Celebrate Women’s History Month with America’s Original Feminists

Many view Roe vs. Wade as the court decision that gave women in the United States more rights. In reality, it was verdict that stripped human beings of the basic right to life, and lead women into a future of unfathomable exploitation. If today you are against abortion, you are thought to be against feminism and against women. But America’s first feminists were strong women standing up for equal rights, even for the unborn. March is Women’s History Month, which provides us with the perfect opportunity to teach our daughters about these women who have fought not only for the rights of women, but for the rights of the unborn as well.

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) campaigned across the country for the anti-slavery movement, and the rights of women to vote, to work and to own property. Throughout her life, she worked as an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society, as the president of the Workingwomen’s Central Association, and as the president of the National Woman’s Suffrage Association (NWSA). She founded the voice of the NWSA, called The Revolution. Anthony was anti-abortion.

 “All the articles on this subject (abortion) that I have read have been from men. They denounce women as alone guilty, and never include man in any plans for the remedy. . . Guilty? Yes. No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed (abortion). It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But oh, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!”

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President of NOW Equates Ultrasounds to Rape, Outright Lies to Gain Support

Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women is obviously running scared. She sees that the pro-abortionists are starting to lose their grip on the minds of America and the only option she has left is to lie through her teeth. Why else would she write a piece for the Huffington Post that is packed with deception about the proposed mandatory ultrasound laws (recently approved in Texas and Virginia) and Republicans?

Lie #1: She writes, “In this right-wing utopia (of the Republican party), women will no longer be able to exercise the right to control their bodies, plan their families or safeguard their own health. The church and the state will tell women what is best for them, and religious entities’ “liberty” will consistently trump individual women’s right to live and work free from discrimination and in accordance with their own religious and moral beliefs.”

Truth:  Women will always be able to control their own bodies, plan their families and take care of their health no matter who the president is. Women will also be allowed to live and work free from discrimination, which she says is a right that would disappear. This is the United States after all. Republicans simply want to show women what abortion is before they take the life of their child and live to regret it. Hopefully soon, the one “right” women won’t have is one that allows them to kill their unborn, whom are actually completely different people with their own body deserving of their own right to live.

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Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

Planned Parenthood thinks everyone wants them in their personal sex lives.

Planned Parenthood is the best deceiver of young people since the evil queen tempted Snow White with that poisoned apple. They have already been successful at reeling in young people with empty promises of carefree, no consequence sex. Now they want students to tell them when, where, and with whom sex is happening at the exact moment it occurs.

Everywhere you look these days, products and advertisements feature QR codes, which can be scanned with smartphones to visit a web site, get a coupon, or learn more information. Now a QR code has been featured on the wrappers of 55,000 condoms handed out to college students by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.

When the codes are scanned, users can check in with Planned Parenthood–and the rest of the world–with information including their age, their location, why they use condoms, the status of their relationship or lack of a relationship, and whether or not they had sex in a bed or a kitchen, at a beach or a party. Plus, they can rate the sex from “Things can only improve from here” to “Ah-maz-ing”. But they don’t even need a smartphone or a condom. They can just head to WhereDidYouWearIt.com and tell the world about the sex they just had – which the world can tweet about if they wish.  Read more Planned Parenthood Uses New Technology to Take Advantage of College Students

Post on Popular Site Says a Fetus is a Baby

I like blog posts telling people what not to do. So when I saw a link to one entitled 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Miscarriage Survivor, I clicked. I read. I smiled. Author Devan McGuinness is straight on about the insensitive statements often used in an attempt to comfort someone who has suffered a miscarriage, but what is most inspiring to me was just how pro-life the post is.

McGuinness contributes to the being pregnant section of the popular web site Babble. In the February 24 post regarding miscarriage, the number 5 thing you shouldn’t say is, “It was not a real baby just a fetus.” Her reasoning:  

A ‘fetus’ is a baby. The mom will feel changes from very early on, making the transition to motherhood already there in her mind. It was a real baby.”

