development.”David Boonin, A Defense of Abortion, (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003), p. 20.

            Pro-abortion philosophers usually try to justify abortion on the grounds that a fetus is not a full “person” with the same rights as a more mature human.  But “person” is neither a scientific nor a medical term.

            I believe I already covered the question of the sperm in the first source I cited:

            “Although life is a CONTINUOUS PROCESS…under ordinary circumstances, a new genetically distinct human organism is formed when the chromosomes of the male and female pronuclei blend in the oocyte.” (emphasis added)

            You seem to have a misunderstanding of what science is actually about.  Science does not “prove” anything.  It formulates working hypotheses and tests them with experiments, after
            which they can be either rejected, modified, or supported (but never
            actually proven).  There are actually several models of how the Earth
            was first formed, how life first came into existence, and how these can
            be reconciled with the Bible or other religious texts (with scientists
            from all disciplines on all sides).  To say that scientists have proven God did not create the Earth is simply dishonest.

            Can you find an embyologist who supports your view; that is, an embryo somehow changes species at some point in its development?

          12. As always you are talking about bunch of cells. I killed by brain cells drinking bunch of alcohol that doesn’t mean I am dead

          13. If a baby in the womb is not a human life, then why when a person kills a pregnant woman, they are tried for TWO murders? Clearly that “cell” or however you wish to call it, is valued enough as a human life to be considered in a court of law as a murder.

          14. The two murder is something that anti-abortion industry forced upon our legislators to overturn Roe Vs Wade not for justice. I guess in the days of slavery you would ask if blacks are human then why are they 3/5 human 

          15. Explain partial birth abortion to me please. What about my child? I went in for an 11 week ultrasound and my baby was jumping around inside my uterus. It’s alive and well. I saw it with my own two eyes! Ultrasounds don’t hide anything. It has fingers and hands and toes and legs, and moves because it’s alive. How is that not alive? How is the fetus not a human? I’ve seen dead babies that were viable and were killed legally through abortion. I don’t believe just what any moron tells me. I do my own research. By the way, I am pro life. Pro life only bases itself on logic, morals, definitions, common sense, and science facts. Not lies, or hidden truths. Pro life exposes anything and everything that the abortion industry tries to hide. 
            Check out this website. It’s pretty graphic, but it’s all truth, nothing is hidden, every fact about abortion is exposed. Their are pictures of little baby girls and boys that were killed through partial birth abortion, and many other babies killed through abortion at any age of gestation. Go to the pro life resources in the website, and that’s where they have the pictures. After you visit this website, let me know what you still think about human life. 
            By the way Bijoybalan. Your life is too precious to let yourself fall into such hate. I hope that one day you learn to appreciate life, as well as realize how precious the life of an innocent child is. I hope you find peace one day. We only live once, life is like winning the lottery, we exist only by chance. Once we’re gone, we become nothing but the recycling of the earth. 

          16. Partial birth abortion was a word made up by pro-life movement to for power reasons not based on anything logic dilaton and extraction which happens mainly to save the women. Fetus is developing not fully human. Pro-life is white male domination based on power and control. It has nothing to do with logic, morals definitions, common sense and science facts because if that were the  case we wouldn’t have inteligunt desine being thought as science by pro-life people. The anti-abortion industry comes to my college all the time to flaunt their special rights and taunt anyone sane and show pictures upon which I tell how they inspire me to show porn on campus just like they show me pictures of miscarriages.

          17. Bijoybalan. Partial birth abortion is legal up to the day before the babies due date. Do you know why? Because the government obviously accepts that no matter what, a baby is a baby at any stage in the mothers pregnancy, but it happens to still be inside of her, thus she still has that freedom of choice to kill it. At no matter what stage. Babies don’t just turn babies at the moment they’re born. 
            Well Bijoybalan. I wasn’t going to go this far, but either you are really stupid, or a big fat LIAR, or just  big time pro abortion/liar. You are not at all instinctively intelligent. I’m sorry that I have to say that, but it’s true. It’s people like you that make the world is so cold with neglect and hatred towards the innocent. Normally I would try to help a pro choicer understand the truth about abortion, because most pro choicers don’t know the real truth, but you are simply not pro choice, you are definitely pro abortion. It is unfortunate, that you just happen to be one of those perverts, like Jeffrey Dahmer, and Charles Manson who both happened to believe in the freedom of choice/abortion. You, like them also seem to get a thrill out of babies being tortured and killed, and young teenage girls being used as sex slaves in child trafficking. That’s the sense that I’ve gotten from you. Like I said, you are either really stupid, or just a pro abortion pervert who gets a thrill from dying babies. I just feel so sorry for you. You must be miserable.Pro choice degrades women in the most insulting ways. Children are always victims, or child abuse, child neglect, abortion, incest, and bullying… It is so sad… I hope that you agree one day.

          18. Thank you proving to me once and for all that the anti-abortion industry makes people live in a fantasy land. You already went too far by becoming pro-life. How am I a LIAR when you agree with the pro-life movement. They are ones that lie to us by saying things like abortion clinics target minorities, abortions lead to breast cancer and abortions lead to mental illness all them debunked by facts. They also lie to us by saying they are saving lives when in fact they are destroying lives. I like how you called me stupid because christians when they see me stand up to a white man and challenge a white person they call me stupid. The main reason christians call me stupid is because of my ungodly looking dark skin. My family plays stupid to appease the christians because that’s how they like their minorities. Pro-life degrades women by making them second class. They wouldn’t attack planned parenthood if they didn’t think women are second class citizens. By the can you show any corelation between jeffrey dahmer, charles manson and abortion service providers. I can show you racism of christian missionaries and churches and pedophilia

          19. im sorry that youve had bad experiences with some racist christians… the majority of TRUE christians are not like that.  call me delusional but im only telling the truth… all real prolifers (this includes live action) and christian respect and cherish all life – black or white, male or female, born or unborn, regardless of religious, cultural, moral, etc. beliefs. Im sorry for any of your past bad experiences… ill be praying for you tonight 🙂 

          20. I may be generalizing as pro-life people have accused me, but if you like the pro-life view of abortion service providers then it generalizations also. Now I may sound harsh about Lila Rose and her friends, but you have to look at the comments they leave on their facebook about Planned Parenthood I don’t see professionalism or saving lives, but rather fighting to maintain power and vindictiveness. Your comment about bad experience with christians and how christians are not like that. I am glad that you say that when I see pro-life christians say that about islam, illegals and gays then I will be convinced.

          21.  So you defend murder by pointing out the meanness of those opposed to it? Wow. So, if I can get the majority of abortion supporters to act like jerks, (as if they don’t already), then you will be forced to reject abortion by your own criteria. Apparently, being a big meanie means that whatever you believe is wrong by default. Might as well call pro-lifers doo-doo heads.

          22. I have never defended murder. I guess you think it’s Ok to be mean, irrational and out of touch with reality as long as they are pro-life. Because that’s how the pro-life people think. I take it you are not in touch with people who are pro-life because that’s the kind of argument they always make to prove that pro-choice people are worthless. They always portray them as mean, greedy and ruthless and using your logic if I can show pro-life is all about power, control and subjugation which they are of course. I guess you will become pro-choice too

          23.  That comment doesn’t even make sense. The issue is not being mean. The issue is killing children. If people talked bad about a child rapist, would you spend all of your time bashing them for it instead of condemning the rapist? If not, then why do you worry about meanness so much instead of child murder? A fetus has 100% human dna, heart, brain, etc. Therefore, IT IS A CHILD. 

