NARAL Ohio Can’t Stand Fetal Heartbeat Bill

Kellie Copeland, Executive Director of Ohio NARAL, can't believe you're so worked up about fetal heartbeats. Lady Macbeth would be proud of her.

CantonRep in Ohio has a detailed, surprisingly fair profile of the abortion debate going on in the state right now over fetal pain and fetal
heartbeat-based abortion bans. The article notes that:

Virtually all [abortions] would become illegal if the fetal heartbeat bill, known as House Bill 125, becomes law.

The proposed heartbeat bill, already passed by a large majority in the House and pending in the Senate, bans abortion as soon as the unborn child’s heartbeat can be detected, which is about 6 weeks LMP at the latest. The leader of NARAL in Ohio gives this tone-deaf rebuttal:

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Planned Parenthood Mar Monte Abortionist Loses License

Dr. Jesse James Joplin, a long-time abortionist for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in Northern California, has had his medical license suspended by the California Medical Board. Joplin was already on probation due to a recent pattern of drug and alcohol abuse beginning in 2007.

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PA Abortion Doctors Ran Under-the-Counter Drug Racket

Crazy story out of Pennsylvania today. Three abortion clinic workers, including two doctors, from the Allegheny Women’s Center in Pittsburgh have been criminally charged after the doctors illegally purchased thousands of diet pills for a clinic technician “to treat anxiety and depression”:

Providing the drugs was illegal because the doctors did not have a clinical relationship with the stafferMark Wagner, 48, and therefore abused their Drug Enforcement Administration licenses to dispense prescription medications, Attorney General Linda Kelly said.

Dr. John Barrett, the abortionist who hustles under-the-counter prescriptions to his coworkers. "Hey buddy. I got somethin' under my lab coat for ya."

The former medical director of the Allegheny Women’s Center, Dr. Alton Lawson, 72, of Pittsburgh, authorized an employee to order the pills known as Diethylpropion for Wagner, Kelly contended.

Wagner, of Pittsburgh, used the pills to treat anxiety and depression, though they’re most commonly used to treat obesity, according to the charges.

After Dr. John Barrett, 41, of Pittsburgh, took over as the clinic’s director, he continued ordering prescriptions for Wagner for 1,200 tablets at a time, whenever Wagner told the doctor he needed the drugs, according to a criminal complaint.

In all, the doctors ordered more than 20,000 tablets over several years for Wagner, who “did not pay for the drugs and viewed them as compensation for working overtime and for regularly providing clinic supplies and office refreshments,” according to a statement from Kelly.

I imagine there is a lot of “anxiety and depression” to go around inside an abortion clinic. Interestingly, the raid that busted Kermit Gosnell’s mill in Philadelphia was ordered because of Gosnell’s drug-laundering side business. And interesting that two more Pennsylvania abortion doctors now find themselves face to face with the law. Hope it’s a new trend…

5 TX Abortionists Called Before Medical Board

The Texas Medical Board is summoning 5 Texas abortionists to appear for hearings regarding violations Operation Rescue uncovered at their clinics:

The abortionists are scheduled for Informational Settlement Conferences on October 28, 2011, where they must answer to allegations that the Board has brought against them.

Abortionists Margaret Kini, Alan Molson, Robert L. Prince, Douglas Karpen, and H. Brook Randal, are facing the charges based on complaints made by Operation Rescue after a three-month investigation into Texas abortion clinics.

Operation Rescue’s investigation uncovered multiple violations at several Texas abortion clinics across the state, which included the improper dumping of human aborted baby remains, illegal dumping of private patient medical information and records, violations of the 24-hour waiting period and informed consent laws, and other abuses.

Live Action broke a story in April about the remains of an aborted child found lying in the parking lot outside an abortion mill in El Paso, TX. Read about that story here. May abortionists in Texas and every state be held accountable to the law for their crimes against women and children.

House Freshmen Hold Press Conference Calling for Hearings on PP “Abortion Factory”

“The taking of innocent life is not health care,” Fleming said. “And yet we see a situation where Planned Parenthood seems to disguise its abortion factory as health care.” Referencing the number of abortions provided by Planned Parenthood in 2009 — 332,278 — Fleming said, “If that’s not a factory, I don’t know what is.”

