5 Reasons Why Abortion is the Worst Social Injustice. Ever.

“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!” – George Washington

I guarantee you – were he alive today, the visionary George Washington would be striving with us to end abortion. In fact he’d probably be on the board of Live Action. The following are five of the key reasons why I believe our Nation’s first President would stand with us.

Abortion kills the most innocent.
What could be more innocent than a pre-born human baby? We breathe in and turn our heads from the television in horror and dismay as we hear about the tragic fate of little Caylee Anthony. We mourn the senseless killing of young students at the hands of a gun-wielding maniac at Virginia Tech. The younger the victim, the greater the churning in our stomachs – the feeling of the hopelessness of humanity as a whole. I once watched The Exorcist – and I don’t recommend it – but the thing about the film that struck me most was the innocence, cuteness and happiness of the twelve-year-old girl before she became possessed. The first half of the film is designed to portray to the audience a healthy well-loved girl, blissfully unaware of any of the troubles of the World. The subsequent transformation from delightful to evil only more thoroughly disturbs and sickens us. The same scenario is true of the killing of a pre-born child through abortion. Murderers and rapists are rightly sentenced to imprisonment – but woe betide the fate of the man who murders or abuses a little child. The judge may be lax, but very often fellow inmates will not be so gracious; even their damaged consciences recognize the extreme degree of callous and calculated evil that such men would carry out against a little child.

The abuse or murder of any human is a great injustice, however it is clear that the younger or smaller the victim, the more reprehensible the crime.

Abortion kills the most helpless.
Who could be more helpless than a pre-born child? Abortion is the crime that goes unspoken. Do you know the names of the children that were killed by abortion in your neighborhood this past week? You don’t – that’s because nobody talks about them – it appears that nobody cares about them on an individual basis. How much easier is it for a murder to be carried out if the victim has no friends, no advocates to speak up on her behalf either before or after the crime is committed? Abortion is the crime that occurs in secret, inside her mother’s body; inside the cold, sterile room of an abortion mill; fenced off and located down a private – and aptly-named dead-end street. The pre-born child cannot even cry out for help – at least, they do, but their cries go unheard. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson – a former abortionist himself has spoken of this cry in his gut-wrenching video documentary, The Silent Scream. The pre-born child has nowhere to run. Her mother’s womb, formerly a haven of nurture and safety has now become her tomb. A fully-grown man, equipped with the latest child-killing technology and equipment, a mother prepared to open her legs and allow the abortionist to do his terrible work – what chance does the child have?

It is tragic when a helpless young child is killed, when a disabled person is abused, or when a woman is overpowered and assaulted – these are all heinous and evil crimes. However the pre-born child is the most helpless of all. She cannot fight off her attacker, scream out, or run away.

Abortion is the cruelest.
What could be crueler than the “procedure” which is given the vague, clinical term of “abortion”? Abortion is a word which means “to end prematurely” – an incredible, unforgivable understatement when the true nature of abortion is considered. It is all the more cruel when the above two factors, the innocence and helplessness of the victim are taken into account. In an August 2, 1998 article in the UK’s Electric Telegraph, it was stated that scientists had found that newborn children feel pain longer and more sensitively. “In premature babies, the mechanism that allows older children and adults to “dampen down” the pain messages does not work properly.” From experience, the younger a child is, the more violently they will react to pain. Perhaps it’s the shock of pain, or the feeling of betrayal by their parents, or the hurt itself. The pain of abortion is the only pitiful interaction with society that the victims of abortion will ever experience.

In a suction aspiration abortion, a hollow plastic tube with a sharp cutting-tip is inserted. This tube is connected to a suction machine that is able to pull the tiny, developing human being apart as it is suctioned out of the uterus (killing him or her in the process). In the increasingly prevalent medical abortion, the woman is given the drug mifepristone (RU486) which causes the embryo to die from starvation. In a dilation & evacuation abortion, the abortionist uses forceps to dismember the fetus by seizing a leg or arm and twisting it until it tears off and can then be pulled out of the uterus. This will continue until only the head remains. Finally the skull is crushed and also pulled out. The body parts must then be reassembled to ensure that the entire baby has been removed. In a late-term dilation & extraction abortion, the abortionist uses forceps to turn the child around and then pull her out, feet-first. At this point the child’s head is too large to pass through the cervix. The abortionist holds the moving, breathing child and inserts blunt surgical scissors into the base of the child’s skull, spreading the tips apart. A suction catheter is inserted into the skull and the brain is sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. [Read more at Abort73.com]

Abortion is the most prevalent.
Which social injustice is the most common in our World today? Today around the world, approximately 120,000 children will be killed through abortion. Planned Parenthood’s sister organization, the Guttmacher Institute estimates that on average 42 million abortions take place globally every year. The number one reason that it is deemed impolite to even talk about abortion is that it is so prevalent, with between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 U.S. pregnancies being ended with an induced abortion.