          24. I was just replying to your meaningless rants. Look you were the one making an issue about the mean-spirited behavior. When I talk about kidnapping children your pro-life friends waste their energy bashing me up for critcizing people who kidnap children and since christian missionaries and priest rape little children all I see and hear from the pro-life people is defending pedophilia so maybe educate pro-life the murder and rape is unacceptable. By the Lila Rose and pro-life saying they are in it saves lives makes no sense either when they are busy killing it.

        2. I wasn’t being a jerk, but rather informative. If you agree with a radial extremist like Lila Rose then I am sorry. Lila Rose doesn’t respect life or a baby because if she did that then she would be try to save lives rather than destroy it. Lila Rose runs an company to keep women second class citizens. This is exactly the right place where I need to post comments because just like Lila Rose thinks she is doing a JOB I need to post comments to open your minds


      3. haha — ” Abortion is legal because the Supreme Court listen to arguments and in a rational manner  ” — that’s a good one.  I guess you’re so right because it’s so obvious and rational that right to kill our offspring comes from constitutional right of privacy.  

        Just think of all else we could justify if we only listen to arguments in such a rational manner!


        1. According to pro-life yes it is Ok to kill just call it something else. So go ahead and laugh. Now you know how hard people with common sense laugh when they hear that pro-life movement is about saving human life. When in fact it is irrationnality and fear that you guys support.


          1. What the heck do you mean “according to prolife yes it is okay to kill just call it something else”… id say that applies more to pro-abortion…

          2. To the pro-life homphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia are all ok. Pro-life thinks its OK if they die because they shouldn’t be gay, illegal or muslims.

  2. WOWWWW.  This is absolutely HORRIBLE.  This woman needs to say her prayers because she just not only was agreeing to give abortions to 14 year old sex slaves, she gave their PIMP ideas of to “run his business” and gave him the “discount” for these young children to get the treatment.  UG.   I hope that Congress can stop Planned Parenthood for good.HOW is abortion legal???


  3. This has me wondering here what happens to the young childern then that cps takes to planned parent hood.?also why wondering why cps is allowing these little 11 ans 12 year old childern to get the hpv shots without the parents permission?Sounds like alot is going on behind peoples backs now dont it?


    1. While I don’t agree with people giving children shots without their parent’s permission, I do have to say that I can’t see why any parent wouldn’t want their child to get the HPV shots. Even if the kid isn’t sexually active. Years ago my friend was raped and contracted HPV; sometimes there are things that happen that are out of the parents’ control. 


        1. That article is iffy at best. I still await unbaised and concrete information on the fatality of this vaccine. In any case, cervical cancer kills 4000 a year, not just 12. Take that as you will. 


    1. The pro-life movements efforts in making women and minorities second class citizens should make anyone’s skin crawl. But we cannot as irrational as Lila and her supporters.


      1.  So, you would kill your neighbor if he was a nuisance to you? If not, you are a hypocrite. You can’t have it both ways. Either be willing to kill born and pre-born for being unwelcome or be willing to kill neither. The hypocrisy of the pro-executing innocents movement is astounding. 


        1. I guess you are not familiar with George W Bush and how much he found Saddam a nuisance so he had him killed and last time I checked W was called a pro-life “hypocrisy” not at all making the world safe. Last time I check would pro-life would love to shoot and kill an illegal immigrant “hypocrisy” no defending their home. Second Amendment last I checked is about guns and guns are used to kill and pro-life loves guns “hypocrisy” not at all.  Sounds like pro-life enjoys killing, but don’t want to be called hypocrites and don’t calling it killing just use fancy terminology. I am for human life and against destruction of innocent that’s why I am not pro-life.


          1.  WRONG. You are for life outside of the womb. You support murder inside of it. You might as well discriminate against anyone else you don’t like. 

          2. That’s what pro-life people have thought me to discriminate against anyone I don’t like. Why do you think there is all this homophobia, xenophobia in pro-life community

          3.  Your worldview is inconsistent. To be consistent, you cannot condemn anyone for murder. You discriminate against the pre-born. If we can kill them, we can kill anyone that we think is a nuisance to us. What about all those handicapped people? How about the ugly people we don’t want to look at anymore? You have joined Hitler, Stalin, Gacy, etc. You have thrown your support behind killers. I refuse to do so. May God have mercy on your soul.

          4. Again you have not proven how we the pro-choice people support killers. Again I am not incosistent when I showed people who are pro-life and kill innocent lives and call it something else. The pro-life is inconsistent when they say they are saving lives yet support killing of people who don’t fit their agenda. You saying that I discriminate against the pre-born is like me saying telling pro-life you discriminate against illegals well from a pro-life point of view makes no sense just like you saying i discriminate against pre-born when they are not human, but a fetus

      2.  Please, just stop with your ridiculous, unfounded, hateful assertions. You don’t have to keep defending Big Murder. If you support executing innocents so much, why don’t you become an abortion doctor, or a nurse at a clinic? Watch the bodies of the babies be ripped up, if you have the nerve. Saying that it’s a “fetus” not a baby that’s aborted is so mind numbingly irrational, I don’t know how to respond to non-arguments like that. If an organism has human DNA, a human brain, a human heart, etc., it’s human. By definition. Please, stop with the ignorance. 


        1. Yes the pro-life people accusing someone of ridiculous when they themselves behave in this manner. When you say Big Murder aren’t you making ridiculous, unfounded and hateful assertions. Look pro-life people make non-arguments like that also. Comparing abortion to racism. If pro-life is cares about human life then they wouldn’t engage in homphobia, xenophobia and islamophobia. Last time gays, illegals and muslims are humans also yet the pro-life people don’t treat and see them as human, but as a threat so ignorance comes from pro-life when they don’t have the nerve to look them as human.


          1. Stop changing the subject. You are talking about discrimination. I am talking about abortion. Let’s stay on topic. Is it that you know that you are wrong so you have to distract me with all of these irrelevant issues? Murdering a child is wrong, inside or outside of the womb. Period. Might as well say you believe in killing a week old child. Or a month old. How about a year old? A twenty year old? Where do you draw the line?

          2. I didn’t change the topic unless you don’t care about human life. The people I just talked about are human and their lives are destroyed due to the zealotry and utter disregard for human life by the pro-life people. So let me ask where do you guys draw the line when you show utter disregard for people who are already alive

  4. All this is very disturbing and horrible. I can’t believe this woman! She is absolutely breaking the law. But is Planned Parenthood? This one employee, this one facility is corrupt, but I would hate to think that all are this way. They should have conducted the investigation at other offices. (maybe they did and I am miss informed). You cannot base the illegal trafficking of minors on one single facility. Regardless whether you are for or against planned parenthood, you should be able to see how biased this article is. It makes me so said that Americans base all their facts on one sided news articles and their beliefs. Remember your beliefs are not fact to you, and you cannot change those of someone else.


