Abortion Fund Advises Women to Beg, Lie and Sell Belongings to Obtain Abortions

The DC Abortion Fund’s tag line features a coat hanger and reads, “Her rights shouldn’t depend on her wallet.” It sounds like they want to help underprivileged young women obtain abortions (at the expense of the rights of her unborn child whose basic right to life, by the way, shouldn’t depend on how little is in the wallet of her mother or how fat the abortionist wants his or her wallet to be.) However, for all of the help they say they want to provide these women, they are really pushing them down a darker path. The site links to the National Abortion Fund’s page titled, “How can I find all the money I need?” which features suggestions on how to pay for her abortion.

Beat the Clock. The page lets women know that the further along they are in their pregnancy, the more the abortion will cost. Basically, it is better to get your abortion sooner, despite any doubts you may have, so that you don’t have to pay more later.

Sell Your Textbooks. Abortion advocates are constantly claiming that having a baby in high school or college will mean you have ruined your chances at a career. However, in order to pay for her abortion, women are encouraged to sell their textbooks, and check them out from the library instead.

Tap Into Your Savings. Young underprivileged pregnant women are also advised to “check what’s in your wallet now,” and tap into any savings they may have. They are asking these struggling young women to spend their last dime on an abortion rather than work hard to build a future.

Charge It. These women who, according to the National Abortion Fund, should have access to abortion despite their lack of money, are also told to charge it to a credit card. And if their card limit is too low, they should call to have the limit raised, putting these women into credit card debt, which they will then struggle to pay, perhaps ruining their credit and hurting the future this abortion is supposed to save. If they don’t have a credit card, they are told they could get a line of credit from the bank.

Ask Your Boss. Another option for these women is to request an advance on their paychecks. This can set them back on their monthly bills and leave them unable to pay their rent or mortgage which could end up leaving them homeless. But as long as they pay the clinic for their abortion, what does that matter?

Skip Bills. The National Abortion Fund actually tells these women to skip paying a bill or two for the month. They suggest the electric bill because it is illegal for the company to shut off electric heat during the winter.

Sell Your Car. Really? Now how will she get to work? How will she get to school?

Drop a Class.  The abortion industry claims that having a baby when you’re in school will ruin your chances of graduating or having a career. Yet here they are advising women to drop classes in order to get tuition money back to pay for the abortion.

Beg, Scrounge, Lie. The National Abortion Fund advises women to ask everyone they know including family, friends, and even acquaintances such as club members for money for the abortion. They suggest redeeming bottles and cans, searching through coat pockets and couch cushions, holding a garage sale, and selling their own possessions as well as those belonging to family and friends. They even go as far as to advise them to check to see if their church has an emergency fund, or lie to family and friends saying they needs the money for bills. Talk about degrading. I thought abortion was supposed to be empowering.

The list goes on. If these clinics exist to bring health care to poor women who wouldn’t otherwise have it, then why are they further pushing these women into financial distress?  With these unhelpful suggestions, women will not only suffer the traumatic mental and emotional effects of an abortion, but will also now be struggling to pay their bills, do well in school and stay on track. Now they have taken on debt, lied to those who love them, fallen behind on bills, and fallen behind in school. And no, the answer isn’t having the government pay for the abortions, because that’s my tax money. I’d rather it go towards a fund to help single college-bound mothers than to kill their child.

What the National Abortion Fund should be telling women is, don’t do it. There are better options. Contact Feminists for Life, talk to your college about programs for single mothers, and save your money to use to take care of your baby and build a future for the two of you.

19 thoughts on “Abortion Fund Advises Women to Beg, Lie and Sell Belongings to Obtain Abortions

  1. Are they advocating selling the possessions of family and friends without those people’s knowledge? Because selling other people’s stuff isn’t just a bad idea and detrimental to you and them, it’s illegal.

    Finding adoptive parents willing to pay all medical bills would solve the financial issues the pregnancy is causing AND mean the birth mother could stay in school. Voila! A solution without lying, debt, or missing textbooks!


    1. Yep, because finding adoptive parents is just the easiest thing in the world! Everyone wants black babies, am I right?!


      1. Well, perhaps it’s a little bit easier than staying celebate till marriage … or maybe harder, considering how many people don’t? I mean, keeping your legs together is sooo tough …
        There are heaps of people who would love love love to adopt a black baby. I think the govt. needs to make it easier/more affordable, not kill the babies.


  2. This is appalling. You are appalling. You are disgusting, miserable people and I wish you nothing but pain and sorrow.