Look at Russia where the fertility rate is only 1.4 children per woman – far below the 2.1 rate required for population replacement. In 2009, there were 74 abortions for every 100 births in Russia, a significant drop in comparison with 169 abortions per 100 births in 2000. In a 2004 U.N. survey, Russia had the world’s highest abortion rate –  53.7% of women were having abortions. This has led the country’s president Dmitry Medvedev to sign a law requiring clinics to warn expectant mothers of the purported health hazards of the procedure.

In fact if you’re alive and reading this then you are a survivor of abortion. 1/3 of your generation did not even make it to birth.

Abortion is the most accepted.
What is the most accepted and dare I say it, cherished social injustice taking place today? Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill in Dallas is situated one mile away from where I’m sitting, writing. There’s an abortion mill somewhere nearby your neighborhood, college or workplace. Whenever the topic of abortion arises, the mainstream media almost universally rushes to its defense. Groups of people take to the streets to express their support for this social injustice, demanding that the abortion of children continue to be protected and enshrined in law.

Proponents of a “child’s right to choose” are told that they are seeking to remove essential healthcare from women. If abortion really is women’s healthcare, then it should be accepted and protected. However as survivor of a saline abortion Gianna Jessen has said, “if abortion is about women’s rights, then where were mine?” By framing the social injustice of abortion as a women’s health issue, advocates of legal abortion seek to make a case for abortion as being necessary and acceptable.

Some would argue that domestic violence, child abuse, or bullying are accepted in our society. It is true that they may often escape the attention & condemnation that they deserve. However it is clear that there is no social injustice more protected in law and public sentiment than abortion.

There are many crucial and important social justice issues to be involved in. Speaking against animal cruelty and exploitation. Campaigning for free speech. Finding practical ways to assist the homeless and truely impoverished in our society. Fighting the spread of AIDS in third world countries. I am in no way saying that these and other causes for social justice are unimportant, and people are needed in these areas. But I am saying that the fight to make abortion unthinkable is the most noble, the most crucial cause for social justice that exists in our generation.

Will you join us?

73 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Abortion is the Worst Social Injustice. Ever.

      1. Ask my girlfriend if I’m a misogynist lol. Different Greg from the above, btw.


        1.  “Ask my girlfriend if I’m a misogynist” is about the same as saying “Ask my black friend if I’m racist”

          Women have been having abortions for centuries, whether or not they have been “legal” or “illegal” procedures. Making abortion illegal would not change the fact that women who do not want to be pregnant (for whatever reason) will find a way to terminate the pregnancy.  Keeping abortion legal would keep these women safer than outlawing it–they would be able to have the procedure done by a licensed doctor to avoid infections and improper medical care.


          1. Lol, I don’t see a problem with either statement, fyi. Are you laboring under the sad assumption that it is offensive to call a black person black? What should we call them then? White? Isn’t that more offensive, since we are implying that there’s something inherently wrong with being black?

            The same goes for what I said. You have no real argument there.

            I feel you are missing the point–the essence of the pro-life movement is that the life of the child is more valuable than the convenience of its parents. I also think that along with the abolition of abortion, fathers of these children should be made to pay far more child support than they currently do and in many cases, marry and take responsibility for the mother and child. It would be a deterrent. That’d be further down the road though…

            Also, making it illegal would make it unsafe, that’s true. Forgive me, but I don’t see how that’s a problem, as again, it would be a deterrent, and it would save far more lives than would be lost as a result of botched abortions.

          2. I agree that the safety of abortion is not relevant to whether it should be legal.  A just society outlaws violent acts based on concern for the innocent victims.  It does not legalize them because it may make them safer to practice.

            However, I disagree with the premise that making abortion illegal would make it unsafe.  Ireland, which outlaws all abortions not necessary for the life of the mother, has the world’s lowest maternal mortality.  Poor nations with permissive abortion laws have higher maternal mortality rates than poor countries that protect the unborn.  Even the nefarious Amanda Marcotte admitted that the “back alley butcher” phenomenon was largely an exaggeration based on a few highly publicized cases.

          3. I guess your girlfriend couldn’t be trusted to judge whether you’re a misogynist or not…LOL. The argument that pro-life equals anti-woman is absurdly illogical.
            Making abortion illegal would not likely make it unsafe for the woman. Even when abortion was illegal, the majority of abortions were performed by doctors and nurses. Antibiotics also made abortion less hazardous to the woman before abortion was made legal. And legal abortions have also been botched.

      2. That’s a good one. I’m a pro-life feminist. I must be one of those self-hating women…LOL.


  1. I was about to post this, as I think it is a great title and some very important info, however…the numbers you stated under “abortion is most prevalent” are a bit confusing (the 2nd line) and I would have expected you to add a point about the tragedy abortion is for the females who have them. Whether they are forced or choose, they are also victims in so many ways. I know this first hand by volunteering at my local crisis pregnancy center. Many accuse pro-lifers to have no concern for the pregnant woman, That is so untrue in most cases, so it is good to always mention that this “procedure” is the greatest social injustice, from EVERY angle. (Painful & unjust also to other family members who would have wanted but had their future child/sibling/grandchild stripped from them) “6 Reasons” would complete your fine article!