    1. I believe the above article did say “seven clinics” so it is not basing it on only one facility. The videos are the facts, not opinions. What is on the videos is what actually happend at the seven clinics. The article is giving information about the facts. Perhaps you can read it again, a bit more slowly, to see what I’m trying to explain to you. This particular article is not trying to change beliefs.


      1. Actually it was only one employee that blantantly breaking the law at a Planned Parenthood. The anti-abortion industry agenda thinks that it was more than one employee and this kind of thing is common in Planned Parenthood when it reality anti-abortions industry doesn’t want themselves to be investigated just like Planned Parenthood because they don’t want to destroy their special rights


        1.  Hey, here’s a suggestion. Instead of calling us the “anti-abortion” group, why not call it like it is, and call us what we are: pro-life. Then you can call yourself what you are: pro-murder. There. That’s better right? So much better to tell the truth in a clear manner. And no, the perceived biases of a particular group cannot negate the possibility that the group is correct on certain issues. I’m assuming that you think that Hitler was wrong (just an assumption, I never know with you pro-murder people). So, because he was evil, does that mean that everything that he supported was evil too automatically? Of course not. If you found out that Hitler supported something that you consider to be good, you would not begin to reject it as evil just because Hitler supported it, would you? So please stop bringing up irrelevant points in defense of the Murder for Money Industry. Thank you.


          1. I love angry pro-life people. I especially love it when I beat them in their own game. Just because they decided to use a fancy a word called pro-life doesn’t mean you really care about human life.  I take it your are against christian missionaries also because what they do is murder also.I have an idea also. Why not call you guys something that’s based on facts White Male domination. I am not pro-murder. I never said that I am pro-murder. I am pro-choice because I believe humans must have a choice in order to live as humans as long as don’t interfere with others you don’t want to give humans choice to live as humans then that’s your problem. The Hitler analogy is absurd because it’s White Male Domination that always compare abortion to Hitler. Margaret Sanger’s racism and Planned Parenthood irrelevant, but somehow white male domination always puts apples and oranges together to show they are one. So using your logic I guess I am going to start hearing from you guys how Hitler was right about abortion becuase so what if killed a bunch of people he passed laws to ban abortion which is what alot of people who are for white male domination want to see. Since you are a supporter of White Male domination let me tell you stop bringing and making irrelevant points from your side if you believe in a intelligent discussion. If you are against murder for money industry then I recommend stop giving money to church and to christian missionaries because they have killed more innocent lives than planned parenthood all because they believe in power and control.

          2. How exactly is being against murder “white male domination”? 

          3. Being against murder is not “white male domination”, but being pro-life is for murder. The pro-life movement in reality wants to maintain it’s dominance and the people on top of the pro-life movement are angry white men. Lila Rose are good little pawns for the pro-life to make people believe that people from all walks of life are into pro-life activities when in fact people who acknowledge white male domination can be pro-life.

          4.  And I am tired of your nonsense. I am not for white male domination. You pull ideas out of thin air and then try to run with them. Please, if you can, give me some evidence that being against abortion is supporting “white male domination”. Where did you get this made up idea from? If a woman wants to be a Muslim, a lesbian, take drugs, be a stripper, that’s o.k. with me. That’s her life. I am for liberty for everyone, and I am consistent. I don’t discriminate against the pre-born. You are really funny. You want to have innocent babies killed by abortion, and you don’t want innocent citizens to have guns (it would seem), to protect themselves from evil people who would kill them. You seem to love it when the innocent are violated. If you are so pro woman, why in the world are you against guns? If a rapist breaks into a woman’s home, threatens her with a knife, and says that he’ll kill her, what do you want her to do? I guess having a gun for self defense is off limits, so your advice would then be something like, ” Oh well. Give the nice man what he wants. Just bend over and take it.” Do you see how absurd this sounds? I am consistent. I am against the harassment of the innocent, which is why I am pro-life and pro-self defense.

          5. Nonsense how come you are not tired of LiLa Rose and the pro-life people’s non-sense. I mean look at all this rubbish abortion laws that red states have passed to appease the pro-life industry.I am pulling ideas out of thin air talk about irony. Are you familiar with abortion breast cancer, abortion mental illness and how about abortion clinics target minorities all of them pulled out of thin air, but never called nonsense because the pro-life came up with it. Unlike you who made up an idea I am pro-murder based on no evidence. I based my evidence listening and researching the pro-life people and what they think of people who don’t acknowledge that the white man is on top. Read your post you should try stand up comedy I am sure I will come to see you and laugh when you say that how pro-life is about saving lives.  Abortion is healthcare, women’s healthcare so if you are against women healthcare then you are anti-women. You claim that you are pro-life and pro-self defense that’s an oxymoron. Pro-life want to take a woman’s right to be a her own person and yet you claim to be for liberty for everyone. I am not against guns using your logic you should be because they kill a human being. Your rape analogy is classic I want to know what you are smoking to come up with that. Is there any evidence that I would come up something that stupid. I want some consistency if pro-life is about human life then stop the killing of gays, illegals and muslims by pro-life.

  5. You miss the part where Planned Parenthood reported the visits to the FBI before Live Action released the videos. Kind of negates the “scandal”, huh?


    1. That does not negate the fact that what PP Staff promises is illegal and morally horrific. PP lies constantly. There is no excusing them.


      1. Planned Parenthood Lies I am glad you don’t go to church where they lie to you that they do “charity work”. When you listen to Anti-abortion industry’s lies they make Bill Clinton look honest.


      2. Many Catholic priests molest children. Does this mean we fire the priest who commits the horrific act or shut down the entire religion?


        1.  A Catholic priest’s job is not to molest children, so jail the guilty individuals. An abortionist’s job is to murder, so shut down the murder industry.


          1. Abortionist is not a murderer. They are in it to save lives. If you don’t like women’s healthcare that is your problem. Women shouldn’t suffer because of your misgynistic thinking. 

    2. No…PP reported the incedent AFTER the videos were released and they fired that office manager caught on tape.


      1. Nope. The video was released in February. CBS reported in January that planned parenthood had reported the “pimp” to the FBI.


        1. Liza, I applaud your efforts to counter LiveAction’s pseudo-journalism with real journalism, but you’re wasting your time.  Research has shown that when people with strong but misinformed partisan positions are show factual evidence that contradicts their opinions, they are most likely to just become more convinced of the truth of their demonstrably false opinions. 



          1. I thought I was the only sane person in this forum. Thank you for putting common sense in Live Action. I hope they see the light

      2. Close, but no cigar.  They contacted the FBI 3-7 days after the videos were recorded, but before they were released publicly.  They recognized a pattern and realized that their employees were probably caught on tape aiding purported sex traffickers, so they contacted the FBI before the video release so they could say that they contacted the FBI before the video release.


  6. All I have to say is that this is one more reason why I will never step foot into a Planned Parenthood Clinic.


  7. What Lila Rose did was a sophmoric prank nothing more and nothing less those were not “investigations”. Just because she hates  the fact women and minorities have equal rights doesn’t mean the American Public should suffer. Women and minorities should not subjugate themselves to  white male domination 


    1. If Lila Rose (a woman) hated women’s and minorities’ rights, why would she so vigorously oppose something that disproportionately kills women and minorities in utero?

