A New Parental Notification Initiative in California

Californians will try again to submit a parental notification before abortion initiative that they hope to see voters approve next fall. What does this really means?

Like about a dozen other states, in California a female no matter how young can request an abortion without her parents having to know about it.

This initiative for a Constitutional Amendment, beyond being a pro-life or pro-choice issue, is really pro-parent. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, wouldn’t you want to be with your child during this decision process?

Some people will argue that there will be girls that will be mistreated when they reveal their pregnancies to their families.

In the almost 40 states states with parental notifications, this fear has not been realized. But in any case, the initiative reads:

“…Changes California Constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated minor until physician notifies her parent/legal guardian in writing. Provides exceptions for medical emergency, parental waiver, or parental abuse documented by notarized statement from law enforcement, protective services, or certain adult relatives. Permits judge to waive notice if minor appears personally in court and proves maturity or waiver is in her best interest. Requires physicians to report specific abortion information to Department of Public Health. Physicians can be sued for violating these provisions up to 12 years after abortion.”

The fear-mongering claims from the abortion industry that parental involvement laws will endanger minors has simply not not come to pass when looking at the real-world evidence from other states.

In the worst of the cases, such as incest, the minor can go for help, and have the incest reported, and not swept under the rug by a secret abortion and unreported abuse. Because, lest not forget, clinics like Planned Parenthood doesn’t always comply with mandatory reporting laws for statutory rape.

For more information visit the Californians for Parental Rights website or Facebook page and sign and/or volunteer to put this initiative in the ballot this November 2012.

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