  2. Thanks for your comment Susan – completely agree with you that abortion is also devastating for women – and of course if there’s 42 million abortions, then there’s approximately the same number of women affected by them. In this article I was focusing more on the primary victim of abortion – the pre-born child. The damage abortion does to women is worth an article by itself.


    1. are you capable of becoming pregnant? have you ever had an abortion? i’m assuming, from what you’ve said, that you’ve never had to make this choice. therefore you are under no authority to dictate what is “right” for a woman to decide.
      raising an unwanted child is far more devastating for the child AND the mother than if the fetus had been aborted, saving the mother from the burden of carrying and supporting a child under less-than-ideal circumstances. when a woman is ready to have a child, she will be able to raise it in a much better environment and ultimately give the child a better future.


      1. Never owned a slave or committed murder, but I’d say I’m fairly qualified to answer on both topics. Invalid arguments all over the place, Allison…


      2. —Allison…….”When the woman is ready to have a child” is the only time she should consider having sex.    If she is not prepared she should keep her legs closed. Sex makes babies. It is designed that way.                  I know women who are devastated after abortion. I should have a sibling. I should have a nephew, & I should have a cousin.  All these lives would have been welcomed if only my mother, sister, and aunt had reached out for help. There were many relatives who would have become substitute mothers, and who did become mothers to me, and what a blessing they are. You see, I was also lined up for abortion, and to this day, knowing I was unwanted by my mother hurts. But, and this is important, I have come to forgive my mother, who loves me now.  I was not an unwanted baby in the end.   First, my grandmother wanted me. My aunts wanted me. And an uncle wanted me. And second….my mother wanted me. It just took time. No one ever talks about that do they?   Killing me would’ve been a crime. Condemning both her and me.    Now, please tell me how butchering a child is ‘better’ than letting a child live?  Not to mention what it does to a woman.   My sister passed away last year from breast cancer. She is one of the statistics associated with abortion.  Aborters, especially first pregnancy aborters, are up to 50 times ore likely to develop breast cancer.  Tell me….how is this supportive of women?  Tell me, how is this showing women compassion?   It is time to show abortion for what it is.  Call it murder. IT IS MURDER.   Do you condone murder?


      3. I’m sorry Allison, but I am completely offended with your reasoning. I got pregnant at 18 and had my baby boy May 11 of this year. You think he was planned? You think he is being raised in your so called “ideal” circumstances? No. Definitely NOT. I live with my in laws, my husband is deployed, and I’m still a kid myself. But at least I know that my sons life was worth ANY struggles we may both endure because of his birth. He may not have been PLANNED, but that doesn’t make ANY UNPLANNED child unWANTED. Thanks for your input, but it is completely selfish reasoning. And last time I checked, being selfish didn’t make it ok to kill.


      4. Allison said, “raising an unwanted child is far more devastating for the child ….. than if the fetus had been aborted”
        Are you an aborted fetus? Have you ever been ripped prematurely from your mother’s womb? I’m assuming that you never had to suffer for this “choice.” Therefore, you are under no authority to dictate what fate is “better” for an unborn child.

        How sickening, to assign the death penalty for an individual based on his or her circumstances for which s/he has no fault in or control over! You have no right or authority, nor does any pregnant woman, to force dismemberment and death onto an innocent child. Imagine how all people born into “less-than-ideal circumstances”–a vague and lame statement–must feel about your views of them.

        Please do yourself a favor and read Gianna Jessen’s  testimony of her own abortion experience–SHE WAS ABORTED by her mother and lived to tell about it. There are many others, just google ‘abortion survivors’ and you’ll find several lists.

        Food for thought on “planned pregnancies” and child abuse:



      5. I completely agree with what you said about him not having the authority to say whether it is right. The right of life doesn’t include a right to use someone else’s body to stay alive as the fetus does. Many “Pro-Life” advocates completely disregard this just as they do to the mothers. Its despicable how little the mother in this situation matters to these people. The fetus also poses a threat to the mother. It is her choice alone whether to take that chance.


  3. Gianna Jessen is one of the most incredible women one could ever read about; I heartily recommend her beautiful biography “Gianna: Aborted, and Lived to Tell About It.” She is living proof that that which is meant for our harm will be used by God for our good.


  4. I agree with Susan! Abortion is a social injustice to women! Women are still made to think that the “product of conception” is their mistake and should be scraped out of their womb to solve society’s problems! It is no coincidence that the leading cause of death among pregnant women is homicide … if she won’t abort the baby … kill them both.


    1. Anyone with a basic knowledge of human development knows when life begins. At conception, an embryo has 46 chromosomes and is a distinct and separate human being from it’s mother and father. Just because it takes a few weeks to “look human” doesn’t make it subhuman. In fact, by the time a woman misses her period, her unborn child already has a beating heart, fully-functioning central nervous system, and a tiny little face.


      1. Well, I guess I would say that saying ” Anyone with a basic knowledge of human development knows when life begins.” makes a rather large assumption. It’s an interpretation.