      Everyone here has access to Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Richard Dawkins, and Amanda Marcotte whenever they feel hungry for insane conspiracy theories or revisionist history.  They all do a much better job than you could ever hope to.


      1. when you say insane conspiracy you mean the theory that Abortion service providers target minorities and women. First and foremost just because Lila is woman doesn’t mean she fights for women’s rights. There are lots of women and minorities that will work hard to please the white man Linda Chavez, Condolezza Rice, Michelle Malkin, Allen Keyes, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Haley for example. When christians engaged in the slave trade they had black people who would get their own black people into slavery. So Lila doesn’t oppose something kills women and minorities in utero because she is wants to shut down clinics that provide healthcare to women and minorities


        1. Notice that I never claimed abortion organizations deliberately try to eliminate minorities and women.  Whether or not this is true is debatable (though Planned Parenthood workers have been shown to condone both in Live Action’s investigations).  I said that abortion disproportionately kills women and minorities in utero.  These are facts.  12.3% of Americans are black, yet 36.4% of all abortions are done on black people.

          There’s also the reality of 200 million missing women in the world, largely because of sex selection.


          1. Your facts are a little skewed on the fact that abortion is a medical procedure. People from all walks of life have that medical procedure to save their life. You are putting apples and oranges together when you do a verbatim of the anti-abortion industry. Yes the minorities have a high abortion rate that doesn’t translate into the medical procedure is racist. Minorities also represent high rate in crime, incarcenations and poverty last time I checked pro-life people don’t translate that into the system is bad rather blame minorities for not curbing crime and not doing something poverty. I understand these facts are used to educate, but any intelligent minority can see these numbers are another tactic by white male dominant group to show minorities are stupid just tell them something and play the race card because they are dumb enough to think that they were victims of racism

          2. The vast majority of abortions are done for socioeconomic reasons (which quite frankly, do not justify killing a human being).  It is very rarely, if ever, actually needed to save the mother’s life.  Given that abortion intentionally kills an innocent person, it violates the first tenant of medicine (do no harm).  It is therefore as much a legitimate medical procedure as 9/11 was a legitimate flight procedure (ie antithetical).

            You haven’t come close to refuting my argument.  If Lila Rose really was all about fighting women’s and minorities’ rights by eliminating health care (causing death), she would target more comprehensive health providers (ie community health centres) and wouldn’t oppose something that disproportionately kills them in utero.  Since both of these conditions are false, your argument fails.  You’ll have to do a lot better if you want to prove that a social movement led primarily by women is inherently misogynistic or racist.

            I don’t think minorities are stupid, by the way.  If I did, however, reading your posts wouldn’t do them any justice…

          3. I have refuted all your arguments and other verbatims that the pro-life people whip out on a consistent basis. My points are based on facts not on fear and paranoia. Whether or not abortions is done for socio-economic reasons or not is beside the point. Tons of medical procedures and advancement in medical procedures are done for socio-economic reason using your logic I guess we should not have advancement in science. Abortion does not kill a human being, terminating a pregnancy is not killing. You took the hippocratic oath out of context if that were the case the then the pro-life people wouldn’t engage in Xenophobia, Homophobia and Islamophobia.  9/11 was hijacking of planes i have never seen that as a normal flight procedure. Lila Rose is about eliminating women’s and minorities healthcare because she is going after Planned Parenthood which is a comprehensive healthcare provider that doesn’t make their patients thank the white man. I don’t recall LiveAction throwing their support for Obamacare which is a comprehensive healthcare package to ensure to women and minorites have access to proper healthcare, but I have seen the pro-life movement vehemently against it. Pro-life movement is not a social movement and not at all led by women. It is mainly led by white men in power and they have found a handful of women and minorities who are willing to go along with them. 

          4. “Whether or not abortions is done for socio-economic reasons or not is
            beside the point. Tons of medical procedures and advancement in medical
            procedures are done for socio-economic reason using your logic I guess
            we should not have advancement in science.”

            You misunderstood my point.  I said that because you claimed that “people from all walks of life have [abortions] to save their life.”  This claim is demonstrably false.

            “Abortion does not kill a human being…”

            Except it does, as even pro-abortion philosophers will admit.

            “You took the hippocratic oath out of context if that were the case
            the then the pro-life people wouldn’t engage in Xenophobia, Homophobia
            and Islamophobia.”

            I cited the most basic premise of the Hippocratic Oath.  That’s not taking anything out of context, as abortion kills a human being (thus violating said premise).

            And whether pro-life people engage in “Xenophobia, Homophobia, and Islamophobia” has nothing to do with whether abortion is good medicine.  All of the pro-life people I know have no respect for Terry Jones or Fred Phelps, and strongly condemn racism.  But that’s beside the point.

            “9/11 was hijacking of planes i have never seen that as a normal flight procedure.”

            Exactly my point.

            “Lila Rose is about eliminating women’s and minorities healthcare because
            she is going after Planned Parenthood which is a comprehensive
            healthcare provider that doesn’t make their patients thank the white

            Firstly, Planned Parenthood isn’t that comprehensive.  Their non-abortion services are all readily available from primary physicians or federally qualified health centres.  They don’t even do mammograms.  Secondly, she “is going after” Planned Parenthood because they are the most powerful (and most deadly) abortion organization in the United States, along with the fact that they aid the sexual exploitation of minors.  It’s not because they provide health care.

            Using an analogy, Richard Dawkins (a well known fundamentalist atheist) is a vocal critic of the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church provides education to many people around the world.  By your logic, Richard Dawkins is opposed to educating children.  Although I am not an admirer of Dawkins, I would never make that conclusion.

            “I don’t recall LiveAction throwing their support for Obamacare which is a
            comprehensive healthcare package to ensure to women and minorites have
            access to proper healthcare, but I have seen the pro-life movement
            vehemently against it.”

            Pro-life groups opposed Obamacare because they believed (correctly or not) that it would increase taxpayers’ participation in abortion.  It’s also questionable whether Obamacare actually would improve healthcare.  I won’t even try to sort through the mess that the American healthcare system is, or whether Obamacare is actually a viable solution.  This too is beside the point, as their opposition to Obamacare was not based on racist or sexist motives.

            On the other hand, Live Action did strongly oppose the Obama administration holding Indiana’s Medicaid program hostage.  Instead of celebrating (as they would if their goal was to eliminate healthcare), they started an online petition to criticize the president.  You’re welcome to sign it if you really care about the things you listed:


            “Pro-life movement is not a social movement and not at all led by women.”

            The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t a social movement.


            Seems disproportionately female to me.