    1. Yes, we sure are disgusting! We actually want to make it illegal, *illegal*, to  suck the brains out of living children because their mother chose for it to be so. Ugh. We are so despicable!
      But please, don’t call us miserable. We’re very happy in our degraded state.
      As for pain and sorrow …
      I welcome it gladly, if it will bring life and joy to a precious little child, ANY precious little child. Come pain, come sorrow!
      Aren’t I so appalling!


  3. my pro-life group on campus has started a scholarship for pregnant and/or parenting students; it’s financial aid when they need it to help them with basic costs of having a child.  there isn’t a need for a student to abort, especially when there are groups that can and will help her financially- pregnancy centers help them find jobs and assist them financially until they can get back on their feet, even in school.

    at least i have a list of ideas for when i need to make some extra cash though?  😐


  4. The world would be a better place if all you pro-lifers weren’t reading garbage like this. The NAF’s tag line is “because women’s lives matter.” This is about giving women a choice. A choice that is rightfully theirs to make. The recommendations above have been twisted and turned into horrid statements by the author of this article. The NAF poses questions to women in order to explore options. They even say “Remember that these are just ideas – please don’t ever do anything that makes you feel unsafe or could put your health in danger.” Nowhere on the site do they recommend you lie, cheat or steal from loved ones. They ask you to consider returning books if you can get them for free. To ask for favors from loved ones involved in the pregnancy, if you’re comfortable. To ask a landlord that you have a good relationship for a favor. This are not ghastly despicable crimes as you make them out to be.
    For all of you to cast judgment on a woman for her choice is repugnant. Who are you to tell them to continue a pregnancy for a baby they can’t afford or maybe don’t want? Maybe she already has three children and can’t afford another one. Maybe she is struggling to pay bills and is already behind and can’t afford to feed another being. Maybe she was raped. Or maybe she was just plain stupid.
    My sister is a women’s health NP and she performs abortions. She provides a safe environment where the health of a woman is number one. It’s about giving options to those who seek them. For all the preaching that pro-lifers do, you’d be surprised how many of them have abortions themselves. Talk about a walking contradiction. 
    Everyone will always have conflicting opinions. Whether it’s on religion, politics, or abortion. Have enough tolerance and respect for other people to at least offer them the freedom of choosing how to live their life. How would you feel if someone else started making all of your decisions for you?


    1. Hi Kendra,
      Okay, I’m going to start at the start of your post and work through it. Please be patient with me, although I’ll proabably get a little bit heated, cause I’ve just written replies to the posts below. So sorry in advance, I don’t want to hurt you or offend you.

      The choice you claim a woman has the right to make. What choice is this? The choice to obtain an abortion. What is an abortion? It is the killing and extraction from the mother’s body of an unborn human being. A human being is a person. The extraction part hardly matters – it’s just changing the location of the person. In some circumstances that’s called ‘birth’. (In other circumstances it’s called ‘travel’.) It’s the killing part we take issue with. The unborn is alive. Surely you can’t argue against that – he/she has a heartbeat, brainwaves, his/her own blood type and the pulse that keeps that blood moving. He/she takes nutrients and absorbs them into his/her own body. In biology we learned that this pretty much means ‘life’. Abortion take the life. Thus …

      The choice the woman has a ‘right to make’ is to kill her child.


      The woman’s life matters. The woman’s lifestyle matters too, but not as much as the child’s life! It’s not the life of the woman you are protecting. It’s her LIFESTYLE. And it’s doesn’t matter enough to kill ANYone.

      Making out that these things (the ways to procure money listed above) are ghastly … no, it mustn’t be ghastly from your point of view. It is really, really ghastly from our point of view, because she is denying herself true rights to procure a right that shouldn’t be a right. It’s like selling your house to buy a slave. It’s like missing breakfast every day to save money to afford a prostitute. It’s like selling good possibilities for your future to ensure your future doesn’t include a baby. Whoops, that’s what it actually is. So, yeah, to us it IS ghastly. It’s our opinion.

      Yep, we cast judgement on abortionists. We say, IT’S WRONG. We also cast judgment on Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, and on thieves, murderers, and rapists. Also on slave traders, child molesters, and kidnappers. Because they are wrong. It’s wrong to kill a million people to test a new weapon. It’s wrong to kill 6 million Jews in concentration camps to rid the world of ‘Jewish dogs’. And it’s wrong to rip apart an unborn child to rid a woman of a responsibility.

      Can’t afford to feed another being? Put the being up for adoption. Don’t kill him.
      Don’t want another child? Too late. Shouldn’t have created her in the first place.
      She was raped? My heart truly goes out to her. AND to her child. Not to the father. Punish the criminal. It’s wrong to punish the innocent for the crime of the guilty. The crime was done – the woman is pregnant. The crime cannot be undone – killing the child doesn’t take away an iota of damage. It is simply another crime. Make the father pay for the child’s upkeep. Put him in jail for life. Do what you have to do, but don’t kill the innocent child for her father’s act. It’s wrong.
      She was just plain stupid? HOW on EARTH does that consititute an argument for killing a human being? ‘Oh, his mother was just plain stupid, so we’ll have to kill him.’ That’s like a joke, except there’s nothing funny about it, because it actually happens.

