Awesome NRLC Analysis of PP Abortion Stats

National Right to Life has a clear, solid overview of Planned Parenthood’s abortion statistics and revenue posted on its news site yesterday. What’s unique about it is a special look at the stats for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, which operates the infamous Overland Park, KS center and is vulnerable to enhanced abortion clinic rules in Kansas:

The 97% and 3% mantra is repeated everywhere. But  in some of the harder to find fact sheets, PPFA, the national organization, admits that 12% of its clients receive abortions, not 3%.  At Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, the percentage is apparently much higher. According to the above mentioned website, 6,006 of its 26,553 patients received abortions in 2008, a whopping 22.6%.

However if you look at it in terms of its bottom line, even those numbers greatly understate abortion’s importance to the group.   At going rates, the 332,278 abortions performed in 2009 PPFA translate into about $149.9 million, or about 37% of the group’s national “health center income.”

Estimates for PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri are comparable. 6,006 abortions, at going rates, would bring in at least $2.7 million in revenues.

Note that both the national and the affiliate figures are extremely conservative estimates. Planned Parenthood clinics advertise and perform more expensive chemical abortions and considerably more expensive later abortions. (PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri’s Overland Park clinic advertises both chemical abortions and surgical abortions up to 21.6 weeks.)

It’s interesting that nearly 23% of PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri patients receive abortions, compared to a little more than half of that–12%–nationwide. That either says something about the aggression with which an affiliate like PPKMM pursues abortion, or about the accuracy of PPFA’s national statistics.

And let’s not forget the important point the article raises about abortion revenue–the most common figures for Planned Parenthood’s abortion revenue have been calculated using the average cost of a 1st-trimester abortion. Given that prices increase steadily, sometimes exponentially, as gestational age increases, Planned Parenthood is likely bringing in significantly more money from abortion than estimated thus far.

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