          5. I glad you dissected my statements. Let me show how flawed your points are. The 9/11 one which I should have proof read it and deleted it. People do get abortions for socio-economic reasons, but that is again one of the many reasons why people get abortions not the only or 99% of the time. So my claim is right people regardless of social status people will get abortions. The purpose of abortion is to save a life that’s why it is done my people in health profession. People in healthcare are there to save lives not destroy it. Abortion doesn’t kill a human, termination of pregnancy is not a killing, but a medical procedure being so hippocratic oath doesn’t apply just like hunting and fishing does apply to hippocratic oath and to one of the ten commandments which is thou shall not kill. If people from pro-life do care about human life then they wouldn’t engage in homophobia, Xenophobia or Islamophobia because that is destruction of human life you may like to see it but last time I checked gays, illegals and muslims are human pro-life people see them as threat not as human. So I tell them abortion is a good medicine from pro-life point of view because the fetus could be a illegal, gay or muslim if they get abortions then these kind of people wouldn’t exist thus threaten America. Planned Parenthood is comprehensive you check your fact not listen to anti-abortion industry. Planned Parenthood and mammograms was taken out of context by Lila Rose. Mammograms even though they are important and planned parenthood doesn’t have them doesn’t mean they don’t do a comprehensive job. All you did was cherry pick. If Lila Rose cared about sexual exploitation then she would have investigated churches you are aware of all the churches and the sex abuse scandals. She wouldn’t because they she doesn’t care about sexual exploitation of minors. I have no idea about the Richard Dawkins thing your are talking about I have never said anything like that. Obamacare is similar to healthcare in Europe and other industrialized countries people have  made all kinds of excuses to oppose it. Pro-life groups have made all kinds of degrading comments about Obama and his healthcare including making a picture of him as a African witch doctor. The reason why Indiana wasn’t getting medicaid program was because Indiana decided to take money away from women’s healthcare Obama was showing that bad behavior should be tolerated Lila Rose did opposite she said bad behavior should tolerated as long as the victims are women and minorities if she cared then she wouldn’t have done that. Pro-life is not a social movement because social movement is about fighting against injustice. She is fighting for injustice not against. Please don’t qoute a conservative website as your source that women out number men in pro-life movement. You might as well qoute the KKK to describe to black people.

          6. The purpose of abortion is not to save a life.  A study
            from the Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s de facto research arm,
            indicated that only 4% of abortions are done primarily because the mother’s
            physical health is at risk.  However, adjustments for various errors in
            methodology put the actual estimates at around 1.0% for physical health and
            0.2% for life of the mother.


            This means that virtually all abortions are not done to save a life.  It
            should also be noted that pro-life advocates generally favour allowing
            abortions if and only if it is necessary to save the mother.

            Even Planned Parenthood implies that abortion is primarily done for
            socioeconomic reasons on their website.


            Notice that the first item listed under “Things to ask yourself if you are
            thinking about abortion” is “Am I ready to become a parent?”,
            not something along the lines of “Am I physically capable of going through
            pregnancy and childbirth?”.

            “Abortion doesn’t kill a human, termination of pregnancy is not a killing,
            but a medical procedure being so hippocratic oath doesn’t apply”

            Again, repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

            “If people from pro-life do care about human life then they wouldn’t
            engage in homophobia, Xenophobia or Islamophobia because that is destruction of
            human life you may like to see it but last time I checked gays, illegals and
            muslims are human pro-life people see them as threat not as human”

            I have yet to meet a pro-life advocate who does not abhor killing Muslims, gay
            people, or illegal immigrants.  Some (not all) question the merits of
            building a mosque near Ground Zero, redefining marriage to recognize same sex
            couples, or granting amnesty to anyone who manages to cross a border.  That isn’t the same as condoning the
            state sanctioned killing of the aforementioned people, before or after birth.Nothing was taken out of context with the mammogram claim.  Planned Parenthood and their supporters had spent months pretending they provided mammograms.  Even today, many prominent people (Randi Zuckerberg, for example) still falsely believe that this is the case.  The CEO of Planned Parenthood said that if they were defunded, women would lose their “basic health care access” and subsequently listed several services they provide (along with mammograms).  Live Action simply borrowed a page from the Sesame Street playbook and identified which of these things is not like the others.Furthermore, the health services that Planned Parenthood actually does offer are still available from community health centres and primary physicians, neither of which Live Action opposes.  Thus your claim that they want to eliminate healthcare fails.The Richard Dawkins analogy was mine, and I used it to show how your logic can take true premises to false (and ridiculous) conclusions.  The fallacy would be equating parts with the whole.  Just because I oppose an organization doesn’t mean I oppose everything that organization does.”If Lila Rose cared about sexual exploitation then she would have investigated churches”I think she’s more interested in abuse that has actually happened in her lifetime.  There’s also the reality that she can’t be everywhere at once, and that she wants to end abortion (thus investigating abortion organizations would accomplish both of these goals).  If she had investigated churches, however, the results would have received much better media coverage.”Pro-life groups have made all kinds of degrading comments about Obama
            and his healthcare including making a picture of him as a African witch
            doctor.”When did pro-life groups ever make this picture?  Please cite.  Again, I’m not going to debate the merits and faults of Obamacare.  I’m simply stating that pro-life groups had reasons for opposing it that are different from those you listed.”The reason why Indiana wasn’t getting medicaid program was because Indiana decided to take money away from women’s healthcare”Wrong.  Indiana did not take one cent away from women’s healthcare.  They simply redirected the funds from abortion organizations to other clinics that don’t do abortions, but provide the same healthcare to women.  The governor himself did a study to ensure that not one person would lose healthcare access or quality.  This is a perfectly legitimate use of state power.”Pro-life is not a social movement because social movement is about fighting against injustice.”
            While the pro-life movement does fight against injustice, that is not a necessary requirement for a social movement.  A social movement is simply about inducing social change.  Whether or not that change is good for society doesn’t change whether something is a social movement.

            Obviously the source I cited isn’t the most objective.  It’s a top ten list, which is subjective by nature.  Do you have a better one to refute it?  The fact still is that the most prominent pro-life groups on all fronts are led by women, and the majority of volunteers for pregnancy resource centres are female.

          7. I love how you skewed the facts to your advantage. I have never denied that abortions are done for socio-economic reasons, but again they are one of the reasons and they are not the majority. Abortion is a medical procedure regardless of reason why a woman gets it. Healthcare professionals are needed to perform those procedure or less patients life is at risk so yes abortion is healthcare whether is you like it or not. You shouldn’t accuse me of lying when I the biggest lie ever told to America is from the pro-life that pro-life cares about human life. Repeating that lie will never become the truth. Pro-life is in it for power and control. Killing gays, muslims and illegals is not called murder by the pro-life but rather self-defense and various other fancy terminologies so how convenient that pro-life doesn’t even acknowledge the murder of these humans as killing. Just like all the pro-life industry you cherry picked what planned parenthood doesn’t provide Lila Rose saw that and played a good prank on it.  Her comments on Joy Behar show was taken out of context. Randi Zuckerberg falls into your Richard Dawkins analogy so therefore your mammogram theory falls flat. If you do believe in Richard Dawkins analogy well then why punish the whole planned parenthood when it is certain parts of the clinic that you disagree. I guess you have not see pictures of Obama as a African witch doctor among others. I like you couldn’t cite that criticism of Obamacare doesn’t come from racism. Last time I checked she does go to church and she has been in church more often than a abortion clinic so yes she can investigate chruch and she is not being at more than one place at one time. Playing pranks on abortion is way more fun than investigating church and no mainstream media years and decades to find out about the sex scandals so whatever is going in a church is always hushed by their big money. Please know your facts about Indiana. The Mitch Daniels is Pro-life puppet so his study will always show those kinds of skewed facts so yes Indiana was denying women’s healthcare and that’s why the federal step in to stop the bullying. Just like Lila’s research my research have shown it is men who are control these organizations as women are willing to acknowledge their second class status.