      Pro-lifers who have abortions … that’s wrong too. So we agree there.

      Your sister provides a safe enviroment for women. And kills their children. So half of her patients survive. Mm hm. Very safe enviroment. The safety of the women comes #1, and the life of the children? Where do those tiny people fit in? I bet they’d be happy even if you rated them at #2! What? They don’t even make the list? What about the tiny, ungrown men and women she kills?
      I wouldn’t wish anything bad on your sister. But I could wish she broke both arms and legs and had to go to hospital for a long time. That’s good for many, many little people, and good for her in the long run too. When she stands before Jesus, that’s a lot fewer deaths accounted to her.

      Guess what? My government makes decisions for me! They have decided, *gasp*, made the choice for me, and I have NO say in the matter, that I’m not allowed to drive a car on my own! Can you believe that? I’m not allowed! And I’m not allowed to drink alcohol! What? It’s my body! I’m not allowed to take heroin either! Or cocaine! I’m not allowed to strangle my cat to death! I’m not allowed to break shop windows, or turn my own music up really really loud in town! And if I tried to kill myself, I’d soon find I’m not allowed to do that either. Man, all these choices I can’t make. Hey, but I’m allowed to kill my unborn child. At least THAT right is still mine!

      Too bad I can’t kill my little brother though.

      There. Do you have any more arguments I can get real sarcastic about?
      I get sarcastic when I feel really strongly about something.

      Cheers … and please change your mind on abortion! 😀


  5. If people like you didn’t make it so damn hard/ expensive/ time consuming to get abortions, none of the finagling suggested here would be necessary. Abortion should not only be legal, but accessible and affordable. 


    1. Okay, point number one: as far as I am aware, no pro-lifer ever set the price on an abortion.
      Point number two: yes! We have succeeded in outlawing abortion, at least in some stages, in some states of the USA! Yes!

      So, we’ve made it really hard in some cases for a woman to get her unborn child put to death.


      Oh, you don’t like that idea … The point is, we believe abortion is MURDER. Thus we are glad if abortion is hard to get. The harder it is, the gladder we get! We’re out to save babies. We’re not actually about helping people pay to kill them.

      So, you don’t believe that abortion is murder. Why?


  6. Every single word of this article is a woman-shaming, woman hating lie.  What’s worse is this organization and the author know it.  They will do ANYTHING to further their cause, including lie to women about medicine and science and distort the reality of any organization that puts women ahead of unfounded ideals and theology. 


    1. I’m guessing you’re talking about the LiveAction article, not the one they are quoting …

      Regardless of LiveAction (I’m pro-life, not neccessarily pro-LiveAction), it is the truth that a fetus has his or own unique DNA, a heartbeat, brainwaves, gender and LIFE. That is the truth that we tell women – we don’t lie. We admit (or at least, I do!) that the unborn child is a clump of cells. So are you! Did you know that you are a clump of cells? We’re all made out of cells! You’re a big clump, a 10 year old is a smaller clump, a 1 year old is a clump smaller yet, and a fetus is a very small clump. The truth.

      Unfounded ideals and theology?
      There are athiest pro-lifers out there. Man I hate having to go over this so many times! Theology has nothing to do with whether we believe the unborn are people. Believe it or not, there is no verse in the Bible that says ‘A fetus/unborn child is a person.’ Just like there is no Bible verse that says ‘A Kookaburra is a bird.’ It’s a fact we shouldn’t need to ask God to explain! In what way is an unborn child different to a born child? His location? He’s inside his mother. Right. I’m in a house. I’m still a person when I go outside or get in a car! His size? Yeah, my brother is 6′ 1. Obviously more a person than I am at 5′ 5 or whatever I am! Her development? She can’t see out of her eyes cause they’re not fully formed … guess what? A newborn can’t see well either, and a 3 month old can’t talk! A 5 year old can’t have children! Her dependence? Yeah, I mean if you have to go on life support, you’re obviously not a person are you? When you’re on the drip, you don’t count either, and when my grandmother is hooked up to her dialysis machine, she’s ‘just’ a clump of cells!

      Man, that’s a lot of unfounded theology.


  7. I wish “pro-choicers” wouldn’t turn a blind eye to what abortion is… PP covering human traffic? you stupid conservatives, NAF telling women to beg and steal? you pro-lifers are disguting..etc Seriously? you have a problem with us? did you even read the article?


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