Anti-Trafficking Advocates React to Live Action Video Release

We have received the following statements from anti-human trafficking advocates regarding the video we released earlier today showing a Planned Parenthood of New Jersey manager aid what she thought was a child sex trafficker.

Jeffrey J. Barrows, D.O., M.A. (Bioethics)
Founder & Executive Director, Gracehaven
Director, Christian Trafficking Shelter Assoc

“As a healthcare professional actively fighting human trafficking, I know that traffickers will often take their victims to clinics to obtain abortions or STI testing. I find it appalling that there are people working at Planned Parenthood who are willing to help traffickers exploit young girls, but even more horrifying to realize they are being paid with my tax dollars!”

Statement of Steven Wagner
President and Founder, the Renewal Forum
Former Director, Human Trafficking Program, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

“The ‘Live Action’ video, filmed at a clinic in New Jersey, is profoundly disturbing.  It shows a putative health care provider willing to collaborate with a human trafficker in the sexual exploitation of a child.  Under U.S. federal law, any juvenile (under 18) who is subjected to commercial sexual exploitation is a victim of human trafficking.  Under our legal system, we hold that no child can give informed consent to engage in prostitution.  Similarly, no child who is trapped in a situation of commercial sexual exploitation can give informed consent for an abortion, or a regime of contraception.  Yet the health care provider in this video readily offers to provide the pimp’s victims with abortions and contraception.  Whatever the legal obligation this health care provider has under state law to report the serial sexual abuse of this child, the moral obligation of anyone encountering a juvenile victim of commercial sexual exploitation is to assist the child to escape or at least to alert law enforcement officials.  To provide abortions or contraception to a child who is being sexually exploited is to sustain that exploitation – just the same as the adult who pays for sex with a child sustains the exploitation.  It is incomprehensible that a health care provider is so eager to abet a trafficker, and for a national organization which receives public funds to support in this way our national epidemic of child sexual exploitation is vile. “

22 thoughts on “Anti-Trafficking Advocates React to Live Action Video Release

  1. These people kill babies. Why would anyone think they give even a remote crap about the exploitation of children?


  2. This really shows the need for more training on human trafficking for any service providers.


  3. I know that Planned Parenthood is out for the money, not for the "safe accessible healthcare for women" as they like to claim. However, I was genuinely shocked, and incredibly heartsick that they would sick THAT low. These tactics are the same ones they used 28 years ago when I went there.


  4. Live Action team great work on exposing the Truth and Fighting the Good Fight. My prayers go to you all and all people that care for the defenseless. Every day I pray for the unborns and for thier mothers.


  5. I read both sides of credible information about this issue and decided to check out this website, and now regret it. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little from the ignorance floating around here.

    1) It is easy to understand how someone could participate in abortions and care, more than a "crap," about exploitation of children. If that someone believes a fetus is a potential life and not an actual child, these values do not conflict. You BELIEVE life starts at conception, but that is an opinion and the reason we still have hotly debated issues surrounding abortion. If it was a proven fact with a solid, clear answer as to when a fetus is a life/a child, no one would be arguing.

    2) You have no idea what the goals of Planned Parenthood even are, even if you had a bad experience almost 30 years ago. Besides, what money? They're a nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations are always fighting for funding! Ooooh yeah, real lucrative business there… Their goal IS to provide health care for women, and they made their stance on this disaster very clear when they fired the manager of the office in New Jersey. That single employee does not speak for the company or represent their mission.

    I also want to make it painfully clear that the anti-trafficking advocates are disgusted with the EMPLOYEE and not Planned Parenthood as a whole OR PP's mission and goals or services they provide. Before you start parading around, consider that those reactions mean very little to your "pro-life" cause.

    The sting operation has NOTHING to do with the "pro-life" movement and only a bizarre way to stir up controversy about a common abortion provider. Clever, maybe, and we appreciate you getting a bad employee fired… but educated people in America will see right through this. Soooo whoa there, Sparky.


  6. Juliet, that 'non-profit' you are so enamored with cleared a cool $85 million in 07-08. That's a lot of dead babies and that's a lot of 'non-profit', don't ya think?

    Also, it's not an opinion that life begins at conception, it's a fact. How can a rational person believe that a baby at 40 weeks gestation is not a baby at 2 days? Is it a watermelon? A stapler? The argument made for this "is it a baby or isn't it" nonsense is typical liberal double speak and hypocrisy.


  7. I cannot believe that PPFOA supports trafficking and its apparently their hidden agenda that they are in support of. The fact of the matter is that there's a video of this and they did report it but they didn't fight or stop it. I see now that all Anti-Trafficking organizations need to ask their local PPFOA and the National about trafficking awareness. They should also Donate money to these groups to show their support on the heartbreaking issue that Children, Women and Men are being used in 1 of the 4 area's of trafficking.


  8. Rather than opposing the right of a woman and her doctor to choose what she should do medically with her own body, we should be advocating education of controceptive use, education in alternatives to abortion, laws that would ease adoption rather than make it more difficult and help for single mothers and families living in poverty. It is this work that helps reduce the number of annual abortions, and reducing the number of annual abortions should be everyone's goal rather than attacking the rights of a woman, and a medical procedure while not being medically qualified to judge what is and isn't good for the human body, what defines human life, and what is or isn't ethical/unethical in medicine.