Those are the words of Louisiana Rep. Dr. John Fleming at a press conference held today by pro-life House freshmen with Americans United for Life, calling for the congressional investigation that pro-life groups have long sought into Planned Parenthood. The press

conference comes just days after AUL released a blockbuster 37-page report enumerating nearly every major scandal at Planned Parenthood–including Live Action’s undercover documentation of sexual abuse coverup and aiding and abetting child sex trafficking–and laying the groundwork for a congressional investigation.

Let’s take Cecile Richards to the witness stand. (Or maybe Stuart Schear?) The Obama administration may have put the kibosh on federal defunding of Planned Parenthood for now, but in the meantime, congressional hearings can keep the negative pressure on Planned Parenthood & co. and support further state defundings. Moreover–with the special authority of Congress to subpoena witnesses and documents in an investigation of a federally-funded organization, who knows what further corruption and violations inside Planned Parenthood might come to light? After all, all it took was some kids walking in the front door to find this:

Awesome NRLC Analysis of PP Abortion Stats

National Right to Life has a clear, solid overview of Planned Parenthood’s abortion statistics and revenue posted on its news site yesterday. What’s unique about it is a special look at the stats for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, which operates the infamous Overland Park, KS center and is vulnerable to enhanced abortion clinic rules in Kansas:

The 97% and 3% mantra is repeated everywhere. But  in some of the harder to find fact sheets, PPFA, the national organization, admits that 12% of its clients receive abortions, not 3%.  At Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, the percentage is apparently much higher. According to the above mentioned website, 6,006 of its 26,553 patients received abortions in 2008, a whopping 22.6%.

However if you look at it in terms of its bottom line, even those numbers greatly understate abortion’s importance to the group.   At going rates, the 332,278 abortions performed in 2009 PPFA translate into about $149.9 million, or about 37% of the group’s national “health center income.”

Estimates for PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri are comparable. 6,006 abortions, at going rates, would bring in at least $2.7 million in revenues.

Note that both the national and the affiliate figures are extremely conservative estimates. Planned Parenthood clinics advertise and perform more expensive chemical abortions and considerably more expensive later abortions. (PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri’s Overland Park clinic advertises both chemical abortions and surgical abortions up to 21.6 weeks.)

It’s interesting that nearly 23% of PP Kansas and Mid-Missouri patients receive abortions, compared to a little more than half of that–12%–nationwide. That either says something about the aggression with which an affiliate like PPKMM pursues abortion, or about the accuracy of PPFA’s national statistics.

And let’s not forget the important point the article raises about abortion revenue–the most common figures for Planned Parenthood’s abortion revenue have been calculated using the average cost of a 1st-trimester abortion. Given that prices increase steadily, sometimes exponentially, as gestational age increases, Planned Parenthood is likely bringing in significantly more money from abortion than estimated thus far.

Planned Parenthood in NH Stops Giving Birth Control–But Not Abortions

I hope everyone notices the irony in the news today. Because Planned Parenthood has been defunded $1.8 million in New Hampshire, they are halting their provision of birth control and potentially pelvic exams:

Planned Parenthood has stopped providing birth control pills and other contraception in New Hampshire after the state’s executive council rejected up to $1.8 million in funding for the group, which also provides privately-funded abortions.

The move is expected to affect an average of 120 low-income women each day. Other services provided by Planned Parenthood, including pelvic exams, were also in peril.

“Patients who used to be able to come to us for their pills now have to walk away,” said Jennifer Frizzell, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England.

But apparently, those patients who want to have abortions are still able to be served at 3 of Planned Parenthood’s 6 centers in New Hampshire. Why does Planned Parenthood cut contraception and cancer screenings first? Answer: because it’s been all about abortion all along.

AUL Drops Bombshell on Planned Parenthood

Americans United for Life just dropped a bombshell on Planned Parenthood with their new 37-page report that summarizes the abortion giant’s scandals and illicit activity over the past few decades. Find the full report here.

The report calls for an extensive Congressional investigation to determine whether Planned Parenthood deserves over $363 million a year in taxpayer funding. Planned Parenthood and friends seem so apoplectic at this report that their quotes to media are almost funny. Do you hear that? It sounds like the wheels falling off:

In response to request by The Washington Times for comment, Planned Parenthood said the AUL’s “so-called report is a politically driven attack by an organization opposed to common forms of birth control and expanded access to birth control.”