          8. I already refuted the first fifteen lines of your post and cited sources to disprove them.  I’m not going to repeat myself.  You’re evidently not interested in actually reading the facts when they contradict your claims.  There’s nothing I can do about that.

            Again, nothing was taken out of context regarding the mammogram claim.  Cecile Richards stated a falsehood, and she got called on it.  Randi Zuckerberg is a prominent public figure who was misled by the claim, and repeated it.  I saw it repeated on a cable news show earlier this month.  This has nothing to do with the analogy I was using to illustrate the fallacy of confusing parts with wholes.

            I’m not sure how much evil an organization has to do before you would consider us justified in opposing it.  I think that killing over 300000 humans per year, vigorously opposing legislation that would protect human life, committing fraud with taxpayer money, and willingly aiding the sexual exploitation of minors is more than enough.  But I guess that’s just me.  There are other organizations that do good on one hand and evil on the other.  Hezbollah is one such example.  Hezbollah builds quality roads, hospitals, and schools.  It’s also a terrorist group.  And it’s not exactly possible to oppose only the abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood.  They have made it clear that abortion is their first priority, not providing healthcare.  In many cases, they will sooner reject public funds and reduce their health services than stop doing abortions.

            I won’t deny that some opponents of Obama are hateful racists.  The vast majority are not, however.  It’s not like there aren’t racists that happen to support Obama.  You still have yet to cite which pro-life group used this picture and link to it.  I gave you the reasons why pro-life groups oppose Obamacare.  You can agree or disagree, but you would have to actually cite some reliable sources if you wanted to prove that they are doing it out of spite for women and minorities.

            Why stop at the church?  Isn’t it possible that any of Lila’s acquaintances could be secretly abusing children?  She investigates abortion clinics because the abuses there actually occurred in her lifetime and because she wants to end abortion.  If you really believe that churches ought to be investigated, nothing is stopping you from doing so.  Exposing child abuse is much more productive than trolling a blog.  And I’m not sure what you mean by “hushed”.  Front page coverage on the New York Times isn’t “hushed” by my definition.

            Planned Parenthood provides Medicaid services to less than 1% Indiana’s Medicaid population.  No Medicaid funds were actually cut, they were merely redirected to other health providers.  The governor made sure that all affected women were given access to healthcare.  Unless you have some better data (please cite), it seems extremely unlikely that this law would deny any women healthcare access.

            No, your “research” is nothing like the projects Live Action does.  A key aspect of research (which you are lacking) is being able to cite actual evidence.  You never do that.  Instead, you insist (against all evidence available) that women and minorities who happen to disagree with abortion are all just puppets controlled by evil white men.  That isn’t going to cut it.

          9. You did not refute any of my comments rather made bunch of verbatims of pro-life industry. The pro-life industry doesn’t do research or cite any credible sources all they do is repeat a lie and hope people will believe it is the truth. Cecile Richards was talking about the what would happen planned Parenthood money is taken away. Mammograms was not a lie because Planned Parenthood pays for mammograms at other clinics for patients that go through planned parenthood. Do you see pro-life twisted the whole thing. Again Planned Parenthood does more than abortions so you yourself used fallacy of confusing parts with the whole in your points of planned parenthood.   I think that killing over 300000 humans per year, vigorously opposing legislation that would protect human life, committing fraud with taxpayer money, and willingly aiding the sexual exploitation of minors is more than enough. That sounds like what churches and christian missionaries do on a consistent basis, yet we have to call them charity work. State of Arizona with their white domination mentality passed draconian abortion laws which forced Planned Parenthood to cut abortion services to only three clinics. Yet they are still open for business of providing healthcare. Can you cite any racist for Obama. Lila Rose won’t investigate churches because it is not as much fun and lucrative. The scandal you are taking about in NY times happened a long after the actual crime. Tea party have used racist pictures of Obama on a consistent basis. If you did any research about the Indiana law and what actually happened you will see pro-life industry stripped money from healthcare all appease their agenda. Planned Parenthood fought that because they provide healthcare unlike Mitch Daniels cronies. You have not shown any evidence that women and minorities that oppose abortion are not puppets of white male domination. As always do your research instead of verbatims. Verbatims are not going to cut it when you can’t show credibility. By the way I am going to rank productive work in numberical order. 1) A college student drinking a pitcher of beer in one sitting 2) me offering free information 3) Lila Rose pulling pranks 

          10. putting the actions of 9/11 and abortions in the same box is completely absurd. Abortion is done to save a woman’s life and 9/11 was done to destroy lives completely polar opposites, but as always anit-abortion industry loves putting apples and oranges together

          11. “Abortion is done to save a woman’s life”

            Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true you know.

          12. Abortion is done to save a woman’s life is a fact unlike Pro-life statement that being pro-life means you care about human life. Repeat a lie that pro-life cares is about is human life is a lie that in itself will never become the truth

  8. Seem a little too much like the “pimp and prostitute” that were filmed in an ACORN office.  That was proven to be fake…I wonder how long it will take for this to be proven fake, also.


    1. This video won’t be proven as fake because the Anti-abortion industry will muzzle anyone who is brave enough to stand up to them. The Anti-abortion industry is way more richer than planned parenthood and whip out the persecution card when someone stands up to them. So maybe when the White Male Domination group loses their influence then we will find out how much lies and alterling went into making of the video.


    2.  How could you give a child killing business the benefit of the doubt? No way a child killer would pass up an abortion! It only seems logical. Easy. Planned Parenthood is a baby killing business, and that’s the worse that it gets! If they can do consciously do that, then they will definitely cover up child sex trafficking. That’s a no brainer. 


      1. I am giving truth benefit of the doubt. Just like we give christian missionaries and church benefit of the doubt that they do charity work. When in reality they fund terrorist other countries, molest children and rape innocent women yet my hard earned money goes to them so don’t after planned parenthood just because they don’t thank the white man.


    3. Not sure if Jenks2453 is just trolling or making up facts to suite his/her fantasy, but the ACORN video was not fake and neither are these.  Regardless of what one thinks of ACORN trying to shift the debate generally won’t work well with informed pro-lifers. At any rate if you think Live Action’s videos are somehow fake I doubt you’ve taken any time to actually watch them.


      1. there is no such thing as a well informed pro-lifer. The pro-lifers are radical extremist hell bent on showing the taliban, Iran and Saudi Arabia that they can out do all three of them.


        1. Bijoybalan,
          I am a women and a college student majoring in microbiology.  I am completely against racism. I am against the death penalty and euthanasia.  I am also Catholic and pro-life.  As a Catholic pro-lifer, my main tenant for life is to love my neighbor as myself.  That means that I will help you, whether you are black, white, Asian, or purple.  I don’t care if you are old, sick, mentally ill, or unborn.  You are a human being and deserve to live.  If I was a terrorist, I highly doubt I would be pro-life.   ““Terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence
          perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or
          clandestine agents”, according to the U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d).   I am not an agent or part of a subnational group, and the true pro-lifer would never use violence to further their aims.  It is contrary to the very being of a pro-lifer.  I really do not understand your link between pro-lifers and terrorists.  Nor do I understand your link between pro-lifers and racism.  Finally, I do not understand your link between pro-lifers and anti-women’s rights.  (If you think live action is anti-women, I highly encourage you to read their article  As a pro-lifer, there is no reason I cannot be intelligent and well informed.  I thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing your response.  Hopefully it will clear up some of my confusion about what you are trying to say.  Thank you once again!