  9. Len, it isn't her body she want's to do something medically with…it is a separate human being, whose heart started beating at about 22 days after conception, which is 5 weeks gestation, and she wants to stop that heart from beating. I am a retired Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, and we save little tiny babies in second trimester. Josie Dugger is a good example, if you want to see how they thrive. I have heard the statement from abortion sympathizers and Planned parenthood itself stating they want to decrease the number of abortions. This is simply propaganda in attempt to change the attitude of people toward the abortion industry. The fact is that the number of abortions steadily rises each year, and in the video clip at, you will hear a former planned parent employee admit that is their goal…to increase the number of abortions. She says they do that by encouraging them to become sexually active at a young age.


  10. this has NOTHING to do with abortion – it is about exploiting young women for prostitution and human trafficking – it is illegal and totally disgusting, it is our duty to protect children – not sexually exploit them


  11. Do you realize that if you make abortions illegal or too difficult to obtain, you will simply drive it underground and then abortions will be performed under septic, unsanitary conditions with tools such as coat hangers. But if that is really what you ignorant misguided people want, you will have on your hands, the blood of all those killed by underground abortions. Hence, you are making yourselves killers so you had better prepare yourselves to face everything that you people claim that killers will face because you WILL be among them as killers yourselves.


  12. No David, Poland and Ireland are not working out. Don't spread misinformation just to further your misguided special interest.


  13. Poland and Ireland are working out just fine. You can't just say "Don’t spread misinformation just to further your misguided special interest." That is a command, not an argument. Please share with me the news articles about people in Poland and Ireland having horrific deaths left and right because they were so desperate to abort their child they had some untrained doc do it. It just isn't happening.


  14. The catholic church and organized religion are the entities MOST responsible for why abortion takes place in the first place! If organized religion had chosed to face reality rather than bury its head in fantasyland they would have promoted and encouraged PREVENTION OF CONCEPTION. But no, religion refused to accept the simple fact of biology that PEOPLE LIKE TO DO THE NAKED PRETZEL -> FACT, solid fact. Nobody will ever change that fact. Hence, a vast many people do not use contraceptives because the vatican and other religions do not promote use of condoms and other methods to prevent conception. Not a very bright move on the part of organized religion, at all!


  15. Dear Marie–

    This has everything to do with abortion. Trafficking in sex-slaves depends on the abortion industry to keep itself "under the radar." Underage pregnant girls draw too much attention.

    What is being illustrated here is the interconnectedness of two criminal enterprises. One commits crimes against statute law, one commits crimes

    against humanity. They are mutually supportive,and abet each other as they

    are able: one with funding and interpersonal sympathy, one with the tools to evade the law and stay in business. Remember: these are not isolated instances, but examples of a consisent pattern of behavior nartionwide,

    on the part of a mutually-reinforcing subculture .


  16. Dear Clarissa,

    In logic, your argument is directly analogous to: "If we make murder illegal, people will be forced to commit murders under dangeous, secretive conditions

    that may have detrimental effects upon their health."

    If you find that an inadequate justification for the willful and premeditated taking of a life outside the womb, you will also, upon re-reading your own argument,

    find it lacking.


  17. Dear David–

    No, Poland and Ireland are not working out just fine. The emotional carnage in

    Ireland is intense. The explosion of the pornography business in Poland is directly intertwined with the abortion business, as the two are everywhere.

    The abortion, sex-abduction, child-prostitution and pornography businesses are all elements of a mutually-supportive subculture wherein lives are ruined and people are used and then thrown on trash heaps.

    Everything from increased cancer risk to delayed-onset clinical depression is ignored by abortion supporters, deflected from every discussion as if the overwhelming data did not exist.

    Show you the news stories? David, are you really saying that news stories are more authoritative than clinical studies and police statistics?

    Do an on-line search for the real statistics, David–the ones that demonstrate

    the increase of every industry–criminal and "legitimate"–that denigrates human life and dignity, where abortion has been legalized and/or most ambitiously promoted.

    When you promote the stripping of intrinsic individual worth from human beings, you consent to whatever manner of exploitation someone feels he can get away with. There's no turning away from that, if you want to continue to be philosophically consistent,

    In the end, every high-sounding argument you have boils down to: "I want to be able to kill my baby if it's inconvenient, period. This is what I want to do, so leave me alone." The "philosophy" is just a smokescreen for a barbaric selfishness that considers all life subordinate to one's own convenience.

    There is a clinical term for that: "Sociopathy." A princuipal element of sociopathic behavior is a failure to mature from an infantile ontology, wherein all

    needs are subordinate to one's own.

    Abraham Linocln put it best, David: "There is no right way to do a wrong


    What I am about to say may seem insulting. It is not meant as an insult,

    but as real advice that I hope you will think about: Please consider becoming

    a man. Allow yourself to mature away from infantilism and selfishness, and

    sophistic talk that's only meant to dominate conversations, and consider

    becoming a champion of the weak and a protector and upbuilder of women–as women, not as fake men. Your life will change, my friend, into a virtal

    state you never dreamed existed.


  18. Fr. Jim Rosselli, I don't think you understand me. I don't support abortion. Ireland and Poland both have no to extremely limited legal abortion. Ireland also has the lowest maternal death rate in the world. Is this the havoc that you speak of? Please direct me to statistics. And Russia has a very high abortion rate and a very high murder rate and a declining population. How is that working for them?


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