        1. Well whether or not everyone agrees when life begins, there is plenty of scientific evidence to support this fact.  Anyone can disagree but what matters is what biologists believe because they are the ones who would know the most. 

          Even if it isn’t clear when life begins that still doesnt justify abortion.  The conservative thing to do is err on the side of caution and not kill the unborn if you don’t know what it is.


          1. You miss the point.  All of this is *interpretation*.  Saying that “biologists believe” is an interpretation.  It’s not a matter of you’re right versus I’m right, it’s a matter of how do two widely divergent interpretations learn to live together?  Until that’s solved, we spin our wheels endlessly.

          2. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying,
            ‘It is not a matter of you’re right vs. I’m right”.  Well someone has to be right, the fetus is either a human being or it isn’t, why wouldn’t that matter?

            Some views cannot live together, one view believes that it is okay to kill the unborn and the other doesn’t.  How do you find a common ground between life and death?  Either it’s wrong to kill or it isn’t.

          3. Someone has to be right?  Who decides this?  Doubtless we can find innumerable areas where one or the other of us wold claim to be “right” – precisely the matter of interpretation.  And as soon as one person says “I’m right”, another steps in to oppose that view.  Hence, it cannot be reducible to “I’m right, you’re right”.

            And yes, some views cannot live together, but how do we resolve that?

            Your view may be that it is killing, but for others it clearly is not that.  How to resolve that?  I don’t see that as resolvable, so the question turns back to how to co-exist.

            Behind all of this is the problem of agreeing on a common set of morals and ethics, something that has been debated among our species for probably as long as we have existed.  In the interim and given where we are now (in terms of sheer numbers, not to mention points of view), that is no easy debate.  We may agree that it is wrong to kill another member of our species, but even that, as evidenced by the profusion of different POVs here, belies any simple answer.

          4. It absolutely is killing. If life is to be defined as it normally is, and human is to be defined as bearing a human genetic code (as it normally is), and individual is defined as it normally is, and murder is defined as the destruction of an individual human life, then by definition, abortion is murder, since it is the destruction of individual human life. You must not have been very good at math or logic, eh?

            You’re very good at patronizing, generalizing, and spouting intellectual-sounding talking points, but not very good at actually bringing into the discussion any valid argument. Are you a Senator, by chance?

          5. Well that’s an unusual approach.

            You are still missing the point completely.  You say “It absolutely is killing”.  And I am trying to point out that is your interpretation.  It’s fine that it is that, but that’s what it is. Your POV is as good as any one else’s.

            I won’t address your other stuff – it’s not productive other than to illuminate the other side of exactly what I am trying to bring out here. And no, I am no senator!

          6. … and still you refuse to answer my arguments, writing them off as merely my point of view (which is really just a cop-out). You must at least be a politician of some sort.

          7. Well, I guess there is not anything more to say.  And that too is the point.  I’m not not answering your arguments.  I find your casting insults a little odd – have I said anything that has been hostile to you personally?  If I have, I apologize.

            I’m not copping out at all.  I’m trying to understand how to resolve what seems to me to be a completely intractable problem.

            And finally, no, I really am not a politician.

          8. Btw, I got your point ages ago; but it is invalid and meaningless in this discussion. It’s something I myself once thought, in fact.

            I understand perfectly that that is my point of view. Duh. I’m now attempting to put it forth and explain it, and demonstrate why another’s point of view is wrong. That’s what discussion is about. That’s what argument is.

          9. Even if a person is strongly against abortion, that doesn’t give him/her the right to tell other people what to do with their bodies, or to interfere with the right to assert themselves and to end an unwanted pregnancy.

          10. You are relying on relativism to support your claim.   There is truth, and not the common belief that truth is relative to whoever is speaking. Truth is always truth. Life begins, and life ends.   Your liver is your liver.   You bleed when you are butchered. And babies bleed whrn they are butchered, and their lives end.  Which means their lives had begun.

        2. Everything is an interpretation of something; that fact doesn’t make any interpretation inherently invalid. In other words, just because it’s an interpretation of facts does not make it an incorrect interpretation–there is still a right answer. In this case, a separate human genetic code, and an independently growing body (albeit one depending on another for food and safety, which makes abortion all the more abhorrent and tragic) that is by default recognized as unfamiliar by the mother are signs of individual human life. Not sure what other way there is to interpret that evidence.


        3. My comments keep showing up in the wrong place. Argh lol.

          In response to your comment below this one, this is not just a matter of interpretation. There is a such thing as a right answer in this case. We define individual human life a certain way, and a fetus fits that definition. Problem?


          1. “We define individual human life a certain way, and a fetus fits that definition.”  Okay.  But that again is your interpretation.  Others do not concur.  And that is precisely the problem.

          2. How exactly does it not fit the definition? Others may not concur, but you are putting forth the incredibly post-modern viewpoint that it is not possible for anyone to be right because we all have different views. If one’s views do not jibe with reality or fact, we can safely say that they are wrong.

