2011 Breaking Records for Pro-Life Laws Passed

I’m loathe to repost anything from the Daily Kos, but they provided this nifty graphic attributed to the Guttmacher Institute showing legislative trends on abortion for the past 25 years. The volume of pro-life laws passed just in the first half of this year is off the charts.

But, with the occasional exception of landmark bills like the new fetal pain bans, most of these laws have been relatively low-hanging fruit. In the second half of 2011, we still have votes on a Personhood Amendment in Mississippi and a personhood law in Alabama to look forward to–and who knows how many other brave pro-life majorities in state houses across the country will keep pushing the envelope? Prediction: the Supreme Court will hear the case that could overturn Roe in the next 5 years, if we make sure to pass the laws that challenge it.

9 thoughts on “2011 Breaking Records for Pro-Life Laws Passed

  1. Considering the personhood amendments won’t actually stop any abortions (they will either be declared unconstitutional or upheld but prevented from banning abortions); and considering these other laws have proven to reduce abortions and have collectively stopped half of abortions in some states that have passed them, the laws are actually the high hanging fruit…


  2. Anti-abortion is not necessarily “Pro-Life”.  Florida allowed money from the “choose life” license plate to be diverted from adoption services.  We will see how that works out.  I believe that we need to increase funding for adoptions, and restrict funding for fertility treatments that are now the preferred choice for childless couples.

    Cutting off funding for birth control may lead to more abortions.

    Health Care Reform came under scrutiny for any connection to private insurance that paid for abortions. Under the radar went insurance coverage for fertility treatments that produce “extra” embryos that may be aborted or put into frozen storage where they eventually are allowed to die.

    Requiring ultrasound before an abortion is called pro-life because it adds cost and a delay to an abortion and that may indirectly reduce abortions for low income women.  If pro-lifers offer free ultrasound they may change the mothers mind, or they may subsidize an abortion.

    10 years ago pro-life president George Bush provided the first subsidy for human embryo stem cell research.  Despite restrictions on funding only existing “lines” this action advanced the global industry.  Millions of human lives will be deliberately conceived for commercial use.


    1. Tom: Your heart is in a great place. Although…I disagree with you on the government’s involvement in any funding of anything involving childbirth. They have shown no respect for human life in a variety of things, from the military, to supporting jihad, to funding abortion clinics, etc. The keys to the hen-house serve the people much better when not loaned out to the wolves. Funding of anything, in general, gives our ‘jailers’ an excuse to control whatever they say is for the better good. That has never worked well. If the government would not make adoption so impossibly burdened with paperwork (to give bureaucrats a reason to keep their jobs), private adoption agencies would flourish. Funding from the government is almost always the wrong path….and…2) I disagree with your assessment of embryonic stem cell research. Privately funded research has discovered that many other tissue cells work much better; so much better, in fact, research on embryos has diminished to almost nothing, but for government people who want to remain necessary.


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