          1. Pro-lifers have put apples and oranges all the time to put get their message, but as long as there is a good audience that enjoys this kind of rethoric then then they will sell it. Just look at KKK views on abortion, Iran abortion laws and all the people who commited terrorist acts on abortion clinics all call themselves pro-life. Just like pro-life have put abortion with rape, murder and various acts. I have put the same logic as to show pro-life is all about subjugation of women and minorities. Just look at affirmative action bake sale on college campuses and you will find pro-life people showing how minorities are bad, white people are good. Xenophobia again you will find christian missionaries and various other pro-life people telling how illegals are not human. So just like the corelations have been made about abortions and various deviant acts I just showed how being pro-life is destructive if you believe human life priceless.

          2. Bijoybalan,Just because the KKK is against abortion hardly means that they are pro-life.  As previously stated, I am against racism, so I am also against the KKK.  However, arguing that I should be for abortion just because the KKK is against it is like arguing that I should hate dogs because Hitler liked them.  I like dogs, and I really don’t like Hitler; I don’t like the KKK (who were against me because I am Catholic, incidentally) but I am against abortion.  The same applies to the Iranian abortion laws.  Yes, Iran subjugates women.  I don’t agree with most of their policies, but it happens that I agree with one -I am, after all, against abortion.  I do not think abortion subjugates women and I am still not very clear on why you do.  Could you please elaborate? The supposed pro-lifers who bomb abortion clinics are not, in my book, pro-lifers.  In fact, those people dishonor and discredit the pro-life movement.  I guess we agree on that point.  Pro-lifers do consider abortion murder, but we don’t consider that it is rape or other various acts.  We feel that the unborn baby is human, and thus to kill it is murder.  I don’t see that as apples and oranges, but I would love to hear your feelings about that.  Next, affirmative action bake sales are a different issue entirely and are unrelated to the pro-life movement.  Finally, illegals.  I don’t know about other churches, but I know that mine has programs to help immigrants, legal and otherwise.  My church does see them as human.  As a final point, the pro-life club at my school is founded and run by a woman, the club itself is mostly female, and of the males, one is African American and anther Latino.  Hardly white supremacy! Thank you once again for your time, and I hope you could clear up those few nagging points for me. 

          3. I guess you are not familiar with the pro-life movement. Pro-life groups always bunch deviants acts with abortion. Pro-choice people in my book do not support Margaret Sanger views on race either yet I always hear pro-life people put Ms.Sanger and pro-choice into one. Lila Rose got respect by the pro-life movement by playing the race card on Planned Parenthood. Father John Povone a cathollic priest who thinks minorities are so stupid that they think they were victims of racism they he gets the dumbest minorities to say abortions clinics target minorities. Your pro-life group example is flawed because because tons of blacks helped blacks become slaves, Indians helped India become a british colony should we translate that into whites had nothing to do with slavery because blacks took free black people into slavery and sold them to whites, Indians wanted India to ruled by the Europeans and enrich the Europeans because Indians helped us capture India so it must be the will of Indians to be colonized the reason why I am saying that is because you don’t want people to think that you are appeaseing white male domination by saying they are founded by women well same goes to whites who bought slaves by saying we didn’t tell them to be slaves and Europeans saying we didn’t tell them to be colonized. The reason why pro-life groups and churches have minorities is to maintain their tax-exempt status as long as women and minorities acknowkledge where they belong and say and do what they tell you . Just like critics of Planned Parenthood use Margaret Sanger’s one speech to KKK as a sign of that she and KKK are one I used that same logic. Margaret Sanger’s racism was no different than a christian missionaries racism who believed in the same stuff as Ms. Sanger yet Ms.Sanger is called a racist and christian missionaries are not for believing in the same stuff. Critics of Planned Parenthood claim that minorities should shun planned parenthood because of  Margaret Sanger’s views much like your dogs and hitler theory while ignoring  pro-life people like Jesse helms, Storm Thurmond, Pat Buchanan a Catholic himself. Since you are defending Affirmative Action bake sale i take it the black and latino had to apologize to your pro-life group before joining for all white people that were denied admission to your college so that the latino and african american could be admitted, I am only saying you are defending affimative action bake because you are not able to see how it effects a human life. By say it is unreletad to pro-life movement is absurd on the fact that they are showing that minorities are not human, but rather destroyers. Xenophobia is huge in the Pro-life movement in case you are oblivious. Does your church give help undocumented immigrants gain legal status I highly doubt it because the people who enrich your chruch don’t want these ungodly looking dark skin people have the same rights as they do. Just like the catholic church deny’s communion to people who believe in abortion I have never seen the church deny communion to people against abortion. The day I see the catholic church have the guts to ex-communicate all xenophobes will be day I consider the catholic church cares about human life.

          4. Bijoybalan,
            First of all, thank your for your response.  I hope you will enjoy mine.  I think that you are the one who is unfamiliar with the pro-life movement.  We are a movement.  We are not even necessarily a group.  We are people across the nation, nay, across the world, who are standing up for life and saying, “Enough is enough.”  We are not racist, we are not violent.  We are men and women, black and white, Asian and Latino.  We are Christian and agnostics, atheists and Muslim, Hindu and Jewish, Buddhist and any other religion or lack of religion I have not mentioned.  We are people.  We are not terrorist, or white supremest groups.  We are simply people who are standing up for life.  We are standing up for the child who will never run in the grass or see the sun because his/her mother did not chose life.  For the prisoner about to face the ultimate punishment for his/her crime.  For the old man or woman who is ignored or persecuted by his/her family, a family who wants him/her dead.  For the child who is mocked by his/her fellows because his/her brain does not have the same abilities.  We stand, in short for life.  What do you stand for?

          5. I stand for human life let humans live as human. As long as I will experience homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and suttle racism from the pro-life people. I have a hard time believing that believe in sanctity of human life. I have a lot of experience with the pro-life I have been laughed at, mocked at called stupid so many times that I feel like legally changing my name to Stupid Moron Illogical just appease the pro-life people. Those are names they call me on a consistent basis. When I see Lila Rose condoned rather than condemed, Planned Parenthood and abortion services providers described in a mean spirited and false way. I have a hard time the believing that people pro-life want to do something constructive, but rather fight for power and control.

          6. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this issue.  I am sorry that you have had such horrible experiences with those of the pro-life movement.  I hope that you understand that not all of us are like that.

          7. Tell Lila Rose and the legislators who want to punish abortion services providers to stop behave in that mean-spirited manner then I will acknowledge that pro-life is about human life

          8.  Because punishing murderers is a terrible thing in your worldview, right? Man, are you ever backwards thinking. I guess you want rapists to get off free too. Do you even give rapists a cool new name, like sexual explorers? Think about it. I can’t condemn you, but I would like to help you. 