            If life is defined a certain way, and we all agree on that definition, I fail to see how it is still a matter of interpretation. It is a fact that a fetus fits the definition of individual human life. It is rather a matter of willful ignorance at that point if one decides they don’t agree.

            I agree with your above post that people often have opposing viewpoints, but it’s NOT about figuring out how these viewpoints can coexist. We have laws protecting human beings’ rights, laws punishing other forms of murder and rape, despite viewpoints that may allow for such things. Would you also it is simply a matter of interpretation whether murder and rape are permissible?

          3. Well, I’m not trying to argue content or POV at all.  You define it that way – that’s fine. Really.  It is.  And no it’s not some pomo thing. 

            Murder, as this whole debate illustrates, would seem to be obvious, and I suspect that most people in most places around the world would agree that murder of another human being is against a basic shared moral code.  But if a lot of people cannot agree on what a human being is – i.e. when one can define it that way –  it’s a problem, no?  And I daresay not everyone does agree with that definition, correct?  Rape – that gets fuzzy pretty fast.  If you have known someone who has been raped, you may better understand it. 

            And again, having laws protecting rights is fine if they are consistent on what those rights are and what they mean.  Quite clearly, now, at least, the right you are arguing about pertains to the idea about when a human life begins, when it is recognized as such.  But since that is not canonized in law, we have this going here and in lots of other places.  So yes, it is exactly about opposing viewpoints unless 100% of the worlds population is 100% in agreement about that contentious fact.  SInce that seems unlikely, what is the resolution?

          4. Again, I absolutely agree with you that it is about opposing viewpoints, but I disagree in that not all of them are equally valid. The only way to resolve these things is to have intelligent discussion about them and to honestly address the issue.

            You, however, have been skirting it this entire time, and will still not give me a REASON that a fetus is not an individual human life and thus worth protecting under the same laws as anti-murder laws, choosing instead to merely state that some don’t come to that conclusion, which is a fact that is quite evident to me. If there is a reason they do not, if there is some evidence that says a fetus is NOT a human child, please enlighten me, oh great one.

          5. Ah ok.  I’m not trying to skirt anything.  I am trying to look at the process and not the content if that’s worth anything. Well, for me, I do not agree that a fetus is a human life until it is late in term.  I’m not a biologist, I do have knowledge of this, and I recognize that my opinion is not shared by all.  If you’re asking me to provide detailed biological data to somehow back that up, obviously I can’t  but I don’t think that means that I am simply wrong, just that I have a different perspective on it.

            The part about about equally valid – yes, I concur.  The obvious problem is how to determine when one is valid or not.

            And I really do not get at all why you keep on casting insults – “oh great one”.  Why do you do that?  You say plainly that having an intelligent discussion is needed.  So why do that? It seems kind of pointless.

          6. My point is that it is not an opinion. Your opinion does not fit reality; therefore it is wrong. Why do you say that a fetus is not a human life until late term? At what point does it become human? At what point is it alive? At conception it receives its own human genetic code, and its cells begin to live. How is it not human life?

            I explained the insults in a different post further up because the commenting boxes had become too nested. I merely get a bit riled about this topic in particular, and was attempting to get you to say in plain terms what you believed and why.

          7. “Your opinion does not fit reality; therefore it is wrong.”  But opinion is just that: opinion.   It is as much reality as anyone else’s.

            And the whole question of when, what point, etc., is precisely the dilemma, yes?  Nearly everyone has a different p.o.v. on that, hence, no resolution.

            I appreciate your getting riled on the topic.  It’s not an easy one to solve.

            FWIW: for me, it’s not about what I believe, but rather an attempt to both understand and to try and move toward less fighting and anger.

        4. To continue the discussion that had become far too deeply nested, I posit that you are not answering my arguments at all; rather you are trying to change the subject by simply stating, without evidence, that this topic is unarguable.

          I apologize for the insults; I merely attempted to provoke you to explain your position with logical statements. You STILL have not done so; you do not explain why a fetus is not deserving of the same protection as another human life, and I am beginning to think you are just trolling.

          If you have something to say that proves me wrong, some new evidence to bring to the table that contradicts my position, please get down off of your intellectual high horse and tell me.


        5. I don’t think its an interpretation about when life begins, its science. Anything with a beating heart IS alive, I think most everyone can agree with that.


  5. Okay, even that fucking title is seething with privilege
    denial. Ever notice how the majoriy of anti-choicers are white
    Christians? Let me tell you some instances of real social injustice.
    The persecution of Jews basically ever since the dawn of Christianity.
    The continued systematic oppression of women and racial minorities in America and other places.
    The fact that African Americans weren’t granted legal equality in the United States until 1964.
    The fact that a woman has to earn a PhD to earn the same lifetime income as a man with a Bachelor’s degree.
    The fact that women can be justifiably raped based on the clothes they wear because rapists have a social license to operate.
    Sweatshops for cheap labor in China and elsewhere.
    The War on Drugs causing thousands to die over the worst repeated mistake in modern American history.
    The fact that atheists are America’s least trusted minority.
    The fact that LGBTQQAs still can’t get married in many parts of the world.
    The Catholic Church discouraging condom use in developing nations, where they are needed the most.ET-FUCKING-CETERA, YOU PRIVILEGED ASSHOLE.