I can’t really explain how happy this made me. Yes, I love that she’s standing up for people who have miscarried, which is tremendous because too many of these women (and their partners) are made to feel as though their loss is no big deal. But here is this contributor on a major web site stating without hesitation that a fetus is a baby.

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Feminists for Choice Proves Women are Often Ignorant about Abortion

Belief in abortion rights does not equal knowledge about abortion. This was made clear when the group Feminists for Choice asked women, “Can you be pro-choice if you wouldn’t choose abortion for yourself?” Most women answered the question with the same pro-abortion, deceptive language that has been fired off by abortion proponents for years. And it proves they don’t know anything about fetal development or abortion.

It’s My Body

Aurelia says, “I am pro-choice for the most basic reason. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do with my body and I don’t think I have any business telling anyone what else to do with their body.”

Van claims, “It seems intuitive and obvious to me that I should be the ultimate decision maker of a decision that has to do with my physical body. On top of that, the fact that the majority of government is men makes it even more insulting.”


What these two fail to understand is that the baby/fetus is a completely different person from the mother. She has her own body developing with her own unique DNA within the womb of her mother. This is scientific fact. To be peddling the old line that abortion is something a women does to her own body is ignorant and disingenuous. Besides that, the government tells us we can’t use drugs or prostitute ourselves – actions that actually only affect our own body (unless of course the person is pregnant).

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40 Days for Life Campaigners Compared to Satan

40 Days for Life is gearing up for another Lenten season of saving lives. However, Jeannie Ludlow, member of the Abortion Care Network, has likened these brave pro-lifers to the devil tempting Jesus in the wilderness.

The First Temptation

After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4: 2-4

Ludlow writes that the campaigners’ pro-life messages to those entering clinics for abortions is like Satan tempting Jesus to end his hunger and turn stone to bread. She says, “…the campaign (40 Days) urges our patients to shift their priorities, to turn their backs on their commitments to their families and themselves.” What Ludlow fails to see is that this temptation is about our basic fears of survival and making our priority heaven rather than earthly worries.

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Will Dolphins Soon Have More Rights than Unborn Humans?

The Helsinki Group, comprised of philosophers, scientists, and animal welfare groups have created a declaration of rights for dolphins, which they hope will soon become law. They call dolphins “non-human persons” and have concluded that the first right dolphins should receive is the right to life.

In addition to the right to life, the group proposes that dolphins not be removed from their natural environment. They claim that dolphins are not the property of any state, corporation, human group, or individual, that they should be protected under international and domestic law, and that no state, corporation, human group, or individual should “engage in any activity that undermines these rights, freedoms, and norms.”

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The Abortioneers Call Killing Babies a “Motherly Sacrifice”, Support Abortion for Successful Living

Abortionists claim that the pro-life television ad which aired during the Super Bowl ruined everyone’s “chip-dip and light-beer, good times.” Well it should have. The Super Bowl ad was a wake-up call for America, and I hope it knocked millions of people out of their brainwashed, ignorant, “abortion isn’t murder” frame of mind. It’s the ones that know abortion is murder and still support it that we have to fear, because people who advocate the murder of innocent children should be considered armed and dangerous.

Take The Abortioneers for instance. This group of abortion practitioners blog about what life is like when your job is killing babies. And on February 5, they admitted that abortion is “the loss of human life”. They also referred to it as a “motherly sacrifice”. Interesting. I thought motherly sacrifice was about sacrificing your own wants for your child so that your child can live, grow, and succeed. I had no idea that a motherly sacrifice involved killing your child so that you don’t have to make any changes to your life.

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Sex Selection Abortions Shock Us, but Abortion of the Disabled Still Justified

In a recent, now famous editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, interim editor-in-chief Rajendra Kale called abortion of female babies “discrimination against women in its most extreme form.” He called for the withholding of information regarding the sex of any unborn baby until 30 weeks gestation in order to stop the female feticide that he reports to be occurring mainly in certain ethnic groups.

