Your Role in the Komen Fiasco

We’ve all read the blog posts and media articles about the Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. We’ve seen the tweets and Facebook posts about it. And maybe you are pretty fired up about the whole thing or at least find yourself annoyed at the Komen cowardice. But now for the tough question… What have you done about it?

Planned Parenthood won that battle in large part because they swamped social media, and the mainstream media. Their battle cry could be heard from miles away. As a result the Komen Foundation, feeling no doubt highly out numbered and badgered from all sides, reversed its logical decision and will continue to send hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to an organization that does not respect life.

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March for Life and the Media – what we can do

March for Life Pro-Life Rally

For three days now I have seen the complaints that the mainstream media didn’t cover the March for Life. As a journalist, that sentiment bothers me because it is not exactly true. Type ‘March for Life’ into Google News this morning and you will be able to read 1,428 related articles.  Some of those articles are from small-town publications, but a large amount are from the mainstream media. (Besides the New York Times, which is a whole different thing.)

The thing we are really disappointed about is the type of coverage the event gets. You know the type; pictures pitting the pro-life and pro-abortion protestors against each other or articles that only pull actual quotes from the abortion advocates. I’m tired of seeing pictures of people kneeling in a nearly catatonic state or yelling in a vulgar unbecoming way. What happened to the crowd shots? And what about the pictures of the peaceful attendees carrying banners with creative slogans?

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