Pro-Life Movie “Doonby” Is Big On Heart, Low On Preaching

Doonby is not your typical anti-abortion movie. I don’t think the word “abortion” is used in the film, and it’s not even alluded to until the final scenes. Unlike recent documentaries such as 180 and Blood Money, wonderful though they are, Doonby uses narrative — storytelling — to approach the issue obliquely. In fact, for the first 95% of the film, you think you’re watching a well-meaning low-budget thriller about a mysterious guy who shows up in a town and causes a bit of a stir. You wonder where it’s going, but even if you know it’s a pro-life movie, you’re surprised, delighted, and moved by the way it ends.

Doonby stars John Schneider, of “Dukes of Hazzard” and “Smallville” fame, as Sam Doonby, a Southern drifter who arrives in Smithville, TX, with nothing but a backpack and a charming smile. He quickly lands a job at a bar owned by a blues man named Leroy (played by Ernie Hudson, who is known to the world forever, whether he likes it or not, as the black Ghostbuster), and almost as quickly takes up with Laura (Jenn Gotzon), spoiled daughter of the town’s prominent gynecologist (Joe Estevez). Pro-life activist Jennifer O’Neill plays the doctor’s wife.

Throughout the rest of the film Doonby manages to continually be in the right place at the right time when crises occur, to the point that he has a major impact on the lives of many of the town’s residents, including Laura and her family, and attracts the attention of the sheriff (Robert Davi, who you may remember as one of the bad guys in The Goonies).

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March For Life Dallas 2012: Inside Kristen’s iPhone

This is my attempt to shut up for a minute and let pictures do the talking. It goes against my every natural instinct to run my mouth, but I will try. Here we go!

Curtain up: The Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Dallas, Texas, broods under a cloudy sky. Except it was actually not very broody but kind of festive. And it wasn’t really cloudy either. It was, however, so cold my hands could barely work my iPhone.

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Why The Mainstream Media Ignores Or Distorts The March For Life

March for Life Washington D.C. Photo courtesy TelecareTV.

This past Saturday, January 21, in Dallas, several thousand people gathered downtown to march to the federal building for a public rally. I was one of them. Road blocks were set up. Half the city center was shut down. Thirty-three police and one helicopter escorted what police unofficially estimated to be 8,000 people through the heart of the city and back.

The local paper, The Dallas Morning News, did not cover it. Not a single photo. Not even a whisper.

The West Coast March for Life, attended by 50,000 was ignored by local news as highlighted by blogger and pundit Michelle Malkin and other attendees.

In Washington D.C., a crowd that has been estimated as numbering between 100,000 and 400,000 people marched down Constitution Avenue to protest abortion. The New York Times did not report on it. They did, however, include in their “Happenings in Washington” section a White House visit by NHL Stanley Cup champions and the signing of an Environmental Cooperation Agreement with the South Korean ambassador to the U.S.

Does this sound like a coincidence to you? Does this sound like unbiased reporting? Or does it sound like the mainstream media is deliberately not covering these events?

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How To Make The End Of Abortion The End Of Unwanted Children

Recently I’ve been discussing the correlation between the problem of emancipating slaves in the American South, and the problem of ending abortion in our country. While most pro-lifers agree abortion must be ended as soon as possible, it doesn’t change the fact that an extra one million babies per year, many born to mothers with limited resources or parenting skills, will put a great strain on federal assistance and social welfare programs.

The first part of the solution to this problem is far-reaching and, admittedly, far-fetched. It involves changing the way young people view personal responsibility, morality, and sex, which involves changing the hearts and minds of adults so that they raise their children with better instruction and more traditional values.

While it’s essential that we continue to lead by example and advocate for higher sexual standards, it’s also important that we realize unwanted pregnancies are still going to happen, and lots of them.

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What We Must Do Before Abortion Is Illegal

Ten-year-old high fashion model Thylane Blondeau proves two things: 1. We are not protecting our young women. 2. France is creepy.

Yesterday I wrote about the similarities between abortion and slavery, and how great thinkers of the time, such as Edmund Burke, struggled with the issue of how to handle what promised to be the rocky transitioning of slaves into free men. It was a problem with serious social and economic implications. Fears of a war between the races, though they may sound silly today, were very real at the time. Even those who favored an end to slavery worried that sudden, radical emancipation would cripple the economy and result in poverty, misery, and danger for freed slave families.

We face a similar crisis today. Of course,  if I could press a button and make abortion illegal in all 50 states right this second, I would do so, gladly and without hesitation, and face whatever problems arose.

However, as far as I know, there is no such button. (If you are aware of the existence of such a button, please email me.) Meanwhile, there are two essential things we must do between now and that golden day when abortion is no longer legal in our country.

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The End Of Abortion (Will Not Be Pretty)

Thomas Sowell knows things you will never know.

I’ve been reading a fascinating book by economist, Stanford University professor, and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow Thomas Sowell called Black Rednecks & White Liberals. In an essay titled “The Real History of Slavery,” Sowell analyzes the complex reasons why most Americans who were morally opposed to slavery did not side with the radical abolitionists. A whole host of reasons stopped good men — including Washington and Jefferson — from supporting any endeavor to simply declare slaves free and release them into the wide world, and foremost among these concerns was the well-being of the slaves themselves.

Sowell quotes Edmund Burke, the 18th century British philosopher and opponent of the slave trade.