As far as I know, Americans United for Life is a pro-life organization dedicated, as it’s mission says, to ending “[t]he social experiment in abortion on demand.” So really, AUL is “an organization opposed to common forms of abortion and expanded access to abortion.” Of course, in Planned Parenthood’s eyes, abortion is really just BirthControl ULTRA(TM). Maybe that’s what that quote is tacitly admitting?

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, praised Planned Parenthood for its “honorable and noble” endeavors.

“Planned Parenthood saves lives of teenage girls and women every day,” said Ms. O’Neill. “And that’s not something that this Americans United For Life, whoever they are, can say about themselves.”

Unless NOW has a new medical arm that nobody knows about, they don’t save the lives of teenage girls and women every day, either. And “this Americans United For Life, whoever they are” has been dueling with NOW in amicus curiae briefs before the Supreme Court for decades.

The AUL report is a treasure-trove of primary source documentation against Planned Parenthood. It will be an invaluable tool to start preparations for a Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood and provides helpful questions in each section for lawmakers to consider. Look for us to highlight selections from the report on this blog in the coming days.

Do KS Abortion Rules Betray Patient Confidentiality? Hardly.

While Kansas’ tough new abortion clinic rules await a full trial in federal court, abortion supporters continue to make wild accusations about them. The latest canard is that the health regulations violate patient privacy by requiring clinics to show medical records to state health inspectors:

One regulation says “all records shall be available at the facility for inspection” by the secretary of health and environment or his staff. Abortion-rights advocates said giving such access allows health department officials to review highly personal information, and they don’t trust Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration because he is a strong opponent of abortion.

It’s totally unjustified and an invasion of patient privacy,” said Bonnie Scott Jones, an attorney for the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights, which is representing two doctors in the federal lawsuit.

Totally injustifiable? Former KS Attorney General Phill Kline recently testified that he found 164 cases of statutory rape unreported by KS abortion clinics in just one year. By any reasonable standard, those are 164 good justifications for the new regulations.

Here’s what a KDHE official had to say:

The new licensing law declares information in medical records must be kept confidential, and another statute makes it a misdemeanor for health department employees to disclose such data publicly. Department spokeswoman Miranda Myrick noted that federal law also applies.

She added, “When surveyors are inspecting facilities, the medical records do not leave the facilities.

Abortion opponents say access to medical records is necessary if the department is to provide proper oversight.

South Carolina‘s rules for abortion providers say health department inspectors “shall have access to all properties and areas, objects, records and reports.” In Texas, a health department surveyor is “entitled to access all books, records or other documents.” Arizona‘s rules give abortion providers two hours to produce a record if it’s at the clinic.

“That struck me as a pretty standard provision, that regulatory agencies would have access to records,” said Kansas House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lance Kinzer, an Olathe Republican who opposes abortion.

Pretty standard indeed.

NPR Highlights Pro-Life Victories

NPR ran one of those fun stories over the weekend that gives an overview of pro-life efforts and accomplishments on a state level for the past several months. There are a lot of them–and in the press, it makes our movement look strong, determined, and organized. Which, of course, it is.

I’ve highlighted an abortion supporter’s take on current pro-life strategy before here, and in the NPR article, there’s an interesting quote from Marjorie Dannenfelser about the same topic:

The heartbeat and fetal pain efforts, as well as new state laws requiring abortion clinics to show women sonograms of their fetuses, are a potent new tactic advanced by the anti-abortion movement.

There should be no mystery that our goal is the end of abortion because it’s the taking of a human life,” Dannenfelser says. “And science-based arguments are often the ones that rule the day — the measures of pain, when you can hear a heartbeat, see a sonogram.

“These give us our best chance,” she says.

The federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act was a public education win for pro-lifers because of how it illustrated the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion. For the same reason, it was also easy to defend in court and secure approval from the SCOTUS. We should be able to apply the same principle, for vastly greater practical effects, in some of the abortion bans being considered and passed today.

Federal Judge Lets KS Abortions Continue, PLUS: PP’s Licensing Issue

Friday afternoon brought the very disappointing news that a federal District Court judge in Kansas, Carlos Murguia, issued a temporary injunction on the new regulations the Kansas Department of Health was enforcing to close two of the 3 abortion clinics in the state:

A federal judge temporarily blocked Kansas from enforcing new abortion regulations Friday, in a ruling that suggested the state will be challenged to justify its demand that three abortion providers comply with the rules within two weeks of receiving them.