While abortion advocates are in an uproar over a woman’s right to choose to abort a female baby because she wants a boy instead, others are calling for the education of these ethnic groups against sexist rationale. But what if this debate was instead about the unborn child with cystic fibrosis or Down syndrome?

I believe most of us would agree that sex selective abortions are an act of discrimination. And I believe most of us would agree that this discrimination must end. But if the same ultrasound technology which revels the sex of a baby also revels the existence of a disability and that baby is then aborted because of that disability, is that not discrimination against the disabled at its worst? Why isn’t society standing up for these babies? Why aren’t doctors fighting to stop this practice of eugenics? Why is discrimination against females viewed as abhorrent, while discrimination against the disabled is considered justifiable and compassionate?

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Planned Parenthood’s New Campaign Capitalizes on Teenage Impulsiveness

Planned Parenthood’s new ad campaign is front and center in my local area. I asked my Facebook friends for their opinions of the “We’re your…” campaign which includes the phrases, “We’re Your Friends with Benefits” and “We’re Your Sexual Fantasy”. Most thought the campaign was smart and effective, and that it speaks well to teenagers. But that’s the problem. The ads paint casual sex as a fun, thrilling ride that all the cool kids are doing. And fun without consequences is to teenagers what candy is to children. Planned Parenthood is doing nothing more than luring teens to their centers like a kidnapper enticing a child to his van with the false promise of candy.

What Planned Parenthood Wants

Planned Parenthood wants the next generation. They want to break down a teen’s modesty, break their trust in their parents, and become their own personal sex expert. And they believe today’s teens want reproductive care with a “dash of humor.” Because what’s funnier than casual sex among sixteen year olds who are not equipped to deal with the responsibility or consequences of their actions?

One commenter on Facebook, Meaghan Kowalski, got it right saying, “Validating, exploiting, and capitalizing on the impulsive tendencies of adolescents is not something to be proud of. This campaign is not advocating for sexual and reproductive health. Grown-ups who care about kids and healthy development teach kids about behavior, choices, and their consequences. Could you imagine if this kind of thing was coming out of the educational system? That would cause an uproar. Our teens and older adolescents deserve better than this. And they are smarter than this.”

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Pro-Life In the Womb and Out of the Womb

Planned Parenthood blogger Firdaus has a question for pro-lifers, “What if all the fetuses you save grow up without health insurance, find a lump in their breast, and can’t afford treatment?”  The quick answer:  Yay! We saved babies! The long answer: We’re glad to have saved these babies who were allowed their constitutional right to life and are now adults who have the ability to make choices about their lives, including fighting for that life. And we will help those women get diagnosed, receive treatment, and cover other expenses.

Firdaus makes the baseless claim that all of the actions of pro-lifers are hateful, destructive, homophobic, bigoted, and oppressive towards living people.  But the truth is real pro-lifers, true pro-lifers love life in each stage, of every color, of every background, and of every lifestyle. Life is about acceptance. And until the unborn are accepted as living human beings who deserve every right and every chance at life that we “out of the womb” humans receive, our focus will be on saving them.

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Planned Parenthood Will Unfortunately Survive

Planned Parenthood Logo / Symbol

If there was any worry on the pro-choice side as to whether or not Planned Parenthood would be able to move forward with their life-ending work without the mere $700,000 from Komen for the Cure, fear not. The abortion giant used the situation to market itself as a poor non-profit struggling to get by and in the end, managed to make even more money for themselves.

Not only has Planned Parenthood’s big whine for donations for their newly established Breast Health Emergency Fund been answered by the brainwashed of America, the bigwigs are pulling out their checkbooks too. Within days, New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg promised to match the next $250,000 in donations to Planned Parenthood, and Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG Foundation pledged another $100,000. In fact, Planned Parenthood has managed to bring in another $3 million this week alone. Kudos to Planned Parenthood’s marketing staff, they sure know how to manipulate.

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