… Burke put the problem, as he put so many other problems, in the context of the inherent constraints of circumstances. While seeing slavery as “an incurable evil,” Burke was concerned with what would happen to the slaves themselves after they were freed, as well as the implications of their freedom for the society around them.

The “minds of men being crippled” by slavery, Burke said, “we must precede the donation of freedom” by developing in the enslaved people the capacity to function as responsible members of a free society…

[N]owhere did Burke view this is an abstract question without considering the social context and the consequences and dangers of that context.

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Trib Column Is Latest To Attack Ron Paul On Personhood

Clarence Page has taken one from Anna Holmes, apparently, and roughly a billion other pro-abortion bloggers these days. His latest at the Chicago Tribune contains much wailing and gnashing of teeth about an imaginary assault on contraceptives by GOP candidates.

What the candidates are talking about is not coming into your house and confiscating your little pink compact. They are talking about cutting federal funding for clinics that provide abortion and contraceptives.

As I have discussed in previous posts, making the very valid argument that our tax dollars should not have to pay for your abortions or birth control pills is not an all-out “assault” against birth control or an attempt to intrude into your privacy.

You can’t ask me to pay for your sex life and then say it’s none of my business.

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What People Of All Religions (And No Religion) Can Learn From Tebow’s Mom

Tim Tebow and his parents.

I am not a sports fan, so the first time Tim Tebow popped up on my radar was right before the 2010 Super Bowl, when I caught wind that Focus on the Family would be airing an ad during the game featuring Tebow and his mom. According to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, it was going to be a piece of blatant anti-choice propaganda pumped into our living rooms against our will that would make all our children Republicans and yadda yadda yadda.

When the ad finally aired, I was watching, and was… kinda disappointed. There was nothing even remotely controversial about it, and I do love me some controversy. Basically Tebow’s mom says Tim almost died in the womb and she’s really glad he didn’t. That’s it. I can’t think of anything less controversial than a mother saying she’s glad her baby was born, but these are strange times we live in.

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Jezebel Founder Vs. “Paternalistic Middle-Aged White Guys”

These people have only one goal: forcing you to get pregnant and stay that way. Forever.

So it happened again.

I was sitting at my desk, working on work-related work, when I saw that I had a new email. It was a Google News alert. George Soros doesn’t know it, but every day, at my request, Google sends me an email containing all the news items from that day containing the words “Texas” and “abortion.” Thanks, George!

The headline wasn’t terribly eye-catching — “Conversation over abortion continues 39 years later” — but the excerpt that appeared grabbed me: “Ron Paul’s high regard for individual civil liberties does not, apparently, extend to women who would prefer to prevent or terminate a pregnancy.”

I knew at that moment that I was going to have to click on it, and I was probably going to get all angry and bloggy. I’m not a Ron Paul follower, but I love that he is pro-life. So I clicked. Besides the Ron Paul silliness, I got some juicy nuggets of idiocy. To wit:

…[T]he conversation, at least the one put forth by antiabortion activists, has rarely, if ever, been framed in terms of women’s health, bodily autonomy and the right to privacy or self-determination. Rather, they talk about “baby-killing.” And now, thanks to the GOP presidential primary race — which, with the departures of Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain is now a collection of paternalistic middle-aged white guys — the conversation has taken a revealing turn.

I don’t know if you got the memo, white guys, but you’re not allowed to have an opinion about abortion. Haven’t you learned this yet? Thanks for playing such a large role in creating civilization as we know it. Now stop running for president!

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The Silliest Argument Ever (Is One You Hear All The Time)

The Ten Commandments: All up in your business since circa 1440 B.C.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you.

It’s lunchtime. You are eating at your desk at work and decide to look at Facebook. It’s as exciting as ever. Your aunt had a burrito for lunch. A girl you haven’t seen since college got a new tattoo. Someone is super happy it’s almost Friday.

Then you see that a virtual stranger (there’s a double meaning in that) has commented on one of your posts. And she has said something so asinine that you put down your fried pickle (’cause you’re in Texas and you eat stuff like that) and respond.

It’s daunting, the task before you. Do you even want to undertake this? Can you really change someone’s mind about abortion in one Facebook comment?*

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Victory! Appeals Court Says TX Can Enforce Sonogram Law

This morning, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that the state of Texas can enforce the Sonogram Law while it is being challenged in court.

In an important victory for the unborn in Texas, the court dismissed the claims of the Center for Reproductive Rights and Justice Sam Sparks in a stunning opinion that confirmed the sanctity of life and validated the efforts of Texas pro-life organizations, lawmakers, and Gov. Rick Perry.

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14-Year-Old Girl Sues Family To Stop Abortion

A 14-year-old girl in Corpus Christi, TX, received a temporary restraining order on Dec. 21 to stop her family from forcing her to get an abortion. A state district judge appointed an attorney for the teen and extended the restraining order until Jan. 19, when a hearing will determine whether the order will remain in place for the duration of the girl’s pregnancy.

Thus far, the girl has been represented by Stephen Casey, an attorney for the Austin organization Texas Center for Defense of Life. Family members who appeared in court told the judge the teenage girl was mentally unstable and incapable of caring for a baby.

Casey claims the girl’s cousin is guilty of “assaulting her by grabbing her by the neck, hitting her across the jaw and threatening to beat her if she did not get an abortion.”

There are several disturbing things about this story. First and foremost, that her family members are trying to force her to kill her baby. Second, that the judge in the case has only protected her from these people for two weeks. Third, that the “pro-choice” blogs are staying very quiet about the case. So much for choice!

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