U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia’s injunction will remain in effect until a trial is held in a lawsuit against the state’s new licensing process and accompanying health department regulations, which were to have taken effect Friday. The lawsuit involves two providers that wouldn’t have been able to continue terminating pregnancies.

Fortunately, not only does the case still remain to be argued and decided on the merits, but the Health Department seems committed to ceding no more ground than absolutely mandated by the court:

KDHE Secretary Robert Moser, a defendant in the lawsuit, said the department will respect the ruling but called it “narrowly tailored” and promised the department would proceed with its plan to issue yet another version of the rules this fall.

It’s heartening that KDHE plans to draw up new versions of the rules in the near future, because even if the judge had not enjoined the current regulations, the large Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park would still be in possession of a license. Planned Parenthood obtained the license last minute Thursday, after it was previously reported that the clinic would be denied one. What was the original reason for denying Planned Parenthood’s license? What regulations did the clinic not comply with? According to TIME magazine and a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood on Thursday, it was the lack of supplies and protocols to protect babies born alive after an abortion.

This admission in Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit is rather daring:

The “violations” noted in the survey inspection report almost all related to requirements established in the draft regulations that a facility stock supplies and have written policies and procedures for preserving the life of a newborn infant. However, Comprehensive Health does not perform abortions at or near that stage of pregnancy where a fetus may be viable. Thus, compliance with these requirements is entirely unnecessary.

According to TIME, Planned Parenthood ended up purchasing the equipment and got their license last minute:

The clinic was able to comply by purchasing a “neonatal crash unit” and other emergency supplies for live births, which Brownlie says never happens at Planned Parenthood, which offers abortions up to the 21-week mark.

This statement is so contradictory it gives me whiplash, and Planned Parenthood’s claim in their lawsuit that “Comprehensive Health does not perform abortions at or near that stage of pregnancy where a fetus may be viable” is a shockingly bold lie. In fact, as the clinic website shows, Planned Parenthood in Overland Park does abortions up to 21.6 weeks of pregnancy–virtually at the lowest limit of viability.

It’s interesting that Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Health clinic would be so adamant that the regulations to protect born-alive infants were unnecessary for a few reasons. Most obviously, born-alive infants are one of the biggest dirty little secrets of late term abortions that clinics would prefer their staff and the public just forget. But it’s also significant because Comprehensive Health was, at least in the past, heavily into trafficking in fetal body parts–and sometimes furnished aborted-alive later-term babies for this purpose. The fresher the tissue, the more valuable it is to researchers. Is Comp Health still involved in this sordid trade, and is that why they find protocols for taking care of born-alive infants so “unnecessary”?

Pro-Abortion Center for American Progress: “Abortion Is Slowly Becoming Legal in Name Only”

Abortion supporters are getting very anxious these days. Even as Planned Parenthood fights in court for its funding and pro-abortion lawyers take a few pot shots at some of the milder abortion restrictions to come out in the past year, the movement remains incredibly gun-shy of many new, innovative pro-life laws.

Sally Steenland of the pro-abortion Center for American Progress does a good job of summing up the perfect storm that some pro-life state lawmakers are hoping to create first with 20-week bans, then with heartbeat bills, and then *gasp!*…personhood amendments:

Antichoice activists promoting the 20-week ban have a clear, determined strategy. Their alleged reason for the law is that a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks, though doctors strongly dispute such a notion. Their real strategy is to invalidate Roe v. Wade without actually having to overrule it. They hope that one of the state laws will be challenged, make its way to the Supreme Court, and be upheld. Linda Theis, a former president of Ohio Right to Life,believes her state’s so-called “heartbeat bill” offers the Supreme Court “an engraved invitation to overturn Roe.”

Once a threshold of fetal pain at 20 weeks is established, they believe it is only a matter of time before they can “prove” that fetuses can feel pain at 12 weeks, or four weeks, or three days. Indeed, the Ohio Assembly just passed legislation that would prohibit abortion after a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, which happens at six to seven weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant.

The other side is playing connect-the-dots right now and they are very, very scared by the picture they draw. They’re taking it seriously. Will we take it just as seriously and make their legislative and judicial nightmares come true?