          9. Backwards huh. I see Lila Rose and pro-life people are working hard to take away women rights back that’s backwards thinking. The pro-life community already gives rapist fancy names . The pro-life community calls christian missionaries and pastors charity workers when in fact they rape and engage in pedophilia with pride. I don’t see pro-life community doing anything about them.

        2.  Alright then. Thank you for your blatant disregard of facts and logic. I am opposed to abortion like I am opposed to killing my neighbor because he has become a nuisance to me. Now, I could talk to him. I could move. I could learn to tune him out, or, if he violated my rights, I could call the police. One thing that I cannot do is to decide to kill him. Killing is unacceptable in any civilized society.  While self defense can justify it sometimes, I beg you, please tell me how many babies you have seen or heard of coming out of their mothers’ wombs carrying pistols or hatchets, ready to strike and kill the mother. None? Never? Oh, o.k. I see that you are a hypocrite. Murdering someone for convenience sake, whether it is your neighbor or your child, is wrong. We must respect innocent life as a society. When life is disregarded, everyone’s rights begin to go way. 


          1. “Hyposcrisy” when you are losing a debate call someone a hypocrite how convenient. You cannot prove my hypocrisy, but  rambling is what pro-life does best rather than discuss facts and use logic. Again like every other pro-life what your analogy is illogical because if that were case we can use that on illegals, gays and muslims to show they are human and not a threat and somehow that goes in one ear and goes out the other ear for pro-life. Yet Pro-life thinks it’s OK to kill gays, illegals and muslims they call that self-defense and morality. You are hypocrite because you claim that you respect innocent yet you are pro-life. Maybe you should educate your pro-life people about disregarding life and how life should be respected not treated as trash.

    4. The premise was similar, but there were some key differences in methodology.  For example, Live Action (unlike Veritas) made the full footage available online in each case.


    5. its not about the people being “actors”  but about the information pp is distributing to the people who come in, in any situation.


  9. They sent ACORN TO HELL, and now planned parasite WILL GO TO HELL!!!!!SWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!
    acorn was a piece of libtarded, demonrat CRAP and went to hell, just like planned parasite is a libtarded demonrat piece of pro-abort CRAP AND WILL GO TO HELL!!!!
    Now, planned parasite is writhing like maggots, because they know they got caught with the


    1. I will translate you rant into proper english. Lila you are working hard to make women and minorities second class citizens if this trend continues we will soon have blacks, hispanics and women to apologize to white man because from the pro-life point of view non-white people have destroyed America and Lila is working hard to make women and minorities apologize to the white man.


      1.  Um, a largely disproportionate number of abortions are of black babies. Abortion kills off blacks. The founder of Planned Parenthood was a documented racist who wanted to get rid of more and more blacks. Please, don’t comment with such ignorance next time. 


        1. I didn’t use any ignorance, but rather was as informative as pro-life groups. The victims of christian missionaries are dispropotionately blacks also we don’t call that racism, but rather charity work. Margaret Sanger attitude towards people of different races was no different than christian missionaries whom blatantly discussed eliminating races and punishing people who did not show their loyality to the white man. Margaret Sangers work was widely praised by W.E.B Dubois a person who believed in black empowerment and various African American magazines. Martin Luther King accepted the Margaret Sanger Award so it’s no wonder why conservatives hate MLK. W.E.B Dubois was considered a bad black man by conservatives like Barack Obama for challenging the white man, while Tuskegee was considered a good black man by conservatives for accepting segregation.


          1.  Uhhhhh….. where in the world did you get the idea that conservatives hate MLK? I don’t know of any that do, and I was a conservative for years. I have read many conservative blogs and books, and I don’t know of a single one who is racist. Try being informed next time. And no, pulling out one example from someone on the fringe of reality and calling that person a conservative won’t cut it. I am now a Libertarian. I believe in peoples’ right to chose what to do with their own bodies; not a woman’s right to destroy the body of another human being. That’s called murder, and it is wrong regardless of what anyone says about it. 

          2. I am glad you flunked history. Pat Buchanan qoute on MLK and his civil rights movement, Pat Buchanan and how South Africa shouldn’t be punished for Apartheid, Ronald Reagan when describing MLK day to the New Hamsphire governor, Ronald Reagan and how Apartheid is OK, Jesse Helms and how courts shouldn’t have ended segregation, William Buckley and how the south will rise again. For every Robert Byrd and Governor Wallace who eventually changed their stand. The conservatives went to overt to subtle racism like challenging affirmative action and hate crimes against minorities

  10. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. accepted an award from PP before they did abortions, according to his niece Alveda King.


  11.  O.K. Bijoybalan. Since you won’t actually defend your pro murder position, I am going to leave you alone now. All you seem to be doing is making personal attacks on people-which is of course irrelevant. You can’t seem to understand that it doesn’t matter what anybody else says or does, killing babies is wrong. According to your point of view, all I need to do is find somebody that is “pro-choice” who also believes in stoning adulteresses and that makes it wrong to be pro-choice, since someone who is pro-choice also has a bad idea about something else. You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever heard of. You talk about saving lives, but you only want to kill. The baby doesn’t count to you. Newsflash-everyone on earth was once a worthless baby. If we all started out worthless we are all still worthless and you should have no problem with everyone on earth dying. This is the ultimate logic of your position. Please, stop trolling these boards and go do something more constructive.


    1. Well Joshua I guess you lost this debate. Hypocrisy is what I experience from pro-life. I am for letting human beings to live as human something you seen to have a hard time grasping. I never said I am pro-murder as long as I am Pro-choice I can’t be Pro-murder. So why should I defend pro-murder. Personal attacks I guess you don’t proofread your posts do you because all I see is condescending tone and mudslinging from you and your friends how does that save lives I have no clue. Look your stoning adultresses analogy is what the pro-life people use to rationalize why people should be pro-life sounds like you are very inconsistent with you say. Margaret Sanger’s racism and  Planned Parenthood irrelevant yet your pro-life put’s it together for stupid people. Abortion clinic and location in minority neighborhood again irrelevant yet you guys put talk it makes sense. Again homophobia, Xenophobia and islamophobia is killing humans yet you seem to give it a cold shoulder sound like hypocrisy to me. Yes the baby does count to me Ok that’s why I am pro-choice. Newsflash We all eventually die. so what is your point? When it comes to constructive I am way more constructive than all the pro-life groups in this world. This something I have to do to educate people like you and Lila Rose. My goal is to save lives and turn Lila Rose from bitter angry person to a loving knowledgable open minded person 


  12. Lila congratulations on taking $61 million dollars away from women’s healthcare. Boy do you hate women and minorities that don’t acknowledge the white male domination. I have suggestion bring some all those taliban fighters to America and they can teach on how to shut down all the women’s healthcare afterall Lila is making America look alot like the taliban Afghanistan. My idea of women’s healthcare is not coat hangar’s and bucket of bioling water that’s why I am not pro-life and believe in funding planned parenthood. So what’s next shutting down batered women’s shelter’s afterall from a pro-life point of view men that beat their spouse’s and girlfriend’s are not seen as victims and that’s not fair to people who are pro-life.


  13. A lot of people doing bad things in the name of an organization doesn’t make that whole organization bad. Planned Parenthood helps a lot of people get access affordable  health care.


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