    1. Atheists persecuted Jews. and christian Americans faught and died for their freedom…you think we persecute Blacks and minorities?…the owner of Planned Parenthood said the main purpose was to exterminate the black community just a few months ago….It was a Christian Republican that freed the slaves…and allowed them to become equals….A womens right does not include murder (is there a difference between a mother who aborts and casey anthony? other than Casey not having a doctor do it for her?) Clothing is not an excuse and christians care more about rape victoms than liberals ever would..your only response to that would be to get an abortion…but clothing does attract the attentions of nutjobs and weirdos so it kinda adds up…Christians have absolutely nothing to do with sweatshops (you might wanna check your understanding of international work)   is your solution to the war on drugs to just make it legal? This isn’t europe, we celebrate out independance for a reason overy july 4th, if you don’r like morals and principals then go to europe and complain along side their citizens who want the gov. to just give them everything…I’M A YOUNG REPUBLICAN AND I WORK HARD SO LIBERALS DON’T HAVE TO…IN GOD WE TRUST…..ONE NATION UNDER GOD! this is the free world and liberals are chaining it down..proof is right on front of your eyes


      1. show me the source of your claim that “the owner of Planned Parenthood said the main purpose was to exterminate
        the black community.” that is a bold, false statement and your insistence on spreading lies about a safe and legal operation is disgusting.
        how is your ideal republican world “free” if women are denied the right to decide when and under what circumstances they can birth a child?


        1. The guy above you said some stupid things.

          They can decide, but if they’re at this point, they have decided when they chose to have sex anyways. And before you say “that’s unfair to women”, first of all, sorry, that’s nature, and second of all, that is not a valid reason to allow killing.


        2. View  the disc ‘Maafa 21’     by Dr. Alveda King.  Promise me you will. It will open eyes and hearts to black genocide in America.  It is not a false statement that she hated black people.  It is bold, I agree, but the boldness is on her part, not mine.     She knew back in the early 20th century that black people would not welcome abortion, so she concocted a way to get them to accept it. By playing on the impoverished side within black communities, she convinced a small number of pastors to condone abortion, for the prosperity of the community, and in their best financial interests.  Imagine how convincing her argument was?   They agreed. Once the pastors were on board, the congregation followed.      One abortion chemical, used for ‘salting out’ or burning the baby in the womb was developed in Nazi Germany by experimenting on the Jews.   The abortive solution is manufactured by a subsidiary company, of the original business that supplied the gases to the nazi’s.  Murderous genocide continues underground.  Phew…    Margaret is not this hero to be admired, and Planned Parenthood are her original plan.   She did pretty well didn’t she?   It is all a lie.  Planned Parenthood do not care for women. They hand out inferior condoms. Some will fail.  Then they are guaranteed an abortion.   Did you know that most STD’s are less than 4 microns in size. Did you know that when there is a malfunctioning condom it usually has a hole in it, and any hole is greater that 4 microns in width.   Do not rely on these condoms to prevent STD’s. Just saying….   The sexual revolution isn’t so greta is it?    Better to keep our legs closed don’t you think?         And as far as blaming Christians for everything….it is the catholic church that initiated education because it is a cerebral religion.  Without the Christian church we would have no universities. Without them, ancient manuscripts would not have been copied and passed on.  Including pagan literature and the arts!   How do you think it all survived?      The church!   They built the institutions and universities for higher learning.   They worked with science, not against it.  The only thing the church demands is ethics within science, which sadly is dissipating in todays world.       ALso, did you know that abortion clinics sell baby body parts?    In 1999, a babies brain was worth $1,000.       This is a whole other avenue you should explore, and I am guessing a lot of people don’t know about.    Their DNA is making it’s way into our consumer goods.  PLease research what you can.   It is in our vaccinations too.   Are we cannibals?     Research PER6, the new stem cell line developed by a dutch company and sold to at least 50 american companies.     Too much to mention here.  But, become fully informed.    A fully informed person can impart so much to those who don’t yet know.     I wish you luck in your discoveries. Contact me again if you want. Take care. 


          1. Also, I am not a republican, I abhor both parties. Neither have done a damn thing about abortion.

          2. Thank you for the research ammo… ill need all that i can find….. would it be to much for you to contact me for more info?

        3. The women that started Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was deply involved and passionate about the eugenics movement. Which like the Nazis aimed to get rid of ‘undesirable’ individuals. The gays, blacks, mentally illl, mentally challenged, the drug addicts, alcoholics, poor, uneducated, criminals,etc. She was known for setting up her clinics in poor black areas. so no, it’s not a false statement. And if I were you I would look into things before making a flase statement that something is a false statement. As a black american (shocker, right?) I’m deeply interested in this so I actually take time to research. If you maybe took time to read the many books that Margaret Sanger you would see evidence in her writings of what her underlining motives were. Maybe do some actual research and educate yourself instead of assuming and making things up. And if you don’t like hearing the truth, don’t come on here to harass good people. It’s sick and just plain mean.


    2. I’m guessing you are an atheist?    Let me tell you that atheist’s still have a morals. Many are Pro-Life.   While many, who claim to be of some religious extraction, are Pro-death.   Tell me, in abortion, what do you believe the choice is?   What is it  for the baby?   Is it life or is it death?    You are either for life, or you are for death.  It is very elitist to think you can make a life or death judgement on someone else just because you were lucky enough to make it out of the womb, while they are still trapped inside.   What a shame for the poor child to be in such an unsafe environment.   Do you think they would be for their own life or for their death?    


      1. The persecution of Jews pre-dates Christians (Pharoah’s). The first Christians were Jews, and they were thrown to the lions by non-believers.  It is the Christian world who are currently supporting Israel…not the muslim world.    abortion kills more black children in America, because black pastors will not preach that it is wrong. Abortion is simply Black genocide perpetrated through the womb.   Margaret Sanger, the first proponent of ‘Reproductive Rights’ attended a KKK rally, and wanted to be rid of the ‘undesirables’—-blacks and europeans.    She sterilized black girls in orphanages, ending generational lines.   She was entirely racist.   Her “Reproductive Right’s’ organization is now called Planned Parenthood……Which belies the word parenthood, and twists it. It really means non-parenthood.     Margaret Sanger wanted to limit reproductive ‘rights’ to anyone not wealthy enough in her opinion, to afford an entitlement certificate purchased and traded on the Stock Market. Imagine, purchasing the rights to have a child? She was an elitist and a racist….and guess who admired her?    Hitler!   She, the abortive queen, inspired Hitler in his Eugenist movement to annihilate the jews.     Eugenists want to create the perfect race, and believe me it is not ‘inclusive’. Blacks are not on the ‘eugenist’ list.     Social Injustice?  Is it not against the most vulnerable?   How come babies are not on your list as being unjustly murdered?      Dr.  Martin Luther King fought for rights for people, and called all races equal, and he was right. His niece, Dr. Alveda King is currently trying to end abortion, especially in the black community?  Why is she not as relevant?                                            I’ll tell you why….because people want to kill babies, and not be held responsible for their actions!!!!!!!    Admit it, all you who condone abortion.  You want the babies to die. Otherwise you’d be out there trying your damndest  to save them.         This is an injustice that far outweighs any other.     Oh, and gay marriage?     They can get married the way the law provides….. heterosexual marriage, just keep your sexual deviancy out of my education.  It is unfortunate that gay marriage has passed in NY.  I don’t want to learn about a penis penetrating the asshole of another man, or another woman.   Keep your effing diseases to yourself.                   Not that I am condemning the gay for their unfortunate condition, just the action itself. Gay sex is unnatural.   Gay sex is unnatural in heterosexuals and equally condemnable.   


    3. That is so not ture. I wasn’t born rich. I was born with white, black and native blood. I consider myself a Democrat for Life (which is a really party, ask Martin Sheen) My mother is gay. She taught me to appreciate life. It sounds to me like you’re a hateful athiest (athiest doesn’t bother me, I’m just guessing) that has a lot of sorrow in your heart. Which makes me sad because hate just kills you from the inside out. If you don’t like what this site is saying then I have a suggestion for you. You could not prey on here to try and upset others.


  6. Fucking no, You. See my above comment; there is a such thing as a right answer in this case. We define individual human life a certain way, and a fetus fits that definition. Problem?


  7. Fucking no, You. See my above comment; there is a such thing as a right answer in this case. We define individual human life a certain way, and a fetus fits that definition. Problem?


  8. These are all opinions, with no facts whatsoever. And these opinions are wrong.


    1. So tell me how an opinion is wrong? Tell me Did you look anything up to prove it false? No??? didn’t think so so shut it


  9. What does the author think of approximately 120,000 unwanted children being born to families who not only don’t want them, but possibly can’t afford them, or are not equipped to deal with the hardships of not just having a baby in the first place, but raising it to be a functioning, healthy person? 
    A lot of young people get abortions because surely there’s no greater social injustice than a child being born into a family who aren’t able to look after it’s needs to the standard that all children deserve? Surely a neglected child, starved of even the bare bones of what you need to give it as a parent – the basic food and nutrition it needs to develop into a normal, healthy adult. At this point we must also consider the psychological damage that could also hinder it’s development, especially if the mother is unable to bring up the baby in a healthy way. I personally feel if the baby isn’t wanted, then it’s just bad news even if the parents are financially and emotionally equipped for the child, but I put to you that abortion in these cases where it could easily result in a loss of the good stuff a child needs to take with it to it’s adult life  – and there are thousands and thousands – is acceptable to all beliefs? Because at the end of it, we’re not just talking about little babies here. These children grow into adults and (to put it in the simplest possible way) adults with unhappy, troubled childhoods are often unhappy, troubled adults.


    1. Interesting to think that all or a majority of 120,000 children would become “unhappy, troubled adults”. Many of the people I know were “unplanned”, some in undesirable circumstances, and few of them are “unhappy, troubled adults”. The unplanned baby = unwanted, miserable child equation is a fallacy.
      I was a “wanted” baby, yet my childhood was less than ideal. When is a parent truly “ready” for a baby? How would all the mothers and fathers who have made mistakes but still chosen to bring their unplanned children into this world feel about their “oops” babies being determined to be better off dead?
      The idea of abortion as a solution to the problems of bad parenting, bad childhoods and family poverty has been proven wrong; otherwise, after thirty-eight years, these problems would be nearly eradicated.


  10. Hello Mr Andy Moore,  I just want to really thank you for publishing this article.  It is exactly what people need to think about these days.  We have a lot of problems in the U.S. and around the world, but we seem to always overlook the biggest problem which we have as that of ABORTION, Massive killings of unborn children, who have no defense, no say, no protection from others.  The Supreme Court, with all due respect, made a supreme mistake in 1973 and it is about time that something be done to correct this mistake.  Everyday that I watch the news and see all the tragedies that occur, I can’t help but think that the biggest tragedy is always being overlooked.  Our election this year will have a lot of hot topics debated: the economy, jobs, immigration, money, terrorism, national security.  Abortion probably won’t get the attention that it deserves because we have a lukewarm pseudoChristian in Romney running against an anti-religious freedom Catholic persecutor in Obama, both of which flip flop on the issue perhaps because they too don’t care about this big injustice.  People need to be aware of this problem.  Awareness starts with realizing that this so-called fetus is not a fetus.  It is a human being.  He or she was created by God through the union of two human beings (a man and a woman).  Why is this so difficult for some people to understand?  With respect to reproduction and the product of conception, Archbishop Fulton Sheen put this very simply: “lilies make lilies, elephants make elephants, human persons, make human persons.”

    I can’t think of any other instance in time that even comes close to the injustice in abortion.  You can imagine some people may consider slavery in America, the Jewish Holocaust, World War I and II combined, Vietnam, Iraq, 9-11, Afghanistan as major tragedies which lost many human lives.  But the tragedy of Abortion, the millions of innocent babies every year being killed by far outnumbers all other historical human tragedies combined.  And it continues until we put some kind of stop to it. 

    40 days for life is great!!  But we need to have 365 days for life!!!!!

    Thank you and please contact me if I can help you in any way.  I am a Family Practice Physician in California and I would like to offer my help for this very important cause.

    Gabriel Martin del Campo, MD
    [email protected]


  11. It is about opinion and morality. As a young woman, I would rather my baby to live a long and happy life, rather than be killed before its eyes have even opened. However, if I was sick, or my baby was, or I knew there was no way I could care for the baby, I would not want it to suffer when it is at its most vulnerable. The best choice would be to not let this happen at all. Contraception should be used unless you are ready for a child. Abortion should be for rape victims and such only.


    1. One must bear in mind, however, that birth-control methods aren’t 100% foolproof–they can and sometimes do fail, even with the best of efforts on the part of people to use some sort of contraception. People shouldn’t be penalized for that, much less being a rape victim, or if the fetus poses a threat to the mother’s mental or physical health. Forcing a woman or girl to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and give birth to an unwanted child/children is unconscionable, in any event.


  12. Maybe if America would look at an unborn baby the same way they do at a six month old baby we would get somewhere. i was once told that a fetus already has brain activity as soon as its formed, that being said why is it that it’s still legal? It illegal to kill a baby but not a fetus….. If we look at it through The eyes of God, we would Know it wrong……. in this Article, I’ve found out that the literally pull the baby apart then Crush the skull…. And then another thing that pisses me off is if i got some girl pregnant and killed the fetus myself, i would go to jail…..its illegal for the public but not for the government????? yea i hope obama gets assasinated or thrown off his presidency


  13. No one ever thinks of what God wants do they? God Has plans for everyone…. Every Baby that is aborted… God had a plan for them…. Preachers, Healers, Ministers, Our world would be better without abortion


  14. First, let’s put our hands together for Andy who has the greatest synonym vocabulary for the words Innocent
    and Most.
    In this article, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of (vague) “statistics” and (completely over exaggerated) “facts”. He clearly knows what it’s like to be a woman faced with the decision of potentially ruining her life by carrying and raising a child, or not proceeding
    with the pregnancy and facing the judgement of her decision by women who focus only on the embryos safety more than the mothers’ safety or life.
    Also, he states, “I guarantee you – were he alive today, the visionary George Washington would be striving with us to end abortion. In fact he’d probably be on the board of Live Action. The following are five of the key reasons why I believe our Nation’s first President would stand with us.”
    Wow, no one could possibly make such an outrageous statementwithout any proof unless they’re definitely right!( –says anyone uneducated enough to buy this ridiculous statement).


  15. This article is such a bunch of malarkey. If anything, the grossest injustices of all that one can perpetrate on a child is bringing unwanted children into our society, and into our world at large. Even the tiniest newborn baby senses whether or not s/he is wanted. It’s a far bigger crime against humanity than aborting an unwanted child.


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